8 Reasons Why you shouldn’t use free web hosting

8 Reasons Why you shouldn’t use free web hosting

We all know nothing is free on the internet. Why waste your time looking for free hosting sites? Offering a free web hosting means that they are giving you access to hardware, server software, skilled IT professionals for free. And what do they get in exchange? It doesn’t seem right, does it? Below are some of the disadvantages that come with using free WordPress hosting:

1) The site is not owned by you

It means they can take your domain away any minute because you have no power over it. Your website can collect and mine the owner’s data, which may not be useful for you. They can also place adverts of other companies on your website, none of your customers will like that, and you probably won’t either, so think about it. Is it worth it?

2) WordPress free web hosting has a poor quality

It is well known for the poor quality, bad domains, no customer support, no analytics, very small disk storage, limited page numbers, and design choices, offering no features. It limits your ideas a lot, which leads to no success. That doesn’t do any good for your company or website. You have to think about the advantages and disadvantages of choosing this option.

3) It is unreliable

Free web hosting can be really slow, not available at all times, not backed up and they tend to shut down. This can shut out a lot of options for your WordPress improvement and success. We all know how bad it feels when your website and WordPress plugins don’t work as you have planned or wanted. Also, you don’t want to lose your customers.

4) Your website can also be used as a link farm

Google determines search engine with backlinks (too many links from one site to another). If a site has a lot of credible links, it can be an authoritative website on a topic and therefore, should rank higher. People who know this can set up a free web hosting to create a list of websites that farm backlinks, using them can lead to serious damage to your brand, because they can point to something as bad as fake drugs, identity theft, and gambling.

5) Tells a lot about you as a business person

If your customers see that you’re using free web hosting, they might not take your business so seriously and your reputation won’t be as good as when you use your own hosting. The difference is well seen - either you pay a little more and have a proper business website or you decide to “save" and be that one person, who is not taken seriously. Not only people but also search engines won’t take you seriously if you have such bad domains and quality.

7) You are paying by allowing them to place adverts

They can put any adverts they like even if you don’t want them because it is not your website. It’s your website under someone else’s. These adverts can be really distractive and annoying. Not so sure if your customers will love it. It is better to pay for a website and control everything yourself than rely on someone else.

8) It might be a trial

You never know what actually is going on behind all this “for free". They might have expensive contracts, which are legally blinding you and you will have to pay even more than you would’ve paid for a website of your own. You might think it’s a good idea to make a website for free, but it really isn’t beneficial.

An Affordable (And GOOD) WordPress Hosting Option:

Free web hosting sounds like a great deal, but it truly isn’t, it can get you into deep trouble, because it is not reliable, safe or good quality. If you are thinking of expanding and growing your business, you should definitely look for a good and affordable WordPress hosting. For example, Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting provider and it gives you the fastest network and platform in the world. A great way to start realizing your business plans. Next time you’re unconscious about your decision on whether to pay for your website or get it for free just remember these 8 disadvantages and choose what’s best for you - chose Kinsta!

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