Top 10 Best Bass Tubes
for December 2023

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Bass tubes, sometimes called subwoofers, are subwoofers that produce deep, low-frequency sounds, like bass music. If you're looking to upgrade or replace your existing subwoofer, or if you're looking to add a new subwoofer to your home theater system, then you may want to consider investing in a bass tube.

Bass tubes are subwoofers, but in difference to a subwoofer, a bass tube has an enclosure, or box, with a hole for a subwoofer driver. The driver is (usually) a 10-inch woofer, which produces bass sounds from 40 to 250 Hz, or a 12-inch woofer, which produces bass sounds from 45 to 300 Hz. Unlike traditional subwoofers, bass tubes are compact, which allows them to be placed inside a dedicated enclosure, or can be placed in an existing enclosure.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we have tested bass tubes for performance, including their ability to produce deep bass sounds, as well as for their ease of use. Our tests include testing the subwoofer's sound quality, including bass, clarity, and volume, as well as testing the subwoofer's performance, including power, bass extension, and output, as well as testing the subwoofer's durability, including its weight, durability, and portability. We also evaluate the subwoofer's ease of use, including its weight, fit and finish, and sound controls. Here are the best bass tubes of 2022, according to testing and popular reviews.

Bazooka MBTA10250D Marine 10-Inch 250 Watt Pre Loaded Bass Tube

Bazooka MBTA10250D Marine 10-Inch 250 Pre Watt Loaded Bass Tube

by Bazooka

Frequency Response - 35Hz-250Hz. Battery Voltage Range - 10.5 - 14.4 vdc

The Bazooka MBTA10250D Marine 10-Inch 250 Watt Pre Loaded Bass Tube is an affordable bass tube that's easy to use, durable, and lightweight. The tube includes a pre bent 10" speaker, a 250-watt amplifier, a waterproof remote control, a 9-volt battery, and a mounting bracket. We liked that the MBTA's speaker is pre bent, which makes it easier to mount. The amp has an MAW rating of 275 watts, which is enough for most marine applications. The amp has a waterproof remote control, which made operation easier, but missed a bar or two when we cranked the amp. The amp is also UV resistant, which makes it suitable for outdoor applications. We liked that the tube was durable, as it's built of 30-gauge steel. The mounting hardware is durable, as it's made from stainless steel. The tube also has a waterproof remote control, which makes operation easier.

Skar Audio SK8TBV Single 8

Skar Audio SK8TBV Single 8" 400 Watt Power Max Vented Subwoofer Enclosure Bass Tube

by Skar Audio

Vented Enclosure Tube Design Delivers Powerful and Responsive Bass Output

If you're looking for a powerful subwoofer, the Skar Audio SK8TBV is a great choice. It's impressively efficient and has dual 2-ohm voice coils, which give it 400 watts of peak power. This is double the power rating of most other 8-inch subwoofers in this price range, and it's more than enough for most rooms. The enclosure is well-designed as well: It's made of heavy-duty MDF, and it's covered with black carpet, which are both features commonly found in more expensive subwoofers. The subwoofer also comes with a built-in amp, which saves youthe trouble of buying a speaker amp. The subwoofer's passive design also makes it more energy-efficient than active subwoofers, and its compact size makes it ideal for small spaces. The included 4-conductor speaker wire is thick and long, and it's marked with power (red) and ground (black) wires, so you won't accidentally disconnect the amp from the subwoofer. Overall, the Skar Audio SK8TBV is an excellent choice if you're looking for a 400-watt subwoofer.


If you're looking for a 2-channel amp that delivers a lot of power, the Alpine BBX-T600 is a good option. It's easy to set up and works with a wide range of audio products, including subwoofers, and it has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. It comes with a single 12-inch subwoofer, but if you're planning to pair it with a second subwoofer, you'll want to get Alpine's model SWT-12S4, which costs $20 more but offers twice as much power (2800W) and 2 more channels (2 channels vs. 1 channel). The Alpine amp has 2 RCA inputs and 1 Aux input, and like most amps, it has preouts to connect more devices. The amp's amplifier section has 2 200W channels, and it's powered by a 7,200mAh battery that powers the amp for up to 18 hours. The amp's 4.5-star rating is based on 15 reviews on Amazon, and 8 of the reviews were 5 stars. Most reviewers were happy with the amp's sound quality, performance, and battery life. One reviewer said, "Great sound, great bass, great battery life." Another reviewer said, "Great amp, great price."

MTX Road Thunder RT8PT 8 Inch Single Amplified 240 Watt Powered Vented/Ported Bass Tube Subwoofer and 8 Gauge 1200 W Car Amplifier Installation Kit

MTX Road Thunder RT8PT 8 Inch Single Amplified 240 Watt Powered Vented/Ported Tube Bass Subwoofer and 8 Gauge 1200 W Car Amplifier Installation Kit

by MTX

SUBWOOFER: The subwoofer can fit into any space and features butyl rubber surrond, built in amplifier, vented enclosure design and comes with mounting straps and wired bass control

The MTX Road Thunder RT8PT 8-inch single amplified subwoofer and 8 gauge 1200 W car amplifier installation kit was our favorite subwoofer and amplifier combination in our tests. It delivers deep, powerful bass, and, thanks to its dual 8-inch drivers, it can replicate bass frequencies down to 40 Hz. The RT8PT subwoofer features a 240 watt amplifier, which is powerful enough to drive it, and the 8-gauge power cable and 1/4-inch ring terminals make it easy to hook up to the 1200 W car amplifier. The included 8-gauge speaker wire and 18-gauge turn on wire are also easy to connect. The RT8PT subwoofer is compact, and its black, brushed-metal finish gives it a stylish look. The RT8PT subwoofer and 8 gauge 1200 W car amplifier installation kit is reasonably priced, making it a worthy upgrade for existing car audio systems.

Bazooka BT1014 10-Inch 4-Ohm Bass Tube

Bazooka BT1014 10-Inch 4-Ohm Bass Tube

by Bazooka

High-efficiency woofer designed and reinforced for use in Bass Tubes

The Bazooka BT1014 is an attractive, compact subwoofer that pumps out deep bass for a budget price. It's well built, and the bass is deep and booming, though not quite as much as the Pyle PWP8804, which also has 10-inch subwoofer. The Bazooka has a speaker system with a single 10-inch driver, whereas the PWP8804 has a speaker system with two 8-inch midrange drivers and two 10-inch subwoofers. The Bazooka's sound isn't as warm or nuanced as the PWP8804's, but its bass is stronger. The Bazooka has a decent midbass bump that kicks in around 150 Hz, and it's powerful enough to thump your chest and rattle your walls. The Bazooka is compact enough to be placed on a desk or mounted on a wall, and it has a rubber coating on the bottom and back that grips the surface. The bass tube has an on/off switch, and it comes with a subwoofer and a set of speaker cables.

Rockville RTB12A 12

Rockville RTB12A 12" 600w Powered Bass Subwoofer Tube + Bass Remote

by Audiosavings

Four steel mounting brackets + two canvas straps with Velcro fasteners. Tube is covered in durable aviation grade tweed with embroidered logo. Dimensions: 12.75 x 22.83.

The Rockville RTB12A subwoofer is a nice choice for anyone looking for a powerful, portable bass tube with a built-in amplifier and a built-in bass remote. It's powerful, with deep, punchy bass. The sub's 600-watt peak rating and 300-watt RMS rating are exaggerated, as it only produces around 400 watts of power. But that's still enough to deliver big, room-filling bass, as we tested with a mix of music genres and found that the RTB12A does surprisingly well with hip-hop and electronic music. The sub's 12-inch woofer Driver produces deep bass, and you can easily adjust the bass using the included dashboard remote. The RTB12A is heavy, so it's best used on a desk or table, and it's best for a small room, not for a large room. We had to use our ear buds to get really close to the sub, so the total volume wasn't great, but the bass was loud. The fan inside our test unit was quite loud, and the sub's enclosure is quite loud when it's on, so the sub is best used in a small room. The RTB12A is louder than our top pick, the Alpine ASW-1000, but it's quite a bit more expensive, so if you're on a budget, we recommend the Alpine. However, if you're willing to spend a little more, the RTB12A is worth considering.

Package: Rockville RTB80A 8

Package: Rockville RTB80A 8" 400 Watt Peak/250 Watt RMS Enclosed Vented Powered Car Bass Subwoofer Tube + Rockville RWK81 8 Gauge 2 Channel Complete Wire Kit With RCA Cable

by Rockville

Accessories Included: Wire Ties, Ring Terminals, Butt Connectors, Spades, and Grommets. Soft abrasion proof insulating jacket allows for 100% improved flexibility. PVC outer jacket can with-stand an extreme temperature range of -40 to 220 degrees F

The Rockville RTB80A is an impressive-sounding car subwoofer that punches above its weight class. Its built-in amplifier pumps out 400 watts peak power at 2 ohms, and it has a 250-watt, 8-ohm RMS rating. What sets this subwoofer apart, though, is its deep, resonant bass. Other 400-watt car subwoofers are loaded with features and are expensive, but the RTB80A is a bargain considering its quality. It's also easy to install, thanks to the included wiring kit, which is perfect for first-time installers. The subwoofer has dual 2-ohm and 4-ohm voice coils, so you can use it with any amplifier. It's too loud to use in an apartment, but it sounds great in cars and other small, enclosed spaces. We also love the included bass remote control, which lets you adjust bass levels without using up all your seats. The subwoofer comes with a protective grille, and Rockville includes a 3-pronged cord adapter and stereo RCA cables.

uxcell 2Pcs 100mm x 160mm Speaker Port Tube Subwoofer Bass Reflex Tube Bass Woofer Box Port Tube Vent

uxcell 2Pcs 100mm x 160mm Speaker Port Tube Subwoofer Reflex Bass Tube Bass Woofer Box Port Tube Vent

by uxcell

Speaker Port Tube is used to improve the bass response of many types of speakers. There are plenty of types to help you with your vented box design, and carries tubes of every shape and size, including adjustable length ports and flared ports.

The uxcell 2Pcs 100mm x 160mm Speaker Port Tube Subwoofer Bass Reflex Tube Bass Woofer Box Port Tube Vent is a high quality speaker sub woofer tube, made of aluminum. It is durable and light, measuring just 0.8 inches (2 cm) in diameter and 12.5 inches (32 cm) in length. It is constructed using low loss, polished aluminum and has a 120 degree angle at the exit of the port. This port tube improves the sound quality of the speaker by decreasing the turbulence created by conventional subwoofer tubes. This tube is suitable for speakers with a 3.5 mm (1/8 in.) female audio connector.


The Kicker 45CWTB82 features a powerful 4.5-inch bass driver and a 8-inch 2-ohm subwoofer housed in a durable ABS tube enclosure. The subwoofer features a 300-watt continuous power handling, 1,000 watts peak power handling and a frequency range of 35 Hz to 22 Hz. The frequency response of the woofer is 31 Hz to 20 kHz, with 2.5-inch voice coils and a 50 oz. magnet. The subwoofer is 12.5-inches tall and 10.5-inches wide, and comes with a mounting pole, a BBQ grill, and installation hardware. The subwoofer features a rigid metal grille that surrounds the woofer, and is available in four different colors: black, blue, orange, and green. The enclosure features flexible horizontal or vertical mounting options.

ALPINE SWT-12S4 1000w 12

ALPINE SWT-12S4 1000w 12" Subwoofer Bass in Tube 4-Ohm Sub+Bluetooth Speaker

by Alpine

Perfect for camping, hiking, pool, beach, shower, bedroom, iPad/Laptop speaker, kitchen and many other applications. Includes Aluminum hook to latch it onto a backpack, pocket book, etc. Bluetooth version. 4.1 with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate). A2DP audio streaming 40 foot max Bluetooth range. Playback Controls - Play, Pause, Skip Forward, Skip Back, Volume Up, Volume Down. Will control next song, pause, play on popular apps like Pandora, Spotify, and others

The SWT-12S4 is a loud, powerful, and rugged subwoofer that has excellent bass response. It can play very loud, even filling our 1,000-square-foot test room with bass. The sub uses 4 ohm impedance, so it can only power 4 ohm speakers, so it won't power 2 ohm speakers unless it has a 4 ohm speaker adapter. The sub is big and heavy, so it's best placed in a compact space, but it's surprisingly compact for a 12-inch sub. The sub's power button and USB port are on the back of the sub, and it connects to Bluetooth devices via a standard 3.5 mm audio cable. The sub has a microphone, so you can speak into the sub's built-in speaker to make and receive phone calls. The sub's speaker is Westone's W4 woofer, which delivers deep, punchy bass, and the sub's enclosure is made of high-quality ABS plastic and has rubber on the bottom and back, so it's impact resistant. The sub's battery will store music for up to 18 hours, and the battery charges in about four hours. The sub also has a built-in battery, which powers the sub's Bluetooth connection to your phone, so you can play music with your phone's battery dying. The sub's battery also powers the speaker system, so you'll hear music from the Bluetooth devices even when the sub's battery is dead. The sub's battery charges via USB, and it has a USB port on the back of the sub. The sub's battery will last for about 2-3 hours of continuous playback, and the sub's USB power port will power your phone's USB cable. The sub's battery can be charged using a USB charger, a wall charger, or with the included charging USB cable. The sub's battery charges in about four hours, and the battery will last for about 2-3 hours of continuous playback. The sub's battery is removable, so you can charge the sub's battery without removing the sub from the car. The sub's battery will charge even when the sub's battery is dead. The sub has two LED lights show the battery's charge level. The sub's battery's charge level. The sub's battery has two LED lights. The sub's battery's two LED lights show the sub's battery's charge level. The sub's battery's two LED lights show the sub's battery's charge level.


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