Top 10 Baseus Cell Phone Earbuds
for February 2024

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Tired of tangled cables and poor sound quality? Bask in the magic of wireless earbuds. Specifically, the Baseus Cell Phone Earbuds. This exquisite breed of earbuds dishes out the perfect blend of style, performance, and convenience. Whether you're aiming to enjoy crystal-clear phone calls or immerse in the freedom of wireless music, these earbuds got your back. No more wrestles with tangling wires or struggles with sub-par sound quality. It solves these common problems, setting the pace for a seamless, premium audio experience.

The Baseus Cell Phone Earbuds are simple yet stylish, small yet powerful. However, choosing the right one that caters to all your needs can be slightly tricky. Worry no more. This guide walks you through the fundamentals of choosing the best Baseus earbuds. From checking the battery life to confirming the quality of sound, this guide puts you in charge of your purchase and helps you make an informed decision.

Our top three picks are Baseus Wireless Earbuds Noise Cancelling 4 Mic, Baseus Wireless Earbuds, 140H Playback -48dB, and Baseus Wireless Earbuds, 50 Hrs Playback. Undoubtedly, these gems captured MOOZ's attention for their outstanding performance, longevity, and style. From the rave customer reviews to exciting features like fast charging and active noise cancelling, these earbuds have what it takes to rank top on the charts. If you're on the quest to discover superior aural experiences, treating yourself to one or all of these would be a wise decision.

But there's more! Dive deep into the all-inclusive 'Top 10 Baseus Cell Phone Earbuds' listicle to view and assess all our top picks suited to your style and preferences.

Wireless Earbuds Noise Cancelling 4 Mic Clear Call Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Charging Case LED Display Lightweight Stereo Earphones in Ear Buds 32H Playtime for iPhone Android Cell Phones Sport TV

Baseus Cell Phone Earbuds: Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones for iPhone and Android with Clear Calls and Long Battery Life

by Votlik
Easy to use8.9
Popularity & Sales9.8
Screen quality8.8
Sound quality9.6
Tech Support9.6

Lightweight & Comfortable To WearThe Bluetooth wireless headset is very lightweight, weighing only 2.1 ounces, and the charging case is compact at 2.54 x 2.54 x 1.3 inches, making it easy to carry in your pocket or bag without taking up much space. The wireless bluetooth earpieces come with three different sizes of silicone earplugs, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. They can be paired with a variety of devices, compatible with smart phones, ipad and TV,etc.

The Wireless Earbuds Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones is your perfect auditory companion, landing at the top of our list due to their outstanding sound quality and exceptional noise-cancelling feature. The 4 Mic HD call system ensures the clarity of your calls while the earphones offer a captivating stereo sound. Whether you're combating noisy environments or just enjoying quality music, these earbuds have got you covered.

Additionally, the intuitive LED power display keeps you informed about the power status at a glance. Coupled with the impressive 32 hours total playtime, your music never stops. The earbuds boast a seamless connection process and two convenient charging methods, USB C and wireless charging. Designed for all kinds of activities, touch control and an IPX5 sweat resistance rating make these earbuds perfect for your workouts, commutes or casual drives. In the saturated market of earbuds, this pair truly stands out.

Baseus Wireless Earbuds, 140H Playback -48dB Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth 5.3 Earbuds with IPX6 Waterproof 4 ENC Mics 0.038s Low Latency Fast Charge Ear Buds for Android iOS - Bowie MA10

Baseus Cell Phone Earbuds - Wireless, ANC, Waterproof, Fast Charging - Bowie MA10

by Shenzhen Baseus Technology CO., Ltd.
Bass quality9.8
Bluetooth connectivity8.7
Picture quality9.6
Popularity & Sales9.8
Sound quality9.7
Voice Recognition9.6

[ & , ] With an IPX6 rating, this wireless earbuds are resistant to sweat, water and rain. Baseus Bowie MA10 fits snug and secure in ears for extended time without causing pain, and comes with 3 sizes (S,M,L) of ear tips and ear hooks to find the best pair for your comfort.

The Baseus Wireless Earbuds landed a deserving second spot on our recommendation list. As noted by renowned Oscar-winning composer, Chad Cannon, the standout feature of these earbuds is a superb sound quality that makes pop music sound phenomenal. Additionally, the earbuds are equipped with cutting-edge doubly-fed active noise cancelling technology that cancels 95% of ambient noise, making them an excellent choice if you're keen on immersing yourself in music without distraction.

In the second place, these earbuds stand out for their extraordinary battery life, providing up to 140 hours of total playback time with the charging case. Notably, efficiency and convenience also feature prominently, courtesy of the new bluetooth 5.3 chipset that ensures a quick and stable connection. There's also a smart connection technology that lets you switch seamlessly between devices. The Baseus MA10 simply has everything that elevates your music listening experience.

Baseus Wireless Earbuds, 50 Hrs Playback Bluetooth 5.3 Anti-Loss Bluetooth Headphones LED Power Display 60ms Low-Latency Fast-Charging in-Ear Earphone for iPhone and Android (Bowie WM02+)

Baseus Cell Phone Earbuds: 50 Hrs Playback, Bluetooth 5.3, Fast Charging, for iPhone and Android

by Shenzhen Baseus Technology Co., Ltd.
Bass quality9.5
Picture quality8.3
Popularity & Sales9.3
Screen quality9.9
Sound quality9.2
Tech Support8.1

Extraordinary Sound Quality - 3 kinds of premium materials: High molecular composite diaphragm, ultra-light coil, and neodymium magnets, contribute to the outstanding frequency response on all audio spectrum.

Our third pick, the Baseus Wireless Earbuds, stands out due to its remarkable 50 hours of playback time and handy LED power display. Imagine, you can enjoy your favorite tunes all day long or even on long-haul flights without worrying about battery life! Also, the LED display acts as a low battery warning preventing any sudden music interruptions.

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 Anti-Loss technology and ultra-low latency of just 60ms, these earbuds are specifically crafted to enhance your gaming experience. Plus, with fast-charging capabilities, even a quick 10-minute charge offers you 2 hours of playtime. It's like Baseus understands your on-the-go lifestyle perfectly.

Baseus Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds with Make-up Mirror, Up to 90% Noise Cancelling, 3D Spatial Audio, Bluetooth 5.3, App Customized, Lightweight Wireless Earbuds for Women - Airnora 2

Baseus Airnora 2: Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds for Women's Cell Phones

by Shenzhen Baseus Technology CO., Ltd.
Bluetooth connectivity9.4
Charging power8.8
Customers Rating8.2
Noise cancellation8.9
Popularity & Sales9.7
Sound quality9.5

Flawless Connection via Bluetooth 5.3 Featuring the newest bluetooth 5.3 chipset, AirNora2 wireless earbuds provides you a stable and seamless listening experience free of connection issues. With Baseus Smart-Connect technology, you can seamlessly switch from 2 devices without pairing hassle.

The Baseus Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds, otherwise known as the Airnora 2, are a big step up from the Bowie WM02+. These earbuds stand out for their superb noise cancelling feature, which cancels out up to 90% of ambient noise. This advanced technology in these earbuds allows you to fully immerse yourself in your music or podcast, without getting disrupted by the noisy world around you.

Compared to the Bowie WM02+, the Airnora 2 plays a huge advantage with a rapid charge technology that ensures you can fully recharge them in a single hour for 30 hours of playtime. Where the Bowie WM02+ falls short on playtime, the Airnora 2 offers a significantly longer battery life. These earbuds are ideal for women and their lightweight design ensures a secure and comfortable fit. With the Airnora 2, you are truly getting a superior product.

TAGRY Bluetooth Headphones True Wireless Earbuds 60H Playback LED Power Display Earphones with Wireless Charging Case IPX5 Waterproof in-Ear Earbuds with Mic for TV Smart Phone Computer Laptop Sports

Baseus Wireless Earbuds: True Wireless Earphones with 60H Playback and LED Power Display for Cell Phones

Customers Rating9.3
Easy to use9.5
Popularity & Sales9.8
Screen quality7.4
Tech Support8.1

Superior Clear Call and Immersive Stereo Sound: These music earphones with 13mm speakers and triple-layer composite diaphragms provide powerful bass, stunning treble and clear mids. These earbuds are designed for sound and music lovers. It can support the mono mode and twin stereo mode, you can share the earbuds with your friends and families. Each earbud has a build-in microphone for phone calls. CVC noise reduction can make others hear your voice very clearly while phone calls.

One of the coolest features of the TAGRY Bluetooth Headphones that caught our interest is the LED power display for the charging case and earbuds. This unique attribute allows you to monitor the power level, ensuring you're never caught off guard with a dead battery. What's more, these earbuds offer a whopping 60 hours of total playback time, outlasting the Airnora 2 by a notable margin.

If you're the type who likes to have control at your fingertips, the TAGRY earbuds offer precise touch control functionality for various phone operations, such as music switch, volume adjustment, and phone calls. Compared to the Airnora 2, the TAGRY headphones do not offer active noise cancelling nor Bluetooth 5.3. However, their wireless charging capability and IPX5 waterproof rating make them an excellent choice for you if you enjoy sports or other physical activities where you might work up a sweat, or for those who simply love the convenience of wireless charging.

Wireless Earbuds, 2023 Bluetooth 5.3 Headphones HiFi Stereo, 40H Playtime in-Ear Earbud, Bluetooth Earbuds with LED Power Display, IP7 Waterproof Wireless Earphones Sport Headset for Android iOS

Baseus Wireless Earbuds: HiFi Stereo Bluetooth 5.3 Headphones with 40H Playtime, IP7 Waterproof for Android iOS

by Csasan
Battery life7.3
Bluetooth connectivity7.8
Easy to use9.5
Moisture wicking8.7
Popularity & Sales9.4
Sound quality7.5

Touch Control and Ergonomic Design: J90 Pro wireless earbuds bluetooth are equipped with sensitive touch control panels on both the left and right earbuds, allowing for flexible control of music playback, answering or rejecting calls, adjusting the volume, switching music etc. Wireless earbud also come with 3 different sizes of ear tips (S/M/L) and a unique earplug design that disperses pressure and ensures a comfortable fit, allowing you to safely enjoy your own music without any discomfort.

With its advanced Bluetooth 5.3 technology and swift auto-pairing feature, the 2023 Stereo Earbuds have charmed our smart algorithms. What catches our attention is its robust sound quality combined with ENC noise cancellation feature, producing a classic, immersive audio experience. You're sure to enjoy speedy transfers and unbroken connections, adding up to a truly wireless freedom.

The IP7 waterproof rating, compatibility, and a massive 40H of playtime makes it an ideal companion for your active lifestyle. The active, sport-loving individuals who never compromise with sound quality will love this. The bonus feature? A nifty LED power display, so you'll always know when it's time to power up. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of your lifestyle with the 2023 Stereo Wireless Earbuds.

Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth V5.3 Headphones 50H Playback Deep Bass Stereo Ear Buds with LED Power Display Charging Case IPX7 Waterproof Earphones with Mic Headset for Laptop Pad Android/iOS Phones

Baseus Cell Phone Earbuds: Wireless Bluetooth Ear Buds with 50H Playback, Deep Bass, and Waterproof. Ideal for Android/iOS Phones

Battery life8.8
Bluetooth connectivity8.1
Easy to use7.4
Picture quality7.2
Screen quality9.4
Sound quality8.4

Comfortable to Wear: According to a large number of ergonomic simulation tests and ear canal research, multiple parts are carefully designed, and the curvature of the earbud is the same as the surface of the human ear, which is suitable for most people's ear canal and will not feel uncomfortable for long-term wearing. The wireless headphones come with 3 (S/M/L) size ear tips to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

One standout feature of these Bluetooth V5.3 Headphones is their impressive 50-hour playback time. This edge in battery life gives them a substantial advantage over the 2023 Bluetooth 5.3 Headphones that clock in just 40 hours. You will appreciate the continuous uninterrupted entertainment, whether you're on an epic road trip or a long flight.

Moreover, you will love the earbuds' auto quick pairing feature and the dual-LED power display that keeps you aware of the charging status all the time. However, these earbuds may not be the best choice for swimming due to their IPX7 rating. This pair of earbuds is most suitable for travellers, gym enthusiasts, or simply for those who need an immersive and prolonged music experience. Choose these Bluetooth V5.3 Headphones and prepare for a wireless audio experience that far exceeds expectation.

TAGRY Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones 120H Playtime IPX7 Waterproof Ear Buds Power Display Earphones with Mic and 2600mAh Charging Case for Sports Laptop TV Computer Phone Gaming

Baseus Cell Phone Earbuds - Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with 120H Playtime for Sports and Gaming

Bass quality7.8
Easy to use7.6
Picture quality8.2
Popularity & Sales7.9
Sound quality9.9

HD Stereo Audio and Easy Operation:With 10mm speakers and the latest chips, our X18 bluetooth headphones can deliver powerful bass, clear mids, and bright treble that can immerse you into music. With smart touch control, you can easily control play/pause, skip to previous/next track, adjust volume, answer/end calls, enable voice assistance, and more. This makes it very easy to control music and video playback via these wireless bluetooth earbuds.

The TAGRY wireless earbuds are a standout in our list. We are particularly impressed by its 120H playtime powered by a 2600mAh charging case. Imagine enjoying endless hours of pure listening delight, be for work or pleasure. The IPX7 waterproof feature is another practical gold star, perfectly defending against sweat or any unforeseen accidents.

This product is especially beneficial for frequent travelers, sports enthusiasts, and long-hour music listeners. The earbud's automatic connection and the comfort provided by secure wingtips add to its overall superiority. With TAGRY wireless earbuds, your music needs are well-covered.

Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.3 Earbuds Crystal-Clear Calls with 4 Mic 36H Playtime, Premium Sound Bluetooth Headphones IPX7 Waterproof Earphones for Sports and Working Ear Buds for Android iOS

Baseus Cell Phone Earbuds: Crystal-Clear Calls, 36H Playtime, Waterproof for Sports and Work

by Shenzhen Beatime Technology Co. Ltd
Battery life7.9
Bluetooth connectivity6.2
Material quality6.6
Noise cancellation8.6
Popularity & Sales7.1
Sound quality7.5

Bluetooth 5.3 & IPX7 Waterproof - Featuring advanced Bluetooth 5.3 Technology, wireless earbuds significantly improve transmission speed and provide you with a low-latency listening experience. Bluetooth earbuds boast IPX7-rated protection, Sweat-and-weather-resistant earbuds are made with a precision-designed case to protect splashproof when you're doing the gym or running outside.

Our smart algorithms flagged the 'Wireless Earbuds' for their impressive sound quality made possible by the 13mm drivers. These earbuds provide a detailed soundstage, beautifully reproducing bass, mids, and highs.

You'll love the incredible battery life. With up to 8 hours of playtime on a single charge extended to a whopping 36 hours with the charging case, you won't run out of battery mid-song. A mere 5 minutes in the charging case gives up to 1.5 hours of music.

Our top pick for those balancing work and play, these earbuds feature 4 MIC Environment Noise Cancellation technology. It's perfect for busy commuters, sports enthusiasts, and professionals working in noisy environments.

Wireless Earbuds, Headphones Wireless Bluetooth 5.3 Ear Buds, Wireless Headphones with Mic, 36H Playtime Noise Canceling Headphones with LED Display, IP7 Waterproof Earphones for Android IOS, Black

Baseus Wireless Earbuds - Wireless Bluetooth 5.3 with Mic, 36H Playtime, IP7 Waterproof (Black)

by xinwld
Battery life7.2
Bluetooth connectivity6.8
Easy to use7.9
Screen quality6.2
Sound quality6.3
Tech Support8.1

Ergonomic Design and Lightweight: To ensure a secure fit and long-lasting comfort, headphones with microphone come with three different sizes of ear tips, making them suitable for most ear canals. They are perfect for workouts, work, providing a secure fit without easily falling out. The headphones wireless are lightweight, allowing you to wear them without even feeling their presence and enjoy the freedom of movement throughout the day. The case is made of smooth and easy-to-clean material.

This product, a Wireless Bluetooth 5.3 Ear Buds model, tops our list because of its impressive playtime capacity. MOOZ discovered it provides 36 hours of playtime, outstripping the previously listed Bluetooth 5.3 Earbuds which only provided 24 hours. This advantage of additional playtime can make a significant difference for users who require extended periods of wireless listening.

Another stand-out feature is the LED power display. This real-time monitoring of battery life not only trumps the aesthetic of the digital display in the previous model but also offers practicality by ensuring you're never caught off guard by a drained battery.

This device is ideally suited for individuals who demand long hours of use from their earbuds such as gamers, long-distance travellers, or telecommuters who spend hours on calls. Additionally, they come equipped with IP7 waterproofing and latest noise cancellation technology, enhancing their durability and sound quality, respectively.


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