Top 10 10 Quart Mixers
for February 2024

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Greetings! Ever been overwhelmed by the sheer variety of kitchen appliances, especially mixers? Fear not, MOOZ is here to eliminate the confusion and simplify the process. This overview will provide insights on the 'Top 10 Quart Mixers', meticulously reviewed and ranked by MOOZ's smart algorithms. The MOOZ's motive? Ensuring you find the perfect mixer that complements your culinary skills and making your shopping fun and effortless!

Take, for instance, these three robust contenders. The KitchenAid 8-Quart Commercial Countertop Mixer is a dream come true with its 10 speeds and Nickel Pearl finish. Or perhaps the KITMA Commercial Food Mixer with its heavy-duty dough handling capabilities and Safety Guard feature. And who can overlook the ALFA 10 Quart Wire Whip Mixer designed for Hobart C100 Mixers? Each of these products boasts exclusive features that make them worth the investment, transforming your cooking experience.

But that's not all. Keep exploring the list because, oh boy, the most delightful offering is tucked at the end! Spoiler alert - it's the Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer, a real powerhouse with its massive 15Qt capacity and 3-speed settings. This mixer is not only a beast at mixing but also a beauty with its premium Stainless Steel Bowl! So why wait? Swipe on, unveil the full spectrum of mixers curated just for you, and let's find your perfect kneading companion. Let's make your cooking experience truly stirring!

KitchenAid KSM8990NP 8-Quart Commercial Countertop Mixer, 10-Speed, Gear-Driven, Nickel Pearl

KitchenAid 10-Quart Mixer for Commercial Countertops with 10-Speed Gear-Driven Design

by KitchenAid

Get professional results with the 1.3HP motor enabling your mixer to deliver consistent power to small and large loads with less heat build-up resulting in years of dependable mixing.

The KitchenAid KSM8990NP 8-Quart Commercial Countertop Mixer takes the top spot in our list for its impressive capabilities. With its unique bowl-lift design and large capacity, you can efficiently mix heavy ingredients or large batches. This Nickel Pearl mixer exemplifies reliability and high performance, helping you to take your baking a notch higher.

What further sets this product apart is its versatile 10-speed slide control and power hub, allowing the use of various attachments. Whether it's dough for fresh bread or whipping up a batch of cookies, the KitchenAid Mixer is designed to handle it with ease. You will also appreciate its NSF certification, signifying its quality and durability. Make this commercial mixer a part of your kitchen and unleash your culinary creativity.

KITMA Commercial Food Mixer - 10 Quart 750W 3 Speed Heavy Duty Dough Mixer with Stainless Steel Bowl, Dough Hooks, Whisk, Beater, Safety Guard

KITMA 10 Quart Mixer - Heavy Duty Commercial Food Mixer for Dough, Stainless Steel Bowl, 3 Speed

by Kitma Direct

BENT LEVER AND TIME CONTROL DESIGNThis professional electric mixer has a bent lever, you can adjust the distance between the bowl and the head of machine, so you could easily add ingredients or remove the mixing bowl, beaters, dough hooks. The time control knob allows you choose the suitable time for mixing food from 0-30 minute as your needs

We've listed the KITMA Commercial Food Mixer as our second favorite primarily due to its unmatched convenience and performance specifications. You'd be hard-pressed to find another product on the market that combines a large capacity and three-speed control with such finesse. This 10-quart, 750W dough mixer does not shy away from any task - be it making cakes, bread, cookies or pastries. Its sizable, stainless-steel bowl can easily handle 5.5lb of dry dough in one go and the rubber feet keep it sturdy during operation.

What truly sets the KITMA Mixer apart is the convenience it offers. You can control the mixing speed conveniently to meet your various cooking needs. The inclusion of a safety guard and a substantial 1-year warranty providing both parts and labor showcase the manufacturer's commitment to your satisfaction and peace of mind. With its four accessory kit including a spiral dough hook, whisk and flat beater, this mixer is designed to make your cooking life easier and mess-free.


Securing the third spot on our list, the ALFA International 10W Wire Whip brings impressive credentials to the fore. This vital tool invented primarily for Hobart C100 Mixers has caught our attention due to its stainless-steel construction and "D" style design. It excels in providing robust and reliable performance in your kitchen.

The ALFA Wire Whip obeys all NSF and US government specifications, adding another level of assurance for your purchase. Whether you are an amateur baker whipping up your first batch of cupcakes, or an expert chef demanding top-grade equipment, this product can cater to all your mixing needs with perfection and precision. Its durability positions this whip as a reliable sidekick for your Hobart mixer. Let the ALFA International 10W Wire Whip elevate your culinary creations to a new level.

Hobart 275681 10 Quart Mixer Bowl for C100 Mixers

Hobart 10 Quart Mixer Bowl - Durable and Convenient for C100 Mixers

by ALFA International

Meets all NSF and US Government Specifications. . This part is sold by Alfa International as replacement parts for Hobart Mixers. Alfa is not Affiliated with Hobart. These bowls do not fit Hobart Legacy Mixers

MOOZ found the Hobart 10 Quart Mixer Bowl intriguing - its one-piece heavy gauge construction out of 304 stainless steel ensures robustness, perfectly suitable for a bustling kitchen environment. The satin finish not only compliments its aesthetic but also resists scratches, enhancing its longevity.

Compared to the previously featured ALFA International 10W 10 Quart Wire Whip for Hobart C100 Mixers, the Hobart 10 Quart Mixer Bowl stands out with its strength and stain resistant qualities. However, it's not a direct comparison as one is a mixer bowl and the other is a wire whip - both essential in their unique way.

This bowl piece would be most useful for people using the C100 and C100T models. If your mixing needs involve a high frequency, then this heavy-duty mixer bowl is your perfect kitchen companion. Its functionality, impressive construction, and the ease of cleaning make it an improvement on your everyday cooking experience. The Bowl's height is 9", and the pin-to-pin measurement is 10-7/8", making it ample enough for your mixing needs.

Adcraft BDPM-10 Gear-Driven 10-Quart Planetary Mixer, Stainless Steel, 120v

Adcraft 10-Quart Stainless Steel Planetary Mixer - Perfect for Mixing Batches of Delicious Treats

by Adcraft

Its heavy duty construction and powerful 0. 75 HP motor will easily handle any type of mixing task needed with ease

We particularly love the Adcraft 10-Quart Mixer for its outstanding consistency. With its three fixed speeds and direct drive 100% gear-driven transmission, this remarkable mixer retains a regular mixing speed, regardless of how much product is in the mixing bowl. Its stainless steel construction gives it an edge in terms of durability and longevity. Compared to the Hobart 10 Quart Mixer, the Adcraft Mixer takes it up a notch with additional features such as a #12 hub for meat grinding attachments.

If you are running a small bakery, deli, or restaurant, look no further than the Adcraft 10-Quart Mixer. Its exceptional features are specifically tailor-made to efficiently handle your mixing needs. This product’s added versatility, such as the inclusion of a wire whisk, dough hook, flat beater attachments, definitely make it well worth the investment.


We absolutely adore the Hakka Commercial 10 Quart Spiral Dough Mixer for its robust construction and efficient mixing capabilities. Its standout feature is the dual rotating system where both the bowl and hook spin simultaneously, ensuring thorough and consistent mixing. This can be a game-changer in your kitchen, saving valuable prep time and effort.

Compared to the Adcraft 10 Quart Planetary Mixer, the Hakka Commercial Mixer shines with its added safety guard, ensuring protection during use - a feature the Adcraft model lacks. Also, Hakka's fixed bowl increases stability during operation. However, the Adcraft model does have a versatile planetary mixing action that some might prefer.

This mixer is most suitable for anyone frequently baking in large quantities, be it restaurants, bakeries, or passionate home cooks. So, if you're looking for a mixer to take your baking to the next level, the Hakka Commercial 10 Quart Dough Mixer might be just what you need!


We're really impressed with the PRIMO PM-10 Stainless Steel Mixer. Its standout feature is undoubtedly the hardened steel gears and shaft. This increases wear resistance, making it a durable choice for your kitchen. The automatic electronic 5-speed control takes the guesswork out of mixing, letting you focus more on your culinary creativity.

This mixer has an edge over the Hakka Commercial Dough Mixer with its larger, 10-quart mixing bowl, allowing for more quantity. It also boasts three speeds for optimal blending and aerating of ingredients. Quite the gamechanger for the professional baker or discerning home chef!

We see commercial kitchens and bakeries benefiting most from this product. Its sturdy design can handle the rigors of everyday use. Plus, the stainless steel mixing bowl offers fantastic resistance against corrosion. So if you're seeking efficiency and durability in equal measure, the PRIMO PM-10 Stainless Steel Mixer is the tool for you.


If you're searching for a sturdy and efficient accessory for your kitchen, then look no further. The '10 Quart Dough Hook and Flat Beater' for the Hobart c100 mixer is truly a dream come true for every chef and baker. The durability is exceptional, its strong cast aluminum design ensuring long-term usage without any compromise in quality.

Compared to the PRIMO PM-10, this product stands out for its perfect fit for the Hobart c100 mixer, contributing to a smoother and more efficient mixing process. The ideal user would be anyone who frequently utilizes their Hobart c100 commercial mixer. It's a necessary upgrade for your kitchen if you're seeking better-quality, heavy usage, and long-lasting kitchen tools. These hooks and beaters don't just perform - they outshine and outlast.

Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer 15Qt 600W 3 Speeds Adjustable 110/178/390 RPM Heavy Duty 110V with Stainless Steel Bowl Dough Hooks Whisk Beater Premium for Schools Bakeries Restaurants Pizzerias

Commercial 15Qt Happybuy Mixer with Stainless Steel Bowl, perfect for schools, bakeries, and restaurants

Widely ApplicationsThe multi-function Commercial Food Mixer perfect for mixing dough, pastry, mashed vegetables, mayonnaise and so on. Wonderful for use in schools, bakeries, restaurants, pizzerias, commercial kitchen and canteens.

The Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer 15Qt 600W truly stands out for its user-friendly design packed with safety features. It exhibits an impressive 600W power input and offers three adjustable speeds: 110/178/390 RPM. These features ensure that you can adjust the mixer's action according to the consistency of your dough or batter. The brilliant feature we love is the wire bowl guard, it ensures your ingredients are well mixed without any risk of big items falling into the bowl, an often overlooked safety measure.

Compared to the 10 Quart Dough hook and flat beater for Hobart c100 mixer, the Happybuy mixer's superior 15 Quart capacity offers you the flexibility to handle larger quantities, making it more efficient and time-saving. Moreover, it has an extra whip function, which is useful for whipping cream or mixing light icing – a feature not present in the Hobart model.

This mixer is truly a baker's best friend. The schools, bakeries, restaurants, and pizzerias will find it a worthy investment. Its great performance and durability meet the demanding daily needs of commercial kitchens. The Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer makes the often tedious task of mixing dough or batter quick, easy, and safe.


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