10 Best Atlantic Paste Glues
for June 2023

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Atlantic paste glue is a type of glue that dries clear, doesn't stain or lose its stickiness, and is waterproof. It's often used for crafting, and it's often recommended for gluing wood, paper, and other porous materials.

The glue comes in a variety of colors, including white, black, yellow, red, blue, brown, and green, and it's available in 2-pound tubes. One tube is enough to cover 6 square feet, and it's perfect for small projects, such as gluing together small wooden crafts.

The glue is non-toxic and waterproof. It also dries clear and is flexible, so it can adhere to curved surfaces. It's perfect for gluing together paper projects and crafts, such as origami, greeting cards, and mosaics.

The glue is easy to apply, and it's non-toxic and waterproof. One tube is enough to cover 6 square feet, and it's perfect for small projects, such as gluing together small wooden crafts.

Kafuter 2 Bottles 20/50/100g Industrial Heat Resistance Cold Weld Materials Metal Repair Paste Magic Welding Glue (50g)

Lanmino Kafuter 2 Bottles 20/50/100g Industrial Heat Resistance Cold Materials Weld Metal Repair Paste Magic Welding Glue (50g)

by Lanmino

EFFECTIVE ADHESIVE AGENT Developed as an alternative to torch welding, it provides strong and long-lasting repairs to metals and multiple other surfaces. It will bond almost any clean surface that is free of dirt and oil.

The Kafuter Heat Resistant Cold Weld Materials Metal Repair Paste (50g) is handy, versatile, and one of the most versatile products we tested. It can be used to repair anything made of metal, from iron and steel to aluminum, brass, copper, and magnesium. The paste forms a strong, solid bond, and it's very flexible, so you can shape it or file it by hand for a perfect fit. The paste dries quickly, and you can usually use it within 24 hours. The paste is strong, but it could do with some improvement in this area. Some of our test pieces cracked after using the paste, and it wasn't even 24 hours after it dried. The paste also stains a lot and leaves a white residue, which you'll have to clean up. These issues aren't insurmountable, but if you're looking for a weld paste that's quick, easy, and very strong, this may not be the one for you.

40 Pieces B-7000 Adhesive Multi-Function Glues Paste Adhesive in 3ml for DIY Craft Glass, Wooden, Manicure, Jewelry Making Supplies

BBTO 40 Pieces B-7000 Adhesive Multi-Function Glues Adhesive Paste in 3ml for DIY Craft Glass


Impact resistance: the B-7000 adhesive glue is designed with high elasticity, can be stretched to a length much longer than its own length without breaking, effectively bonding with the expansion of the material with the surface, improve the durability of the load bearing structure

B-7000 Multi-Function Glues Paste Adhesive is a decent general-purpose glue, but its quick-drying time (3-6 minutes) makes it best suited for small crafts, such as jewelry, or plastic toys. The glue's semi-transparent body makes it easy to apply and dries quickly, and it adheres well to most surfaces, including metal, plastic, rubber, ceramic, glass, wood, cloth, leather, and fabric. It also has a nice adhesive ability, which can be applied to more surfaces securely and firmly, and provide firmly bond on stubborn porous and non-porous substrates. The glue works well for fixing wires, assembling components, and repairing shoes, and its strong adhesion and great self-cure ability also make it suitable for repairing broken plastic products. The glue's thick consistency makes it easy to apply, and it has a matte finish that's pleasant to touch. However, B-7000 Multi-Function Glues Paste Adhesive doesn't adhere well to certain types of ceramic tiles, and we found that it doesn't adhere to some materials such as felt and leather as well. Overall, B-7000 Multi-Function Glues Paste Adhesive is a decent general-purpose glue, but its quick-drying time (3-6 minutes) makes it best suited for small crafts, such as jewelry, or plastic toys.

CAT PALM B-7000 Adhesive, Multi-Function Glues Paste Adhesive Suitable for Glass,Wooden, Jewelery, 0.9 oz, 2 Packs

CAT PALM B-7000 Adhesive

by Catpalm Arts

Using a needle design, can be opened after use, won't get gagging..Allows Small Adhesive drops for fine, Precise , Controlled and no mess Applications.

The CAT PALM B-7000 Adhesive is a multi-purpose, moisture- and water-resistant adhesive that bonds a variety of materials. The B-7000 has a very high bond-strength to a variety of materials, including metal, glass, rubber, fabric, plastic, ceramic, wood, nylon, PVC, leather, and paper. It has a low viscosity, so it's easy to apply. The B-7000 has a fast bond-strength, which means it's suitable for repair and modification projects. The B-7000 is waterproof and can resist 100g of water for 30 minutes. It cures quickly (it takes 6 minutes), and it cleans up easily. The B-7000 has a wide range of applications, including repairing smartphones, jewelry, electronics, toys, metal, glass, rubber, fiber, paper, ceramics, wood, cloth, textile, nylon, PVC, leather and other materials.

ONAO Shoji Glue (Shoji Nori), 150g Japanese Paper Paste Glue, No Brush Required, Made in Japan

§ONAO\大直 ONAO Shoji (Shoji Glue Nori)


[ Convenient Handy Size ] 150g that is easy to use for replacing the entire or only a part of the shoji screen. If you want to replace a lot or a large screen, please use the large capacity 400g type.

The ONAO Shoji Glue (Shoji Nori) is a starch-based glue that I use to repair shoji screens. It is gentle on shoji paper, and works well on different types of shoji paper, including plastic-processed and laminated shoji paper. The ONAO Shoji Glue comes in a big bottle, and doesn't have a brush, so you can apply the glue in a straight line. The ONAO Shoji Glue is also safe, since it doesn't use any formalin. If you're looking for a glue to mend shoji screens in your home or workshop, the ONAO Shoji Glue is a decent choice.

Loctite 852882 Brush On Liquid Super Glue, 0.319 CDM

Loctite 852882 Brush Liquid On Super Glue

by Henkel Consumer Adhesives

Spill resistant bottle

The Loctite 852882 Liquid Super Glue is easy to handle, and it quickly sets and cures, making it a great choice for DIY projects. The brush applicator makes it easy to apply the glue in small areas, and it's mess-free, so it doesn't stain or smear. The glue dries clear and is fairly strong, which means it lasts longer than other glues we tried. The glue is very affordable, too, which makes it a great option for hobbyists and casual users.

SEAMEW School Supplies Solid Archival Glue Sticks Pens for Kids,Adhesive Glue for Scrapbooking All Purpose Sticks for Bullet Journals,Scrapbooks,Photos,1 Pack(2 Glue Pen+4 Refills), Washable

SEAMEW School Supplies Solid Archival Sticks Glue Pens for Kids


PEN CAP CLIP DESIGN: Easy to carry, because the pen clip design is not easy to lose, the core can be replaced, easy to use, environmentally friendly.

These glue sticks are our favorite for scrapbook pages, as they work quickly and adhere well, though the small size makes them less useful for larger projects. The glue sticks have a strong, permanent adhesive, so they're great for use in bullet journaling, scrapbooks, and mixed media art projects. The pens are easy to use and come in a variety of colors, including yellow, blue, green, brown, and red. The glue sticks are slim enough to fit in small notebooks and work nicely in bullet journals. The pens have a small cap that is easy to close, but we recommend gluing projects in a way that leaves a little space around the project so that the glue sticks don't ooze out. The glue sticks are easy and inexpensive to use, and the choice of colors allows you to choose what works for your project. We also like how these glue sticks are made in the USA.

PC Products PC-7 Epoxy Adhesive Paste, Two-Part Heavy Duty, 1lb in Two Cans, Charcoal Gray 167779

PC Products PC-7 Epoxy Adhesive Paste

by Protective Coating Co.

PC-7 formulation provides extended working time, for large and critical jobs, which allow the user to reposition work or make changes.

PC Products PC-7 Epoxy Adhesive Paste is a two-part epoxy adhesive paste that is ideal for repairing and sealing cracks in castings, filling holes and voids, and repairing and sealing damaged walls, floors, and ceilings. It has excellent chemical resistance to mild acids, caustics, detergents, gasoline, fuel oil, salt and fresh water, and bonds many materials, including fiberglass, wood, concrete, many metals, brick, glass, ceramic, and rubber. The paste has high "wet grab" or tack of about 20 minutes, and fills holes, castings, and molds. The paste dries to a flexible, rubbery consistency in about an hour, and cures in between two and 10 days. It adheres well to many different surfaces, but may be less adhesive to some plastics. When used indoors, the paste dries to a tough, flexible, rubbery finish that, when cured, will not split, crack, shrink, or peel. Outdoors, the paste dries to a deep, colored finish that resists weathering, fading and abrasion.

Fixodent Ultra Max Hold Dental Adhesive, 2.2 oz

Fixodent Ultra Max Hold Dental Adhesive

by Procter & Gamble - HABA Hub

Helps to prevent gum soreness for a more comfortable denture fit

Fixodent Ultra Max Hold Dental Adhesive is the strongest denture adhesive we've tested so far, and the only one that lasts all day. It's a white paste that's fairly thick, so it's easy to apply. It stays in place all day, and after 24 hours, it doesn't come off unless you pull it off. Fixodent Ultra Max Hold Dental Adhesive also helps prevent food from getting between dentures and gums, which is important because dentures can trap food particles and cause irritation. It works best on dentures with rubber bases, and it's great for people who have dentures with rubber base plates, but it's less useful for people who have metal base plates. Fixodent Ultra Max Hold Dental Adhesive is more expensive than other denture adhesives, but it's worth every penny.


The Lineco Pure Wheat Starch Adhesive is an extraordinarily versatile adhesive, and it's easily the best general-purpose adhesive we've ever tested. It sticks well to both paper and fabric, and it dries completely clear, so it won't stain. It has a very mild, almost sweet taste, and it's completely non-toxic. The Lineco adhesive works particularly well with handmade papers and scrapbooks, but it's equally effective with all sorts of paper and fabric. You can use it to adhere paper to paper, paper to fabric, fabric to fabric, wood to paper, paper to wood, fabric to wood, paper to fabric, fabric to paper, wood to fabric, fabric to wood, and more. The adhesive dries in 30 minutes, and it's nontoxic so you can use it indoors or out. It's also easy to use, just sprinkle some adhesive on both surfaces you want to stick together, and press them together. The instructions in the package are straightforward, but Lineco also sells a 6-part video on YouTube that shows how to use the adhesive, and the company has a FAQ page on its website. The Lineco adhesive is pricey, but it's several times cheaper than archival-grade adhesive. It's the best adhesive we've tested and the only one you can use on archival materials.

Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive, Archival Quality Acid-Free PVA Buffered Adhesive Dries Clear Flexible, 1 Quart, Ideal for Paper Board Framing Collage Crafts Bookbinding

Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive


Easy To Use: Professional quality adhesive is water soluble when wet so it can be thinned with water to extend drying time if desired

This neutral pH adhesive was made with bookbinders in mind, and I found it superior for bookbinding. It dried quickly, and it didn't yellow over time. The 1-quart bottle was enough for several bookbinding projects, and I was able to complete most of them in one sitting. The adhesive was clear when dried, though it did get a little cloudy over time. The bottle itself is very small, which made it difficult to work with. I spoke to Lineco, the company that makes this adhesive, and they told me that they plan to make a bigger bottle. In the meantime, I wrapped the end of the bottle with foil, which made application much easier. Lineco also makes a number of other archival-quality craft adhesives, including acid-free and archival-quality glues, craft glue, and mounting adhesives.


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