Top 10 Best 4 Wheel Hand Trucks
for February 2024

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For those who constantly move bulky items or engage in plenty of loading and unloading, 4 wheel hand trucks will hands down transform your operations. You might be asking why you need such an investment. These multi-wheeled innovations are not just tough and durable, but can readily carry heavy loads, making your work easier, more efficient and safer. Thus, the inconvenience and potential health risks linked with heavy lifting are simply replaced by the wheeling of weights with minimized effort.

In the world of 4 wheel hand trucks, the game-changer is undoubtedly the 'Convertible Hand Truck.' Wondering how to maximize its utility? Easily switch between 2 and 4 wheel configurations to suit the weight and nature of items you're moving or transporting. It can conveniently cater to diverse hauling needs - anything from household chores to business logistics.

We carefully considered a variety of hand trucks and the ones that particularly caught our attention are Harper Trucks PGDY8635P, Pyle Compact Folding Adjustable Equipment Cart, and Vergo Industrial AS7A2. These hand trucks stood out due to their sturdy build, load capacity, and versatile features. We've included them as they offer excellent value for your money and come highly recommended for their performance and durability.

Eager to find out more? Dive in and explore the complete collection of top 10 best 4 wheel hand trucks we've curated especially for your unique hauling needs.

Harper Trucks PGDY8635P 700 lb Capacity Glass Filled Nylon Convertible Hand Truck and Dolly with 10

Harper Trucks Convertible Hand Truck - 700 lb Capacity for Easy Transport

by Harper Trucks

Three position telescoping handle, built-in stair glides for easy moving up or down stairs and curbs. Requires easy assembly of wheels and base plate

We put Harper Trucks PGDY8635P 700 lb Capacity Hand Truck and Dolly on the top of our list because of its incredible capabilities and the convenience it brings. Its 700 lb cart capacity and rapid conversion from a 2 wheel dolly to a 4 wheel cart imply no task is too considerable for this versatile tool. You'll appreciate its adaptability in catering to your heavy-duty needs.

The impeccable blend of durability and lightweight design is what sets the Harper’s Hand Truck apart. Its glass filled Nylon plastic frame is corrosion-resistant, guaranteeing longevity. Its three-position telescoping handle assures easy manoeuvrability even on stairs or curbs. Your convenience and this tool's operational efficiency perfectly align in every task.

Pyle Compact Folding Adjustable Equipment Cart - Heavy Duty 8-in-1 Convertible Cart Hand Truck/Dolly/Platform Cart with R-Trac Wheels - Expandable Up to 25.24

Pyle Convertible Hand Truck - Heavy Duty 8-in-1 Cart for Easy Equipment Transport

by Pyle

COMPACT FOLDABLE: This moving dolly heavy duty convertible hand truck moving cart with wheels extends up to 25.24'' to 40.24'' which allows easy transportation of huge amounts of equipment and it also conveniently folds up for compact storage

The Pyle Compact Folding Adjustable Equipment Cart occupies the second spot in our rankings, and for good reason. The standout feature of this item is its impressive 8-in-1 design, ensuring a level of versatility that you will surely appreciate. It can shape-shift into different cart types, including a hand truck, dolly, platform cart, and utility cart, making it a multi-purpose tool for your convenience.

Coupled with R-Trac wheels that offer smooth precision in any direction and a maximum load capacity of 200lbs, this cart makes transporting heavy objects seem effortless. Not to forget, its heavy-duty textured, powder-coated steel construction promises durability for long-term use. In essence, the Pyle cart is a reliable companion that appreciates your heavy-lifting needs.

Vergo Industrial AS7A2 Aluminum Convertible Hand Truck Dolly Cart with Loop Handle 700 lbs Capacity (3 Positions, 53

Vergo Industrial Convertible Hand Truck - Durable Aluminum Dolly for Easy Transportation - 700 lbs Capacity

by Vergo Industrial

LOAD CAPACITY - Designed to carry various loads large or small quickly and efficiently all in one tool. Weight capacity in 2-wheel mode 500 lbs. Weight capacity for 4-wheel mode 700 lbs.

Our third spot is claimed by the Vergo Industrial AS7A2 Aluminum Convertible Hand Truck Dolly Cart. Its impressive functionality is rooted in its 3 in 1 convertible design. Crafted with a reinforced aluminum frame, it is both lighter and rust-resistant compared to steel alternatives. Your daunting tasks are made easier as you can switch between a 2-wheel hand truck, a 4-wheel platform cart, or a 4-wheel assisted mode.

The dolly cart is also a champ when it comes to balancing versatility and stability. With dimensions of 50 L x 12 W and a large nose plate, it can handle varied items whilst maintaining equilibrium. Its large 10" pneumatic wheels and 5" flat-free swivel caster wheels are a guarantee for smooth, shock-absorbent mobility. Its no-slip handle design ensures you're always in control during transit.

Safco Products Tuff Truck Convertible Utility Hand Truck | 400 lbs Capacity | Steel Frame | 8

Safco Tuff Truck Convertible Hand Truck - 400 lbs Capacity, Steel Frame, 8" Rubber Wheels

by Safco Products - Dropship Only

Carrying capacity up to 400 lbs. (2 wheels), 500 lbs. (4 wheels)

Among the impressive list of products that have recently caught MOOZ's attention, the Safco Tuff Truck Convertible Utility Hand Truck merits a unique spotlight. What we found particularly exciting is the product's incredible versatility. It stands out thanks to its ability to convert from a 2-wheel hand truck to a 4-wheel platform truck, a feature we haven't stumbled upon often.

Compared to the Vergo Industrial AS7A2 Aluminum Convertible Hand Truck, this Safco Tuff Truck comes with a solid steel frame as opposed to an aluminum one, adding to its sturdiness and giving it an upper hand in terms of durability. It also comes fitted with two 8" solid rubber wheels with ball bearings, contributing to its overall 400 lbs capacity. It certainly gives 'Vergo Industrial' a run for its money.

If you're someone who requires a heavy-duty, robust hand truck with an added essence of adaptability, this product could be the perfect fit for you. The utility hand truck would be especially beneficial for those involved in frequent heavy lifting such as warehouse workers or removalists. Safco’s Tuff Truck is sure to deliver on all fronts, making your heavy lifting tasks seem like a piece of cake thanks to its sturdy design and robust features.

LUCKYERMORE Convertible Hand Truck Dual Purpose 2 Wheel Dolly Cart and 4 Wheel Push Cart with Swivel Wheels 330 Lbs Capacity Heavy Duty Platform Cart for Moving/Warehouse/Garden/Grocery

LUCKYERMORE Convertible Hand Truck: Dual Purpose Dolly Cart and Push Cart for Heavy Duty Moving

by Lucky Tree

HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Made of sprayed metal,the platform cart with durable welded construction has high strength and not easy to deform.2 wheeled hand truck can hold 220lbs capacity and 4 wheeled platform truck can bear 330lbs capacity.

One feature of the LUCKYERMORE Convertible Hand Truck that stands out to us is its high quality wheels. This exceptional feature allows the truck to be used time and time again without experiencing any damage or deformation. Its smooth operation, regardless of load, is remarkable. If you've done a lot of moving in places such as a warehouse, garden, construction site, or an office, you'll definitely appreciate this aspect of the truck.

The convertible design of the LUCKYERMORE Hand Truck is another feature we really love. It is also the factor that gives it a valuable advantage over the Safco Products Tuff Truck. You can easily convert this truck from a standard two-wheeled hand truck to a four-wheeled platform truck, giving it extreme versatility for different environments. This multifunctionality can make your life much easier. However, its weight limit is lower than the Safco model, at a maximum of 330 lbs. So, if heavier loads are particularly important for your needs, you might want to take this into consideration.

American Lifting 700 lb Capacity Ultra Lightweight Super Strong Nylon Convertible Hand Truck & Dolly

American Lifting 700 lb Capacity Ultra Lightweight Strong Super Nylon Convertible Hand Truck & Dolly

by Shinn FU Company of America

NO MORE MULTIPLE TRIPS How Many Times Have You Been To The Hardware Store Or Nursery Gotten Home And Wished You Had A Cart Of Dolly Like What You Used To Haul Your Stuff To Your Car Or Truck? While This Is Not A Folding Cart It Is Still Convenient, Easy To Use And Store And Is Perfect For So Many Light To Midweight Jobs. It Is Portable, Easy To Use And Weighs 30% Less Than Steal While Providing Equal Strength Because Of Its Design

Our smart algorithms found the American Lifting 700 lb Capacity Hand Truck & Dolly an absolute game-changer, especially if you often struggle with heavy lifting. We simply love its ultra-lightweight yet strong construction, and this is why it made it to our shortlist.

Picture this: you're dealing with a massive 700-pound load. The stresses are unbearable - but not with this hand truck! It will handle loads up to 700 pounds effortlessly. Its glass-filled nylon plastic construction ensures an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. Plus, its nimble 10" pneumatic wheels handle steps and rough terrains with ease, making it perfect for construction jobsites or carting around heavier items at home. So, conquer your heavy lifting tasks with the American Lifting hand truck & dolly. It's a workhorse in a sleek package.

Cosco 12323ASB1E Handtruck, 4 in 1, Steel

Cosco 12323ASB1E Handtruck


Looped Handle: Provides maximum control, and makes it easy to maneuver

The Cosco Handtruck is a real standout in the market of heavy-duty hand trucks. What we love best about it is its quad-functionality. Not only can it operate as a 2-wheel hand truck but it can also change into a 4-wheel cart with ease. Its high load capacity of up to 1000 lb. as a 4-wheel cart and 800 lb. as a 2-wheel hand truck sets it apart from its competitors.

We believe it's folding toe plate for large loads and compact storage, along with never flat tires, give it great advantage over American Lifting's Hand Truck . Where the previous model boasted capacity only up to 700 lb, the Cosco Handtruck pushes the boundary offering a higher load capacity, a tremendous help for you in carrying heavy items. However, remember, with bigger capacity comes bigger weight.

This product is strongly recommended for people who engage in heavy-duty work, making their task easier and more efficient. It might be of particular benefit to warehouse workers, small business owners or movers who often need to haul hefty items. You can confidently rely on this versatile, sturdy Cosco Handtruck as your helping hand.

Cosco 3 in 1 Aluminium 992lb / 450kg Capacity Hand Truck with Flat-Free Wheels

CoscoProducts Cosco 3 in Aluminium 1 992lb

by Cosco

Ergonomic: design reduces the chance of injury, fatigue and muscle strain; Looped Handle: Provides maximum control and makes it easy to maneuver; Lightweight commercial grade aluminium; Durable steel construction

The Cosco 3 in 1 Aluminium Hand Truck is an absolute standout for its amazing, flat-free wheels feature. These heavy-duty 25cm wheels are robust, yet effortless to maneuver, making it a standout upgrade from the Cosco 4 in 1 Steel Handtruck. This game-changing feature enables you to move heavier loads with relative ease, without the worry of getting a flat tyre!

The 'Cosco Aluminium Hand Truck' is an ultimate workhorse. It has an impressive 450kg carrying capacity, and its ability to convert into different positions without using any tools or pins is genuinely revolutionary. Moreover, its foldable toe plate only adds to its practical usability, letting it handle larger loads and making storage more compact. For those of you who demand both versatility and durability, you will find the Cosco Aluminium Hand Truck a perfect fit for both home and office use.

Magline GMK16UA4 Gemini Jr Convertible Hand Truck, Pneumatic Wheels, 500 lbs Load Capacity, 51

Magliner Magline GMK16UA4 Gemini Convertible Jr Hand Truck

by Magline, Inc.

Modular design means no welds to break, all parts are replaceable for longer product life

Our algorithms have been thoroughly charmed by the Magline Jr Convertible Hand Truck. What they find incredibly fascinating is the truck's impressive capability to convert from 2 to 4 wheels within mere seconds. Intelligent design choices like this are bound to make life easier and we're certain you'd appreciate them too.

What you get here is a truck that offers enormous 500 lbs load capacity while being lightweight. It's designed in a way meant to reduce user fatigue and increase productivity. Its strong, lightweight construction piqued our interest and we trust it will serve you faithfully too. This product has a solid build, is dependable, and is particularly useful for those in roles that involve heavy-duty lifting and moving. For everyone who wants to increase their productivity and lessen the muscle strain, this convertible hand truck could be your ultimate ally. You'll be able to complete more tasks in less time, isn't that an enticing offer?


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