Top 10 Baby Einstein Toys For 1 Year Olds
for March 2023

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Baby Einstein is a top-selling baby toy brand, known for developing educational toys that teach babies about colors, shapes, letters, numbers and other key developmental milestones. While Baby Einstein toys are beloved by parents, some parents worry that Baby Einstein toys are too educational. In fact, Baby Einstein toys help children develop important fine motor skills, like grasping and manipulating objects, and language skills, like learning to talk. Baby Einstein toys are fun for baby, too, as they're educational, engaging and cute.

Our MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab tests Baby Einstein toys for a variety of features, including durability, durability, and ease of use. We also evaluate overall value, including how much a toy costs and what the baby entertainment value it offers.

Baby Einstein toys are fun for baby, but which ones are best? We've rounded up our top pick Baby Einstein toys for 1 year olds, according to testing and reviews. These toys are fun, educational, engaging, and cute, which means they're also great for baby, too.

LOTOY Baby Toys for 1-2 Year Old Girl Boy Gifts,Christmas Toys for Toddler Age 1-2 Montessori Shape Sorting, Sensory Bin for Baby Einstein Toys 6-12-18 Months Baby Rattle Blocks

LOTOY Baby Toys for 1-2 Old Year Girl Boy Gifts


Gift Idea for Mom---Knock knock, your surprise is coming! LOTOY Sensory Bin comes with an exquisite package and the love from families and friends. It's not only a "must" toy for early development for babies, but also the first choice for birthday, Christmas,Thanksgiving, and Halloween gifts.

These shape sorting cubes are a fun sensory activity for your baby. They offer a variety of sensory stimulation for your baby's hands, fingers, and eyes. The cubes come in 6 different shapes: triangle, rectangle, square, star, rhombus, and circle. Your baby will love shaking the cubes, shaking the different sides, and trying to find the different shape cubes. The cubes are brightly colored, and made from BPA free plastic. They are durable and will last for years. The cubes are the perfect size for your baby, and are easy to carry around. The cubes come with 6 different colors, red and blue. These cubes also teach your baby colors and shapes. The cubes are very easy for your baby to grasp. The cubes are easy to put in and out. The cubes also come in different colors; pink and purple.

Baby Einstein Strum Along Songs Magic Touch Musical Wooden Electronic Guitar Toy, 12 Months and Up

Baby Einstein Strum Along Songs Magic Musical Touch Wooden Electronic Guitar Toy

by AmazonUs/KIDZ7

Features award-winning magic touch technology

The Baby Einstein Strum Along Songs Magic Touch Musical Wooden Electronic Guitar Toy has a classic, wooden guitar design that appeals to babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. With a whammy bar for sound effects, it plays two realistic guitar sounds. The guitar responds to the baby's strumming patterns, encouraging self-expression. The guitar is durable, and Baby Einstein's no-hassle one-year warranty covers it. The guitar is a bit louder than other toys we tested, so it may make some apartment dwellers unhappy. The toy only plays two sounds, and it's a bit loud, so it may not be appropriate for all babies. The toy's battery also dies quickly, so you'll need to use it within 24 hours of charging it. The Strum Along Guitar is cute, fun, and reasonably priced, and it's a good choice for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Baby Einstein Magic Touch Ukulele Wooden Musical Toy, Ages 12 months+, Red

Baby Einstein Magic Touch Wooden Ukulele Musical Toy

by AmazonUs/KIDZ7

Toy for 1 year old helps develop a love of music

For months, our 12-month-old daughter has loved playing this ukulele. She loves putting on the brightly colored ukulele strap, and she loves strumming the strings, which produce mellow, bell-like sounds. She loves playing along to the pre-recorded songs on the included CD, and she loves taking turns with my husband and I. It's also a great tool for teaching her basic concepts about music, such as the song's tempo, tempo, and key. The ukulele's design is simple, but well-made. The strings are easy to tune, and the instrument's construction is sturdy. The uke's strap is adjustable, so it's easy to put on and take off. The ukulele doesn't produce a lot of volume, but our daughter loves it, and we've had no problems hearing her over the television. The included CD contains 12 songs, and it comes with chords for several additional songs. The songs on the CD are catchy and fun, and our baby loves singing along with all of the words. The uke's strings also produce a clicking sound when our daughter plays them, which she's found amusing. The uke is a lot of fun for our daughter, but it's probably not going to last her very long. The strings will become too loose for our daughter to strum, and she'll outgrow it faster than most kids do.

Baby Einstein Magic Touch Xylophone Wooden Musical Toy with Lights, Ages 12 months +

Baby Einstein Magic Touch Xylophone Musical Wooden Toy with Lights

by AmazonUs/KIDZ7

Toy for 1 year old helps teach cause and effect

The Baby Einstein Magic Touch Xylophone is a well-made, colorful toy that fosters children's musical abilities. The Magic Touch technology makes this toy easy to use, even for babies. The xylophone has 30+ melodies and sounds, and the keys light up depending on which song is playing. The toy's unique technology also lets children play the instrument just like a real xylophone. The instrument is sturdy enough so that even toddlers can play it. It's also easy to play by toddlers, thanks in large part to the xylophone's large keys and simple layout. The toy's brightly colored keys and fun sounds are also engaging for toddler and baby. The xylophone also has 2 ways to play: Instructor mode, in which light-up keys help babies learn to play the instrument, and Freestyle mode, which lets children play the instrument any way they want. The toy's realistic sounds also make it fun for children to listen to the xylophone and experiment with different sounds. The xylophone's 30+ melodies and sounds include classical, pop, children's songs, and nature sounds, so there's plenty of variety to keep children engaged. The xylophone is loud enough to play indoors and outdoors, so it's suitable for both children and adults.

Baby Einstein Magic Touch Wooden Drum Musical Toy, Ages 6 months Plus

Baby Einstein Magic Touch Drum Wooden Musical Toy

by Kids II - (Carson, CA)

Easy to wipe down and clean

The Baby Einstein Magic Touch Wooden Drum Musical Toy is cute, well-made, and well-designed. It's made of natural wood, is child-safe, and comes with a volume control button. The sound quality is much better than we thought it would, too. The drums have a pleasant, natural sound, and the volume is loud enough to hear without amplification. The drums have clear, distinct beats, and the sounds go as low as 50 db. The sound quality is even better with headphones. The controls are easy to use, and the volume buttons are large and easy to see. The drums are large enough that babies can hold them comfortably and play with them themselves. The toy is well-made, sturdy, and has a nice finish. The drums have a felt surface that's soft on baby's hands. The toy is sturdy enough that my kids tried banging on it with their hands, and it wouldn't break. The drums are large enough that they don't fall over easily. The Baby Einstein Magic Touch Wooden Drum Musical Toy is well-made, well-designed, and lots of fun. It's more expensive than some of the other drums we tested, but it's also 10 times as big, so it's much more fun.

Baby Einstein Toddler Jams Musical Toy, 12 months Plus

Baby Einstein Toddler Jams Musical Toy

by AmazonUs/KIDZ7

Easy to grab and go for music anywhere

The Baby Einstein Toddler Jams Musical Toy is an all-in-one toy that teaches toddlers cause and effect by letting them activate different lights and sounds. The toy's 3 different music stations are kid-friendly, with a dozen songs in each station. Its controls also make it easy for younger toddlers to play without accidentally activating the volume. The toy has limited volume controls, and it's loud enough for a baby to play with at his or her level, but parents can turn it down for quieter playtime. The Baby Einstein Toddler Jams Musical Toy is colorful and cute, and it contains a motion sensor that activates lights and sounds as kids rock the toy back and forth. The toy is portable, so it's easy to use at naptime or in the car. The toy is also easy to travel with, and it's lightweight, so it fits in a baby bag or diaper bag. The Baby Einstein Toddler Jams Musical Toy is a good choice for a baby who is just starting to understand cause and effect, and it's especially fun for parents to play with as well.

Baby Einstein and Hape Magic Touch Piano Wooden Musical Toddler Toy, Age 6 Months and Up

Baby Einstein and Hape Magic Piano Touch Wooden Musical Toddler Toy

by Kids2, Inc.

Made from child safe and durable materials; assembled dimensions 12x5x9"; wipe clean with damp cloth and mild soap; do not immerse in water; powered by 3 AA batteries (not included)

The Baby Einstein and Hape Magic Touch Piano is a charming musical toy. This piano is well-made, attractive, and durable. The piano comes with a set of 3 sheet music and 6 original songs. These songs are fun for babies and parents to play together. As the piano plays, the keys light up, and babies can touch the keys to produce different sounds. Babies can also explore the piano's buttons, which produce other sounds. The piano plays both melodies and songs. The piano's volume is adjustable, allowing parents to set the level according to their environment. The piano's sound is clear at both low and high volumes. The piano is lightweight, so babies can easily carry it. The piano is battery-powered, so there are no cords or batteries to lose. The piano comes with sturdy, well-designed carry case, so babies can easily bring the piano with them. The piano is a fun way for babies to explore music, develop fine motor skills, and learn to follow instructions. The piano's 3 songs are fun for babies and parents to play together.

Baby Einstein Tinker's Crawl Along Songs Tummy-Time Musical Toy with Lights, Ages 6 Months +

Baby Einstein Tinker's Crawl Along Tummy-Time Songs Musical Toy with Lights

by AmazonUs/KIDZ7

Ages up from tummy time to crawl & Discover

The Baby Einstein Tinker's Crawl Along Songs Tummy-Time Musical Toy with Lights offers tons of entertaining activities for your baby, whether you're at home or on the go. It has 3 colorful lights that baby can chase around the room, and a 3.5 x 2.75-inch ball that rolls and wobbles when baby rolls and crawls after. The toy comes with 5 learning songs, 2 engaging tunes, and an introduction to colors, numbers, and shapes in 3 languages. The lights, music, and ball are activated by a simple pull of the string, and there's a switch on the back that allows you to turn the lights off. The toy is well-made and easy to clean, and it's a good fit for baby's hands. We also like that the toy's buttons are nice and large, so baby can push them easily. The built-in music isn't too loud, so baby can listen to it without bothering others. The toy's buttons are a little hard to press, though, so it's best used on the floor.

Baby Einstein Baby's First Language Teacher Developmental Toys Kit & Gift Set, Newborn and up, Multicolored

Baby Einstein Baby's First Language Teacher Toys Developmental Kit & Gift Set

by Kids2, Inc.

A ready-to-go boxed gift for new parents of little ones ages newborn and up; each item is wipeable for easy cleaning. Teether toy is BPA-free.

This Baby Einstein toy set is a great way to introduce your little one to letters and language, with 3 different toys, 2 books, and 2 educational apps. The toys are all well made and safe for babies, and the music on the Explore & Discover book does actually contain some songs that are fun to listen to, though it will probably be more attention-grabbing to your baby than the books themselves. The soft book toy is cute, and worth purchasing on its own, but the Flash Cards and Octoplush toy aren't as useful as they could be. The Octoplush toy is very cute, and does a fine job of entertaining my baby, but it's a bit small and thin for teething babies, so I would recommend getting something else if it will be used for teething. The flash cards are useful, but the only letters are A, B, C, and D, and for only 12 cards, it isn't really worth it to pay more than the cost of the book for them. The Music Under the Sea book is also cute, and the music that plays while your baby is reading it is interesting, but it doesn't teach much. The downloadable hands-on activities are fun, and the videos are educational, but they only offer opportunities for your baby to stare at the tablet screen. All of the apps have free trials, but you'll have to pay for a subscription to use them, so you might as well just buy them instead.

Baby Einstein Baby's First Art Teacher Developmental Toys Kit and Gift Set, Newborn and up

Baby Einstein Baby's First Art Teacher Toys Developmental Kit and Gift Set

by Kids2, Inc.

A ready-to-go boxed gift for new parents of little ones ages newborn and up; each item is wipeable for easy cleaning. Teether Link Toy and Bendy Ball are BPA-free.

This boxed set offers a wide variety, and it's great value, especially considering that all of the included items can be found elsewhere for much less. The Kaleidoscope is fun to play, and the rattle and teether ring are cute, but the tummiester and mirror are a bit disappointing. The mirror has poor resolution, and it's a bit too small to be displayed on a table. The tummiester is about the same size and shape as a plastic rattle, but it's made of hard plastic, which makes it roll around on surfaces and bounce off walls. The mirror and tummiester are decent, but there's much better tummiesters out there. The toys are also not very durable. The Kaleidoscope has a shaky base, and the mirror and tummiester both fell apart after only a few days of moderate use. The included board book is also disappointing. It's full of simple images, but the text is so small that it's difficult to read. The images and text are also too bright, and it's difficult to distinguish the images from the background. The included activities are cool, but they require Internet access, and the links provided aren't working. We also didn't appreciate the pressure to sign up for the Baby Einstein edutainment YouTube videos.


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