The Best Gaming Headphones of 2021 - 10 Perfect Choices Tested

The Best Gaming Headphones of 2021 - 10 Perfect Choices Tested

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The gaming industry in the current age is experiencing the peak of popularity. Almost every company considers its duty to release a device belonging to the game class. So even among laptops, designed primarily for “mobile work,” appeared game-oriented devices. Manufacturers are not to blame for the fact that the current generation of gamers cannot imagine their life without a gaming mouse, keyboard, and headphones. The latter will be discussed in the article.

Gaming headset which firm to choose

Gaming headphones or headsets? These two types of devices are the same, but headphones are primarily designed for listening to music and watching movies. The headset is equipped with a microphone and additional buttons, with which you can negotiate in games, as well as carry out many pre-programmed actions. Thus, it is more correct to call the heroes of our article “gaming headsets.”

The market of headphones is quite large, and there are devices of different configurations. But combine the whole class of gaming headsets functions and options that each model should have.

So good headphones should have the following criteria:

high-quality sound, with which you can recognize not only the steps of a suitable opponent but also echoes behind the wall. As a rule, in the top headphones, there is support for surround sound 5.1 or 7.1.

Convenience of wearing the entire class of gaming headphones is represented by full-size headsets with a headband and large ear pads. It is on their quality and will depend on how much you can sit in headphones without a break.

Thus, choosing a headset for games, you need to pay attention to both the usability and the quality of the sound. All other performs and chips of this or that headset - on the amateur.

The lion's share of gaming headsets is equipped with a high-quality microphone for voice chat inside games. But if you do not play online, this option is not required. As for the additional controls and buttons, often developers weigh up a cup of headphones with a large number of keys. However, they are rarely used in games PC gamers who have mice with a function block and gaming keyboards with additional keys.

The sound controller on the headset may be useful in combat, but almost all generation of new games have the function of automatic volume adjustment, which in the end “makes the player forget” about this option.

But the wireless headsets for games should be forgotten once and for all. Despite the dominance of wireless technologies, the development of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interfaces, players still treat this kind of devices with rejection. All the fault of the presence in them weak battery, and as a result discharge of the battery at the most inopportune moment. And the delay in data transmission via “air” is significantly higher than in wired analogs.

As a rule, all gaming headsets are connected to the computer via a USB cable, but many models use the old proven method — a double 3.5 mm mini-jack — microphone + headphones.

But, despite the quality and functionality of these or those headsets, the user, first of all, repels from the “thickness of his wallet”. How much are you willing to give for headphones of gaming class? By definition, a quality game headset cannot be cheap. But everyone can touch the class of gaming devices. We have selected for you 8 gaming headsets to fit your budget.

A4tech HS-100 Stereo Gaming Headset

A4tech HS-100 is one of the best headphones in the initial price segment. In fact, it is one of the cheapest and high-quality headsets on the market. For a small cost, the user receives full-size headphones with a microphone with an excellent sensitivity of 97 dB. The headboard has metal guides in which wires are hidden, so the headset is comfortable to adjust and wear-resistant. Additional features include a sound controller on the wiring, as well as a “hanger” for the monitor complete with the headset. Of course, the quality of sound in this model cannot compete with that of the top gaming headsets, but it is enough for game battles. Connection to the computer is carried out through two 3.5 millimeters mini-jacks. For many gamers who prefer to play on a laptop with a single hybrid input, this headset may not be suitable. However, wanting more from a device with such a price is not serious.

Defender Warhead HN-G170

Defender Warhead HN-G170 represents the ultra-budget headset class. Judging by the name, the manufacturer positions his device as a gaming device, but neither appearance nor functionality speaks about it. But this does not prevent the use of headphones in games. The frequency range is quite high for a headset with this cost of 20-28000 Hz. In this case, the headphones have a sensitive microphone and a sound controller. In general, headphones are suitable for any gamer due to its sliding design. The quality of ear pads is at a decent level; however, the sound is quite consistent with its price category — weak, without highlighting bass. Like the A4Tech HS-100, they connect to a PC using two mini-jacks.

A4-Tech Bloody G501-7.1

A4Tech Bloody G501 is an interesting functional model from A4Tech with a low price for this class of devices. Connection to the PC is carried out using a USB interface, which eliminates the possibility of using the headset in a smartphone or a player. High-quality sound is achieved through the built-in sound card. Gaming headphones have a soft headband and an omnidirectional retractable microphone with high sensitivity. The appearance of the headset speaks for itself - black and red aggressive design, the plastic of good quality and pleasant to the touch ear pads. At the same time, the functionality is under the top devices. The control panel has not only a volume control but also additional function keys. Special software allows you to adjust the equalizer and sound display modes. Headset Bloody G501 supports “virtual” surround 7.1, though its quality is not comparable to the real Surround 7.1.

ASUS Cerberus V2 Gaming Headset

ASUS Cerberus is a direct competitor of the A4Tech Bloody G501 model in the price range. “Cerberus” is equipped with two microphones: one - built-in, tolerable quality, which is more suitable for Skype negotiations, the other - external, very sensitive and ideal for game chat. As for the quality of the issued sound and the possibility of positioning, there are no claims to them. In this game headset, it is easy to hear the steps of the enemy running up in CS: GO or to recognize the sound of breaking the caliber in World of Tanks. Standard USB is used as the connection interface. Like any other device from Asus, ASUS Cerberus is distinguished by the high quality of the design of not only the case but also the materials of ear cushions. However, a small disadvantage is an ill-conceived system of ventilation cups, due to which sometimes it is necessary to remove and “ventilate” headphones.

Top mid-range gaming headsets

Sennheiser Game ONE

Sennheiser Game ONE is a representative of full-size headphones with excellent sound and microphone. In this model, German quality is felt in all details, from materials ear cushions and wires to assembly. The external microphone has a noise-canceling function, and connect the headphones to the computer using two classic 3.5 mm mini-jacks, which allows you to use the headset not only for games but also for listening to music. The Sennheiser Game ONE is a universal headset suitable for different use scenarios. However, it is in games that she manifests herself best. The high repeatable frequency range of 14-22000 Hz clearly positions the actions of the enemy, and the volume control does not “interfere” on the wire and is taken to one of the bowls. And the right bowl has a rotary mechanism in the style of “DJ headphones,” but this “feature” is little involved in games and is almost useless.

HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Core is a gaming headset released by Kingston and is the most budget in the HyperX line. Headphones are positioned by the company exclusively as a gamer solution, which combines high-quality sound and comfortable fit. In all details, the quality is traced: leatherette in-ear cushions, neodymium magnets, aluminum in the design of the headboard, durable plastic bowl. Microphone in the model condenser, requiring an additional power supply. Since not all sound cards can provide additional volts for the headset, you should make sure that your laptop or PC has the right sound for the headset before buying. Otherwise, after purchasing a highly sensitive microphone will become a useless option. The headset has high reproducible frequencies (15 - 25000 Hz) and impedance (60 ohms), which indicates excellent sound and a large number of supported devices. Connecting with a standard mini-jack and classic unpretentious design allow HyperX Cloud Core not only to play games but also to listen to music in public places.

Top level gaming headsets

Razer Kraken Pro V2

Razer Kraken Pro - headset from the top manufacturer of gaming peripherals. The headphones have a good sound, which can compete with the brainchild from “Senheiser”. It is enough for clear positioning in games, and the quality of the headset itself is tested by time. This model has a recognizable design, as well as a lot of republications with improved functionality, characteristics and, of course, increased price. Do not forget that Razer in the gaming industry like Apple - expensive and high quality. By the way, on the assembly and quality of materials to “Kraken” there are no claims. The bowls with velvet or leather ear pads have neodymium magnets, and the connection from the console or PC is via mini-jacks. The microphone is sensitive, the software allows you to simulate high-quality surround sound in 5.1 mode with clear bass and high volume.

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum

Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset is a kind of “must have” model among eSports athletes, which stands out, first of all, appearance and illumination. This headset has two volume controls, both on the bowl and on the cable. Moreover, on the headphones, there is a number of functional keys designed not only to regulate the sound level but also to disable the microphone and LED backlight. Connecting to game devices is possible via USB interface and 3.5 mm mini-jacks. The quality of sound and assembly — at the highest level, which is quite consistent with the price category. The device supports 7.1 surround sound, which allows you to determine the approaching enemy for tens of meters, as this is especially important in shooters. However, the average cost of the device may discourage the ordinary user from buying.

What gaming headset to buy?

1. If you are interested only in ordinary headphones with a microphone for World of Tanks or some MMORPG, it will be enough to buy ultra-budget A4Tech HS-100, which combine low cost and good performance. Different sets of ear cushions for summer and winter and at all will be a find for lovers of exclusive things.

2. After paying a small amount, you can buy A4Tech Bloody G501, which already one of their kind speak about belonging to the game class. And the functionality for a relatively small amount is huge.

3. Fans of quality German sound recommended purchasing the model Sennheiser Game ONE in a classic case.

4. If you want a top device with game design, then your choice should fall on the headset G633 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset from Logitech, which combines not only functionality but also excellent sound and materials.

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