10 Best WooCommerce PlugIns For 2019

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WooCommerce is arguably the best and most downloaded e-commerce WordPress plugin. With close to 20 million downloads since establishment, it can also be said to be speedily giving the pioneer e-commerce platforms a run for their money. Nonetheless, even the best require support from time to time. Therefore, if you are to reap maximally from your newly installed WooCommerce online store, you need to continuously work on improving its effectiveness using the best WooCommerce plugins.

But given that most of these aren’t available freely, how do you determine what’s best for your site? Ideally, the best method of vetting the appropriateness of any plugin before incorporating it into your site is evaluating the value it will add to your customer’s experience on the site as well as the level of control it accords you. Here is a list of the top ten best WooCommerce plugins currently available:

The Stripe Payment Gateway

mooz browser The Stripe Payment Gateway

If you are like most people establishing the WooCommerce online stores, you want to make money; a fact that can only be achieved through product sales. But what happens when users stumble upon your site, like your products and even add them to cart only to be redirected to some slow-loading external website when making pay? Most will just leave.

In such a case, you don’t just lose that sale; some will never return to your site. But you can bid this bye by installing the WooCommerce Stripe payment gateway to your site. This plugin makes the payment process less eventful and also allows you to accept other payment methods including Visa and MasterCard in addition to the standard PayPal option.

The WooCommerce direct checkout

mooz browser The WooCommerce direct checkout

The conventional WooCommerce shopping process is usually something close to; online store>product page>chopping cart>check out. While this might be your ideal idea of simplicity, some potential customers will still see these as too many hoops to jump and probably abandon the shopping halfway. Nonetheless, the direct checkout allows them to jump the cart step and allow for checkout immediately after product page. This way, potential clients stop abandoning the purchase process halfway bored by its complexities.

The YITH Zoom magnifier

mooz browser The YITH Zoom magnifier

If you take a look at all the e-commerce platforms currently available, including Woocommerce, you will notice they all have one thing in common; their emphasis on quality images. The WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier takes you a step further into warming the hearts of your customers even more by allowing them to zoom in on the already big and quality images. And with more than 90% product sales in the e-commerce industry being influenced by product images, there can never be a better method of rising above the competition and dominating your niche.

The WooCommerce currency switcher

mooz browser The WooCommerce currency switcher

The fact you are into e-commerce means that you aren’t just targeting your neighborhood clients; you must have your eyes set on the global market. Surprisingly though, there is a limited supply of currency converters even for some of the biggest e-commerce platforms. But you can step away from the ordinary and offer your customers the convenience that comes with an onsite currency converter. This way, they can easily see the listed products worth in their local currency.

The WooCommerce CSV importer

mooz browser The WooCommerce CSV importer

This is for you, the online store operator. In addition to helping you to easily monitor your stock movement, this plugin also offers you the much-needed flexibility in product price adjustment. For instance, should you ever need to lower or increase your products price list; you only need to change it in the CSV file and then upload it to your site. This saves you a lot of time needed to manually adjust the prices by automatically correcting them.

The WooCommerce table rate shipping

mooz browser The WooCommerce table rate shipping

You don’t clock a sale before a customer checks out and chooses a shipping option. And you probably know that complicated shipping options can also lead to the user abandoning the purchase. The WooCommerce table rate shipping plugin helps you avoid this by providing clear shipping guidelines that are not only friendly to your product consumer but one that doesn’t eat into your profit margins. In coming up with the desired shipping cost, the plugin takes into consideration all variables affecting shipping costs such as the cart weight and product subtotals as well as the shipping zones for the international clientele.

The WooCommerce product gift wrap

mooz browser The WooCommerce product gift wrap

The holiday seasons are often preceded by a shopping frenzy. And most of the sales during this period are gifts. Now, imagine the number of conversions you are likely to score during this time simply by including the much-coveted gift wrap service for your products. The fact that it allows the convenience of choosing their favorite wrap from a predefined set of gift wraps pulls them even deeper into purchasing your products.

Bottom line

Every WooCommerce plugin currently developed is specially designed to satisfy a specific customer need. But these seven make it to the list of the best WooCommerce plugins you should have installed in all your WordPress ecommerce sites. These will not only afford you better control of your ecommerce store but will also help increase your site conversations as it accords your customers the ease of navigation, clear product images as well as faster checkout with well thought shipping methods.

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