Top 10 Blood Glucose Monitors for Cats
for September 2023

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We get it, your furry companion is more than just a pet - they're family. That's why keeping track of their health, including their blood glucose levels, is so important. Managing diabetes in pets can be a daunting task, but fret not. We are here with the top 10 blood glucose monitors for cats, meticulously reviewed and ranked by MOOZ. Utilising high-level smart algorithms, our primary goal is to simplify your shopping experience and help you find the best products in no time at all.

Among the plethora of options available, three stand-out products catch the eye. First is the AlphaTRAK 3 Test Strips, renowned for its accuracy and user-friendly nature. Then comes the all-inclusive AlphaTRAK 8 Piece Monitoring Kit, offering everything you need in one compact package. Lastly, we have the iPet PRO Monitoring System, designed explicitly for dogs & cats; it's a system that both you and your pet will appreciate. These products are fascinating due to their high precision, ease of use, and rave reviews from satisfied pet parents.

But wait, the shopping journey doesn't end here! Have a look at every product on the list because lurking at the end is an impressive product, the aptly named Cera-Pet Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit. This advanced, switchable kit (mg/dL or mmol/L) brings with it a hoard of pet, and vet diabetic supplies, becoming a preferred choice for maintaining your cat's health. With everything you need for monitoring, it is undoubtedly one of the best out there.

AlphaTRAK 3 Test Strips for Use 3 Blood Glucose Monitoring System for Cats and Dogs, 50 Test Strips

AlphaTRAK 3 Test Strips: Blood Glucose Monitor for Cats and Dogs (50strips)

by Zoetis
Easy to use9.6
Material quality9.9
Odor elimination9.9
Popularity & Sales9.6

NEW intuitive strip design helps facilitate an easier, more direct collection of blood sample for testing

Why was the AlphaTRAK test strips our first choice? It all stems from the unique specificity. Designed solely for cats and dogs, these AlphaTRAK 3 Test Strips are an ingenious tool for blood glucose monitoring. With this product, you do not have to dread lengthy procedures. The requirement is just a tiny droplet of blood (0.3uL) for speedy and precise outcomes.

What sets AlphaTRAK apart is not just its exceptional precision. This product sports the prime endorsement as the #1 vet recommended brand for blood glucose monitoring in clinics. As a user, have assurance in your pet's care routine with 50 test strips in every vial. These are all perks by which the AlphaTRAK stands head and shoulders above the rest in your pet health care regime.

AlphaTRAK 3, 8 Piece Pet Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit for Diabetic Cats and Dogs, All-in-One Solution for in-Clinic Or at Home, with Digital Results

AlphaTRAK 3 - Pet Blood Glucose Monitor for Diabetic Cats and Dogs, Easy and Accurate Monitoring

by Zoetis
Easy to use8.8
Material quality9.6
Odor elimination9.9
Popularity & Sales8.7

The user guide includes an easy to follow process to test your pets blood sugar levels with only a droplet (0.3uL) of blood and instructions on how to set up set up your monitor and understanding results

MOOZ slipped the AlphaTRAK 3 Pet Blood Glucose Kit into the second spot - not because it fell short - but it was nudged by a rival product with just a pinch more punch. Primarily, what snatched our attention is the thoughtfully bundled kit, accommodating just about every tool needed for efficient blood glucose monitoring in a diabetic dog or cat. With an array of accessories from test strips to a users guide, this all-inclusive kit promises to be a reliable companion in managing your pet's diabetes.

Diving deeper, you discern that the AlphaTRAK offers digital results within an extended range of 20-750 mg/dL. Yet, its distinguishing feature is undeniably the AlphaTRAK Mobile App. It opens up a world where you can not only graph and review glucose levels but share them with your vet, record daily activities, and even set reminders. In short, this product extends beyond just a device—it’s a whole support system dedicated to your furry friend's health.

iPet PRO Blood Glucose Monitoring System Designed for Dogs & Cats| Includes Meter, 2 AA Batteries, User Guide, Log Book, 25 Test Strips, Control Solution, Lancing Device, 30 28G Lancets, Carrying Case

iPet PRO Blood Glucose Monitor for Cats & Dogs | Complete Kit with Test Strips and Carrying Case

by UltiCare
Easy to use9.6
Material quality9.5
Noise level8.6
Popularity & Sales8.9

25+ YEARS OF CARE: UltiCare continues to create products and medicines designed with care in mind.

Third on our list is the iPet PRO Blood Glucose Monitoring System – a tailored healthcare tool for your beloved pets. Particularly designed for dogs and cats suffering from diabetes, this system is an all-inclusive kit making home care smooth sailing. We ranked this product third due to its high level of accuracy which surpasses ISO 15197:2013 standards and simplicity of usage – delivering results in just five seconds allowing you to monitor your pet's glucose levels when they're relaxed and following their regular routine.

With the iPet Pro, you can avoid those sudden, frantic visits to your vet. The kit includes everything you'd need - meter, test strips, lancing device, and more. The added bonus of a high-quality carrying case means you can keep your pet’s health in check anywhere. Remarkable, isn't it? Pack up this system in your bag and let your cherished friend enjoy life, while you confidently handle their health concerns. It’s among the best out there for your pet's endearing companionship.

CheckUp Glucose Urine Testing Strips for Cats and Dogs - Detection of Glucose Levels x 50

Cat and Dog Glucose Urine Testing Strips - Monitor Blood Sugar Levels (50-count)

Easy to use9.2
Material quality9.7
Noise level8.5
Popularity & Sales8.8

Simple, Easy and Accurate, results in 30 Seconds. Very easy to read and give you a measured visual result of what is happening with various indicators for conditions your pet might have. These pet testing strips will enable you to reduce the need to have to frequently go to the Vet for labs tests

What first catches our attention about the CheckUp Glucose Urine Test Strips is the impressive multi-lingual packaging. For pet owners who are non-native English speakers, this proves to be exceptionally helpful. The pack provides instructions in English, French, and German!

We recommend these strips because of the reliability of the results. They're perfect for regularly monitoring your pet's health, specifically detecting any abnormal levels of glucose in their urine. With the simplicity of color-coded results, you can easily interpret the findings and take prompt action. These test strips are beneficial for those who own a cat or dog, especially senior pets or those with a history of health issues. These strips empower you, as a pet owner, to proactively manage your pet's health!

Pet Control HQ Blood Sugar Glucose Monitor System - Cat and Dog Glucose Monitoring Kit - Accurate Diabetes Testing 2 Calibrated Code-Chips, Lancets, Logbook - Monitor + 50 Test Strips

Pet Control HQ Cat Glucose Monitor Kit - Accurate Diabetes Testing with 50 Test Strips

by Pet Control HQ
Easy to use9.4
Material quality7.9
Noise level8.4

Easy for home lab-accurate testing: This diabetes testing kit lets you easily and precisely monitor blood sugar in the comfort of your home. With these diabetic supplies, youll enjoy peace of mind and stay on top of your pets diabetes to keep them safe and healthy. Pet Control HQ glucometer requires a small blood sample (only 0.6L) which makes blood sugar testing as painless and stress-free as possible

MOOZ has spotted a life-saving gadget that's taking the pet care industry by storm. Step into the world of advanced pet health care with Pet Control HQ's Blood Sugar Glucose Monitor System. It caught our algorithmic eye due to its accurate diabetes testing feature implements for both cats and dogs, a rarity in today's market. Your pet's wellbeing is no longer a guessing game with instant 10-second test results and easy one-button operation.

The Pet Control HQ kit could be a godsend to those already managing diabetic pets or anyone with aging furry friends. It's easy to use, offers fast and accurate readings with its 2-calibrated premium GDH enzyme collaborating test strips. Plus, the added bonus is the data-tracking logbook which makes keeping track of your pet's glucose levels smooth sailing. It's an excellent tool to empower pet parents and keep their beloved companions in the pink of health.

URIT Pet Blood Glucose Meter for Dog Cat with 50 Test Strips, Blood Suger Monitor Kit,Blood Glucose Monitoring System for Dog/Cat Diabetes.

URIT Pet Blood Glucose Monitor for Cats - Accurate System for Monitoring Feline Diabetes

Easy to use9.7
Material quality9.3
Odor elimination9.6
Popularity & Sales8.8

Cost-Effective - Focus on R&D allowed us to reduce the cost of the test strips. That can make pets have lasting health while reducing the burden on the family.

We love the way URIT Pet Blood Glucose Meter prioritizes your pet's health. This gadget is fascinating to our tech-savvy team as it unambiguously targets dog and cat diabetes monitoring, a niche that's often overlooked. Its stored data capability allows you to track your pet's blood glucose over time, providing vital insights into their health conditions. Its professional technology also made it a hit in pet clinics. The superfast and precise readings is another feather in the cap. So, snuggle up with your favourite furball and let URIT ensure their well-being.

PetTest Painless Glucose Monitoring System | Blood Sugar Check Kit for Dogs & Cats - Mega Value - Full Kit Includes Genteel Lancing Device, Lancets, Test Strips, Glucose Meter | Diabetic Supplies

Painless Glucose Monitoring System for Cats - PetTest Kit - Complete Diabetic Supplies

by Advocate Pharma Supply
Easy to use9.3
Material quality9.3
Odor elimination8.1
Popularity & Sales9.6

Fast, Dependable Results Every Time: Was your dog or cat recently diagnosed? A reliable blood testing kit can make a big difference in getting comfortable with the new routine. Your all-inclusive diabetic dog & cat supplies from Pet Test make the process safe & easy, and we offer 24-7 customer service if questions arise. Each system comes with the Genteel lancer & tips, 50 lancets & sealed test strips, a blood glucose meter with batteries, control solution, instructions, and a helpful case.

Pain-free pet care - that’s the standout feature the MOOZ team discerned in the PetTest Glucose monitoring system. Intriguing, isn’t it? And it's not just a sales gimmick - it is something tangible. Imagine the relief of knowing that monitoring your pet's blood sugar doesn't have to be traumatic. The kit includes a Genteel lancing device designed to only puncture the skin without reaching painful nerve endings. That's a game-changer, we dare say!

Catering to pet owners, especially those dealing with pet diabetes, is this portable and easy-to-use kit. For traveling pet parents this device becomes a compact lifesaver. Individual foil-wrapped test strips ensure accuracy and one-button switches make it suitable for different animals. And yes, there's a phone app to keep those records organized. With the PetTest Glucose monitoring system, caring for your pet, diabetic or otherwise, just got a lot easier.


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