10 Best Auto Soap Dispensers
for December 2023

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Washing your hands with soap is vitally important, but it's easy to forget to do it. Auto soap dispensers are convenient, and they make it easy to dispense the right amount of soap without wasting a single drop. These dispensers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including wall-mounted models, countertop models, and models you can attach to your faucet.

Our auto soap dispensers tests include evaluating ease of use, such as how easy it is to refill, as well as performance factors such as how easy it is to fill and dispenses soap, as well as how much soap it dispenses. We also test the soap dispensers for how well they clean your hands, including how long it takes for the soap to lather and how long it cleans your hands for. Our top picks for auto soap dispensers are the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser and the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser.

K&BATH Automatic Soap Dispenser touchless with Sponge Holder and Soap Dispensing Brush | Silicone Tray | Touchless Soap Dispenser for Bathroom, Kitchen | Hand Sanitizer Dispenser | No Touch Design

K&BATH Automatic Soap Dispenser touchless with Holder Sponge and Soap Dispensing Brush


ADJUSTABLE LIQUID VOLUME: Our premium no touch soap dispenser also features a simple +/- to let you switch the liquid volume in every squirt which can help you save excess soap when young children or guests are using it regularly.

This automatic soap dispenser is definitely our favorite automatic soap dispenser that we tested, and it's our top pick. It's very quiet, and it's touch-free, so it doesn't use unnecessary water. The soap release mechanism is very smooth, and it's powered by AA batteries, so there are no wires to plug in. The dispenser is large and can hold a lot of liquid soap or gel. The soap dispenser comes with a refillable plastic soap container, and the soap container is tall enough to stand upright, so it's easy to refill and clean. The soap container is also big enough to hold liquid soap, gel, or a bar of soap. K&BATH soap dispenser for kitchen sink also comes with a small, portable, and ergonomic scrub brush that can be filled with liquid soaps and with a light push of the button on top will release the soap through the bristles, so you can wash the dishes or clean the sink or vanity. The soap dispenser comes with a white plastic sponge holder that can be used for keeping your soap and scrub brush more organized or for supporting sponges, scrubbers, or bar soap. The soap dispenser for kitchen sink is also suitable for hotels, restaurants, and offices. This soap dispenser for kitchen comes with 2 foam soap pads that help extend the life of the soap dispenser. The soap dispenser for kitchen also comes with a small sponge for cleaning the soap dispenser. This soap dispenser for kitchen also comes with a small brush for cleaning the soap container.

Secura 17oz / 500ml Premium Touchless Battery Operated Electric Automatic Soap Dispenser w/Adjustable Soap Dispensing Volume Control Dial (Chrome)

Secura 17oz

by Secura

Infrared sensor detects your hand from as far away as 2. 75 inches.

The Secura 17oz / 500ml Premium Touchless Battery Operated Electric Automatic Soap Dispenser has a modern, attractive design, and the soap container can be wall mounted or placed on a countertop. There are 3 soap dispensing volume settings: 0.03oz, 0.07oz, and 0.19oz. The 17oz soap bottle can hold enough soap for 50 to 100 uses. The dispenser is easy to use, and you can control the soap dispensing volume by turning the dial. The dispenser has a convenient ON/OFF switch, and the battery-operated soap dispenser is operated by 4*AA alkaline batteries (not included). The soap dispenser has a clear soap container, and it has a 4-inch diameter, 4.5-inch height, and 1.2-inch depth. The Secura 17oz / 500ml Premium Touchless Battery Operated Electric Automatic Soap Dispenser has a 1-year warranty.

Automatic Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser, Rechargeable Auto Soap Dispenser with LCD Display, EUDORS Upgraded Waterproof Foam Dispenser with Infrared Motion Sensor for Bathroom, Kitchen, Countertop

EUDORS Automatic Touchless Soap Foaming Dispenser


EASY TO USE & WIDELY APPLICATION: No longer need to touch the soap dispenser, just put your hand under the sensor to use the soap dispenser so as to avoiding cross-infection effectively. Extremely suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, offices, schools, airports, hospitals, kindergartens, hotels and restaurants and other public places.

The Eudors automatic touchless foam soap dispenser is one of the best soap dispensers we've tested. It lasts a long time on a charge, produces plenty of foam, and is easy to clean. The dispenser's sensor technology works well, and the foam it produces is high quality, even in small amounts. The dispenser's sensor distance is adjustable, and you can adjust the foam's thickness. The dispenser's touchless design means you don't need to touch any part of it to turn it on, and there's no risk of getting soap on your fingers, so it's great for people with arthritis or other conditions that limit hand movement. The dispenser comes with a charging cable, a soap bottle, and a soap pump. The bottle has a flip-off cap that makes it easy to refill. The dispenser comes with two soap bottles, and you can install one soap bottle in the left and one in the right bottle. The dispenser's infrared sensor detects your hands up to 2.6 feet away. The dispenser's indicator light glows green when it's charging, red when it's working, and off when it's fully charged.

Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser, Touchless Electric Soap Dispenser, Rechargeable Hands Free Soap Dispenser, Auto Adjustable Foaming Soapdispenser for Kitchen Bathroom(12oz/350ml) White

EAQ Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

by Shenzhen Baidi Technology Co.,Ltd.

[Modern Design] Made of high-quality ABS material, no fingerprints, [power display][Level display], unique on Amazon.No need to press,sensing speed is about 0.15 seconds.LONG SERVICE LIFE,NON-TOUCH and EASY-TO-USE.

The EAQ automatic foam soap dispenser is among the best automatic soap dispensers we tested, and it's one of the most affordable. The EAQ dispenser's foam is denser than most, which makes it more efficient at preserving liquid soap. The dispenser is quiet, and it has a rotary control that lets you adjust its volume from three settings (100ml, 250ml, and 350ml). It has wrist and finger sensors that allow you to turn on the foam pump without taking your hand off the sink. The EAQ dispenser is easy to install, and it's waterproof, so you can place it directly under the sink. One drawback is that the EAQ dispenser does not lock its volume adjustment, so it's easy to accidentally adjust the pump further than you intended.

Everlasting Comfort Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser, 17oz - No Drip Touchless, Adjustable Soap Output

Everlasting Comfort Automatic Soap Hand Dispenser, 17oz

by Upper Echelon Products LLC

High Quality Sleek Design: The auto soap dispenser features a shiny, eye catching brushed aluminum design that pairs well with any kitchen or bathroom dcor. The 17 ounce clear soap tank makes it easy to match your soap color with your homes color palette for even better integration

The Everlasting Comfort automatic hand soap dispenser is hands-down the best touchless soap dispenser we tested. It's easy to use, it freshens the air, and it's very quiet, so it doesn't disturb others. It comes with a 2-year replacement policy, which we found reassuring, and it's backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. On top of that, it performs well, dispensing just the right amount of soap every time. The soap reservoir is large, and it holds 2.25 bottles, so refills are less frequent than most automatic soap dispensers. The sensor is very sensitive, so it dispenses just the right amount of soap even when we poured it directly into the dispenser. The soap dispenser was easy to install, and it's very quiet. The only drawback is the price. The Everlasting Comfort is the most expensive automatic hand soap dispenser we tested, but it's well worth the money.

Foaming Soap Dispenser Automatic Soap Dispenser Hand soap Dispenser Touchless Soap Dispenser 300ML for Bathroom Kitchen

Fangsky Foaming Soap Dispenser Automatic Soap Dispenser Hand Dispenser soap Touchless Soap Dispenser 300ML for Bathroom Kitchen

by Fangsky

Widely Used by People, Especially Suitable for Kids- Ideal Touchless Soap Dispenser for home, toilet, bathroom, kitchen, office, school, hospital, restroom or counter. Foaming design creates more fun and makes kids be fond of washing hands.

The Foaming Soap Dispenser is a hands-down winner. Its simple, automatic operation, long standby time, and low price make it the best buy overall. The dispenser itself is durable, and the automatic operation saves time and effort. The dispenser we tested was powered by three AAA batteries, which last for at least six months. It also uses smart infrared technology to detect your hands from across the room, so there's no need to touch the dispenser. The dispenser doesn't produce much foam or suds, and it's especially fine for liquid soaps; for thicker body washes, you may need a pump-style dispenser. The dispenser's small size makes it easy to install, and it's water-tight (and therefore unlikely to leak). The dispenser's small size and low price make it a good choice for powder rooms and kitchens, and it's small enough to fit in most bathroom drawers.

Marbs 13.8 oz/ 410ml Automatic Soap Dispenser - Touchless Foam Dispenser with Motion Sensor - Bathroom & Kitchen Soap Dispenser for Hand Soap, Dish Soap, Liquid Soap, Bath Soap - Premium Quality

Marbs 13.8 oz/ Automatic 410ml Soap Dispenser


13.8 Oz/ 410 Ml - & Easy to Use - High Capacity Container so that you dont have to refill it too often. Easy to spot when you are running of out of soap due to our modern design. Multipurpose you can use it as hand soap dispenser, kitchen soap dispenser, dish soap dispenser, bathroom soap dispenser, foam soap dispenser, disinfectant dispenser and many more.

The Marbs 13.8 oz. Automatic Soap Dispenser is different from other soap dispensers in that it has a motion-sensing infrared sensor, which detects hand motions, and switches on automatically. It's convenient, because there's no need for a separate switch. The soap container is leakproof and waterproof, and it's made of sturdy glass, so it won't break easily. The dispenser dispenses foam soap or liquid soap, and it has a 1.3-liter capacity, so it'll last you a while. The dispenser has a transparent, ergonomic design, so it fits right in with the rest of your kitchen or bathroom. The motion sensor is sensitive enough to detect hand movements from up to 10 feet away, and the infrared sensor is so quiet that you won't notice it until you turn on the light. The dispenser has a removable drip tray, which collects any liquid that overflows from the soap container, so it doesn't stain your sink or counter. The Marbs 13.8 oz. Automatic Soap Dispenser is a good choice for anyone who wants a simple, automatic soap dispenser.

Automatic Soap Dispenser, Rechargeable Touchless Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser, Upgraded Waterproof Hands Free Foam Sanitizer Dispenser for Bathroom, Kitchen, Restaurant- 13.5oz/ 400ml

anmones Automatic Soap Dispenser


Touchless & 0.26S Quick Response: Compare to other items, our automatic soap dispenser has adopted the precise PIR sensor detection technology. It also comes in a unique gear design that dispense soap consistently and quickly.

The Anmones Automatic Soap Dispenser is one of the best automatic soap dispensers we tested. It dispenses soap quickly, without a mess, and it's a pleasure to use. It's also a bit cheaper than most automatic soap dispensers, and it's easy to install. The dispenser is attractive and has an upscale appearance, and it's built well, with solid construction and minimal moving parts. The soap pump is touchless and can operate easily with one hand, and it's well-designed. The soap pump has 13.5 ounces of soap capacity, and although it dispenses a bit of foam, it dispenses enough soap to clean one's hands. The dispenser has built-in sensors that detect your hand and activate the pump, and it's quiet, so it won't disturb you or your guests. The dispenser is rechargeable, so you don't need to buy batteries, and it's compact enough to store in a kitchen or bathroom. The soap dispenser is eco-friendly, and it's made in China. ANMONES automatic soap dispenser is one of the best automatic soap dispensers we tested, and for about the same amount of money, you'll get more soap than with most automatic soap dispensers.

Bestooth Automatic Soap Dispenser,Dish Soap Dispenser for Kitchen,Touchless Soap Dispenser Equipped w/Infrared Motion Sensor Suitable for Bathroom,Kitchen,silver,400ML

Bestooth Automatic Soap Dispenser

by Bestooth

Easy to Use- The soap dispenser with the latest design of independent adjustable button will only be activated when needed. Install 4 new AAA batteries(Not included) in automatic soap dispenser, you can get the hands free soap dispenser for kitchen sink, enjoy healthy life.

The Bestooth automatic soap dispenser is a touch-free, infrared motion sensor dispenser that can hold 400ml (13.5 ounces) of liquid. The dispenser is well-made, and it can handle a wide range of liquids, from soap to shampoo. The dispenser is easy to install and use. The dispenser has a timer that allows the user to set the time for it to automatically dispense soap. The dispenser has an LED indicator that shows the status of the dispenser. The dispenser has a nonslip base, so it doesn't slide around when dispensing soap. The dispenser is made of ABS and is splashproof. The dispenser has a 6-inch base, so it's suitable for small kitchens, bathrooms, or other wet locations. The dispenser has a removable battery compartment, so it's easy to change the battery. The dispenser is easy to clean. The dispenser has a 1.5-inch diameter. The Bestooth automatic soap dispenser is automatic, so it's convenient to use. The dispenser is lightweight and has a stainless steel finish. The Bestooth automatic soap dispenser is reasonably priced and is a good choice for touch-free, automatic soap dispenser.

Iorbur Soap Dispenser, Automatic Foaming Dispenser, 320ml Rechargeable and Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Motion Sensor IPX4 Waterproof Dispenser for Kitchen Bathroom Hotel Restaurant, White

Iorbur Soap Dispenser

by Iorbur

Easy & Widely Used It is not necessary for you to touch the soap dispenser so as to avoiding cross infection effectively. This hand soap dispenser is extremely suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, offices, schools, airports, hospitals, kindergartens, hotels and restaurants and other public places.

The Iorbur Soap Dispenser is an upgrade from our previous pick. It's made of durable material, is IPX4 waterproof, and has a longer battery life. The soap dispenser is also more intuitive to use, and the new touchless design makes it more convenient to use and clean. It's ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and dining establishments, and it's made of high-quality ABS material, so it's sturdy and won't break if dropped into a toilet or sink. It's easy to use: Just dial in the liquid soap level and add soap to the tank (it takes just a few seconds). The dispenser sprays just the right amount of liquid soap, and it holds enough soap to last for a long time. The Iorbur Soap Dispenser is among the best automatic soap dispensers because it sprays just the right amount of soap, and it has a built-in soap tank so you never need to add soap during the filling process. The Iorbur Soap Dispenser is quieter than our previous pick, and it's also IPX4 waterproof, so It doesn't leak if dropped into a sink or toilet. It automatically shuts off after 15 seconds, so it won't waste any soap. The Iorbur Soap dispenser takes 3.0V or 2.4V, and it uses TPYE-C 3.0 fast charging cable, which is safer and more assured to use. The Iorbur Soap Dispenser is also more durable than the previous pick, and it's compatible with most kinds of foaming-type hand sanitizers.


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