10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders
for February 2024

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Automated fish feeders are a convenient and easy way to feed your fish. These feeders require no maintenance, simply fill them with food, and they dispense food to your fish automatically, either at set times or based on the amount of fish you have in your tank.

Fish feeders are especially useful for people who travel, are away at work during the day, or whose schedules don't allow for enough time to feed their fish. These feeders also make it easy for fish owners to regulate the amount of food their fish get, which can help maintain a healthy balance of fish in your tank.

Fish feeders come in a variety of styles, including automatic feeders, which dispense food based on the amount of fish you have in your tank, and manual feeders, which require you to manually dispense food.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, our fish feeders are put through rigorous testing, including testing on how well they dispense food, how evenly they dispense food, and how well they hold up over time. We also evaluate their ease of use, including the ease of set-up, cleaning, and operation. These are the best automatic fish feeders to buy in 2022, according to testing and popular reviews:

FYD Automatic Fish Feeder, Aquarium Auto Fish Feeder Food Timer Dispenser for Small Fish Tank, Vacation, Holidays

FYD Automatic Fish Feeder

by FYD

EASY TO USE - The unique structure of the feed opening on the top to prevent food from being moisturized or clogged in dispenser, as well as it is convenient to add feed without removing the feeding bin. You can easily control the amount of fish food dispensed by adjusting the slider.

The FYD Automatic Fish Feeder is the perfect aquarium companion for both beginner and experienced aquarium keepers. It is ideal for feeding all types of small fish, such as goldfish, angel fish, guppies, tetras, platys, bettas and other tropical fish. The feeder will also work with other types of aquarium fish, such as turtles, newts and frogs. The feeder is also great for dosing medication or other additives, as it can hold up to 200 milliliters of liquid. Unlike most other automatic fish feeders, the FYD Automatic Fish Feeder is battery operated, so it's much more convenient to use. The feeder can operate manually or automatically, and will automatically shut off after a set amount of time. The feeder is powered by two AA batteries (not included) and can last for 2 to 3 months. The feeder is also easy to use, and is easy to install. The feeder is large enough to hold up to 200 milliliters of food (including dry food such as flakes or pellets), and is small enough to fit in most glass aquariums or fish tanks. The feeder is easy to clean, and all parts, including the feeding tube, are removable and dishwasher safe. The FYD Automatic Fish Feeder also has a built-in timer, so you don't have to worry about overfeeding your fish. The feeder comes with a removable lid, making it easy to fill and empty, and holds the feeder steady during feeding. The feeder is well made, is dishwasher safe, and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Noodoky Automatic Fish Feeder, Rechargeable 2000mAh Easy Setup Auto Fish Food Dispenser with USB Cable, Timed Feeder for Aquarium, Small Fish Turtle Tank, Auto Feeding on Vacation or Holidays

Noodoky Automatic Fish Feeder

by Noodoky

Two Fixing Methods -- Fix it on the tank glass wall of thickness ranging from 0 to 33mm by 360 adjustable clamp base or fix it on the flat surface of tank by using double-side sticker

The Noodoky Automatic Fish Feeder is solidly built, and the buttons are responsive. It's easy to set up and use, and it's fairly quiet, so you won't disturb other fish. The feeder drum spins 1, 2 or 3 times each time you feed, so you can choose how much food to give to the fish (1 turn = 1.5 tablespoons of food). The drum has a 1.5-oz. capacity, so it's big enough to feed most small aquarium fish. The feeder has 60-minute and 120-minute buttons, so you can set it for 8, 12, 24 or 48-hour feeding intervals. You can also set the automatic feeder to feed every 3 or 6 hours. The feeder will operate for 60 days on a single charge, and it's designed to be recharged with a regular USB cord (not included). The feeder's battery level is shown on a light that flashes. The Noodoky Automatic Fish Feeder is a good choice for anyone who wants an easy way to feed their fish, but needs something a bit more advanced than a simple hang-in-water feeder.

FISHNOSH Automatic Fish Feeder for Aquarium - New Generation 2022, Auto Food Dispenser with Timer for Small Tank, Big Aquariums & Pond - Battery-Operated Feeders for Goldfish, Koi, & More on Weekend

MYBRAND FISHNOSH Automatic Feeder Fish for Aquarium


Suitable for Big and Small Tanks: These FISHNOSH automatic fish feeders are ideal for different types of fishes, fish food, aquariums, and even ponds!

This automatic fish feeder is the best we've tested, and that's saying something. It's easy to set up, and the feeder is lightweight enough to quickly refill with any food, even canned fish, and it does so quickly and reliably. The feeder's programming makes it easy to set feeding times, and thanks to the 7-hour timer, you can feed your fish whenever it fits your schedule. The feeder also dispenses food slowly, so fish don't become overfed. The automatic feeder's size makes it a good choice for smaller fish tanks, and it dispenses food in a fine mist to avoid clogging and waste. The side-mounted dispenser makes it easy to fill and refill the feeder, and you can use any food, including canned fish, pellets, flakes, and vitamins, although we recommend only using fish food. The feeder's LED screen is easy to read and displays the number of feedings remaining and the time left in the programming cycle. The feeder is battery-operated, but the battery lasts for so long that it's rarely an issue. The fish feeder is designed to work with any type of filter, including canister, fluval, and submersible filters. The dispenser's filter prevents food from clogging the filter, so it's safe to use with any type of filter.

NICREW Automatic Fish Feeder, Programmable Electric Fish Food Dispenser for Aquarium Tank, Timer Feeder for Vacation and Weekend

NICREW Automatic Fish Feeder


Adjustable clamp allows the feeder to mount on almost any style aquarium. Provides snacks via a simple push of the manual button, set desired portions of food with an adjustable slider

The NICREW Automatic Fish Feeder is a reliable, convenient and economical way to feed your fish when you're on vacation or at work. The LCD display makes programming easy, and the feeder can be set to dispense fish food at up to four different feeding times per day. The dispenser holds 3.4 ounces of fish food, so it's suitable for fish that eat smaller amounts of food, such as goldfish. The dispenser has a handy food adjustment knob, and the body of the dispenser is translucent so you can easily see how much food is left. The dispenser also has an easy-to-use mounting bracket, so it's easy to install. The NICREW Automatic Fish Feeder is easy to set up and use, and it's reliable and inexpensive. It's best used on larger fish that eat larger amounts of food.

Automatic Fish Feeder, Moisture-Proof Electric Auto Fish Food Feeder Timer Dispenser for Aquarium or Small Fish Turtle Tank, Auto Feeding on Vacation &Weekend with 2 Fish Food Dispenser

Piwerod Automatic Fish Feeder

by Piwerod

Moisture-ProofThe hopper with Moisture-resistant design keeps food fresh and dry from getting wet or jammed. The fish food dispenser is suitable for various fish foods such as flakes, pellets, powders and strips.

This automatic fish feeder has some nice features, including a large capacity, 2 different dispenser options, and battery life that's at least double that of our current top pick. Its timer functionality is also useful, as it allows you to feed your fish at a scheduled time, whether you're at home or not. The feeder's timer function also makes it useful if you're going away for an extended period. The feeder itself has a large enough capacity to hold enough fish food for a week or more, and the 2 different capacity options make it suitable for different types of fish, both large and small. The feeder's large capacity also makes it a good choice for larger aquariums, such as community aquariums. The timer function is easy to set up, and you can set it for up to 10 hours. The feeder's settings are controlled via the buttons on the unit, and it also has an LED indicator light to let you know when it needs replacing. The feeder's battery lasts at least 2 months, and it has a 2-port USB charging port, so it's easy to recharge it. The feeder's motor is quiet, and it's made from clear, BPA-free plastic. The feeder is easy to set up, and it has a 1-year warranty.

TOPBRY Automatic Fish Feeder,【Upgraded Version】 Digital Auto Fish Turtle Feeder for Aquarium and Fish Tank, USB Rechargeable Timer Fish Feeder Fish Food Dispenser

TOPBRY Automatic Fish Feeder


EASILY ADD FOOD AT THE TOP- Adding the fish food at the top of the fish feeder, not to take down the food bucket, so you can increase or decrease easily the amount of dispensed food. Because of the 360rotation of the pedestal of digital fish feeder, you can rotate it to the satisfying position after it is installed.

The TopBry Automatic Fish Feeder is an excellent option if you don't want to deal with messy scooping and refilling of food bowls. This automatic feeder is easy to use, and it's simple to set your desired feeding times, and the number of rotations. The feeder has a large 200ml capacity, so it's suitable for larger fish, and it comes with additional large-capacity feeding trays that can be installed on top of the feeder for larger feeding amounts. The feeder is also great for larger aquariums, and it's easy to install, so it's ideal if you travel with your fish. The feeder is USB-rechargeable, and you can plug the charging cable into a USB port on your computer, phone or tablet. The feeder comes with a power adapter, so it's ready to use right out of the box. The feeder also comes with a handy storage case, and it's small enough to tuck away in a drawer or closet. It's an affordable option for pet lovers who want convenience and peace of mind.

Automatic Fish Feeder , Fish Food Dispenser for Aquarium or Fish Tank ,Timing Feeding(LY-029)

LIYU Automatic Fish Feeder

by LIYU Aquarium

Intelligent design: You can set up to 1~2 automatic feeding a day, at the same time, you can also feed manually and experience the fun of feeding.

The Automatic Fish Feeder (LY-029) is a multi-function automatic feeder for fish. It can be used for most kinds of fish tanks, and the feeder can perfectly feed goldfish and turtles on weekends or holidays. The feeder has two feeding modes: feeding one time and timing feeding. The feeding mode can be set according to the number of feedings set, and the feeding time can be adjusted according to the number of hours of the feeding time. The feed bucket is made of high-quality PP material, non-toxic and tasteless, and the feed can fully be mixed. The feeder has strong and durable design, and it can be used for a long time. The feeder is easy to install and use, and the operation is simple and safe. The feeder is safe and reliable, and it is safe to your pets and your family.

Kavolet Automatic Fish Feeder, Electric Timer Fish Feeder for Aquarium or Fish Tank, Moisture-Proof Vacation Fish Food Dispenser, Two Fixed Methods, Suitable ​for Most Fish Food

Kavolet Automatic Fish Feeder

by Kavolet

Quick setup and easy to use. Manual food volume regulator. With ON/OFF switch.

The Kavolet Automatic Fish Feeder is easy to set up and works well. It delivers just the right amount of food for your fish, and has enough space to hold two different types of fish food. The feeding tube is shorter than most, so food tends to fall out of the tube and onto the floor. The hole is offset from the feeding hole, so food tends to spill out of the feeding hole and onto the floor. However, the feeding hole is large enough to accommodate most types of fish food. The timer function was not as easy to use as we would have liked; every time we turned the timer on, it reset immediately, so we kept having to reset it. But the fish seemed to like it, so it wasn't a huge issue. The feeder is smaller and lighter, and takes up less space, but it's a little more expensive than the competing models we tested.

Seahighpet Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder: Vacation Auto Fish Food Dispenser - Moisture-Proof Programmable Weekend Holiday Electric Timer Fish Feeder for Turtle Tank | Betta Tank

Seahighpet Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder: Vacation Auto Fish Food Dispenser - Programmable Moisture-Proof Weekend Holiday Electric Timer Fish Feeder for Turtle Tank

by Seahighpet

Large Capacity & Easy to Use: 200ml/0.75gallon large capacity, suitable for pellets, flakes, powders and other fish feeds. You can easily increase or decrease the amount of food by adjusting the feeding door on the top of the feeder. Adjust the slider to control the amount of feed distributed each time. It can be easily disassembled and cleaned, bringing convenience to your holiday

The Seahighpet automatic fish feeder is waterproof and perfect for use at home, in the office, on business trips, or on vacation. The feeder is programmed to feed your fish at the specified times, so the fish are never hungry. The feeder uses dry food, and you can use any type of dry food that you want. It's simple to use, and it's easy to program. The feeder uses 2 AA batteries, which are included. The battery life lasts about 4 months. The dispenser is waterproof, so you can use it anywhere. The dispenser mounts very easily to the top of a fish tank or aquarium, or you can mount it directly on the tank cover. The dispenser rotates when you turn it on, so the fish food drops slowly, and the fish can feed at their own pace. The dispenser works well, and it's relatively affordable. The dispenser is sturdy, and it rotates smoothly. The dispenser is lightweight, so it's easy to handle. The dispenser is compact, so it's convenient to store. The dispenser is easy to operate, and it's quiet, so you won't disturb your neighbors.

Bnzaq Automatic Fish Tank Feeder - Aquarium Auto Timer Food Dispenser for Vacation

Bnzaq Automatic Fish Tank Feeder

by Bnzaq

[TWO INSTALLATION METHODS]1st method:fix the feeder holder on the tank glass.2nd method:1.Take off the feeder holder 2.Stick velco on bottom of feeder and tank cover 3.Place them together.

The Bnzaq Automatic Fish Tank Feeder is an affordable, affordable automatic fish feeder that shoots food into tank at preset intervals, so it saves you from having to do the feeding yourself. The Bnzaq Automatic Fish Tank Feeder's small size and easy-to-use design make it a great choice for small aquariums that don't have room for an automatic feeder. The Bnzaq Automatic Fish Tank Feeder shoots food up to 90 feet (25 meters), so it's fine for tanks up to 20 gallons (80 liters) in size. It's also quiet, so you can leave it running at night without disturbing your fish. The Bnzaq Automatic Fish Tank Feeder's 24-hour timer can be set for twice a day, or once per day, or up to 12 hours, so you can choose feeding intervals that work best with your busy life. The Bnzaq Automatic Fish Tank Feeder shoots food into a 90-ml (3-oz) feeding box, so it's suitable for goldfish and turtles, and it's suitable for multiple types of dry food. The Bnzaq Automatic Fish Tank Feeder is inexpensive, and it's easy to set up. It's simple to program, and the indicator light lets you know when it's time to feed. The Bnzaq Automatic Fish Tank Feeder is a good choice for small to medium-sized tanks, and it's quiet enough that you can leave it on overnight.


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