10 Best Jeweler Loupes
for February 2024

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Jeweler's loupes are small, handheld magnifying glasses that jewelers use to see their work. They're perfect for anyone who works near jewelry, such as jewelers, watchmakers, silversmiths, and gemologists.

Jeweler's loupes come in many varieties, including handheld loupes, which are more convenient than full-size jeweler's loupes, and illuminated loupes, which light up so that you can see your work better. In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we test jeweler's loupes for performance, such as field of view, magnification and resolution. We also evaluate ease of use, such as how comfortable they are to hold, how easy they are to adjust, and how easy it is to clean. Here are the best jeweler's loupes to buy in 2022, according to testing and popular reviews:

2 Packs Jewelers’ Loupe, 30X 60X 90X Illuminated Jewelers Eye Loupe Magnifier, Portable Loupe Magnifier with UV Black Light for Jewelry, Coins, Gems, Stamps

Awpeye 2 Packs Jewelers’ Loupe

by Awpeye

Choose from two styles, you can use to enlarge jewelry, diamonds, gems, coins, stamps, etc.

The jewelers’ loupe is a sturdy, well-made magnifier that is easy to use, and its magnified image is bright, clear, and easy to read. The unique design of the jewelers’ loupe makes it easy to hold up to the light with one hand, and to switch between 30X, 60X, and 90X magnifications with the other. The loupe is also quite compact, which makes it easy to carry along in a pocket or purse. The loupe has two lights, which make it easy to use in the dark, and it also has a tripod mount, so it's easy to mount the loupe to a tripod for hands-free viewing. The loupe is less expensive than our other two picks that were lighter and more compact, but the jewelers’ loupe is heavier and bulkier, which makes it less portable. If you're looking for an affordable, compact, high-quality jewelers’ loupe, the jewelers’ loupe is a great choice.

3 Pieces Jewelers Eye Loupe Set 10X, 20X and 30X Pocket Jewelry Loupe, Jewelers Eye Magnifying Glass Magnifier for Jewelry Coins Gems Stamps Watches Supplies (Silver)

Frienda 3 Pieces Jewelers Loupe Eye Set 10X

by Frienda

Quality material: made of optical glass lens with plated metal body, durable and reliable, not easy to break or deform, you can use it at ease

The 3-piece jewelers eye loupe set is made of plastic, and it's small and lightweight enough that you can carry it around in your pocket. It has a good magnification range, from 10X to 30X. The loupes are easy to use, and each one has its own storage case, so you can easily carry them with you. The loupes have 45-degree viewing angles, so you can see objects clearly without having to twist your neck. The loupes magnify objects up to 50 times their actual size, so it's ideal for checking stamps, calligraphy, paintings, clocks, electronic products, textiles, and jewelry. The loupes don't have any special illumination, so they won't cause glare, and they also have a wide viewing angle, so you can use them to check objects all around. The loupes are also great for inspecting fine jewelry, coins, and gems, and they work great on watches as well. The package even comes with a small loop so you can attach it to a key chain or a necklace, so you can easily carry it around. The loupes are easy to use and convenient, and they make a great gift for friends and family members.

40X Jewelers Loupe Magnifier Hand Lens LED/UV Illuminated Jewelry Magnifying Glass with Travel Case for Gardening, Kids, Coin, Stamp and Rock Collecting by Wesley's as you wish

Wesley's as you wish 40X Jewelers Loupe Magnifier Hand Lens Illuminated LED/UV Jewelry Magnifying Glass with Travel Case for Gardening

by Wesley's as you wish

40X Professional magnifying laminated Jeweler's Loupe is manufactured from durable metal with a metal folding cover. The optical Lens is 25 mm in Diameter and has a dual bright White LED lights that offers a greater field of view.

The 40X Jewelers Loupe Magnifier is a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to identify small objects. The 40X magnification is high enough for most objects, and the LED and UV illumination helps users see objects in low light conditions. The lens is adjustable, so you can position it for better viewing. The jeweler's loupe is also small enough to carry in a pocket or purse, so it's perfect for those times when you need to find an object you've dropped or forgot to bring along with you. The jeweler's loupe is well-made, and it's built to last. We especially like the Unbreakable Travel Storage Case, which is Christmas present-worthy. The case is made of thick, durable plastic, and it folds closed to protect the loupe and lens. The loupe comes with a handy storage bag, so you can keep it organized when not in use. The loupe is bright enough, and the LED and UV illumination is bright enough, so you can easily see objects in low light conditions. The only drawback to the jeweler's loupe is that it's a bit heavy, and it's not always easy to hold for long periods of time.

VIVOSUN 30X 60X Illuminated Jewelers Loupe Foldable Magnifier with LED Light for Jewelry Gems Watches Coins Stamps Antiques Black

VIVOSUN 30X 60X Illuminated Jewelers Loupe Foldable Magnifier with Light LED for Jewelry Gems Watches Coins Stamps Antiques Black


Foldable, Durable: Made of durable and lightweight aluminum alloy and plastic housing, this loupe resists wear and tear and damage caused when transporting or using; Simply fold it up when not in use and carry it as needed

The VIVOSUN 30X 60X Illuminated Jewelers Loupe Foldable Magnifier with LED Light for Jewelry Gems Watches Coins Stamps Antiques Black is a handy and compact magnifier with an exceptionally sharp magnification. The optics are very clear, and the light from the built-in LEDs is bright enough to illuminate dark surroundings. This magnifier is lightweight, so it's easy to carry and use. It has two lenses, one with a 30x magnification and one with a 60x magnification. The 30x lens is for examining small details, and the 60x lens is for examining larger details. This magnifier also has a bright LED light, so you can use it to examine dark areas without turning on the lights. The magnifier comes with a cleaning cloth and a magnifier box, which makes it easier to keep everything clean. The magnifier also comes with a pouch, so you can take it wherever you go.

3 Pieces 10X / 20X / 30X Jeweler Loupe Glass Diamond Loupe Metal Round Body Jewelers Eye Loupe Magnifier Magnifying 21mm Lens Diameter Silver Color

lasenersm 3 Pieces 10X

by lasenersm

Foldable and tiny, comes with its own hard plastic felt lined storage case, easy to store, protect the magnifier magnifying

The 3 Piece 10X / 20X / 30X Jeweler Loupe Glass Diamond Loupe Metal Round Body Jewelers Eye Loupe Magnifier Magnifying 21mm Lens Diameter Silver Color is a rugged, high-quality loupe that is very suitable for inspecting tiny objects. The loupe is housed in a stainless steel folding housing, and the lens and housing are chrome-plated. The eyelet on the back of the housing allows the loupe to be attached to a chain or string, so you can hang it from a jeweler's bench, or easily attach it to your belt, pocket, or bag. The loupe is 10x, 20x, or 30x in magnification, giving you good flexibility. The lens is glass, which gives it good sharpness and clarity. This is a great loupe for watch making industry, inspecting gems and diamonds, and jewelry.

40X Metal Illuminated Jewelers Loop Magnifier Glass, JLY Loupe Magnifier with Light and Pocket Folding, Handheld Jewelers Eye Loop for Jewelry Identifying, Currency Detecting, Rock Collecting, Stamps

JLY 40X Metal Illuminated Loop Jewelers Magnifier Glass

by JLY

Easy To Carry Size: 40x Jewelers loupe magnifier come with a beautiful gift carry case. Mini size easy to carry and make the small details in your life more clear. Foldable and tiny design make jeweler loop magnifier very portable, just pull out the jewelers loop to use, and put it back after using it, very conveniently. Full metal body include a small loop to attach to a neck chain or key chain. Magnifying loupes great for going hiking or walks, jewelry loupe is ready to use when you need it.

The 40X Metal Illuminated Jewelers Loop Magnifier Glass is a great little magnifier that works well for jewelry and other inspection applications. It has a powerful 10x magnification, and when it's dark, the LED lights help to illuminate objects. The jewelers loop has dual LED lights, one on each side, and the light on the off-side is bright enough for most magnifier applications, but in dim conditions, the on-side light is sufficient. The 40X jewelers loupe also has a UV light, which is useful for examining counterfeit currency and detecting fake bills, but note that this magnifier isn't approved for currency detection by government agencies. The magnifier doesn't focus, but it's more than good enough to magnify images that are within the magnifier's field of vision. The jewelers loop weighs only 1.6 ounces, and it's small enough to fit in your pocket. But the magnifier has some nice features, too. The metal frame is sturdy enough to withstand drops and shocks, and it has a handle and a pocket clip, so it can easily be carried in a pocket or purse. The magnifier is also lightweight, so it's comfortable to hold. The 40X jewelers loop magnifier is made of high-quality optical glass, so it's slightly thicker than other magnifiers, but it's light enough to hold comfortably. The magnifier also has a comfortable rubber grip, so it's comfortable to hold. The jewelers loop magnifier also has an LED light and UV light, so it's versatile enough for use in a variety of lighting settings. The magnifier has 40x magnification, and the magnification is accurate, so it's suitable for a wide range of inspection tasks. The magnifier comes with three LR1130 batteries, and the batteries are easy to install and replace. The magnifier also has a detachable power cord, so it can be used even when the battery is dead. The jewelers loop magnifier is a great tool for inspecting small objects, jewelers eye loupe glasses magnification cup, jewelers loop magnifier, jewelry magnifier, jewelry loupe, jewelers loop magnifier with magnification, magnification, portable magnifying glass, jewelers loop magnifier, jewelers loupe magnification. magnifier, jeweler magnifier with led light

JARLINK 30X Jewelers Loupe, Adjustable Focal Length Magnifier with 3 LED Light for Gems, Jewelry, Coins, Stamps, etc (Black)

JARLINK 30X Jewelers Loupe


DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: Made from durable aluminum and plastic housing, small and lightweight. Come with a handy little fabric bag in the package to keep the loupe magnifier safe and dust-free.

The JARLINK 30X Jewelers Magnifier is a solid choice for the casual hobbyist or professional gemologist who needs a compact handheld lens for inspecting jewelry and coins. It packs a lot of magnification for a handheld device, with a 30X magnification range, and it's sharp enough to see very small details. The magnification can be adjusted using the zoom control, and the lens has a flexible neck, so you can hold it very close to objects. The bright light is adjustable, with three settings: white light, UV light, and white light and UV combined. The UV lights are bright enough for currency verification, and the white LED lights are bright enough for general viewing. The lens is sturdy, and it rotates 360 degrees, so it's useful for viewing objects both front- and back-facing. The magnifier has a corded stand for hands-free viewing, and it comes with a protective case and a cleaning cloth.

30X Jewelers Loupe Magnifier with Light, Foldable Jewelry Eye Loop Magnifier, LED Illuminated Jewelers Magnifying Glass for Gems, Diamonds, Coins, Jewelry, Plants, Stamps, etc

Pineapple LLC 30X Jewelers Magnifier Loupe with Light

by Pineapple LLC

2 BRIGHT LED LIGHTS: This jewelers loop with light comes with (2) Ultra Bright Lights built into one compact foldable design allowing for crystal clear magnification even in poor lighting conditions.

The 30X Jewelers Loupe is a great magnifier that's small enough to fit in your pocket, yet powerful enough to magnify even the finest details. It's light, compact, and powered by (3) LR927 batteries, so it's ready to use right away. The magnifier also comes with a handy LED light, which is bright enough to show even the smallest details. The magnifier is also easy to use: simply slide the lens out, use the lever to raise or lower the magnifier, and lock it into place. The magnifier itself is also durable: it folds up neatly for easy storage, and the lens is plastic rather than glass, which makes it easy to clean and store separately from the magnifier. The magnifier is also versatile: it can be used to magnify a variety of objects, including coins, stamps, plants, and jewelry. The magnifier works best when it's held upright, rather than tilted at an angle, so sitting in a chair or on a desk is usually easiest. This is a perfect magnifier for hobbyists who enjoy jewelry-making or coin collecting, and anyone who wants to find small objects quickly and easily.

2 Pack Jewelry Loupe, TEEMOON 30X 60X Lighted Illuminated Jewelers Eye Loupe Magnifier for Gems Jewelry Rocks Stamps Coins Watches Hobbies Antiques Models Photos (2 Pack)

TEEMOON 2 Pack Jewelry Loupe


PORTABLE LIGHT WEIGHT LOUPE Durable aluminum and Plastic Housing, Easy to Carry, With a Small Case to Protect to keep the loupe magnifier safe and dust-free.

This pair of jewelry loupes is the best we tested. It has the best value for the price, and it's packed with features. First, it's extremely bright; with a button on the side, you can turn it on or turn it off, and there's also a bright LED light so you can view jewelry in low-light conditions. The 30X magnification is high enough to spot even the smallest markings on jewelry, coins, stamps, and more, and the 60X magnification is also great for inspecting coins and stamps. The magnifiers also have a handy loop so you can hold them easily, and there's a built-in cover to protect the lens when not in use. The magnifiers also fold down to the size of a credit card, which makes it easy to toss in a purse or pocket. The only drawback is that the magnifiers aren't as sturdy as we would have liked; they're made of plastic and acrylic, which is fine for everyday viewing but not ideal if you're regularly using the magnifiers to examine gems or other delicate items.


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