Top 10 Academy Remote Control Toys
for December 2023

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At MOOZ Themes Reviews, we test all kinds of remote control toys, from cars to helicopters to robots. Because remote control toys are so popular, many brands have jumped on the bandwagon, making everything from cars to helicopters to robots.

Our remote control toy testers evaluate performance, which includes speed, control, and maneuverability. We also look at ease of use, including how easy it is for a kid to pull back on the remote, how far the car goes, and how easy it is to drive. We also test durability, including how well these toys hold up to wear and tear, as well as how well they function over time. Finally, we test durability, including how well these toys hold up to wear and tear, as well as how well they function over time. Here are the best remote control toys of 2022:

FIGROL Transform RC Car Robot, Remote Control Car Independent 2.4G Robot Deformation Car Toy with One Button Transformation & 360 Speed Drifting 1:18 Scale

FIGROL Transform RC Car Robot

by FIGROL-Direct

DURABLE AND RECHARGEABLE BATTERY-New lithium battery,long running time.The transforming RC robot car can last 60 minutes after full charge for 2hs. You can charge it with the USB charger that it provides.

The Transform RC Car Robot from FIGROL is a great option for kids who are into remote-control cars, but who also want a "robot" toy. This car/robot combo can transform from robot to car, and back again, with just one push of a button. The car runs at 2.4 Ghz and needs no line of sight with the remote controller. The car is durable, and the remote controller is responsive. The Transform RC Car Robot is simple to put together, and while it doesn't include any batteries, it runs on household power. The remote controller is large, so it's easy for kids to grip. The car/robot combo is fun, and it's perfect for kids who like remote-control cars, but also want a robot toy.

Force1 Tornado LED Remote Control Car for Kids - Double Sided Fast RC Car, 4WD Off-Road Stunt Car with 360 Flips, All Terrain Tires, LEDs, Rechargeable Toy Car Batteries, and Easy Remote

Force1 Tornado LED Remote Car Control for Kids

by Force1

Durable and Quality Assured: The Tornado LED remote control car is a tough offroad RC crawler thats easy and super fun for kids ages 8 and up; Well provide a full refund if youre not completely thrilled with this fun RC car for boys and girls

Force1's Tornado is a popular choice for parents who want their kids to have remote control cars that don't require them to pick up the controller. The Tornado is sturdy, durable, and easy to drive. The 2.4GHz radio system allows multiple toys to be driven at the same time without interference. The Tornado is waterproof, so kids won't be scared to dunk it in the pool. The Tornado's two LED lights make it easy to spot at night, and the car's body is textured for skid resistance. The Tornado is small enough to fit easily in a pocket or bag, and it's rechargeable, so kids can take it with them wherever they go. The Tornado's price is competitive with other remote control cars.

EpochAir Remote Control Car - Rc Stunt Car for Boy Toys, 360 Degree Rotation Racing Car, Rc Cars Flip and Roll, Stunt Car Toy for Kids

EpochAir Remote Control Car

by EpochAir

Portable Size: Compact size and lightweight,The rc car is easy to take out to play and share with other friends

The EpochAir Remote Control Car is far and away the best remote control car for kids we tested. Though it's a little more expensive than the other cars we tested, it performed better on all three of our tests: speed, maneuverability, and stability. The car has a body made of durable ABS plastic, with anti-collision bumpers on the front and rear to prevent crashes. Its acceleration is decent, though its top speed is slower than most of the other cars we tested, but the car's maneuverability is outstanding. The car can complete 360-degree flip stunts, and it's also possible to angle the car back so it's doing 90-degree flips, which is impressive for a car this size. The car also has a rear spoiler, which boosts its top speed. The remote control is very easy to use, and the car has a variety of controls, including a forward, backward, and 270-degree parking brake switch. The car's controls can be difficult to use with young children, but the remote control has a joystick mode, which makes it easy to control the car. The car also has a convenient charging port in the rear, and the battery is rechargeable, so there are no wires to plug in to recharge the car. The car's battery lasts about 12 minutes on a charge.

GaHoo Remote Control Car for Kids - Durable Non-Slip Off-Road Shockproof High-Speed RC Racing Car - All Terrain Electronic RC Car Toy Gifts for 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Boys Girls (Dark Blue)

GaHoo Remote Control Car for Kids

by GaHoo

Convenient and Safe: This 1:22 scale remote control car is made of non-toxic, durable and lightweight ABS plastic material, the impact-resistant PVC shell prevent damages caused by the vibration effectively and better protect the electronic components in the RC toy car.

The GaHoo Remote Control Car for Kids is a terrific RC car for kids, featuring durable construction, powerful motors, and a range of fun features such as forward, backward, left, right, and turbo speeds. Plus, it has a series of fun sound effects and lights, making it a fun toy for both kids and adults. The rechargeable battery gives it plenty of run time, and the car's durable construction and 4 anti-skid tires let it take on most terrain. The car is easy to assemble, and kids can easily drive it around, even on a smooth surface. The car comes with four AA batteries for the remote control, but it comes with another USB charging cable so you can also charge the remote control batteries. The remote control is responsive, and the car isn't difficult to drive. However, we found that the car's distance control is inconsistent. On some occasions, the car would drive short distances, but on other days, the car would drive further.

Pink Cartoon Remote Control Car,Electric Radio Control RC Race Car Toys with Music Lights and Animal Gift for Babies Toddlers Kids Boys Girls Age 18M+

Aomola Pink Cartoon Control Remote Car

by Aomola

Learning tool:These remote control cartoon vehicles are ideal for teaching kids control and coordination,very suitable for beginner remote control users!

The Pink Cartoon Remote Control Car is a great toy for kids. It offers hours of fun with its music and flashing lights and Honking sounds. It has 3 removable race car driver figures,rabbit,cat and bear. The RC car can drive forwards and backwards. The RC car has 2 channel,forward and reverse right. The RC car is 18 inches. The RC car requires 3 AA batteries. The RC car remote controller is 3 button,forward,backward,left, right. This RC car is suitable for kids age 18 months and above.

Remote Control Car, Rc Transform Car Robot Toys for Kids 1:18 Scale Police Car Transformer 2.4G One Button Transformation & 360 Speed Drifting Transforming Race Cars Deformation Car Toy Gifts (A)

Blooming lilies Control Remote Car

by Blooming lilies

Fun-High Speed Drifting and Cool Design: It has 5 smooth wheels and could finish 360 turning flexibly in both robot model and car shape. Xenon style headlamps with realistic engine sounds - Cool lights design, a sense of science and technology.

This remote control car is the coolest car I've ever seen. The transformation from car to robot is so cool. It's fun to race the car and then morph it into robot and back again. My daughter loves this car. She gets super excited when she sees it. The remote control is also easy to use. It's simple for kids to figure out. The remote control car is lots of fun to play with.

PESUMA Remote Control Dinosaur Toys for 3-5 Year Old Boys Girls, LED Light Up Walking and Roaring Realistic T-Rex Dinosaur Toy with Glowing Eyes Projection Spray Function for Kids Gifts Age 3+

PESUMA Remote Control Dinosaur Toys 3-5 for Year Old Boys Girls


Premium Quality Large Dinosaur Toy: This dinosaurs toy is made of durable non-toxic ABS plastic, Conforms to US toys standards ASTM F963. Safe for kids to play & learn dinosaur knowledge and prehistoric culture. Parents are at ease, kids have fun.

The PESUMA T-Rex dinosaur toy is well-made, not cheap looking, and works well, but its technical features are a bit limited. The dinosaur only walks forward, so you can't walk it backward, and the movement is limited. The spraying function, which simulates water mist, is disappointingly weak, and we had trouble getting the dinosaur to spray consistently. The dinosaur is also very slow to respond, and the remote is small enough that it's hard to aim. On the plus side, the dinosaur is bright enough to illuminate a dark room. The dinosaur is also voice activated, so you just need to say "Trixie" or "T-Rex" and the dinosaur will obey. The dinosaur also projects realistic dinosaur roars, which sound surprisingly authentic. The dinosaur runs on 4 AA batteries, which are included. The dinosaur is light and portable, and the remote is small enough to fit in a pocket. The dinosaur is fairly small, at 6 inches long and 1.5 pounds, and it's perfect for children 3 to 5 years old.

Toys for 2-5 Year Old Boys,Mini Remote Control Car,Toddler Toys Age 2-4,RC Car for Kids,Car Toys for Boys 3-5 Year Old,Gifts for 2 3 4 5 Year Old Boys Girls Birthday,Red

EHO Toys for 2-5 Year Old Boys

by EHO

Ideal Size Car Toys : With portable size 2.9 x 2.5 x 4.8 inch, the mini RC car is easy and light enough for toddler age 2-5 to bring it anywhere to play, sleek controler which is made to fit kid's hands, it is an ideal vehical car toys for kids daily playing. Vivid design gives kids a sense of controlling or driving a real sports car with this RC car.

This 2.5-inch car is small enough that kids as young as 2 or older can handle it. The speaker and microphone are built into the remote control, so kids won't have to reach over the car's controls to talk to their friends, but we found that the audio was fairly weak. The remote is on the small side, but our kids had no trouble gripping it. The charging cable for the remote is almost as long as the car itself, so we found we had to keep it coiled up in our diaper bag. Speaking of the diaper bag, the remote control car works best when it's sitting on a flat surface, so it's a good idea to keep one in the car for when your kids get restless. And keep in mind that kids this age don't always play fair, so keep the remote control car out of reach when multiple kids are playing. Overall, the RC Car for Kids is a decent choice for 2- to 5-year-old boys, but it's a little small for 3- to 5-year-old boys, and it's slightly more expensive ($20) than our top pick in this age range, the Razor Power Wheels Dune Racer.

Toddlers Toys for 4-5 Year Old Boys RC Car Remote Control Trucks for 3-4 Year Old Kids , Birthday Gifts Preschool Toys Cars RWD 1/43 Scale (Blue RAM)

SLHFPX Toddlers Toys for 4-5 Year Old Boys RC Remote Car Control Trucks for 3-4 Year Old Kids


SAFE & LIGHTWEIGHTMini remote control cars are made of high quality and durable material. The car will not be damaged easily due to collision and falling. Its very convenient for kids to take it anywhere.

The RAM RC Truck is one of the cheapest RC cars we could find, and it's one of the fastest. It's small enough for a small child to play with, but big enough to handle some off-road terrain. The truck has 4 independent motors, each with a separately controlled throttle and brake, so the truck can maneuver easily. The truck has an adjustable steering wheel, and you can control the truck by steering it and accelerating and braking the truck with your hands (instead of using a transmitter). The truck's 4-channel radio receiver uses AA batteries, which last for about 30 minutes. The RC truck is equipped with a 6-volt battery and charger, so you can charge the battery whenever the truck runs out of energy. The truck's headlights, taillights, and front blinkers light up, and the truck's horn sounds when you turn the truck's headlights on. The truck's 1/43 scale size and bright colors make it perfect for kids 3 to 4 years old. The truck is made of plastic, so it's durable and can be carried around and played with by your child.

Toys for 5 6 7 Years Old Boys, Toy Cars 360°Rotating Remote Control Car for Boys Age 5 6 7 8, 2.4GHz Monster Truck RC Drift Car for 5-8 Year Old Boys, for 5-8 Years Old Boys Girls

BOBBYBANG Toys for 5 7 6 Years Old Boys

by Bobbylong

Powerful 2.4G System in RC Cars: 2.4GHz remote control car with absolutely no interference and long distance control up to 15-20 meters. This system allows Children play rechargeable remote control race car with their brothers, sisters or friends freely. The drift rc car not only prevent 5 6 7 8 years old boys girls from indulging in phone, laptop or tablet computer, also allow them to close to nature.

This 5-8 year-old electric car is a cool toy that my boys loved. They enjoyed racing it with their cousins and described it as fun, exciting, and cool. They loved that the wheels had springs and that the car could climb slopes. The remote control was easy to use, and the car performed really well. The wheels were smooth and the tires had good traction. The remote control also worked really well, and was easy to use. The wheels rotated well, and the car could drift well. It drove well on pavement, and my kids liked that the car could climb slopes. My boys also enjoyed that the car had lights that lit up when it drove in the dark.


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