10 Best ALR Projection Screens
for December 2023

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Get ready to elevate your home theater experience with a wide assortment of cutting-edge ALR projection screens. With rising spaces, it's indeed challenging to recreate a theatre-like ambiance in your own quarters. But fret no more; our list of the '10 Best ALR Projection Screens' will guide you through a thoroughly reviewed choice of products, helping to end your quest effortlessly. Sit back and get immersed with top-notch, high-definition viewing that promise you an unforgettable visual journey!

Intrigued by some of the best featured, like the highly appreciated Spectra Projection Vantage UST ALR Projector Screen, with its immense 120" diagonal size, or the extremely handy 100-inch UHD 16:9 Fixed Frame Projection Screen with a sleek edge? Or perhaps you're drawn to the Paris Rhône 4K Ultra HD ALR Projector Screen - a perfect fit for ultra-short throw projectors with a ceiling light rejecting feature. These products promise excellence in every pixel. Ensuring a mesmerizing experience, why would you want to miss out on owning any of these winning screens?

With various features to choose from, your path to the grand cinematic event lies right ahead. But wait! Do not miss out on our show-stopper, the FANGOR Ambient Light Rejecting ALR Projector Screen. This masterpiece is an asset to any projector setup. It’s not just a projection screen; it's a ticket to an immersive, highly detailed, and intensely vibrant cinematic feast. So, why wait? Dive in to explore the complete list of our '10 Best ALR Projection Screens' and add oomph to your home projection set-up. Your perfect screen is waiting to be discovered!

ALR Projector Screen, 100-inch UHD 16:9, Fixed Frame Projection Screen for Ultra-Short Throw Projector, ALR Screen Slim Edge for Home Theater, Boardroom, Easier to Assemble

100-inch UHD ALR Projection Screen: Fixed Frame for Ultra-Short Throw Projector, Easy Assembly

by HiPP
Easy to assemble8.6
Light weight9.7
Material quality9.5
Picture quality8.5
Screen quality9.7

Clear View in Bright Rooms: UST projection screen made with premium black-grid Ambient Light Rejecting material and multi-layer optical structure rejects 92% of ambient lightto project movies, pictures and games with vivid color and brilliant details even in a bright room

Taking the runner-up spot on our list is the ALR 100-inch Projector Screen. What makes it unique enough to claim our second-favorite ranking is unquestionably its ultra-wide viewing angle and large-screen display. Its image quality is superior, offering vibrantly clear and sharp visuals from any corner of the room, due to the impressive 160-degree viewing angle.

The second striking feature which we highlighted is its compatibility with ultra-short-throw projectors. Together with its 4K Ultra HD resolution, designed specifically for these projectors, make your usual television experience monumental. To boot, the assemblage of this screen is a breeze. Its one-side-fixed spring folding frame and hooks make it not only a time-saver but also a space-optimizer for your home, office, or classroom. Making your viewer experience more immersive and spectacular is all up to you now.

Projector Screen, Paris Rhône 100” 4K Ultra HD 16:9 Ambient Light Rejecting Fixed Frame ALR Projector Screen, Ceiling Light Rejecting Projection Screen for Ultra-Short Throw Projectors

Paris Rhône 100" 4K Ultra HD ALR Projection Screen - Ideal for Ultra-Short Throw Projectors

Easy to use9.2
Light weight9.1
Material quality8.3
Picture quality8.2
Screen quality8.3

Easy Assembly: Comes complete with full installation kit and detailed installation instructions for quick and simple installation. It is recommended that a minimum of 2 persons install the CLR projection screen in a 108ftroom.

We've listed the Paris Rhône 100" 4K Ultra HD Projector Screen as our third option... but don't be mistaken, its ranking does not detract from the immense clout this behemoth packs. Why did we place it as our bronze-medalist? The fixed frame 4K Ultra HD format coupled with the impressive 160° wide viewing angle were among the primary big-wigs that led to this decision. Visualize this, could you? A home theatre screening of your favorite flick, bathed in the glory of ultra-clear images, regardless of your viewing angle!

Yet, the Paris Rhône has more aces stashed in its sleeves. This masterful piece of tech is a boon for spaces with low ambient light. Its premium black-grid ALR material allows it to reject a staggering 92% of ambient light, throwing your images into vivacious relief. With the Paris Rhône, even that lowly lit basement can be the backdrop for your own blockbuster showtimes!

VIVID STORM SINCE 2004-Projection Screen,Obsidian Long Focus ALR Slimline Motorized Screen,Indoor Stand Movie Screen,Compatible with Lumen up to 2500ANSI Standard Throw Projector,VMSLALR100H

Vivid Storm Obsidian ALR Projection Screen - Perfect for Standard Throw Projectors

Easy to use8.9
Light weight8.1
Picture quality9.2
Screen quality9.9
Video quality9.7

Multifunctional installation method & Space-saving DesignMotorized projection screens are a versatile solution that allows the screen to retract back up into his casing so that the open space once occupied by a large projection surface is now available for other uses.Screen is suitable for ceiling /wall and suspended installation design.When the screen is not used, just close it which makes it unobtrusive

If you thought you need a dark room to enjoy a detailed projection, the VIVID STORM Motorized Screen begs to differ. The show stealer is the Obsidian Long Foucus Ambient Light Rejecting technology. It offers a gain of 0.8, making it perfect even when the lights are dim, and not just in pitch darkness. And it's not just about clarity. You'd love how it embraces 8K/4K Ultra HD and caters to an appealing 3D experience too.

This piece will surely tickle your fancy if anything less than a cinematic experience doesn't satiate your entertainment desires. It's built for those who want to make movie nights at home feel like a visit to an actual theater. With a generous 100-inch screen size giving an aspect ratio of 16:9, every frame comes to life making your viewing truly immersive. What's more, the easy-cleaning feature is a cherry on top, making it a wise investment for any cinema enthusiast.

Hayluk 100-inch Projector Screen,4k HD Ambient Light Rejection(ALR) Projection Screen,16:9 Ust Ultra Short Throw Movies Screen,Indoor Video Home Theater,Edge Free Fixed Frame Screen

Hayluk 100-inch ALR Projection Screen: The Perfect Indoor Home Theater Upgrade

by Shenzhengshiburuisikejiyouxiangongsi
Material quality7.5
Night vision8.8
Picture quality8.1
Popularity & Sales7.3
Screen quality7.7

High-Quality Material&Eye ProtectionThe video projection screen adopts functional layers such as PET and transparent PU, which absorbs ambient light, improves viewing angle brightness, increases contrast and color saturation,No radiation, effective protection of eye vision; the fixing frame adopts high-quality aluminum alloy material to ensure installation stability. At the same time, it also ensures the lightweight of the overall weight and reduces the load-bearing.

Our smart algorithms and product testers were thoroughly impressed with this Hayluk 100-inch 4k HD Projector Screen and we felt compelled to add it to our list. They particularly admired its Ambient Light Suppression technology, praising it for effectively suppressing 90% of ambient light interference. This, alongside its overall non-reflective picture effect, provides you with an immersive movie-viewing experience in the comfort of your own home. But this screen isn't just for movie buffs, our experts believe it would be most useful for home theatre enthusiasts and gamers alike. Its borderless design and installation and 4k UHD makes it perfect for recreating the cinema experience or bringing your favourite games to life! Do take care when handling the screen though, as it can be easily scratched.

Elite Screens Designer Cut Series, 135-inch 16:9, 8K / 4K Ultra HD Ambient Light Rejecting DIY Raw Projector Screen Material, ISF Certified True ALR Capable Projection Screen, ZRM-135HW-CINEGREY5D

Elite Screens Designer Cut Series: 135-inch ALR Projection Screen Material for Ultra HD Projectors

by Elite Screens Inc
Light weight7.5
Material quality7.2
Picture quality7.3
Screen quality7.9
Tech Support7.8

The Designer Cut Series is Designed to be a Versatile Option for the Inspired Consumer. Using the Same High-End, Industry Grade Projection Materials from Elite Screens Products, the Designer Cut Series Allows Consumers to Apply the Projection Screen to be Displayed Anywhere.

Nodding to the superior craftsmanship of the Elite Screens Designer Cut Series, it's just the must-have for movie buffs and home theater aficionados worldwide. This gem stands out because of its CineGrey 5D, Angular-Reflective Material, guaranteed to deliver a stellar viewing experience. The screen's CLR/ALR technology ensures those afternoon movie marathons will never be diminished by ceiling or ambient light.

Furthermore, the 135" viewing size has a 16:9 aspect ratio, allowing it to accommodate your favorite wide format movies. This, in turn, allows you to immerse yourself in the viewing experience. We recommend this bundle of masterpiece because the ISF certified Raw Projector Screen Material is designed with 1.5 gain enhancement that prioritizes accurate color reproduction - perfect for 4k/8k Ultra HD. Rejoice, for the DIY film enthusiasts, customized home cinema has never been this accessible!

Elite Screens Aeon CLR 3 Series, 103-inch Edge Free Ambient Light Rejecting Fixed Frame Projector Screen, Ceiling Light Rejecting Projection Material for Short/Ultra Short Throw UST, AR103H-CLR3

Elite Screens Aeon CLR 3 Series: 103-inch ALR projection screen for short throw projectors

by Elite Screens Inc.
Light weight7.3
Picture quality8.4
Screen quality8.5
Sound quality7.5
Tech Support8.7

Features Of EDGE FREESleek EDGE FREE Design Enhances your viewing experience with its Zero Edge finish mimicking a flat panel TV and multiplying the size allowing the viewer to truly submerse themselves in their entertainment! Also, wrap around with lightweight aluminum split-frame design maximizes viewing area and reduces overall footprint.

MOOZ was particularly drawn to the Elite Screens Aeon CLR 3 Series. This edge-free, 103-inch projector screen with light rejecting capabilities, was a real game-changer. It offers a 75x contrast improvement compared to standard screens, even in ambient light conditions. Plus, with its black backing, no light can penetrate, eliminating any shadows that might ruin your viewing experience.

Imagine, you've been invited to a movie night. Instead of the usual, your host unveils the Elite Screens Aeon CLR. It's ceiling light rejecting material takes short and ultra-short throw projections to a whole new level. If you regularly host film nights or eSports sessions at your place, this projector screen is a dream come true; shifted right from the future, providing an outstanding 75x enhanced contrast and 4K/8K Ultra HD capability. It changes the game for those who love superior home cinema experiences.

Yandood Projector Screen Material Ambient Light Rejecting Fabric 69x118 inch Max 130 inch 16:9 High Contrast Black Backing 4K Ultra HD Front Projection Screen DIY EPPE Polymer Material (Grey)

Yandood 130 inch 16:9 ALR Projection Screen: Enhanced 4K HD Grey DIY Front Material

Light weight9.8
Material quality6.2
Picture quality9.3
Popularity & Sales8.9
Screen quality9.3

Three layers of material composite, strong and durable, thickness 0.25mm (three A4 printing paper thickness), black back layer prevents light from penetrating and forming reflection interference. The size 70 * 118 inch is suitable for DIY production of 16: 9 ratio, the specifications max 130 inch diagonal, wooden fixed frame projection screen, stretched and tightened uniformly on all sides, and can also fit on glass or other smooth and flat surface Use.

We've selected the Yandood Projector Screen Material for its tech-savvy approach to enhancing your home theater experience. The feature that grabbed us is the EPPE polymer material, which differs from most fabrics used in regular screens. Imagine colorful images popping on your screen with high contrast and saturation, even under ambient light. But, be mindful, this is a material for DIY enthusiasts; you can't hang it straight away. So, if you are fond of tinkering with settings to get the optimum results, here's a task at hand. This fabric is ideal for the home theatre lovers who enjoy handling their equipment. However, remember that it doesn't go well with rear, side, or short-throw projections. Keep exploring, as this might be the material upgrade your projector has been eyeing.

Akia Screens 100 inch Edge Free Fixed Frame Projector Screen 100

Akia Screens 100 inch Edge Free Fixed Frame Projector Screen 100" Diagonal 16:9 8K 4K HD Ultra 3D Ready CINEWHITE UHD-B Black Projection Screen for Indoor Movie Video Home Theater AK-NB100H1

by Akia screens
Easy to use8.9
Picture quality7.7
Popularity & Sales6.7
Screen quality8.8
Tech Support9.1

EASY SET-UP AND CLEANEdgeFree Design, Lightweight and Easy to Assemble 6-Piece Split Aluminum Frame Includes All Installation and Hanging Hardware. 8k projector screen is easy to clean with soap and water. Compatible with Standard, Short Throw, UHD/HD projectors.

Our team passionately curated the Akia Screens 100 inch Edge Free Fixed Frame Projector Screen realizing its wonder for the home cinema enthusiasts. The tester's eyes sparkled at the picture-perfect accurate color reproduction, approved by the ISF Certification, making it an instant favorite. Envisage immersing in the spellbinding realism of your favored movies as 'you' feast 'your' eyes on the generous 100-inch screen - oh, it's a sight to behold! The 180-degree viewing angle ensures 'you' and 'your' group wouldn't miss any detail. Imbued with bonuses like 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D Projection, this darling does sure earn its spot on our list!

FANGOR Ambient Light Rejecting ALR Projector Screen,100 Inch 4K 8K HD Outdoor Projector Screen for Standard Short Throw Projector, 1.5 Gain 16:9 Edge-Free Fixed Indoor Video Projector Screen(NO FRAME)

FANGOR Ambient Light ALR Rejecting Projector Screen

Easy to use7.6
Picture quality6.9
Popularity & Sales6.3
Screen quality8.6
Tech Support8.6

Wrinkle Free MaterialUsing the latest ALFA advanced technology, it has 8 layers of optical precision structure. The ALR projector screen is made of high-quality flexible PET as the base material, and the unique mesh optical structure ensures that the screen is fixed or installed without wrinkles, so you can say goodbye to the screen that is wrinkled and easy to tear. Enjoy the projector at any time of the day and indulge in a great outdoor movie night.

Our algorithms gave a thumbs-up to the FANGOR Ambient Light Rejecting Projector Screen because of its ingenious 85% ambient light rejection technology. It makes a theatre-like experience right in your sitting room by simply rejecting useless light and enhancing the image quality by 95%! Can you believe that? This isn't just an ordinary projector screen; it's epic! 100-inch, 4K/8K ultra-HD, 1.5 gain and a 178 degrees viewing angle truly sets it apart. It's an ideal comrade for your movie nights or meetings as it gives a clear and vivid viewing experience. But who could gain the maximum from it? The movie geeks and professionals needing digital presentations will surely love this lifesaver. Heads up, though: the frame isn't included, and ultra-short throw projectors won't work.


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