10 Best 500W Electric Scooters
for June 2023

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Electric scooters are a fun, inexpensive way to get around. They are fast, quiet, and easy-to-use, making them a great mode of transportation for kids and adults alike. However, electric scooters can be dangerous, especially for kids.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we have tested over 100 electric scooters for performance, safety, and ease of use. Our testers evaluated each scooter for speed, range, battery life, and ease of use, including how easy it was to charge, how comfortable the handlebars were, and how easily the scooter folded up.

Our best electric scooter is the Razor E300 Electric Scooter. The Razor E300 Electric Scooter is lightweight, portable, and compact, making it perfect for commutes. Its speed is 8 mph, and its range is 10 miles, which is more than many other electric scooters. The Razor E300 Electric Scooter has a comfortable seat, and easy to fold up, making it easy to store and transport.

Here are the best electric scooters to buy in 2022, according to MOOZ Themes Reviews tests and consumer reviews:

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter – Padded Seat, Wide Bamboo Deck, 16

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric – Scooter Padded Seat

by Razor USA, LLC

SMOOTH HANDLING Air-filled 16" tires (406 mm) provide a smoother, safer ride on uneven terrain. Comfortable, twist-grip hand throttle and hand brake provide ease of control

The Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter is a lightweight, nimble scooter that offers a comfortable ride, fast speed, and a range of up to 12 miles (19 km). The 500-watt, high-torque motor has enough power to propel the Metro along at speeds of 18 mph (29 km/h). The scooter is lightweight and agile, making it very easy to maneuver, and it features large 16-inch air-filled tires that provide plenty of traction. The sturdy deck is padded, and the wide bamboo construction makes for a comfortable ride. The Metro's rear suspension provides extra stability and more confident handling, and the scooter's rear-wheel drive shifts weight to the rear, enhancing both drive traction and ease of steering. The scooter weighs just 26 pounds (12.5 kg), and its rear rack and removable basket make it easy to transport your groceries, books, or bags. The scooter has a range of up to 12 miles (19 km), and, thanks to its rechargeable 48-volt lithium ion battery, it can be recharged in as little as 2 hours. The scooter's battery life (when fully charged) is up to 80 minutes, and the battery's fast-charging capability means you can recharge the battery in less than 2 hours. The Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter is an excellent value, offering a comfortable ride, fast speed, and a range of up to 12 miles (19 km).

Gyroor Electric Scooter Adults with Dual Shock Absorbers Up to 31 Miles 18.6Mph,Turn Signal 500W Motor NFC Safety Lock,IP67 Core Components Waterproof Foldable Scooter Electric for Adults

Gyroor Electric Scooter Adults with Dual Absorbers Shock Up to 31 Miles 18.6Mph

by Gyroor

Climping Max 25 Slop: This scooter electric for adults builted in powerful 500W hub motor make it easy to climbing max 25 slop, avoid pushing uphill. Best choice for travel.

Our top pick for electric scooters for adults is the Gyroor X8, a well-made, fairly powerful product with more power and range than any of our previous top picks, and it's the only model we tested that can ride up to 31 miles on a single charge.

Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter with Seat, 500W Motor, 10

Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter with Seat

by Freeman IT Limited

Perfect for Commute and Travel - Hiboy e-scooter collapses for easy storage in car trunks and other compact spaces. Detachable scooters seat is included.

The Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter is a comfortable, fun, and easy-to-use electric scooter that's very comfortable to ride. The scooter's large, 10-inch tires provide a smooth ride, and the scooter's dual rear shock absorbers provide excellent comfort even on rough surfaces or speed bumps. The scooter's 500W motor provides plenty of power for cruising around town, and the scooter's battery lasts up to 25 miles under ideal conditions. The scooter's smartphone app, available for both Android and iOS, makes it easy to customize the throttle response and braking response, and you can use the app to lock your scooter, which is definitely an added level of security. The scooter's dual disc brakes and eABS system provide excellent braking performance, and I found the scooter to be very easy to stop. The scooter's large, 10-inch wheels provide excellent stability, and I found the scooter to be very stable at speeds of up to 19mph. The scooter's seat is very comfortable, and the seat is adjustable, so it's comfortable for riders of all sizes. The scooter's large, 10-inch wheels make it easy to ride in many types of terrain, and the scooter's large, 10-inch wheels also make it easy to navigate through small doorways and around obstacles.

Hiboy S2 MAX Electric Kick Scooter, 40.4 Miles Range, Upgraded 500W Motor, 19 MPH Speed, Portable Commuting Electric Scooter for Adults

Hiboy S2 MAX Electric Kick Scooter

by Freeman IT Limited

Easy to Fold: S2 MAX can be folded quickly in 3 seconds (folded size: 44.1*18.9*20.9 inches, unfolded size: 44.1*18.9*48.2 inches). It can be carried on public transportation, easily stored in car trunks/elevators/subway, and other compact spaces.

This electric scooter is well-suited for urban commuters who want to travel far distances without trading off speed for comfort. It's fast, with a comfortable ride and a range of 40.4 miles per charge, and it's easily maneuverable in tight spaces. The electric scooter also has customizable settings, including headlight brightness and cruise control. The electric scooter's battery capacity is relatively small (11.6AH), but Hiboy's battery charging technology allows it to charge in a relatively short time, and the battery has a lifetime warranty. The Hiboy S2 MAX electric scooter works well for city dwellers and urban commuters, but it probably won't work for commuters who travel far distances. The electric scooter's 500W motor is powerful enough to climb 20% grade, but the motor's power output is relatively low, and this may limit the electric scooter's range.

TOXOZERS Fat Tire Scooter for Adults Electric 20 mph Powerful Up 500w Electric Scooters with 2 seat Commuter Scooter Citycoco Scooter Black

TOXOZERS Fat Tire Scooter for Adults Electric 20 mph Powerful Up Electric 500w Scooters with 2 seat Commuter Scooter Citycoco Scooter Black

by yongkangshansukejiyouxianggongsi

[ Safety & Comfortable ] Electric Scooter for adult features disc brake and EABS (anti-lock breaking system), which effectively prevent accidents. The dual brake system can stop the electric scooter in a few seconds. E-Scooter adopt new plastic material plate, high elastic foam, senior anti-slip leather, elaborate design and perfect appearance, proper high, let your long ride more comfortable. The two-seater design allows you to enjoy the fun of driving with your family or friends.

The TOXOZERS Fat Tire Scooter for Adults is a sturdy and reliable electric scooter that's perfect for commuting to work and campus commuting. Its 500-watt motor is powerful enough to propel it up to 20 mph, and it's a surprisingly fast electric scooter. The Fat Tire has a 48-volt 10.4AH lithium-ion battery that provides enough juice for trips of up to 15 miles, and the battery takes just 2.5 hours to charge. This electric scooter also has a 3-speed, 10/15/20 mph switch, which lets you choose how fast you want to go. The Fat Tire has superwide 10-inch off-road tires that provide excellent grip, and the tires have excellent tread, so they're able to deal with most surfaces, including sidewalks, grass, and gravel. The Fat Tire also has 2 large, comfortable seats, which are roomy enough for 2 adults and 2 kids, and the scooter has front and rear suspension, which helps absorb shocks from bumps and potholes. Other features include a throttle lock, LED lights, and a detachable basket. The TOXOZERS Fat Tire Scooter for Adults is an overall good choice. It's sturdy and well made, and it's powerful enough for commutes of up to 15 miles, and it's comfortable to ride.

Speedrid Electric Scooter for Adults, 500W Foldable 10

Speedrid Electric Scooter for Adults

by Jin yun Xin feng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd Speedrid

Additional function Multi-function LCD display shows battery capacity level, speed value, mileage. Detachable circuit design for easy maintenance. 3-color dynamic foot lights bring more fun.

The Speedrid electric commuter scooter has pretty much everything we look for in a reasonably priced adult electric scooter. It has a powerful 500W brushless motor, up to 38 miles of range per full charge, and it's easily powerful enough to comfortably handle 10 - 20 hills. The scooter also has decent battery life, with a 38-mile maximum range per full charge.

JOYOR X5S Electric Scooter - 500W Motor 10

JOYOR X5S Electric Scooter


Additional battery protection function: Upgraded X5S scooter adds battery protection, you can lock the scooter with the key when not in use. Lock the scooter and disconnect from the power supply, Extend battery life. JOYOR super fast electric scooter perfect for personal transportation. It is the ideal gift motor scooter for adults.

The JOYOR X5S electric scooter is one of our favorites, not only because it's light, but because it's both highly portable and exceedingly capable of tackling longer commutes. The X5S's top speed of 15.5 mph is on par with other 500W scooters, and its battery capacity is 500W, so it's capable of reaching speeds of 15.2 mph for 31 miles. The X5S is also equipped with technologies that improve its safety, such as a rear brake, front and rear shock absorbers, and a core cruise control system. The X5S's battery can be filled in only 6-7 hours, which is significantly faster than most other 500W scooters. The X5S's 10-inch air tires also make it more capable on uneven surfaces and rougher roads, and its 31-mile range makes it a good option for longer commutes. The JOYOR X5S electric scooter also has plenty of storage, a roomy trunk, and a convenient carry strap, and it's lighter than most 500W scooters, so it's easy to carry. The X5S is easy to assemble, and its folding design makes it easy to store when not in use. The JOYOR X5S electric scooter is a great scooter, especially for longer commutes.

Electric Scooter Adults, Powerful 500W Motor & Max Speed 16 MPH, 20Miles Long Range Battery ,Folding Commuter Electric Scooter for Adults Travel

SISIGAD HOVSCO Scooter Electric Adults

by SISIGADShenzhen Uni-mobility Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

PERFECT FOR COMMUTER:Recommended for riders ages 18 and up, our electric scooters are certified by UL CE RoHs Authority Organizations, is designed to be the sturdy and powerful electric scooter, Featurning an LED display, informing you of the speed, range, battery life and more as you ride. this e-scooter is the ultimate commuter.

The SISIGAD electric scooter is our top pick for ease of riding, thanks to its fast acceleration, smooth, stable steering, comfortable seats, and simple folding system. It's built to withstand daily use and can handle both paved and unpaved surfaces. The 500W motor is powerful enough to climb most hills and handle speeds of up to 16 mph. The scooter has dual braking systems, including drum brakes and EABS, which make it extremely safe to ride. The scooter's 5AH battery provides up to 20 miles of travel, and the battery can be charged in about 4 hours using a USB port. The scooter's folding design makes it easy to store and transport. However, the scooter's top speed is 16 mph, which is a bit slow, and it's a bit heavy at 46 pounds. The pedals aren't adjustable, so taller riders might have trouble reaching the pedals comfortably.

WideWheel Electric Kick Scooter Commuting Foldable Single Motor for Adults up to 22 Miles Long Rang – with Keybox 8.8Ah 500W 422Wh 21.7mph Commuter Scooter

JourneyO WideWheel Electric Kick Scooter Commuting Foldable Single Motor for Adults up to Miles 22 Long Rang – with Keybox 8.8Ah 500W 422Wh 21.7mph Commuter Scooter

by JourneyO

VERSATILE FOR COMMUTE AND PLAY: Folds down for easy carrying and storage. LED front and rear lights, rear disc brake, cruise control, airless tires. Simply the best electric scooter for adults.


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