Top 10 Automatic Cat Feeders
for February 2024

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As an unabashed cat lover, you understand that taking care of a feline family member's dietary needs can be both intricate and demanding. Enter the realm of Automatic Cat Feeders - tools specifically designed to ensure your cat gets the right proportion of food at required intervals. MOOZ has taken it upon themselves to meticulously sort through a plethora of options, and we have ranked the top 10 feeders based on smart algorithms. This list makes traversing through the cat feeder market easier, faster, and efficient.

From the multitude of quality options, three particular feeders stood out. The PETLIBRO Timed Automatic Cat Feeder outclasses its rivals with an impressive 180-day battery life, leaving you free from the hassle of frequent battery replacements. The PETLIBRO Automatic Freshness Preservation Feeder features a flawless system to keep the food fresh which ultimately maintains your pet's health. The VOLUAS Automatic Feeders makes feeding programming a breeze, all thanks to its unique portion size control feature. Each of these automatic feeders provides captivating features that cater to your cat's unique needs — be it controlled feeding or food preservation.

This is just the tip of the iceberg from the featured cream of the crop. Make sure to explore further down the list. There’s an alluring entry near the end, the Automatic Cat Feeders, Katalic Clog-Free 4L Cat Food Dispenser. Its dual approach to nutrition - a food storage pet timed feeder and a voice recorder - is the ultimate blend of functionality and personal touch. Imagine the joy your fur-friends would experience hearing familiar voices during meal time! Go on, dive in, and find your perfect feline feeder.

PETLIBRO Timed Automatic Cat / Dog Feeders, with 180-Day Battery Life, Pet Feeder , Dispenser Program 1-6 Meals Control, for Dry Food Black

PETLIBRO Timed Automatic Cat Feeders: 180-Day Battery Life, Dispenser for Dry Food

Battery life8.6
Easy to use9.5
Light weight9.5
Popularity & Sales8.7

Don't Get Tethered to a Wall Outlet: The PETLIBRO automatic pet feeder runs on D Cell Alkaline Batteries( not included) or wall power, providing flexibility and convenience. Its 180-day battery life allows for easy placement anywhere without the need for messy cables.

Why did the PETLIBRO Timed Automatic pet feeder top MOOZ's list? It's simple, it keeps your fur baby's dietary health in check. You can program up to 6 meals a day with precise portions, helping you to maintain your pet's diet regularly. Thanks to its unique control panel cover, there is no apprehension about your curious pet accidentally playing with the feeder's settings.

Delving deeper, you'll appreciate the inbuilt sensor that alerts you when it's time to refill, ensuring your pet never goes hungry. The focus doesn't stop at utility, they've even accounted for your mischievous feline's food-stealing tendencies with a lockable food tank. With the PETLIBRO automatic feeder in your corner, say goodbye to overfeeding and food stealing antics. Moreover, stay worry-free with battery alerts and food jamming indicators. Pure convenience wrapped in a sleek black design, wouldn't you agree?

PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Food Dispenser, Automatic Cat Feeder with Freshness Preservation, Timed Cat Feeders for Dry Food, Up to 50 Portions 6 Meals Per Day, Granary Pet Feeder for Cats/Dogs,Black

PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder: Up to 50 Portions 6 Meals Per Day for Dry Food

Battery life9.8
Easy to use9.7
Noise level9.5
Sleep quality9.6

Easy to Set up and Program: PETLIBRO timed cat feeder can set 1-6 meals daily and up to 50 portions per meal (20ml each portion). Use the easy-to-read tilt LED panel to adjust your pet's feeding schedule and monitor battery power. The Granary auto cat feeder is also equipped with a manual feeding button to easily reward your pet (up to 5 portions).

Why is the PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Food Dispenser our second favorite? This auto feeder stood out from the crowd chiefly due to its robust freshness preservation system. Not only does it lock the freshness in with a triple seal, but it also keeps your pet from nabbing an extra meal with its patented rotor. This means your pet will enjoy fresh, crispy food every time.

One of the major aspects that draws you to this product is its personalized meal call feature. Suppose you're away from home; imagine how comforted your pet would be to hear your voice calling them for mealtime. Additionally, this dispenser comes with a dual power supply, ensuring that your pet will always get their meals, even during power outages. Who wouldn't want peace of mind when feeding their furry friend?

VOLUAS Automatic Cat Feeders - Automatic Pet Feeders for Cats and Dogs, Dry Food Dispenser with Desiccant Bag, Timed Cat Feeder, Programmable Portion Size Control 4 Meals Per Day, 10s Voice Recorder

VOLUAS Automatic Cat Feeders - Programmable Pet Food Dispenser for Cats and Dogs

by Voluas
Battery life8.8
Easy to use8.2
Popularity & Sales8.9

High-Capacity Food Storage: The 4L/16.9 Cup (1 Cup = 48 Tsp) food storage will keep most pets comfortably fed for several days. Easily keep your cat or dog fed during long weekends and short business trips. Get the peace of mind of a full and happy pet.

Stepping into the third slot in our list is the VOLUAS Automatic Cat Feeders. This interactive feline catering device grabbed our attention due to its mix of modern convenience and bespoke customization features. Your amazingly feline friend will revel in the wonder of its 4 meals per day, being served in designated portion sizes. You'll simply adore the blend of wired and battery power options, never fearing a mealtime lapse during sporadic blackouts.

The second reason why this gizmo isn't just another automatic feeder is the unique 10s Voice Record Meal Call. You can't always be with your kitten for every meal, but with this feature, your voice will accompany your cat providing reassurance while encouraging good eating habits. Combined with the easy programmability and hygiene-conscious design, the VOLUAS Feeder pulls off a coup of balancing utility and heart-warming familiarity.

Petory Timed Automatic Cat Feeders - 4L Programable Dry Food Dispenser for Cats and Small Medium Dogs 6 Meals with Desiccant Bag Dual Power Supply 10S Voice Recorder

Petory Timed Automatic Cat Feeders - 4L Programable Dry Food Dispenser for Cats and Dogs

by Petory
Battery life8.9
Easy to use8.2
Material quality8.7
Popularity & Sales9.4

Easy to Clean: The hopper and bowl are easy to disassemble and dishwasher-safe. Made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel is healthy for pets.

The MOOZ team was impressed with the Petory Timed Automatic Cat Feeder's ingenious dual power supply. They found it a pivotal feature that ensures your pet's feeding schedule is uninterrupted, even during power outages. Imagine, you're away and the power fails, but you don't have to worry one bit because the intelligent design of Petory ensures your pet is fed just on schedule.

This Petory feeder is a remarkable blend of convenience and efficiency. It's programmable up to 6 meals a day and comes with an airtight storage system, keeping the food fresher for longer. The Petory cat feeder is ideal for cat owners often away from home, ensuring their pets are well-fed. So, when you think about your pet's nutritional needs, remember Petory has them all covered for you!

Automatic Cat Feeder and Water Dispenser in Set 2 Packs 1 Gallon for Small Medium Big Dog Pets Puppy Kitten (White)

Set of 2 Automatic Cat Feeders and Water Dispenser for Small to Big Cats

by Fairy Tale
Easy to use9.7
Material quality9.6
Odor elimination9.9
Popularity & Sales8.6

5.[Siphon Device Design Prevent Water Leakage]--When the water in the water tank of the cat dog water dispenser reaches a certain height, the spring device will automatically close, the water will stop flowing, so it can effectively prevent water leakage.

If you're a pet owner, there's one thing that seems quite apparent from this Automatic Cat Feeder and Water Dispenser - it's superbly convenient. With its 1-gallon big capacity and ability to continuously refill both food and water dishes, this gadget is a gem. It effortlessly caters to your little fur buddy's needs and keeps them fed and hydrated for days at a stretch, scores a huge brownie point in our book!

The product is truly a boon for those who live alone or are frequently away from home. The gravity feeding design requires no electricity, which screams eco-friendly! Plus, the Big Mouth design prevents food from getting stuck – nothing but smooth days ahead for your pet. Ultimately, this Automatic Feeder and Dispenser set is especially godsend for busy individuals who can't constantly monitor their pets' feeding habits. It's all about carefree convenience – and we'd wholeheartedly recommend it.

Smart Automatic Cat Feeders - 6-L Reliable Automatic Cat Food Dispenser with Display LCD Screen for Easy Set Up -Portion Control Automatic Dog Feeder, Desiccant Bag Keeps Dry Food Fresh-Voice Recorder

Smart Automatic Cat Feeders - Portion Control Dispenser for Fresh Cat Food

by PitPet
Easy to clean7.9
Easy to use8.4
For deep cleaning8.8
Popularity & Sales8.1

PET-SAFE DESIGN - The top of this pet feeder automatically locks so its impossible for your pet to tip it or push their paws in to grab food. The feeder has a nonslip bottom and additional stickers are provided to keep it stable when your pet tries to shake it.

What we relished the most about the Smart 6L Automatic Cat Feeder is its seamless setup and unfailing reliability. For all you pet owners who juggle a busy schedule, this feeder is a miraculous find! Our algorithms were blown away by its easy-to-operate LCD screen and its capability to hold feeding cycles for up to 35 days - even during power outages. Plus, be ready to melt when you hear your recorded voice calling your pet to its meal. This feeder is adept in ensuring balanced meals and safeguards your pet's health and hygiene. We reckon, just like us, you will find that this product will be most useful for busy pet owners, giving them peace of mind knowing their beloved pets are fed even when they are away.

PETULTRA Automatic Cat Feeders, Timed Dog Feeder 4L Programmable Control 1-4 Meals Pet Dry Food Dispenser with Desiccant Bag for Cats and Small Medium Dogs, Dual Power Supply, 10s Voice Recorder

PETULTRA Automatic Cat Feeders - Timed Dog Feeder for Cats and Small/Medium Dogs, 4L Capacity, Dual Power Supply

Battery life6.8
Easy to clean7.3
For deep cleaning6.5

Safe and Reliable Feeder:A desiccant bag and a secure lock lid not only keeps the food fresh but also prevent your pet from accessing stored food. The detachable design allows a thorough cleaning to reduce bacterial growth, makes your life easier and your pets healthier.

Gratitude floods when examining the PETULTRA Automatic Cat Feeders. This gadget isn't only a timed dog feeder; it's a programmable vehicle to better pet health through careful meal control. What totally sways one over is the 1-4 meals programmable control, effortlessly flexible to your pet's dietary needs. Additionally, with a dual power supply, there’s peace of mind knowing that feeding won't be disrupted during a power outage.

The PETULTRA Automatic Feeders isn’t merely about functionality. While it excels there, it’s seemingly designed with an eye towards the psychological needs of your pet. The voice record meal call stands as a testament to this attention - your pet already misses you when you’re gone, this nifty feature can help ease their anxious hearts. This leaves one convinced that the PETULTRA Feeders could be most useful to busy pet owners who want to ensure their pets feed at the right times without fail.

HoneyGuaridan Automatic Cat Feeder for Two Cats,3.5L Cat Food Dispenser with Stainless Steel Bowl,Timed Cat Feeder Programmable 1-6 Meals Control, Dual Power Supply,Desiccant Bag,10s Meal Call(Black)

HoneyGuaridan Automatic Cat Feeder - Programmable, Stainless Steel Bowl, Dual Power Supply (Black)

Battery life8.7
Easy to use6.6
Material quality7.6
Popularity & Sales7.3

[Unique Dual Side Equal Feeding] HoneyGuaridan Dual Cat Automatic Feeder achieve equal distribution of pet food on both sides, effectively avoiding uneven feeding. The left and right feeding design provides a quiet feeding environment for your pets. You no longer have to worry about your pets competing for food.

In search of efficiency, MOOZ stumbled upon the HoneyGuardian Automatic Cat Feeder. Armed with a stainless steel bowl, this feeder astonished MOOZ's team. Its dual power supply, operating on a USB power adapter and 3 alkaline D-size batteries, is a godsend during power outages! And you know, it's not just about utility, but also about the beauty of design. The clever process of setting a feeding schedule, easy as pie, makes sure your dear pets are well-fed and healthy.

HoneyGuardian Feeder stands tall as the epitome of innovation and simplicity entwined. What caught MOOZ's eye is the feeder's capability to maintain the food’s freshness. Those pesky ants and insects won’t get a sniff of your pet's meals. Coupled with its 3.5L capacity and a handy desiccant bag, this feeder keeps your worries at bay. This is a perfect companion for those who are often away from home or possess multiple pets. Your furry friends deserve nothing but the best, and this feeder is the epitome of that.

UIOOQ Automatic Cat Feeders WiFi, Timed Dog Feeder with 10S Dining Voice Record, 4L Cat/Dog Food Dispenser with Custom Schedule, up to 12 Portions 10 Meals Per Day, APP Control(Not Support 5G WiFi)

UIOOQ Automatic Cat Feeders: WiFi-enabled, timed food dispenser with 10S voice recording. Ideal for feeding cats and dogs

Battery life6.8
Easy to use7.4
Material quality8.4
Popularity & Sales6.5

Supports dual power sourcesUSB cable plugin (included) and batteries (not included). The battery operated cat feeder provides peace of mind when there is a power outage. Even if the device is offline (WiFi has no signal), the feeder powered by battery will still feed at the time you set.

Imagine having your pet's feed time automated with a touch of your finger. The UIOOQ Automatic Cat Feeder caught our attention with its intriguing tech advancements. Its generous 4-liter capacity, perfect for a voracious eater, means no more midnight snack trips for your fuzzy little fella. We marveled at the built-in desiccant bag that keeps the food fresh and crispy, bringing a new level of convenience to your home.

In the age of convenience, the APP control feature of the feeder simply amazes you. It syncs with your smartphone, enabling you to feed your pet anytime, anywhere. It doesn't stop there; it even features a pre-recorded voice that plays while feeding, so your fur baby never has to dine alone. This cutting-edge pet gadget is most suited for busy pet parents on the go or those who cherish seamless tech integration.

Automatic Cat Feeders, Katalic Clog-Free 4L Cat Food Dispenser with Sliding Lock Lid Storage Pet Timed Feeder for Cats and Dogs with Voice Recorder, Programmable Meal & Portion Automatic Feeder

Katalic Clog-Free Automatic Cat Feeders - 4L Pet Timed Feeder for Cats and Dogs

by Katalic
Easy to use9.4
Material quality7.7
Popularity & Sales6.1
Water resistance6.2

Detachable Stainless Steel Bowl: Katalic automatic pet feeder with the food-grade, safe and odor-free stainless steel bowl protects your pet from allergic reactions to plastic products. Plastic bowls are prone to other health problems that can cause pets, such as a pet's chin turning black,Stainless steel is a non-porous material that is resistant to other substances and is easy to clean the remaining greasy food, preventing your pet's chin from turning black and protecting your pet's health.

While the busy world spins around you, the Katalic Automatic Cat Feeder keeps your fluffy companions nourished and content. This little gem, with its customizable healthy diet options and clog-free food tank, is truly a pet parent's dream. Imagine, setting your cat's meals for up to three weeks—no more early morning feedings. The dual power supply ensures consistency, and the secure sliding lock lid keeps the food fresh and safe. Mendelssohn is what we love to call the 'personal touch'. You can leave a 10-second voice recording for your fur baby—talk about innovative and caring! Without a doubt, the Katalic Cat Feeder is ideal for busy pet owners who want to ensure their pets are well taken care of, even when they aren't around. The product finds immense favor with our latest algorithms for its practicality and nurturing nature.


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