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7 Simple Ways to Increase Your Blog Readership

In all but the smallest niches, blogging has become a highly competitive practice. From personal to business blogging, there is so much content available that it is hard to make your mark with readers. Content creation is currently one of the most effective marketing strategies, but without a steady readership, your hard work can go unnoticed. However, with the right tactics, it is possible to build a sustainable following that is eager to consume new content. The following seven methods can all be used to develop a strong blog readership.

Develop a List of Blog Topics

Creating a consistent flow of content is something that many bloggers struggle with. Coming up with interesting topics can be hard, with many writers falling back on their particular favorite subjects. By creating a list of general topics in advance, creating content becomes something that is achievable. Each niche will have its subjects and interests, but some common blogging examples include how-to guides, top ten lists, tutorials, video posts, responses to other bloggers, and frequently asked questions.

Develop a Reader Profile

Writing for a general audience can be tricky. Without really understanding who your audience is, your articles can lack focus and direction. By creating a reader profile, every piece of content you create will be directed towards a person. Creating your reader profile involves researching demographic data, identifying your average reader, then building out the persona. Try to include enough detail to develop a real character in your mind.

Let Readers Get to Know You

It is hard for most blogs to compete with the established media brands, so a way to stand out is to add personality. If your blog appears too detached and formal, making a connection with readers becomes harder. Try to include a biography under the article that adds some personality. As readers spend more time on your blog, getting to know each writer will become much easier.

Make Each Post Exceptional

Many people believe that you need to update your blog continually, but if you post exceptional quality consistently, this is not necessary. The larger blogs might have a staff that can post multiple updates daily, relying on quantity over quality in many cases. However, by making each post count, you can get a reputation for quality that results in many social shares and new readers.

Add Multimedia Elements

Adding multimedia elements to a post can usually bring it to life. People like to consume information in different ways, so by adding various elements you can appeal to a wide array of visitors. It might be more appropriate to focus on the text in many cases, but on other occasions, you can include videos, images, and infographics. Take care to maintain the same high standards by using professional pictures and quality videos.

Promote Every Post

To increase blog readership, creating quality content is not enough. It is essential to heavily promote every piece of content you post to your blog, treating each article almost like a new product launch. Some blogs add many new articles each day, but they don’t make any attempt to promote each post. Instead, use social media to push each new article, encourage other bloggers to promote by posting links to their content, and engage with people in the comment section and on social media.

Build Your Email List

Your loyal followers will remember to check your blog regularly, but most people have too much going on in their lives. In order to continuously drive traffic to your site, building an email list is essential. An email list allows you to message people each time you release new content, drastically increasing the number of visitors who see each post. You can increase subscriber numbers by creating an incentive for anyone who joins your list.

Employing each of these tactics will help new readers to find your blog and become invested in it. The level of competition online, along with the amount of new content being created, means that it is not enough to post articles anymore. Everything you do should have a strategy behind it, ultimately leading to a popular blog that readers are happy to recommend.

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