10 Best Air Purifiers with Photocatalytic Filters
for February 2024

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Hello there, dear reader! Allow MOOZ to help you uncover the enigmas of air purification. Clean air is not just a luxury, it's a necessity, especially if you suffer from allergies or have respiratory health concerns. That is where photocatalytic air purifiers step in. These innovative devices are great at eliminating even the minutest air pollutants, and we've ranked and reviewed the 10 best photocatalic air purifiers to help make your shopping less of a conundrum.

Fancy a quick sneak peek? Let's have a glance at the Ivation 5-in-1 HEPA Air Purifier & Ozone Generator, the Nuwave Air Purifier and the PURO²OXYGEN P500i Air Purifier. These beauties don't just clean your air; they reincarnate it! They boast advanced features such as HEPA and carbon filters, large room coverage and each come with their respectively unique selling points. So, why not leverage technology for better, healthier living? By the by, these darlings only give you a flavor of the full smorgasbord of options waiting to be explored.

Now that I've piqued your interest, scroll down the list and let’s get to the pièce de résistance - the Ivation 5-in-1 Air Purifier & Ozone Generator. This one is an embodiment of sheer intrigue as it strides further by including two UV lights in its arsenal. It's like having a mini-shield against odors from pets, smoke, food and more! It's right there, towards the end of the list. Take a gander; you won't be disappointed.

Ivation 5-in-1 HEPA Air Purifier & Ozone Generator, Ionizer & Deodorizer for Up to 3,700 Sq/Ft – Included HEPA, Carbon and Photocatalytic Filters, with UV Light and Negative Ion Generator

Ivation 5-in-1 HEPA Air & Purifier Ozone Generator

by Ivation
Customers Rating8.6
Easy to use9.8
Material quality9.5
Odor elimination9.8
Popularity & Sales9.8

EASY TO CLEAN & OPERATE Unit Features Beautiful Cherry Wood Exterior, Removable Fan Grill & Control Knobs to Adjust Ozonator & Ionizer/UV/Fan Speed

We moved the Ivation 5-in-1 Air Purifier & Ozone Generator to the top of our list for a handful of quintessential reasons. Imagine walking into your house greeted by the crispness of pure air, devoid of the inescapable daily odors and airborne irritants. This all-rounder Ivation cleaner has got you covered from all fronts, thanks to its impeccable combo of a Ozonator, HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Photocatalytic Filter and Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp. It's these five protective layers couching your living space that have earned it its spot.

"Ozone generator," you may ask. Quite so! This Ivation device is a powerful Ozone Generator that leaves behind nothing but a clean-smelling effect. Bid farewell to those unpleasant whiffs from smoke, pets, food or paint that often plague your indoors. It's the pioneering Negative Ion Technology that's been skipping the light fantastic on airborne contaminants leaving you with a positively comfortable breathing experience.

Nuwave Air Purifiers for Home Bedroom Up to 1130 Sq Ft, Portable Air Purifier with Air Quality Sensor, H13 True HEPA & Carbon Filter Captures Pet Hair Allergies Dust Smoke, 18dB, Energy Star Certified

Nuwave Air Purifiers for Home Up Bedroom to 1130 Sq Ft

by Nuwave
Customers Rating8.9
Easy to use9.8
Energy efficiency8.5
Odor elimination9.8
Sleep mode9.7

TRAVEL-FRIENDLY - This sleek, lightweight clean air solution blends seamlessly into any space; Its perfect for hotel rooms, small apartments, bedrooms & dorms; It is compact and even fits in most carry-on bags so you can enjoy fresh air anywhere you travel.

Our second pick on this list is the Nuwave Air Purifier, finding its way here mainly due to the potent tri-filtration system and its Energy Star Certification. Imagine being able to breathe healthier, allergy-free air in your room round the clock, all year round and it costs less than $10 in power costs! This titbit of smart technology carries a powerful, H13 true HEPA filter that effortlessly scrubs a room sized 1,130 sq ft, leaving nothing but fresh, clean air for your lungs.

You'd also find peace with the Smart Technology functional feature, which uses sensors to monitor and adjust fan speeds, ensuring optimal purification of your room always. An extraordinary added advantage, especially if you value undisturbed sleep, is the sauna like quiet operating mode. Enabling this guarantees a peaceful night's sleep in a serenely quiet room, with no annoying lights to perturb your dreams, all thanks to your new buddy the 'Nuwave Air Purifier'.

PURO²XYGEN P500i - Air Purifier with H13 HEPA Filter - Up to 1650 sq ft Large Room Air Purifier for Home - Air Cleaner for Pet Dander, Dust and Indoor Pollutants- WiFi Control, Child Lock


by Productech
Customers Rating9.8
Easy to use8.5
Material quality8.2
Noise level8.6
Odor elimination9.9
Sleep mode9.5

Seamless Ease of Use: Easily control your air cleaners for home through a Wi-Fi enabled app. Choose from a variety of modes, or switch the true hepa air purifier to Sleep Mode for noise-free air filtering.

We've listed the PURO²XYGEN P500i Air Purifier third on our roster, not because it lacks unique features, but because of intense competition. This machine impresses with an impeccable ability to purify air within large spaces, reaching up to 1650 sq ft in 3 hours. What you'd love, is its automated sensor technology, which reacts in real-time to even the tiniest air pollution, providing crisp air around your spaces.

A standout feature of this purifier is its four-stage air cleansing system, which uses a true HEPA filter that's adept at trapping particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. It's armed with bonus features too. Your child's safety is guaranteed with its child-lock feature, paired with an automated fan mode, filter health indicator, and an adjustable timer. A solid weapon against indoor pollutants! This nifty device also comes with a 1-year warranty, which commends your trust. Enjoy the novel experience of cleaner, fresher air in your home- think of it as an invisible shield against airborne antagonists.

Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier with Reusable 99% HEPA Grade Filter to 3 Microns, Captures 99% of Allergens, Dust, Pollen, Pet Dander, Mold Spores, 3 Speeds, Whisper Quiet, 160 sq ft, White

Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier with Reusable HEPA 99% Grade Filter to 3 Microns

by Hamilton Beach
Customers Rating8.3
Easy to clean9.8
Easy to use9.3
For deep cleaning8.8
Material quality9.3
Popularity & Sales8.9

Easy to Clean: Allergen Reducing Air Purifier Has a Permanent Hepa-Grade Filter That Easily Vacuums Clean

Our algorithms are thoroughly impressed by 'Hamilton Beach TrueAir Air Purifier'. This product stands out because of its 99% HEPA grade filter, an impressive feature that seamlessly captures up to 99% of pollutants, including pet dander, dust, pollen, and mold spores. It's like having your personal "air cleanliness" guardian making sure every breath you take is fresh and clean.

The TrueAir purifier offers versatile air care, designed to fit anywhere and positioned either vertically or horizontally. Its whisper-quiet operation is exactly what you need for a tranquil night's sleep or a disturbance-free workspace. The 'Whisper Clean' function adds an extra layer of convenience that most other purifiers fail to provide. And it's perfect for those who have allergies or just need cleaner air in spaces up to 160 sq ft. This product will be significantly beneficial to those who are sensitive to indoor allergens and dust or want to maintain a clean and fresh home or office environment.

BARAMI-5_black | Portable Car Air Purifier - Photocatalytic &HEAPA filter, Air Freshener for Car, Home, Bedroom, Office, Travel etc. | Pet Odor Eliminator | Removes PM2.5 Dust,Smoke,Car Odor


Battery life7.6
Customers Rating9.8
Easy to remove9.8
Easy to use9.5
Material quality7.5
Temperature Control7.5

Power supply type without the risk of battery explosion due to high temperature inside the vehicle.

As a result of our extensive algorithmic analysis, MOOZ has identified a strikingly fascinating feature of the BARAMI-5 Black Portable Car Air Purifier that piqued our interest. Aside from its main function as an air cleanser, it also operates as an incredible Pet Odor Eliminator. Envision yourself stepping into your vehicle after your beloved furry family member's trip to the dog park, only to be greeted by an unexpected wave of fresh air, making the space feel considerably more enjoyable than anticipated.

For pet lovers, this product could be a revolution. The fact that the purifier comprises a semi-permanent photocatalytic filter to eliminate fine dust and smell is another aspect that impressed us. The strong build, fashioned out of aluminum, signifies the durability of this product as well. Imagine being able to incessantly enjoy the crisp, pet-stench free environment in your car, without the worry of a short-lasting product. The BARAMI-5 Black, advocated by MOOZ, surely has the capability to elevate your driving experience to a whole new level.

Ivation 5-in-1 HEPA Air Purifier & Ozone Generator W/Digital Display Timer and Remote, Ionizer & Deodorizer 3,700 Sq/Ft – HEPA, Carbon and Photocatalytic Filters, UV Light and Negative Ion Generator

Ivation 5-in-1 HEPA Air Purifier & Generator Ozone W/Digital Display Timer and Remote

by Ivation
Easy to clean7.4
Easy to use9.3
Mounting system9.9
Odor elimination7.2
Safety Features7.2
Timer function8.3

EASY DIGITAL INTERFACE | Upgraded Design Includes LCD Display with Programmable Clock, Adjustable Fan Speed & Custom Ozone Timer| Neutralize Odors Caused by Cigarette Smoke, Paint, Pets, Food & Beyond

One of the things that instantly catches your eye about the Ivation 5-in-1 HEPA Air Purifier & Ozone Generator is its impressive 5-in-1 technology. This aircraft may be the genie of your desires if you're tired of the odours and contaminants affecting the quality of your indoor air. The Negative Ion Technology particularly stands out as a game-changer; it adds an extra electron to air particles, significantly reducing dust, pollen, and other allergens. It's an efficient way to refresh the room while also improving your mood.

For those who value cleanliness and breathe freely, this device is a revelation. The potent combination of the UV Germicidal Lamp and Natural Ozone Cleaning disinfects your room, eliminating mold, mildew, bacteria, and germs effectively. It produces an energizing clean smell that tickles your olfactory senses. Why do we recommend it? Quite simply, it delivers a superb indoor breathing experience. The Ivation air purifier is most beneficial for individuals with allergies or respiratory conditions, and those who wish to enhance the air quality in their large indoor spaces.

Pure Enrichment® PureZone™ Elite True HEPA Large Room Tower Air Purifier with Air Quality Monitor, 4 Stage Filtration and UV-C Light, Helps Destroy Bacteria, Smoke, Pollen & Dust (White)

Pure Enrichment® PureZone™ Elite True HEPA Large Tower Room Air Purifier with Air Quality Monitor

by Pure Enrichment
Customers Rating8.2
Easy to use9.4
Energy efficiency7.3
Light weight7.9
Material quality9.3
Tech Support9.7

ENERGY-EFFICIENT & EASY TO USE: PureZone Elite uses an air quality detection technology that automatically adjusts the three fan speed in real-time, keeping you informed with our color-coded light display. Our Energy Star rating uses less electricity while helping to protect the environment. Theres also a filter reset indicator that lets you know when its time to change the activated carbon pre-filter and medical-grade true HEPA filter.

Our MOOZ smart algorithms keenly observed one striking feature of the Pure Enrichment® PureZone™ Elite Air Purifier that stood out from the rest - its built-in UV-C light. We are intrigued by how this nifty little feature can potentially rid your home environment of up to 99.9% of nasty viruses and bacteria. We know how important cleanliness and safety are to you, especially in these uncertain times, and that’s why our algorithms have ranked this product highly.

Additionally, the PureZone Elite Air Purifier provides extra-large room coverage. A living room? A master bedroom? The kids' playroom? No worries. It even refreshes your designated space in minutes, thanks to its clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 120 CFM. So if you're looking for a product which goes the extra mile in providing clean air and protecting your loved ones, the Pure Enrichment® PureZone™ Elite Air Purifier is a splendid choice for both large families and pet owners.

Ivation 5-in-1 Air Purifier & Ozone Generator For Up to 3,500 Sq/Ft, Ionizer & Deodorizer – Included 2 UV Lights, Photo-Catalytic and Carbon Filters, Eliminates Odors from Pets, Smoke, Food & More

Ivation 5-in-1 Air Purifier & Generator Ozone For Up to 3

by Ivation
Easy to use8.1
Material quality8.7
Mounting system6.5
Odor elimination8.6
Timer function6.5

COMPACT DESIGN FOR STRESS-FREE TRAVEL | Be Free to Move Your Purifier From Room to Room, Home to Work, or Wherever You Go! | Slim Styling Allows for Easy Carrying & Discreet Operation on a Coffee Table or Counter | Perfect for Targeting Odors/Particles Caused by Cigarettes, Dogs, Cats, Fumes, Mold, Pollen & More

After a long day of work, you come home to a pleasant, soothing aura in your space. The Ivation 5-in-1 Air Purifier & Ozone Generator does a stellar job of ensuring just that. We reckon it had us at its automatic shutoff integrated timer feature. Imagine being able to dose off without having to worry about getting up to turn your device off. The device works like a charm up to 3,500 square feet, leaving your space not just clean but intoxicatingly fresh.

Furthermore, if you feel the need to have a natural, mood-boosting sensation after a thunderstorm in your space, then look no further. The device's built-in needle-point ionizer along with the ozone generation feature comes to the rescue. Not just that, the purifying fan along with its multi-level filtration gives you the convenience of staying in the room while it purifies it. For a powerfully clean and breathable setting, we definitely recommend this gem. This product will be most useful for individuals with a large living space or businesses with extensive premises that need regular, comprehensive air purification.


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