Top 10 Best Artist Gloves for Drawing Tablets
for February 2024

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Artists, illustrators and graphic designers use drawing tablets to create art on a computer or mobile device. These tablets, which are similar to Wacom tablets, work with compatible drawing programs, such as Corel Painter or Adobe Sketch.

Drawing tablets are a great tool for artists, but they can be awkward to use. That's why artists use artist gloves, which are gloves designed specifically for artists. Artist gloves have special finger loops and thumb loops, which make it easy to hold your tablet and stylus. They also have specially designed finger pads for drawing and finger grips, which make it easy to draw and sketch.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews lab, we test artist gloves for fit, comfort, and ease of use. We also evaluate them based on performance, including their grip, durability, and responsiveness. We've tested dozens of artist gloves over the years, and our top pick is Shires Artisan Artist Gloves. These gloves are durable, comfortable, and made with durable materials.

6 Pieces Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet (S M L), Gzingen Two-Finger Tablet Drawing Gloves, Digital Artist Gloves for Graphics Pen Drawing Tablet Monitor Light Box Tracing Board-Three Size in One

Gzingen 6 Pieces Artist Glove Drawing for Tablet (S M L)

by Gzingen

Designed for Tablets -Those two-finger drawing glove is designed for digital artists,allow the hand to slide smoothly over the tablet screen and eliminating the friction between the screen and the surface.

Gzingen Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet is designed to fit for both left and right hand. The gloves are made of high elastic Lycra and it features great air permeability and strong tensile resistance,effectively improving the work efficiency. The gloves effectively eliminate the oils that appear on the screen caused by the skin. The gloves can completely prevent the direct contact between the screen and palm. The gloves are flexible and easy to use. This Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet can eliminates the oils that appear on the screen caused by the skin. No palm-touch and fingerprints. The gloves are specially made for digital artists,it can be taken everywhere.This drawing glove is perfect for digital artists,graphic designers, cartoonists,photographers,illustrators,etc.

XENCELABS, Artist Glove, Drawing Glove Left Right Hand for Drawing Tablet, 2 Finger Glove for Drawing Black Size M



Ergonomic design artist glove allows you to glide swiftly and precisely, very comfortable for long-time work

The XENCELABS drawing glove is the sturdiest and most comfortable one we tested. It stretches to fit around your hand and your fingers, and is thick enough to protect your hand from sharp objects. The glove is black, which makes it easier to see what you're doing. The glove is very soft, and it fits snugly around your hand, so drawing with it is a lot like drawing with a touchscreen. The glove is wide enough to cover your palm and fingers, and it's thick enough that dust won't easily get between your palm and the tablet. While we were drawing with the glove, we didn't notice any friction or scratches on the tablet. The glove even comes with a small plastic eraser. The glove is easy to clean, and the Lycra material stretches, making it comfortable to draw with for long periods of time. The downsides of the glove are that it's a little bulkier and heavier than the competition, and it's made from the same Lycra material as bike pants, so it's a little coarse. The glove also doesn't support multi-touch gestures, so you can't, for example, pinch to zoom. The XENCELABS drawing glove is a good option if you want to protect one hand from scratches when drawing with a tablet.

Wacom Drawing Glove, Two-Finger Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet Pen Display, 90% Recycled Material, eco-Friendly, one-Size (1 Pack)

Wacom Drawing Glove


Exposed fingertip design allows user to access touchscreen capabilities and type with ease on a keyboard

The Wacom Drawing Glove is a worthwhile investment for serious artists looking to buy a display pen for the first time, or for artists who already own a Wacom tablet but are using a pencil. The glove fits most hands, and it offers a lot of grip and dexterity. We found that the glove's grip was comfortable enough to use for an extended period of time, and it didn't feel uncomfortable or like we were fishing for a pen. The glove's 90% recycled materials construction is eco-friendly, and the gloves are machine washable. The gloves are also ambidextrous, so either left or right-handed artists can use them for drawing. The glove also works well on glass, so artists don't have to worry about scratching their screens if they get their fingers too close to the glass. The glove does have one downside: The gloves are long, so artists might need to stretch them out if they like to draw at the edge of their displays. The glove also isn't the best choice for a right-handed artist who works with a stylus, as the glove's grip is a little less comfortable for a right-handed artist than a left-handed artist. The glove is also pricey at $32.99 for a pair, and we wouldn't recommend it for artists on a budget.

Bestgle Artist Drawing Glove, 2-Fingers Graphic Drawing Glove Left & Right Hand Use for Light Box, Graphic Tablet, Pen Display, iPad Pro Pencil(6 Pack, Black)

Bestgle Artist Drawing Glove

by Bestgle

Two-finger Gloves, design for light box or graphic tablet drawing, ideal for right hand and left hand

The drawing glove from Bestgle is more comfortable and lightweight than most gloves in our test group. It's made of soft, elastic fiber and is comfortable to wear. The glove's wrist strap is adjustable and can fit most people's wrists. The gloves are washable, so you'll never have to worry about leaving them dirty. The gloves are well-designed, and the anti-slip surface works well to reduce the frustration of accidentally touching the tablet surface. The gloves come in a small package, and 6 gloves are included in the package. The gloves work best with light boxes, but you can use them with graphic tablets, pens, and iPad Pro Pencils, too. The gloves are thin, so they're also good for typing. The gloves aren't as dark or black as some other gloves in our test group, but they're also less noticeable in the shadows.

Huion Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet (1 Unit of Free Size, Good for Right Hand or Left Hand) - Cura CR-01

Huion Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet (1 Unit of Size, Free Good for Right Hand or Left Hand)

by Shenzhen Huion Animation Technology LTD.

Comfortable Material - Made from Soft Lycra and Nylon, extremely flexible, comfortable to work with; It can reduce friction between your hand and the surface.

The Huion Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet is an inexpensive, lightweight drawing glove that works well for right-handed and left-handed users. It's made of stretchy, soft rubber, so it moves well with your small or medium-size hand. The glove is flexible, so it moves naturally with your small or medium-size hand. The Huion Artist Glove has a short, soft, flexible wrist strap, so it doesn't slip off your wrist. The Huion Artist Glove is comfortable to wear, and it fits nicely over your hand. The Huion Artist Glove is easy to clean. Simply brush off any dirt, and wipe off the glove with a damp cloth. The Huion Artist Glove is affordable, so it's a good buy. The Huion Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet is best suited for right-handed users and users with small or medium-size hands.

WSWBD Drawing Glove, Digital Art Glove for Graphic Tablet, Artist Gloves with Two Fingers for iPad, Paper Sketching, Smudge Guard, Palm Rejection, Suitable for Left and Right Hand (2 PCS, Small)

WSWBD Drawing Glove


Designed for Paper Sketching: Not only suitable for digital art and painting, but also can be used for traditional art and paper sketching. No more dirty hands during drawing, painting, or writing with this easy-to-use glove.

The WSWBD Drawing Glove offers two comfortable fingers for digital drawing. The gloves have a soft, smooth feel, and the padding adds a lot of comfort. The gloves are thick enough to offer a good level of palm rejection, so you don't have to worry about accidentally drawing on a palm. The gloves' two-finger design gives you more freedom than a single-finger design, but the two-finger design means you'll need two hands to work with the gloves, and you'll need to hold the stylus with one hand and the drawing tool with the other. The gloves aren't perfect: The padding on the palm leaves a small gap between the glove and your hand, and this means the gloves push your palm forward slightly, which makes drawing difficult. And the single-finger design means you'll have to let go of the stylus with your nondominant hand. Still, these are minor drawbacks for a pair of gloves that offer great comfort and palm rejection.

Parblo PR01 Artist Two Fingers Glove Drawing Glove for Laptop, Pen Display, iPad, Graphic Tablet, Universal for Left and Right Hand

Parblo PR01 Artist Two Fingers Drawing Glove Glove for Laptop

by Parblo

PREMIUM MATERIAL- The artist glove is made of lycra fiber which is more durable, light, smooth, breathable. The glove makes it more comfortable to use

If you're an artist and you love to use graphics tablets for drawing, you know how easy it is to smudge your tablet with your hand. Artist's hands are more oily, and this causes more friction during drawing, smearing your artwork. This artist's drawing glove solves this problem. The glove is made of synthetic leather, so it prevents smudges and friction. The glove is long enough to cover your whole hand, and you can adjust the wrist strap to the most comfortable position. The glove is washable, and the wrist strap can be detached if you don't need the wrist strap. The glove is light, so it's very comfortable to draw with. The glove also has a pocket for your stylus. The drawing glove is ideal for traditional painting and digital painting, such as graphic monitor, drawing tablet, iPad, sketching, illustration, etc.

OTraki Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet 2 Pack Palm Rejection Digital Drawing Gloves with Two Fingers for Paper Sketching, Pad, Graphics Painting, Universal for Left and Right Hand (2.75 x 7.08 inch)

OTraki Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet 2 Pack Palm Digital Rejection Drawing Gloves with Two Fingers for Paper Sketching

by OTraki

Reduce Friction Design - When you wear the lightweight artist's drawing glove, allowing the hand to slide smoothly over the tablet screen and eliminating the friction between the screen and the surface, leaving no more scratch, effectively improves work efficiency

The OTraki Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet 2 Pack makes digital painting on a tablet more efficient and much more comfortable. The gloves' unique palm rejection design, with 2 layers of fabric, prevents your palm from touching the screen. This makes drawing more precise, and you won't feel any discomfort from touching the tablet. The gloves' material is soft and breathable, so they're comfortable to wear, and they're also easy to wash. The gloves' palm rejection design also helps limit the amount of pressure you apply to the tablet. The gloves are lightweight, so they're easy to transport, and they come with a convenient pocket for travel. The gloves' palm rejection design also makes it suitable for left-handed artists. The gloves are small, so they're good for artists who are just getting started, and once you get used to them you can increase the glove's size. These gloves make digital painting on a tablet more efficient and more comfortable.

Thickened Artist Glove Tablet Drawing Glove for Graphic Tablet, Art Creation and iPad Pro Pencil, Black

Mudder Thickened Artist Glove Tablet Glove Drawing for Graphic Tablet

Design: this tablet drawing glove has the good design, it can protect the surface of your graphic tablet, iPad or some other items, leaving no more scratch

This drawing glove is well made, and its thickest part is 0.2 cm, so it's much thicker than most drawing gloves. Since it's made of nylon, it's very comfortable to wear, and it's quite flexible as well, so you can use it to draw both with your finger and with the tip of your pencil. Like most drawing gloves, the Artist Glove is black, and because it's black, it's quite easy to keep clean. This drawing glove is specially designed for the iPad Pro and Pencil, so it's designed for holding your pencil. However, it's also designed to work with your fingers. The glove has a hole in the palm area, so you can use your pointer finger to press the screen while you're drawing. The Artist Glove is 20 cm long, 8 cm wide, and 0.2 mm thick, so it's much thicker than most drawing gloves, so it may be a bit difficult to draw with the tip of your pencil. However, if you're drawing with your finger, it's fine. The Artist Glove is designed to be used with your finger, so it's very comfortable, and it's much thinner than most drawing gloves, so it feels more natural to use.

YunQiDeer Artist Glove, 2 Pack Digital Drawing Tablet Glove, Palm Rejection Art Glove for Right Hand or Left Hand(M)

YunQiDeer Artist Glove

by zheng bong

Breathable & Comfortable FabricMade of high elastic lycra fibre, it features great air permeability and strong tensile resistance, effectively improving the work efficiency

The YunQiDeer Artist Gloves are a great upgrade for artists who use graphic tablet. The gloves are well-designed and provide good palm rejection, so your hand doesn't slip off the tablet screen when drawing. The gloves offer comfortable drawing, and they leave your fingers free to grip the tablet. The gloves are made from a soft, flexible material, so they're comfortable to draw with and they don't easily get sweaty. The gloves also don't feel bulky, so they're easier to use than most other drawing gloves. The gloves also leave your fingers free to grip the tablet, so you can use them with your left hand or your right hand. The gloves also work great with an iPad, so you can draw on a graphics monitor or iPad.


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