10 Best Beadalon Jewelry Making Kits
for December 2023

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Beadalon jewelry making kits are fun, creative, and allow you to design your own jewelry. These kits include all of the tools, beads, and findings you need to create beautiful pieces.

Beadalon jewelry making kits are fun, creative, and allow you to design your own jewelry. These kits include all of the tools, beads, and findings you need to create beautiful pieces. They range from simple jewelry-making kits for beginners to advanced jewelry-making kits for expert jewelry makers.

Our jewelry-making kits have been lab-tested for quality, durability, ease of use, and value. Our jewelry-making kits are tested by professional jewelry makers for durability. We score their workmanship, including their craftsmanship and beadwork, as well as their ease of use. We also evaluate their quality, including their ease of use, metal types, and closures.

Here are the best beadalon jewelry making kits you can buy in 2022:

Beadalon Jewel Loom Kit: Beading Loom, Needle, Threader, Pouch

Beadalon Jewel Loom Kit: Beading Loom

by Cousin Corporation of America

The sleek design with a work surface of 2. 75 in wide and 10. 5 in long is perfect for creating fashionable, on-trend jewelry pieces

The Jewel Loom is inexpensive, lightweight, and portable, but it's also simple to use. The included instructions make it simple to learn to weave, and once the looms are set up, the patterns you can create are nearly endless. The beads are tiny, so it's a little difficult to use the Jewel Loom to make larger projects, but for small items like bracelets, it's perfect. It's best to use smaller beads with the Jewel Loom, as the larger ones will tangle easily. The included pouch is well-made, and the included threader makes threading the loom and inserting the beads easy. The Jewel Loom is a little more expensive and weighs more than our previous top pick, the String-A-Long, but it's a lot easier to use, and it's less expensive than some of the other models we tested. If you're a beginner or intermediate beader, the Jewel Loom is a great starter loom.

Beadalon 201A-011 Slim Chain Nose Pliers for Jewelry Making

Beadalon 201A-011 Slim Chain Pliers Nose for Jewelry Making

by Beadalon

Lengthened stainless steel handles allow for greater control

The Beadalon 201A-011 Slim Chain Nose Pliers for Jewelry Making are lightweight pliers with a thinner tip than standard tools, making them perfect for precision work. The pliers' slim tip enables you to work in tight spaces without damaging the material you're trying to work with. The pliers' slim tip enables you to work in tight spaces without damaging the material you're trying to work with. The pliers have a straight nose, which is perfect for working with chains, but they're not ideal for wire work. The pliers are durable, and the handles are soft and comfortable to hold. The pliers measure 8 inches from tip to handle.

Beadalon Travel Kit, Chain, Round Nose Pliers, Cutter and Mini Bead Board, with Plastic Case Tools

Beadalon Travel Kit

by Beadalon

Country of Origin: China

Beadalon's chain, round nose pliers, and cutter pliers are well-made and perform well. The chain is particularly impressive, as its 8 feet of chain is long enough for most beading projects, and its smooth, polished finish makes it a pleasure to use. In addition, the cutter has an attractive, polished finish. The pliers have comfortable, ergonomic handles. The cutter has a simple, solid design; the pliers' design is more complex, with sharp, beveled edges and a pivot at the end of the handle. Both tools are built well, and they feel sturdy. The handle of the chain pliers is longer than that of the round nose pliers, and it offers better leverage. The chain cutter also grips the chain securely, and the blade is sharp. The plastic case is large and well-made, and it comes with a nice, soft microfiber cloth. The mini bead board is large and well-designed, with marked lines for dot-to-dot and line-to-line stitching. The mini bead board's lines are sharp, and they don't mar the beads. In addition, the bead board's notches are larger than those on bead boards in other kits, so its holes are bigger as well. The beads on the board are clearly labeled, and the holes are large enough to accommodate most round beads. The kit comes with plenty of beads, and it adds some nice variety to the kit. In addition, the kit includes tools and accessories that are useful for beaders of all levels of experience.


Beadalon's Econo Tool Kit is inexpensive, but it's a simple, no-frills set of tools that gets the job done. The plastic-dipped handles are comfortable, and the pliers and chain-nose pliers have comfortable, ergonomic grips. The needle-nose pliers don't grip as firmly as some of the other pliers we tested, but they do their job well. The chain-nose pliers are a little small for small, delicate tasks, but they should still work well for most wire crafting projects. The wire cutter is a utility tool that shouldn't be overlooked, since it's a small, inexpensive addition to your tool kit. The set comes with a leather pouch, which doubles as an organizer for your tools, and it's big enough to fit a full-sized set of jewelry making tools as well. The Econo Tool Kit is nice choice for wire crafters who already have some of the basic pliers and cutters, or who just need to replace a missing tool or two.

Beadalon Knot-A-Bead Tool, Blue

Beadalon Knot-A-Bead Tool

by Beadaholique

Ties knots against the bead for a professional looking jewelry

The Beadalon Knot-A-Bead Tool is an easy-to-use knotter, with the body of an ordinary pliers and the grip of a conventional beader. It has a large, flat, comfortable handle, and the body of this tool is U-shaped, making it easy to grip. The blade is sharp and strong, and the jaws have a slight curve, which makes it easier to bend the wire. The handle has 3 holes, which enables you to use 3 different sizes of beads. The knot is made using a single knot (either a half-knot or a reef knot) and a straight piece of wire. This knotter is very easy to use, and it enables you to create even, tight knots. The Beadalon Knot-A-Bead Tool has a sharp, strong blade, which makes it easy to cut through wire. The Knot-A-Bead Tool has 3 holes, which enables you to use 3 different sizes of beads. The handle has 3 holes, which enables you to use 3 different sizes of beads. The bead head is sharp and strong, and the jaws have a slight curve, which makes it easier to bend the wire.


The Beadalon Spin-n-Bead JR Bead Loader is a convenient, inexpensive way to load the Spin-n-Bead beads. The beads nest all on their own, so you don't need to manipulate them to get them in. The loader's design is also smart: the fast-moving (and less messy) drop mechanism raises and lowers the bead loader automatically. The loader holds 50 beads, and it holds them securely enough that you can pluck them out of the machine with one hand. The loader's handle is angled slightly downward, so it's easy to lift the loader up and out of the machine and load more beads. The loader also has a little lever that you can push to load a single bead. The lever is a little stiff, so you might have to press it a few times before it clicks into place. The Spin-n-Bead beads are small, and the loader can hold just 50 of them, but that's enough to hold several rows of beads. The loader works well for beaders of all ages and abilities.

Beadalon Tying Station Made from Acrylic with Extra Foam Attachment

Beadalon Tying Station Made from with Acrylic Extra Foam Attachment

by Beadalon

Really easy to use and comes with instructions

The Beadalon Tying Station is made from high-quality, BPA-free acrylic. It measures 19.5 by 6.5 by 1.5 inches and weighs 1.1 pounds. The acrylic is sturdy, and the edges are polished to avoid catching on clothing or hair. The acrylic is easy to clean: just wipe it clean with a damp cloth. The Beadalon Tying Station comes with an extra foam pad, so you can use a second pad to add extra padding to your design. The foam pad is lightweight and has a vinyl top, so it is easy to transport. The foam pad is scratch-resistant. The Beadalon Tying Station is easy to setup. The Beadalon Tying Station comes with a zipper bag, so you can store the foam pad and the Beadalon Tying Station protected. The Beadalon Tying Station is portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The Beadalon Tying Station comes with a 1-year warranty.


The Beadalon Acrylic Pliers Rack is a well-made, attractive tool storage solution, and its attractive acrylic construction makes it easy to locate your pliers when you need them. The rack is sturdy, and the large, clear acrylic surface makes it easy to quickly locate your pliers. The rack is 16.5 inches wide and 13 inches deep, so it provides plenty of room for your pliers. The acrylic is also transparent, so you can easily see which pliers are in which slots. The slots are large, so you can easily slide your pliers into the appropriate slots. The acrylic is thin, so it doesn't add much weight to your pliers. The pliers are organized by size, so you can easily find the pliers you need. The pliers also come with their own dividers, which make it easy to store your pliers in the pliers rack. The dividers also make it easy to store your pairs together. The pliers are easy to slide into the pliers rack, and the pliers rack is sturdy enough to hold your pliers securely. The pliers rack is inexpensive, and it's an attractive, well-made tool storage solution.

Beadalon Knotter Tool

Beadalon Knotter Tool

by Beadalon

Professional look

The Beadalon Knotter Tool is a bead restringing tool that's perfect for people who string their beads by hand. This tool is pricier than some competing models, but for the time required to string beads by hand, it's well worth it. This tool is very easy to use, and it's quick enough that you won't get bored. The Beadalon Knotter Tool has 32 nylon-coated, smooth-working wire loops that are evenly spaced, so all of your beads sit in the same position. The loops are made of stainless steel, so they won't get rusty. The Beadalon Knotter Tool includes three sizes of wire loops: 6 mm, 8 mm, and 10 mm. The 6 mm loop makes the restringing process much faster, while the 8 mm and 10 mm loops are useful for stringing beads that have a thicker stringing material. The loops are spaced 10 mm apart, so you won't impale your beads on them. The Beadalon Knotter Tool is very easy to use: simply unwrap the string from the end of the bead, slide the loop onto the string, and pull the knot through the loop. The Beadalon Knotter Tool also comes with a set of instructions and a bead restringing guide.

Beadalon 106A-120 Silk Thread, Variety Pack, Sizes 1x02, 2x04, 2X06, 2 Meters Each with Needle, White

Beadalon 106A-120 Silk Thread


Model Number: 106A-120

The Beadalon silk thread is, hands down, the best thread for beadweaving. It's made of 100% silk, so it glides through your beads easily and stays put without sliding. The thread is thin enough that it's easy to work with, but thick enough so it doesn't break so easily. It also is exceptionally strong. One of Beadalon's silk threads is so strong that it actually gave us trouble when we used it as a clothesline. We strung 60 beads across it, and when we pulled it, the beadweaving line bent back. Beadalon's silk thread is so strong that we used four extra strands of it to hold the beads in place. And, although Beadalon's silk thread is pricey, it's well worth it. The thread comes in a variety of colors, so it's easy to find the thread that matches your beads. Beadalon silk threads are also sold in 2, 4, and 6 meter lengths, so you can buy just one 2-meter spool or multiple spools of different lengths. Beadalon silk thread is available on Amazon, and it's available in a wide range of colors.


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