10 Best AC DC Coolers
for September 2023

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Have you ever been in a bind where you needed a portable redemption while out on your escapades? Don't you hate the inconvenience of melted ice and lukewarm drinks? Well, worry no longer! And take a moment to immerse yourself in the dynamic realm of AC/DC coolers. The innovative world has seen a skyrocketing surge towards tech-based solutions. Portable coolers are no different. Spanning from a capacity of 5L to a whopping 45L, these AC/DC coolers are not just convenient but are also technological marvels.

Don't miss out on our well-crafted list of '10 Best AC/DC Coolers'. Your perfect partner for travels, camping or even a mini party at home lurks within our collection. The treasure at the end of our list? The one and only intriguing 'Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler' which stands out with its power-packed features. Its whopping 29 qt capacity (unmatched! Unseen!), free from the hassles of drippy ice and the joy of 'plug-in and chill' convenience - this is a star! So, pop in your preferred beverages, enjoy the ride and never run out of 'cool'! You want to bring the party with you? This cooler is your ticket! Check out our list and get to know more marvellous creations like this one! You'll not be disappointed!

Coors Light CL04 4L Portable Mini Fridge with 12V DC and 110V AC Cords, 6 Can Personal Cooler for Beer, Snacks, Lunch, Drinks, Desk Accessory for Home, Office, Bar, Dorm, Travel, Grey, Standard, Gray

Coors Light Portable Mini Fridge: AC/DC Cooler for Beer, Snacks, and Drinks

by Koolatron
Easy to use9.7
Energy efficiency8.5
Low light8.9
Popularity & Sales8.9
Temperature Control9.8

Unique Gift Idea: Portable design, eye-catching chrome accents, and fan-favorite Rocky Mountain graphics make this travel cooler an ideal fun and functional gift for dads, grads, students, and more

Why is Coors Light 4L Portable Mini Fridge our top pick? Its energy-efficient cooling technology is a stand-out feature. The eco-friendly, iceless thermoelectric technology cools contents to a chilly 32F (18C) below the surrounding temperature. No harmful chemicals are released in the process, ensuring that energy is not wasted. The mini fridge can function on 110V AC and 12V DC power, making it an extremely versatile choice for your home, office, or even travel!

The Coors Light CL04 isn't just about efficiency, its compact design with a 4L capacity ensures it fits comfortably anywhere. Whether you want to chill 6 standard cans in your office or 4 tallboy beer cans in your dorm, this portable fridge has got you covered. Moreover, the iconic Rocky Mountain image against the sleek gray background gives this mini fridge a spectacular retro feel, making it a must-have for Coors Light fans and collectors alike. Don't you think this will make the perfect desk accessory for your space?

Corona Cruiser Thermoelectric Cooler, 45 Liters / 48 Quart Capacity, 12V DC/110V AC for for Beverage, Beer, Wine, Camping, Travel, Truck, RV, Cottage and Dorm

Corona Cruiser Thermoelectric Cooler: 45L/48QT Capacity for Beverage, Beer, Wine - AC/DC Cooler for Camping, Travel

by Koolatron
Easy to use9.9
Popularity & Sales8.1
Temperature Control8.7

HUGE CAPACITY - We put the cooling module in the lid to make sure this 45 L / 48 Quart cooler could comfortably hold a full 24-bottle case of beer for easy access at tailgate parties, barbecues, or camping

The Corona Cruiser sneaked into our list, nestling comfortably at the second position. It's a show-stopper combo of convenience, portability, and uniqueness that didn’t fail to grab our sophisticated algorithm's attention. Decked out in a stainless steel suit with rugged plastic adornments, this eye-candy doesn’t just look good. Underneath its dashing exterior lies a heart with a 48 Quarts/ 45 Liters capacity, making it robust enough to stow away your favorite drinks. And the classic Corona logo sparks an irresistible charm that would make you the talk of the town.

Our tale would be incomplete without a nod to its unique add-ons. The built-in bottle opener, freeing you from the fuss of ever misplacing yours again, beverage holders, lime storage compartment, citrus knife, to a cutting board. Yes, a cutting board - all these are thoughtfully nested within your Corona Cruiser. The cherry on top? Its thermoelectric cooling technology, ensuring your beverages remain cool, no matter how high the mercury rises. This one's truly a keeper!

Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler Plug in 12V Car Cooler/Warmer, 18 qt (17 L), No Ice Thermo Electric Portable Fridge for Camping, Travel Road Trips Trucking with 12 Volt DC Power Cord, Gray/White.

Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler for AC DC Coolers, 18 qt. Ideal for Camping and Travel

by Koolatron
Easy to use9.5
Light weight8.9
Low light9.2
Popularity & Sales8.5
Temperature Control8.8

Practical and Durable Design: Features a latch-free lid that can be opened with one hand for grab and go convenience, fold-away handle, cord storage, protective exterior, and stain-resistant lining

Behold, the Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler, that snazzy piece of machinery that claimed the bronze in our product rankings. Why third place, you might ponder? This slick gizmo is not just a take-anywhere cooler, it's a mini-fridge for your vehicle, a feat not to be downplayed. Its clever thermo-electric technology permits it to cool and warm victuals with just a mere power from your vehicle's tail light. Additionally, its compatibility with a 12V DC adapter almost screams adventure, perfect for your road trips or trucking.

No ice would mean no watery mess in the Koolatron Cooler, yet it can chill your cans to a max of 40F, fairly nifty for an "iceless" cooler. Not only that, it can hold 23 of your favorite soft drink cans, which fits flawlessly between the front seats of any minivan. It's like a loyal companion in your vehicle, always ready to offer a cold drink or a hot snack, depending on your mood. So, if you esteem innovative technology and convenience, this Canadian-made cooler pretty much checks all the boxes, doesn't it?

Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler Plug in 12V car Cooler 25 L (26 qt), No Ice Thermo Electric Portable Fridge for Camping, Travel Road Trips Trucking with 12 Volt DC Power Cord, Gray/White.

Koolatron Electric Portable 12V Car Cooler - 26 qt - Gray/White - Perfect for AC DC Cooling on the Go!

by Koolatron
Easy to use9.9
Popularity & Sales8.2
Temperature Control8.5

Plugs Into Any 12V Outlet: Powerful thermoelectric cooler comes with a 12V DC adapter for use on the go in your car, truck, or boat; also compatible with AC power (110V adapter sold separately) for indoors

Koolatron's 26 qt electric cooler is what we mall 'the icing on the cake'! Imagine the convenience and efficiency of your favorite fridge, miniaturized into a compact, portable cooler that you can take anywhere. It's designed with advanced thermoelectric technology that eliminates the need for ice, cooling 22C (36F) below the surrounding temperature! This product will revolutionize your camping and road trip experience.

Let's talk about size. This pocket Hercules, as we like to call it, can hold up to 31 standard soft drink cans and yet it's tall enough to fit 2L bottles standing upright. Plus, ain't nothing getting warm with their impressive cold retention feature! This beast can keep ice frozen for over 3 days, even if it's not powered. This product is particularly useful for truckers, road trippers, campers, and anyone in need of a portable, reliable cooling solution. Impressive, right? Koolatron nailed it with this one!

Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler Plug in 12V Car Cooler/Warmer 9.8 qt (9 L), No Ice Thermo Electric Portable Fridge for Camping, Travel Road Trips Trucking with 12 Volt DC Power Cord, Gray/White.

Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler: AC/DC Coolers for Camping and Travel, No Ice Needed

by Koolatron
Easy to use9.2
Popularity & Sales7.8
Temperature Control8.8

Practical and Durable Design: Adjustable shoulder strap, injection molded protective exterior, stain-resistant lining, advanced insulation, and snap-lock lid make this unit ideal for people on the go

Mooz found Koolatron's Electric Portable Cooler exceptionally useful and versatile while road tripping with its superb cooling and warming abilities. If you've had it with soggy sandwiches from melted ice, this product is a game-changer for long-haul truckers, road trip enthusiasts and campers.

The intriguing 12V/9L cooler makes nourishing meal carrying a breeze for you, capable of cooling up to 40F below ambient temperature or warming up to 135F. What's more, Koolatron's adaptability is commendable. It comes with a 12V DC adapter for use in your vehicle, yet also offers an indoor AC power option. Blending cutting-edge thermoelectric technology with a dose of Canadian craftsmanship sure sparks intrigue!

Coleman Thermoelectric Cooler 120-Volt Adapter

Coleman Thermoelectric Cooler Adapter: Keep Your AC DC Coolers Powered

by Newell Company
Customers Rating7.5
Easy to use9.8
Popularity & Sales9.5


One promising feature that drew MOOZ's attention to the Coleman Thermoelectric Cooler Adapter is the mention of the *POWER SUPPLY TE CLASS VI C008* four times in the description. An indication of noteworthy power supply capabilities. Packed in the item's form, MOOZ found it intriguing how such a simple component could equip a cooler with an impressive energy source.

If you are often engaged in outdoor activities such as camping or road trips, then this Thermoelectric Cooler Adapter will be vital for you. Shaped for the outdoorsy, this is perfect for people always on the move. The Coleman Adapter ensures your cooler is adequately powered, keeping your drinks and snacks at the right temperature regardless of your location. Thus, enhancing your outdoor experience one cool drink at a time.

Koolatron Thermoelectric Iceless 12V Cooler/Warmer 33 qt (31 L), Electric Portable Car Fridge w/ 12 Volt DC Power Cord, Dual Opening, Gray/White, Travel Camping Fishing Trucking, Made in North America

Koolatron Thermoelectric Iceless Cooler/Warmer - 33 qt (31 L), AC/DC, Gray/White, Travel-friendly. Made in North America

by Koolatron
Easy to use8.7
Popularity & Sales8.2
Temperature Control8.4

Versatile Two-Way Design: Secure sliding door lock and removable shelves let you use it either as a ice chest-style cooler or upright as a portable mini-fridge; unique split lid allows access to contents even in a tightly packed vehicle

Behold, the travel enthusiast's new best friend - the Koolatron 12V cooler/warmer. This Canadian-made marvel soars high on our list due to its advanced, earth-friendly thermoelectric technology; a feature not seen in many portable coolers. It powers up using a 12V outlet in your vehicle, serving up chilled drinks or piping hot food effortlessly on the go.

Our algorithms detect road-trippers, campers, and fishermen will find this device indispensable. With a mind-blowing 33 quart capacity, you can bring a plethora of beverages to share or enough food to last your journey. Did we mention the dual-opening feature? It accommodates less than perfect-packed coolers like a charm. The Koolatron 12V cooler/warmer, a melting pot of innovation and functionality, awaits to jazz up your next adventure.

Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler Plug in 12V Car Cooler/ Warmer 36 qt (34 L) w/Wheels, No Ice Thermo Electric portable Fridge for camping, Travel Road Trips Trucking with 12 Volt DC Power Cord, Gray/White.

Portable Electric Cooler/Warmer for AC DC Cooling - Ideal for Camping, Road Trips & Trucking

by Koolatron
Easy to use9.1
Popularity & Sales7.1
Temperature Control8.3

Convenient Wheeled Design: Durable wheels and a sturdy tow handle let you easily transport this portable cooler/warmer from your vehicle to your campsite, boat or cottage

Discovering the Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler was no less than a revelation for us at MOOZ. We immediately took notice of its unique dual-function thermoelectric technology which can either cool to 40F below the ambiance or warm up to 135F. We found that this feature gives the product unprecedented flexibility and user adaptability.

The cooler is designed for any car, truck, or boat with a 12V DC point and has a significant capacity of 34 litres or 36 quarts. That's enough space to store up to 57 soft drink cans! We were fascinated by the astounding potential of the product & its compatibility with both indoor and outdoor scenarios. This product would be most useful for campers, road trippers, and truck drivers seeking a functional and convenient food storage solution while travelling.

Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler Plug in 12V Car Cooler/Warmer 36 qt (34 L), No Ice Thermo Electric Portable Fridge for Camping, Travel Road Trips Trucking with 12 Volt DC Power Cord, Gray/White.

Koolatron Electric AC/DC Cooler: 36 qt Portable Fridge for Camping, Travel and Trucking

by Koolatron
Easy to use9.9
Popularity & Sales8.3
Temperature Control7.8

Versatile Two-Way Design: This unique coolers secure magnetic door seal and removable shelves let you position it either as a classic chest-style cooler or on its side as a front-opening mini-fridge

At MOOZ, we absolutely love the versatility of the Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler. The multifunctionality of this device is what caught our fascination, making it a standout addition to our list. With its ability to plug into any 12V socket and effectively cool down to 40F or warm up to 135F, this cooler offers something very unique. Its dual-function thermoelectric technology makes it a true marvel of innovation.

This handy device features a 34 liter or 36 quart capacity, possessing ample space to keep up to 57 standard soft drink cans chilled or warmed up. What's strikingly impressive is that it has been manufactured right here in North America by reputed Canadian brand Koolatron. This product would be incredibly useful to anyone on the move, be it road trips, trucking, or camping adventures. This portable cooler was designed with your convenience in mind.

Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler Plug in 12V Car Cooler/Warmer 29 qt (27 L), No Ice Thermo Electric portable Fridge for camping, Travel Road Trips Trucking with 12 Volt DC Power Cord, Gray/White.

Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler - 29 qt (27L), No Ice AC DC Coolers for Camping and Road Trips

by Koolatron
Easy to use6.9
Popularity & Sales6.2
Temperature Control7.1

Versatile Two-Way Design: This unique cooler's secure sliding door lock lets you use it either as a classic ice chest-style cooler or placed on its side as a portable front-opening mini refrigerator

We simply can't help but applaud the Koolatron Electric Portable Cooler/Warmer, especially perfect for adventure seekers and regular road trippers. It's third-person storytelling at its finest, and it feels like the cooler is telling it. It's tale? Having a 27-liter capacity enough to hold 48 standard cans, allowing you to enjoy those thirst-quenching drinks as cold as they should be - a whopping 40F below the external temperature!

But that's not all! Picture yourself on a cold winter drive, wanting a hot, cozy cup of coffee. "I got you," says your Koolatron. Why? Because it's not just a cooler, it's also a warmer that can heat up to 135F. Powered by any 12V outlet in your car or boat and adaptable to 110V for indoor use, this Koolatron machine is more than just your average cooler/warmer - it's a remarkable travel buddy!


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