5 tools for Managing WordPress Sites in a Single Panel

5 tools for Managing WordPress Sites in a Single Panel

Working with several websites and maintaining them in a working state may take a lot of time. Fortunately, there are several management instruments that allow you to control a lot of websites from one panel. It will keep all updates and plug-ins in order.

Such control makes it possible to monitor your websites without switching to each of them separately. Regardless of if you are a client, developer or agency, one of these options will reduce the working time and ensure that all websites are working in the right way. In combination with proper VPN software, your blogs will be accessible at any place in the world. Visit vpn-review.com for more information.

Meanwhile, we are moving back to the best software to operate lots of WP websites from one place.

1. InfiniteWP

This is a powerful soft optimized for both developers and freelancers. By using it, you can operate an unlimited number of webpages without any charge. Nevertheless, this version has limitations. For instance, this soft allows you to back up sites on demand, but you will need a paid add-on to store them in a remote repository.

InfiniteWP is not a SaaS application. Instead, it allows you to install the WP operation soft directly on your website. You can install it through the installer plug-in, through cPanel or manually download it in your server.

2. iThemes Sync

This software is created by developers of the popular BackupBuddy plug-in. You are welcome to use the free version on 10 sites, but the instrumental functionality will be limited. This version allows you to manage WP updates from one panel, as well as install themes and plug-ins from WordPress.org or manually download them.

The iThemes Sync interface is easy to use and intuitive, so operating a site is easy and tasks are performed at lightning speed.

3. Jetpack

This is a powerful set of plug-ins that contains several site operating features. To start using Jetpack, you need a WP account.

The free Jetpack plug-in serves as a link between your website and WP servers. To administer all your sites, you need to use the WordPress.com control panel. Using the free version, you can control WP plug-ins on all of your sites. It also allows making downtime monitoring and basic overkill protection. VPN will make it safe to work with it from anywhere.

4. CMS Commander

Site administration is done from the CMS Commander control panel, where all your sites are connected via the plug-in installed on them. The tool provides all the usual functions, such as one-click updates, backup management, two-factor authentication, a basic malware scanner, a custom brand, and other options.

What makes CMS Commander better than the other tools on the list is its content operation features. It allows you to use third-party sources, such as YouTube, Flickr, Yelp and others, to add content.

5. MainWP

This free soft is supported by paid add-ins. It works as an admin plug-in that installs on a separate WP site. MainWP operates updates, monitors site performance, launches security scanner, theme scanner, manages users and content, etc.

The tool works with extensions for some popular backup plug-ins, extensions for bulk upload of articles, customer reports, access control, etc.


Choosing the best WordPress website operation tool completely depends on your needs. An individual user with a few sites may want a simpler and cheaper solution. Alternatively, if you are a freelancer or an agency working with clients, you need to use more powerful and advanced tools.

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