The Best Drag-and-Drop Page Builders for Creating Slick WordPress Sites

Aside from coders and web designers, the average person is looking for simplicity and reliability from their website. Because WordPress is known for offering those traits, an estimated 26 percent of all sites are built on the platform. However, even with the focus on usability, many still struggle to create the sites they envision. Creating a cutting-edge site typically requires coding knowledge or a premium template (and price), but a new era of drag-and-drop page builders is opening up the market to anyone with an imagination. While page builders offer simplicity, the available features of each product will decide which is the right option for your site. Here are six products that are earning acclaim among WordPress users.

Divi 3.0 from ElegantThemes

Divi has been one of the most popular page builders, but they recently moved in a new direction with Divi 3.0. The new version has altered the interface, attempting to make every aspect as quick and user-friendly as possible. Rather than the traditional drag-and-drop tool, Divi 3.0 lets you click the area you want to edit and select from the list of available elements. Because everything is visible, you don't need to leave the editing screen.

download Divi 3.0 builder here

Visual Composer

Visual Composer is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, with a proven track record of quality. The plugin can be added to any theme, allowing you to construct a page with your choice of over 40 design elements that suit most needs, including an image gallery, slider, icons, message boxes, and more.

download Visual Composer here

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a flexible plugin that can be used with any theme, even adapting the design if you decide to change themes at a later date. The editor works on the front end, so you get to see changes instantly. With a standard WordPress install, changes are viewed in another tab, but Beaver Builder saves time by showing them in the same window. An array of modules adds to the flexibility, with elements including maps, headers, buttons, and many other items.

download Beaver Builder here


Layers is a popular tool for designing attractive sites in minutes. The product aims to limit options to only the essentials, so you aren't distracted by endless design choices. Layers still includes many widgets, so you won't struggle with functionality. In addition to the main product, you can also purchase a variety of themes to use immediately or adapt to your tastes.

download Layers here


Upfront from WPMU Dev is a framework that works in conjunction with the themes they offer to members. The framework lets you edit a site to a precise level, providing editing control over smaller sections and the entire site, and also lets you see every change you make in real time before it goes live. Upfront is a user-friendly product that most people can pick up quickly.

download Upfront here

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Page Builder works with a grid system, so you can simply drop elements into place in the size you require. The plugin is free, but still offers plenty of the functionality you find with premium products. Even though the plugin is fairly simple, you can create designs suitable for most sites, while also maintaining good SEO practices.

download Page Builder by SiteOrigin here

While each of these products allows you to quickly and easily create functional WordPress sites, they offer different elements to suit varying needs. Those experienced with WordPress might question the need for a page builder, but they may be surprised by the tools' many different uses. Anyone who needs to build sites quickly can benefit from their ease of use, while beginners can start to learn the functionality of the platform. Additionally, products like Visual Composer have a community who develop add-ons that take the plugin to a new level. With everyone looking for a shortcut online, page builders have made the user-friendly WordPress platform even more accessible.

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