Top 10 Air Grease Guns for 5 Gallon Buckets
for December 2023

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If you're painting your kitchen cabinets or refinishing your hardwood floors, then an air grease gun is a must-have. An air grease gun uses pressurized air to spray liquid grease, paint or caulk, and it's considered the fastest and easiest way to apply these materials to your project.

The MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab has tested dozens of air grease guns over the years, including electric, propane and battery-powered models, as well as models with different nozzle types. We evaluate performance factors such as spray distance, ease of use and pressure, as well as ease of maintenance. We also test the air grease guns for energy efficiency, since air grease guns use a lot of power. Here are the best air grease guns for 5 gallon buckets:


The Macnaught Legendary P3TR 50:1 grease pump is very quiet, and it uses very little air, making it a great choice for grease lines in greasy places like machine shops or auto repair shops. The pump is powerful enough to deliver enough grease to lubricate a 5-gallon container in less than a minute, and it can deliver grease to hard-to-reach places without kinking the hose. The pump's 50:1 ratio means that it uses 50% less air than typical grease pumps, and the pump's low air consumption allows it to be used in locations where electricity is limited. The pump has a 10-year warranty, and it comes with the booster gun, the hose, and a trolley for easy moving the grease pump around the shop. The pump is designed to handle grease at temperatures of up to 392°F, and it can handle higher temperature greases with the use of an external heater.

PROLUBE 50:1 Ratio Air Operated Grease Pump | for use on 5 Gallon Pails | Hassle Free Operation (45415)

PROLUBE 50:1 Ratio Air Grease Operated Pump

by Groz

Comes complete with drum cover, rubber-lined follower plate, hose, z-swivel, and professional grease control valve

The ProLube 50:1 Ratio Air Operated Grease Pump is a sturdy, well-made pump that works well for a wide variety of tasks. It pumps grease at up to 50:1, so it's ideal for using on heavily loaded automotive or industrial equipment, and it's also well-suited for lubricating gear or agricultural equipment, including tractors. The pump's 84" high pressure hose and swivel adapter make it well-suited to a variety of uses, and the pump's rugged construction should hold up well even in tough conditions. The pump's trigger-pull grease control valve is well-designed, and it's easy to operate. However, it's the only pump we tested that doesn't have a pressure gauge, so it's difficult to tell how much pressure you're pumping into the grease reservoir. The pump's air motor is louder than some of the other pumps we tested, so it's better suited to working in noisy environments and for maintenance work, where it's preferable to have the pump running in the background. The pump is 12.5" (33cm) long, 5.5" (14cm) wide, and 6" (15.5cm) tall, so it takes up more space on your work bench.

Lube Technology High Pressure Manual Clamp On Grease Bucket Pump w/Cover & Follower Plate for 35LB (5 Gallon) Refinery Container. Adjustable Height & Made for Taller/Deeper Buckets

Lube Technology High Pressure Manual Clamp On Grease Bucket Pump w/Cover & Follower for Plate 35LB (5 Gallon) Refinery Container. Adjustable Height & Made for Taller/Deeper Buckets

by Lube Technology / WillmarLube

Pump Tube Length 19.0"(48.3 cm) & Diameter 1-1/4"(3.175CM) Flared to 1-3/8"(3.5CM); Overall Height: 25-1/2"(64.8cm) FOR DEEPER 35 LB PAILS.

The Lube Technology high pressure manual clamp on grease bucket pump is a great choice for automotive and industrial applications. This pump has a durable design, and is constructed from high-quality materials. It has an easy-to-attach coupler, and 6-inch long rigid extension tube with a grease coupler on the end. The Lube Technology manual clamp on grease bucket pump has a 3.5-inch diameter piston and a 3.5-inch diameter barrel, which together allow it to pump up to 35 pounds of grease an hour, when pumped at 3,500 psi and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This pump has an adjustable height, and is designed to fit 25-50 pound pails. The Lube Technology manual clamp on grease bucket pump has a 2-year warranty.

FIXSMITH-Grease-Gun-Hose,4500 PSI,12 Inch Flexible Whip Hose Extension with Coupler for Hand Operated Grease Gun,1 Pack.


by Automan Pro

This flexible grease gun hose with coupler is designed for use on hand operated grease guns only. Caution: Not suitable for power operated lube equipment.

The FIXSMITH-Grease-Gun-Hose offers reliable performance at a fair price. It pairs perfectly with FIXSMITH's 1965 grease gun, which has a powerful 900W motor and heavy-duty 4-jaw chuck. The hose is 12 inches long, and it's made of durable, kink-resistant rubber. The coupler has a 1/8 NPT male thread, which is compatible with most grease guns. The hose is also compatible with other grease guns. The hose is very flexible, which makes it easy to reach tight spots. The hose has a 12-inch working pressure, a bursting pressure of 12,000 psi, and an ambient operating temperature of up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The hose comes with a 90-day warranty.

BestEquip Portable 20L Grease Pump Set Electric 5 Gallon Air Operated Grease Pump with 20FT High Pressure Hydraulic Hose

BestEquip Portable 20L Grease Pump Set Electric 5 Gallon Operated Air Grease Pump with 20FT High Pressure Hydraulic Hose

by BestEquip

Effective Detail Designs : The grease pump is equipped with an inverted U-shaped handle and four rollers, easy to operate and transport. Low energy consumption, simple operation, and high efficiency. Moreover, buckles on both sides of the barrel are specially designed to ensure excellent sealing performance.

This is the best portable grease pump we've ever tested. It's the best overall value, too. The pump is well made, and it's relatively compact. The 5-gallon tank is big, too, so you'll rarely have to dump it. The 20-foot high-pressure hose is a bonus. The pump is relatively quiet, though it can get a little loud when you pump up the pressure. The pump's steel body is heavy, so it's best used on a table, and it's heavy enough that you may want to get help lifting it. The grease pump does exactly what it's supposed to do. It sprays grease well, and it injects oil quickly. The pump's design leaves a little to be desired: The gun head is big and unwieldy. The pump also has an annoying feature: It automatically shuts off after about 10 minutes, forcing you to pump it back up. This pump is a better value than the TTi 11-12, but it's more expensive, too.


The Lumax LX-1304 Grease Gun Filler Pump is an easy-to-use, inexpensive, portable grease gun filler pump that uses an Allen key to tighten and loosen and fits all standard 100-120 lb. grease guns.

ATD Tools 5217 Air Operated High Pressure Grease Pump for 120 lb. Drum

ATD Tools 5217 Air Operated High Grease Pressure Pump for 120 lb. Drum

by ATD Tools

Package Dimensions: 99.06 L x 18.288 H x 47.498 W (centimeters)

This air-operated grease pump is designed specifically for use with 120-pound drums. The pump's directional control valve allows operators to dispense grease in a wide variety of ways, such as into grease gun cartridges and grease cups, or into a mixing vessel. The pump also fits other 120-pound drums and containers, including pails, bins, and storage tanks. It has a 5,500 psi maximum operating pressure and a flow rate of 4.3 gallons per minute. The pump has an adjustable pressure release valve, which can be set to release at one of five levels. This pump is easy to install and is easy to clean, as it requires no filters or oil filters. It can operate for 1,000 hours on a full tank of 40 percent oil. The pump comes with a 5-year warranty.


The Economy Grease Pump System from Little Giant is one of the simplest and most affordable grease pumps available. It's lightweight, easy to use, and compact, and it performs its primary task well. The pump system comes with a 5-foot high pressure hose, which, because it connects to the pump through a 120-volt power cord, is not suitable for pumping grease through a 12-volt battery. (The pump does accept a 12-volt battery, but the battery must be powerful enough to crank the pump.) The pump head itself is made from injection-molded plastic, and the entire pump system weighs only 4.5 pounds, so it's easy to carry. The pump head has two outlets - one that accepts a 1/2-inch fitting, and one that accepts a 3/8-inch fitting. The 3/8-inch outlet is a good size for most grease guns, and it's compatible with the 5-gallon Pail we reccomend. The 1/2-inch outlet is a better fit for 3/4-inch grease guns. The pump head also has two handles, one on each side, that make it easier to control the pump. The pump head has 5/8-inch threads, so it's possible to attach a 1-gallon Pail to it, but we found that doing so made the pump head too heavy and cumbersome to use, so we recommend purchasing the 5-gallon Pail (pictured above) instead. The pump head has a 5/8-inch nipple that threads into the Pail, and a 3/8-inch nipple that threads into a 1/2-inch plastic coupler. The Pail has a 3/8-inch opening, and it fits the 3/8-inch outlet on the pump head. The Pail measures 36 inches by 19 inches by 8 inches, and is constructed from food-grade plastic. It has a 5/8-inch nipple on one end, and a 3/8-inch nipple on the other. The pump head is connected to the Pail with a 3/8-inch stainless steel coupler. The Pail has a screw-on lid, and it comes with a 5-foot high pressure hose, which, because it connects to the pump through a 120-volt power cord, is not suitable for pumping grease through a 12-volt battery.

Happybuy Grease Pump 5 Gallon Electric Grease Pump Air Operated Portable Grease Pump 0.85L Per Min High Pressure Grease Pump

Happybuy Grease Pump 5 Gallon Electric Grease Pump Air Operated Grease Portable Pump 0.85L Per Min High Pressure Grease Pump

by Happybuy

It is widely used in machine tools, equipment, automobiles, ships and other industries to put the butter into the lubrication station

The Happybuy 5 gallon electric grease pump is an improvement over its older sibling, the Happybuy 3 gallon electric grease pump. The 5 gallon pump is much quieter and more powerful, but it's bigger and heavier, so it's more difficult to carry around. However, that also means it's much easier to fill up bigger containers. The pump also sports a larger output, and it auto-resets if it's ever left running and loses pressure. The pump's design isn't as intuitive as others, and it comes with a little bit of instruction booklet, but it's very easy to pump. The pump's release button malfunctions sometimes, and we found that it sometimes takes several pumps to fully release the pressure, but it's a minor annoyance. The pump also leaks grease, and the grease runs out of the hose and onto the ground, so it's recommended that you pump the grease into a container before pumping it into your grease fitting zerks. The Happybuy 5 gallon electric grease pump is a much better pump than the 3 gallon model, but it's still not as good as the AirMan, which costs $25 more.

DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Grease Gun (DCGG571M1)

DEWALT 20V MAX* Grease Cordless Gun (DCGG571M1)

by Dewalt

Integrated no-mar foot design allows operators to rest the tool on flat surfaces

The DEWALT 20V grease gun is a workhorse of a cordless grease gun. It handles all but the thickest grease with ease, and its high-flow design makes it perfect for powering the grease gun through tough to reach grease fittings. The pump delivers 5.0 oz/min at 2,000 PSI, and its flow rate and pressure can be controlled with the variable speed trigger. The pump also has a power save mode that automatically powers down after 60 seconds, and while the trigger doesn't lock, the grease gun is engineered so it won't accidentally turn on. The grease gun's 42-inch flexible hose is long enough for reach even into narrow spaces and is strong enough to lift heavy grease containers. The grease gun's 20V battery lasts about an hour of continuous use on a full charge, and its charger is faster and more reliable than any charger we tested. The grease gun's high-flow design, lightweight design, and long battery life make it ideal for tackling large jobs.


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