10 Best 8 foot Shop Lights
for February 2024

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Immerse yourself in the glowing brightness of 8-foot shop lights, an essential feature for any workspace, garage, or warehouse. When the sun sets, your productivity shouldn't have to. With advancements in luminary technology, these brilliant utensils boldly stand as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. Did you know an average 8-foot shop light can produce anywhere between 9000 and 15000 lumens? Or that they typically utilize LED technology, offering a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours?

That said, these top 10 shop lights have been meticulously curated for you, to illuminate your space in the most efficient way possible. Each and every pick on this list offers a unique blend of brightness, energy conservation, and longevity, patiently awaiting your perusal. However, the most intriguing of them all, dubbed as the Skymoatled 8Pack 96" 8FT LED Shop Light, has been tucked away at the end of our compilation. This extraordinary piece boasts a high output of 15000 LM, a cool white light of 6000K, and is absolutely a breeze to install. So, why leave your workspace lingering in the shadows? Embrace the light and witness the transformation!

SHOPLED 8FT LED Shop Light Fixture, 72W 9360LM 6000K Cool White,High Output Linkable Tube Light, Double Sided V Shape T8 8 Foot LED Lights for Garage, Warehouse, 4 Pack

8FT LED Shop Light Fixture, 72W 6000K for Garage, Warehouse - 4 Pack

Easy to install8.9
Easy to use8.6
Light weight8.5
Low light9.7

EASY TO INSTALL--- Including installation tools: Clips, Screws, help you install this in any plat place quickly and easily.

In our quest to present you with the finest light fixtures, our advanced algorithms chose SHOPLED 8FT LED Shop Light Fixture first due to its notable attributes that set it apart from the crowd. Imbued with a powerful 72W capability providing an impressive 9360LM of luminosity, these superior light fixtures will fulfill all the necessary requirements for your workspace. Magnificently designed with the cool 6000K spectrum, this charming device are particularly ideal due to their vast utilisation potentials ranging from garages to parking lots.

What sets the SHOPLED LED Light Fixture apart is its ingenious linkable property, you can effortlessly string them together to magnify your illumination. Worry not about overloading, for you can safely link up to four fixtures at a time. Moreover, the double row of 384 LED chips creates a strategic V-shape 270 Degree angle design, spreading light efficiently. Besides, feeling secure with your choice is easy as it comes with a reassuring 2-year warranty. In case of any issues, replacements are easy and quick. Light up your workspace with the brilliance of SHOPLED's quality assurance!

Barrina LED Shop Light, 8FT 72W 9000LM 5000K, Daylight White, V Shape, Clear Cover, Hight Output, Linkable Shop Lights, T8 LED Tube Lights, LED shop lights for garage 8 foot with plug (Pack of 10)

Barrina LED Shop Lights - 8FT 72W, 9000LM, 5000K, V Shape, Pack of 10 - Ideal for Garages

by Bailina Lighting Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd
Easy to use9.1
Energy efficiency8.5
For small spaces9.7
Light weight8.7
Low light8.2

Comfortable - 5000K daylight white offers the best lighting experience for garage and general area lighting. No buzzing ballasts. No flickering. No mercury or hazardous materials. No UV or IR Radiation

Despite being our runner-up, the Barrina LED Shop Light has considerable merits that certainly weren't overshadowed. The absolute energy savers, these LED lights reduce up to an impressive 70% on your electricity bill, offering a whopping 72W power with low consumption. Installed with no fuss, these can work in plug-and-play mode or be hardwired, allowing you to link up to 5 lights in sequence. You'll feel the reduced installation time and cost.

When it comes to these lights' luminosity, your dingy workshop or garage corners have met their match. Providing a powerful 125lm/watt, the Barrina Shop Light's 9000lm output ensures you get the best and brightest light available. Plus, with a generous 3 years of warranty, your investment is secured for the long run, making this product a worthy silver medalist on our list.

(10-Pack) 8ft LED Shop Light Fixture, 100W 15500LM 6000K, Cold White, V Shape, Clear Cover, Hight Output, Linkable Shop Lights, T8 LED Tube Lights, LED Shop Lights for Garage 8 Foot with Plug

8ft LED Shop Light Fixture - 10-Pack, 100W 15500LM, Cold White, V Shape, Linkable T8 Tube Lights for Garage

Easy to use9.1
For small spaces9.1
Low light8.9
Material quality9.3

SCIENTIFIC DESIGN - These four row V shape 8' led light fixtures give 270 degree lighting with no wasted light, about 40% more lumens than standard flat led tubes, especially perfect for cooler door led lighting. NOTE: Please install this item away from the radio, remote control door, etc., which may cause EMI.

What intrigued us about the 10-Pack 8ft LED Shop Light Fixture that placed it third on our list is its efficient design and functionality. The extendable design capabilities are a major pull, allowing you to connect a maximum of four LED tube lights together. This set of ten lights has an impressive high output of 15500 Lumens, illuminating your space with a cool 6000K white light. Plus, its plug-and-play feature coupled with an on/off switch makes using it a breeze.

Adding another feather in its cap is its power efficiency - a central aspect that captured our attention. The dazzling high performers consume lower electricity, replacing 250 watt fixtures with a stupendously powerful 100W output. A neat show of strength that saves the day by cutting down your electricity consumption almost by half. It’s a perfect pick for anyone who values practicality and efficiency entwined in a single product.

(10-Pack) 8ft LED Shop Light Fixture, V Shape 100w 14500LM 5000K ( Daylight White),8 Foot , 96'' T8 Integrated LED Tube, Linkable Led Bulbs for Garage, Warehouse, Plug and Play, Clear Lens

(10-Pack) 8ft LED Shop Lights - Bright 100w Daylight White, Ideal for Garage and Warehouse

Easy to use9.3
For small spaces9.2
Light weight9.8
Low light8.3

Easy Installation - With flat aluminum strip design, led light fixtures which can be surface mounted to ceilings or walls (by clips furnished) and then could be connected to power cables. These led shop light fixture are very lightweight and can be mounted in any orientation. ( vertical and horizontal ). You can use one light individually or light couplings to string 2 lights ( please note: can connect max 4 lights )

The MOOZ team stumbled upon an impressive lighting solution that caught our keen eyes - the V Shape 100w 14500LM 5000K 8ft LED Shop Light Fixture. The incredible customization this light offers with its adjustable lighting direction takes convenience to a new level.

This light-impressario isn't just all about game-changing features. We reckon it's an essential addition to your workspace or commercial properties. With its robust construction and easy installation procedure, you can illuminate your space brilliantly without any unnecessary fuss or frills. Its daylight white color temperature assures a comfortable and vibrant environment, rivalling natural sunlight. Joyous, isn't it?

ANTLUX 8FT LED Shop Lights 110W [6-lamp T8 Fluorescent Equiv.], 12000LM, 5000K, Compact Commercial Grade 8 Foot LED Strip Lights for Warehouse Garage, Suspended and Flush Mount Ceiling Light, 8 Pack

ANTLUX 8FT LED Shop Lights: Bright Commercial Grade 8 Foot Strip Lights for Warehouse Garage (8 Pack)

Easy to use8.8
Energy efficiency8.2
Light weight8.1
Low light8.2
Mounting system8.1

WIDE APPLICATION - With lightweight and compact design, these 8ft led strip lights are ideal for both commercial and residential buildings for wide or narrow spaces. They can be widely used for warehouse, garage, retail shop, car shop, workshop, supermarket, basement, workbench, utility room, storage room, barn, equipment room, auto shop and replacing fluorescent versions.

In the world of commercial lighting, the ANTLUX 8FT LED Shop Lights 110W stands out like a true luminary. Our algorithm and product testers were impressed by its exceptional brightness, delivering a dazzling 12000 lumens - a feature beneficial for your visibility. Longevity is an undeniable virtue, clocking in an impressive lifespan of over 23 years, highlighting its cost-effectiveness. We guarantee, this valuable feature won't just light your workspace but also your life. It effortlessly blends efficiency with convenience, making it perfect for those needing heavily lit environments, like warehouses or garages. Time to illuminate your world with the ANTLUX 8FT LED lights and save both time and energy.

bulbeats 4Pack 8FT LED Shop Lights, 100W 12000Lm[6-lamp T8 Tube Light Equiv.] 5000K Suspend/Flush Mount Ceiling Light, 8 Foot Strip Lights Fixtures with 5ft UL Plug Switch for Warehouse Workshop

Bulbeats 8ft LED Shop Lights - Powerful 100W, 12000Lm 5000K Ceiling Light for Warehouse Workshop

by bulbeats
Energy efficiency9.1
Light weight9.1
Low light9.1
Mounting system9.2

COMMERCIAL GRADE These 8' led garage lights are designed with highest standards by testing for optimal performance and safety. Made of premium aluminum, excellent heat dissipation, engineered width milky PC cover to avoid yellowing and large luminous area coverage, makes the light more uniform and comfortable.

One of the most impressive features that caught MOOZ's eye about the bulbeats 4Pack 8FT LED Shop Lights is its dual-mounting option. You can either surface mount or suspend these to brighten up your space in the best possible way. Imagine turning your ordinary shop into a well-illuminated area, making it easier to spot anything you need in seconds.

With its strong daylight output of 12000Lm, this should be your one-stop solution for lighting large commercial spaces. What makes this truly outstanding is the 85% energy savings it offers. This product will be most appealing to people who run large commercial spaces like workshops, warehouses, or large retail shops. The added advantage of its 5-year replacement guarantee leaves no room for second thoughts.

FAITHSAIL Linkable 8FT LED Shop Light, 110W, 12000 LM [Eqv.350W Fluorescent] 5000K, 8 Foot LED Fixture for Garage, Warehouse, Energy Saving Upto 2500KW*5/Y(5Hrs/Day)-Hang & Flush Mount, White, 1 Pack

FAITHSAIL 8FT LED Shop Light: 110W, 12000 LM, 5000K, Energy Saving, Perfect for Garage or Warehouse

Energy efficiency9.7
Light weight7.8
Low light8.4
Mounting system7.1

GOOD PERFORMATION-Rugged aluminum design with more efficient and faster heat dissipation. Protect LED chips and driver to ensure long lifespan and stable performance.the beam angle is >120 which is sufficient for the whole space lighting.

This 8ft LED shop light from FaithSail is truly a game changer in lighting solutions. Those with warehouse, retail shops or car shops will find their workplaces transformed by the super bright 12000 lumens at 5000K Daylight white light. The brightness has an almost surreal quality that permeates every corner of a large space, ensuring maximum visibility in all working conditions.

But perhaps the most commendable feature of this product is its energy efficiency. While offering a brilliant luminosity that is a notch above standard fluorescent lights, it operates at a low energy cost that is certain to make a tangible difference to your power bill. The impressive 70% savings in energy consumption is a benefit that your wallet won't be able to ignore. We wholeheartedly recommend FaithSail's 8FT LED shop light for both its illuminating brilliance and its potential contribution to greener operations.

Barrina 8ft LED Shop Light, 44w 4500lm 6500K, V Shape Frosted Cover LED Shop Light 8ft, Linkable LED Garage Light, T8 LED Light Fixture for Garage Ceiling Plug and Play (Pack of 6)

Barrina 8ft LED Shop Lights - Bright 6500K Lighting for Garage Ceiling - Pack of 6

by Bailina Lighting Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd
Easy to use8.1
Light weight8.7
Low light9.6
Material quality8.7

Comfortable - No buzzing ballasts. No flickering. No mercury or hazardous materials. No UV or IR Radiation. And frosted cover for anti-glare eye protection

The Barrina 8ft LED Shop Light is a real champ when it comes to lighting up your workspace. What we really enjoy about it is the super bright light output - over 4500 lumens! It's like having your very own personal mini-sun but, get this, it only gobbles up 44w. Imagine seeing your monthly electricity bill and grinning because you're saving 65% on it.

And if you're anything like us, you'd appreciate the fact that it requires no PhD in Mechanics to put it up. The plug-and-play feature basically means installing is a breeze. What's more, these lights are linkable. Connect as much as 6 tubes together if that's what your heart desires. This is definitely a standout product, especially for those of you lighting up large spaces like garages, warehouses, workshops or basements. You're going to love the Barrina LED shop light - it's a beacon of efficiency.

10-Pack 8ft LED Shop Light Fixture - 90W T8 Integrated LED Tube Light - 6500K 12000LM V-Shape Linkable - High Output - Clear Cover - Plug and Play - 270 Degree Lighting for Garage, Shop, Barn

10-Pack 8ft LED Shop Lights - High Output Fixtures for Garage, Shop, Barn

by Phiwicsh
Easy to install7.1
Easy to use8.7
Energy efficiency7.8
Light weight7.6
Low light8.8

Easy Installation and Linkable- The 8FT led shop lights could plug and play. Sufficient screws, mount clips, etc. Installation accessories will help you to install quickly and easily. and the 8FT led Shop Light Fixture can be connected up to one by one with seamless connectors or connector wire. (Please connect no more than 4 pieces in series)

Our smart algorithms are absolutely blown away by the 8ft LED Shop Light Fixture. We're totally in love with the high lumen output that puts older light sources to shame. The lights included in this pack offer 90w 12000lumensof bright light that is simply unmatched in quality. We're talking V-shaped 270-degree design here that floods your workspace with daylight-like brightness. These energy savers are ideal for your garage, workshop, or barn.

Imagine how your productivity would skyrocket with such phenomenal lighting. We found the extra power cords with ON/OFF switch extremely thoughtful. Plus, the plug-and-play feature makes it even more user-friendly.

Skymoatled 8Pack 96

8FT LED Shop Light Garage Light Hanging/Surface Mount, 8Pack, 100W, 6000K, Linkable T8 LED Tube Lights for Garage

by Skymoatled
Easy to use8.8
Energy efficiency7.7
Light weight7.5
Low light9.1

EASY INSTALLATION: Additional hanging mount,it can be Surface or Hanging mount, Equipped with different mounting screws for different mounting surfaces, there are screws for wooden surfaces, screws for gypsum board surfaces, and screws for concrete walls, so it is easy to cope with any mounting surface.

MOOZ finds the Skymoatled 8Pack 96" 8FT LED Shop Light a top pick for its high luminescence, superior functionality, and energy-saving capacities. Imagine your garage, workshop, or warehouse bathed in 15000LM high output brightness, but surprisingly consuming 75% less energy. That's the subtly thrilling part! These LED tube lights have resolved the prevalent issues of half lighting or not lighting at all, demonstrating substantial reliability with their new drive principle. Moreover, this light fixture touts a remarkable lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

The LED shop lights are particularly ideal for those seeking brightness, energy-efficiency, and longevity for their spaces. Step up your lighting game with this security upgraded yet noise free luminary!


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