10 Best 3M AM Radios
for February 2024

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10 Best 3M AM Radios


Written by: Daniel Williams | 2020-10-18

ZOHAN EM042 AM/FM Radio Headphone with Digital Display, Ear Protection for Lawn Mowing & EP02 Gel Ear Pads for 3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector

ZOHAN EM042 AM/FM Radio with Headphone Digital Display

ZOHAN EP02 gel ear padsA gel cushion filled with a combination of silicone gel and foam, super durable. Ergonomic design for ultra comfort, Memory gel pads for long-term usage.

The ZOHAN EM042 headphone is a decent choice for lawn mowers, but its sound quality is subpar, and its ear cushions and bone conduction vents don't make this a good choice for woodworking. The EM042 is louder than our runner-up, the TP-Link 2.0, but its sound reproduction is tinny, and it lacks the bass response that the better headphones in our roundup provide. The ZOHAN EM042 also doesn't have an auto-scan function, so it's more difficult to use than some of the other headphones we tested. The EM042's sound quality is its worst when listening to bass-heavy music, but its ample volume ensures that you can hear it. If you mostly listen to music while mowing, the EM042's strong sound reproduction and long battery life make it a good pick. The ZOHAN EM042 headphones also performed well in our tests, and they're durable enough to withstand frequent use. The ZOHAN EM042 headphones are a good choice if you don't need a high-fidelity pair of headphones, and you need a pair that's loud enough to hear while mowing.

3M Worktunes Digital Am Fm Mp3 Radio Headphones Hearing Protection Ear Muffs

3M Worktunes Digital Am Fm Mp3 Headphones Radio Hearing Protection Ear Muffs

by Peltor (Packaged and distributed by 3M)

Voice Assist guides you to your favorite radio stations and helps

The 3M WorkTunes Digital AM FM Mp3 Radio Headphones Hearing Protection Ear Muffs is an all-around good pair of headphones, though it has a few shortcomings. It has decent audio quality, and they block out a decent amount of outside noise. The built-in digital AM/FM radio also works well, though its scan function can be a bit finicky. The headphones are comfortable to wear, though they're a bit heavy. The headband is adjustable, and the ear cups are padded enough for all-day use. The WorkTunes' biggest problem is that they're a little too bulky for my ears. They're also pretty expensive. The headphones are $99.99, and they're available from Amazon and on 3M's website. The WorkTunes' main competitor is the AmazonBasics Digital AM/FM Headphones, which cost $39.99, are lighter, and also have a built-in radio tuner. The WorkTunes' digital AM/FM tuner functions are better than the AmazonBasics', but we found that the radio tuner on the AmazonBasics was more reliable. The AmazonBasics also have a slightly lighter, more portable design than the WorkTunes. The WorkTunes are also better protected, with a 1-year warranty, while AmazonBasics only offer a 90-day warranty. The WorkTunes have 24dB of noise cancellation, while the AmazonBasics only have 17dB. The WorkTunes also have slightly better audio quality, with deeper bass and clearer, more defined highs. The AmazonBasics are more comfortable, too. The WorkTunes are comfortable enough for short to medium use, but they will start to feel heavy after a few hours. The AmazonBasics are more comfortable for all-day use.

3M 00078371670863 Peltor Worktunes Pro AM/FM Radio Headset, Capacity, Volume, Standard, Black

3M 00078371670863 Peltor Worktunes AM/FM Pro Radio Headset

by 3M

Digital station search with announced frequencies for easy station-hopping

The Peltor Worktunes Pro is one of the best-rated radio headsets we found, and it's our top pick for job site use. The radio headset offers good sound quality, and we've had no trouble receiving or transmitting radio signals with it. The microphone has a flexible gooseneck, and it picks up our voices loud and clear. The radio headset has a 3.5 mm plug, so it's compatible with most phones, two-way radios, and MP3 players. It has a standard-sized headset jack, so you can use it with existing headsets, too. The headset is lightweight and comfortable, and the padded ear cups and headband provide good seal against noise. The radio headset comes with three ear cups and a headband, so you can pick the size that's most comfortable for you. The Peltor Worktunes Pro is a good choice for job sites, but we've also noticed it being used at amusement parks, concerts, and sporting events.

Howard Leight by Honeywell Sync Hi-Visibility Digital AM/FM Radio Earmuff (1030390)

Honeywell Ademco Howard Leight by Honeywell Hi-Visibility Sync Digital AM/FM Radio Earmuff (1030390)

by Sperian Protection Group

Bright green earcups and reflective headband increase visibility for safety at night, in low light, and in bad weather; lightweight design and padded headband with reinforced fork slides for comfort

The Honeywell Sync Hi-Visibility Digital AM/FM Radio Earmuff is inexpensive, lightweight, and comfortable. The earmuffs are foldable, so they're easy to carry in a backpack, and the AUX connection cable makes it easy to connect devices with a headphone jack (such as an MP3 player). However, the earbuds are uncomfortable, and the sound quality is mediocre. The earmuffs are also fairly noisy, so they aren't ideal for use around loud machinery. The earmuffs' noise reduction rating is 25 decibels, which is low by earmuff standards, but it's reasonable for earmuffs designed for general use around machinery. The Howard Leight by Honeywell Sync Hi-Visibility Digital AM/FM Radio Earmuff (1030390) is a cheap, comfortable option if you don't need the noise reduction capabilities of more expensive earmuffs.

BJKing EP003 AM/FM Hearing Protector with Digital Display, 30dB AM FM Radio Headphone Ear Protection 20 AM & FM Station Storage Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs for Lawn Mowing, Wood Working - Yellow

BJKing EP003 AM/FM Hearing Protector with Digital Display, 30dB AM FM Radio Headphone Ear Protection AM 20 & FM Station Storage Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs for Lawn Mowing, Wood Working

Adjustable and ComfortableApart from The flexible adjustable headband design ensure a great fit for the shape of your head, Soft foam earcups gently mold around your ears. The hearing protection ensures maximum noise reduction while provide you with maximum comfort.

The BJKing EP003 AM/FM Hearing Protector with Digital Display is a great choice for mowing or other loud outdoor jobs because it blocks out 97% of noise, which is the highest noise reduction rating for ear muffs we've tested. The ear muffs are comfortable to wear and can be flipped around for right or left ear wear. They have an FM radio with 20 AM and 20 FM stations stored in memory, and an AM/FM receiver. The ear muffs are sealed to block out all outside noise, and they're comfortable for extended wear. The AM/FM receiver is convenient, but it's a bit small and doesn't have a volume knob, so it's hard to adjust when listening to a noisy radio. The ear muffs also have a small digital display that can show the battery level, time and station, but it's not very useful. The ear cups are sealed to block out noise, but the foam inside can fall out over time, and the foam can become dirty and unpleasant to wear.

3M WorkTunes Connect + AM/FM Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Technology, Ear protection for Mowing, Snowblowing, Construction, Work Shops

3M WorkTunes Connect + AM/FM Protector Hearing with Bluetooth Technology


AUDIO ASSIST TECHNOLOGY provides operational and set-up guidancewithout having to take off the headset

The WorkTunes Connect + AM/FM Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Technology is an affordably priced ear protector that performs well and works well. It blocks 25% more noise than most competing ear protectors, and the sound is very clear. It has an inline microphone, which makes it easy to take phone calls without removing the ear protector. We had trouble connecting our smartphone to the ear protector via Bluetooth, but that issue also affected the more expensive 3M PELTOR HANSON 3.0 Bluetooth Hearing Protector. The Connect + has some shortcomings, though. It has a mediocre battery life, and the buttons are difficult to use. The buttons are large, but they aren't backlit, so it's a challenge to use them in the dark. The ear protector is comfortable to wear, but it's a bit small for bigger ears. The ear protector also lacks a built-in microphone, so you can't use it for noise-canceling headphones.

PROTEAR AM FM Hearing Protector, Ear Protection for Mowing, Snowblowing, Construction, Work Shops, 25dB NRR (Black)

PROTEAR AM FM Hearing Protector


- Truly over-ear-design and wide headband with soft padding, provide the most comfortable wearing experience and soft touch feeling Full-size ear cup for block more noise Snap-in design allow for easy maintenance and replacement.

The Protera AM-FM Hearing Protector is among our top picks for earmuffs, and it's easy to see why. These earmuffs are comfortable, lightweight, and adjustable. The sound quality is quite good, too, which is unusual for a noise-cancelling earmuff. The earmuffs block a lot of noise, and they have no distortion even at the highest volume. The earmuffs also come with an MP3 player cord, which makes it easy to adjust the volume. (You can also adjust the volume using the knob on the earmuff, which is much easier.) The earmuffs are comfortable to wear for 6-8 hours, and they're easy to take on and off. The earmuffs fold up for easy storage, and they don't take up much room in a bag. The earmuffs come with a storage bag, too, so you can keep the earmuffs clean. The Protera earmuffs are the best earmuffs we've tested, and they strike a perfect balance between comfort and noise cancellation.

Honeywell Sync Digital AM/FM/MP3 Radio Earmuff (RWS-53012), Red

Honeywell Retail Honeywell Sync AM/FM/MP3 Digital Radio Earmuff (RWS-53012)

by Honeywell Retail

Lightweight earcup design and padded headband with reinforced fork slides provide comfortable all-day wear at work; Snap-in ear cushions allow easy maintenance and replacement

The Honeywell Sync Digital AM/FM/MP3 Radio Earmuff headphones are a good option for sports enthusiasts and commuters alike. They are comfortable to wear and have convenient features like an AUX input, noise cancellation, and a rechargeable battery. They also come with an FM transmitter, which, when paired with the headphones, lets you listen to your favorite radio stations. The earcups are large and have a firm, leather cushion, which keeps them from slipping around too much on your head. The earmuffs also fold flat for easy storage, and they come with a pouch. The earmuffs themselves sound pretty good, and the mic is loud enough for you to hear what's going on around you. The AUX input also allows you to connect other devices, like an iPod, and it worked well. The audio quality is slow to respond to voice commands, but that's a common problem with Bluetooth headphones. The earmuffs automatically power off after 30 minutes, and the battery charges via USB. They take about 3 hours to fully charge, and the battery lasts about 25 hours. The earmuffs feature Alexa, so you can turn on them with the Alexa app on your phone. The earmuffs are controlled by a button on the cord, and the button is fairly easy to press. The earmuffs also offer Google Assistant, so you can control them with Google. The earmuffs have an on/off switch, which is located at the top of the earcups. It's not as easy to use as the top button, but it's more convenient than having to reach over your ear to turn it off. The earmuffs also have a volume control and an AUX button. The AUX button is hard to see, so you have to press the button multiple times to turn it on. The volume buttons are on the right side, so it's easy to accidentally change the volume when holding the device. The earmuffs have a red light that flashes to indicate when they're on. The earmuffs come with 3 AAA batteries, and the battery lasts for about 40 hours of usage. The earmuffs have 3 different size earbud options: small, medium, and large. The earmuffs range from $80 to $100, depending on the size.

Protear Bluetooth Radio Headphones,AM FM Noise Reduction Safety Earmuffs with Rechargeable 1200mAh Lithium Battery & Built-in Mic,NRR 25dB Ear Protector For Working

Protear Bluetooth Radio Headphones

COMFORTABLE WEARING: Double layer soft foam and adjustable padded headband, offering comfortable wearing for all day working.

The Protear Bluetooth headphones are inexpensive, comfortable, and simple to use. They're also designed with safety in mind, with a safety cap over the Bluetooth connector and a volume limiter to prevent users from accidentally damaging their ears. The headphones are comfortable to wear, with thick padding around the headband and a soft fabric covering on the earcups. The earcups also swivel, so they're easy to adjust for a good fit. The headband doesn't fold, but it's flexible and won't make your ears sore if you wear it for a long time. The headphones daisy-chain, so you can connect two headphones together, and the battery life is long enough to work all day. The sound quality is decent, but if you're looking for high-end sound, the Bose QuietComfort 35 II ($350) are worth a look. The Protear headphones also have one significant flaw: They're not compatible with Apple devices.


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