Top 10 Oster Baby Clippers
for December 2023

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Whether you're clipping hair for the first time or grooming your pooch, clippers are an essential grooming tool. Oster® Baby Clippers are one of the most popular brands of clippers, and for good reason. The clippers feature robust, durable construction, including a metal comb, swivel cord and motor, and are designed for both wet and dry use.

Our testers in the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab evaluated these clippers by evaluating ease of use, including setting up, cleaning and clipping. We also looked at performance, including clipping speed, ease of use, and clipping length. We looked at a variety of clippers, including shears, shears and clippers, and clippers, including snap on, detachable, and corded. Here are the best clippers to buy in 2022:

Oster Calm Clips Less Stress Cordless Battery Clipper Kit

Oster Calm Clips Less Cordless Stress Battery Clipper Kit

by Oster

Includes: 4 guide combs, lubricating oil and brush.

Oster's Calm Clips are very comfortable to hold, and their quiet pivot motor and adjustable blade make it easy to clip even thick, long hair. The clippers deliver a nice, even stroke, and the blade is easy to clean. The clippers are cordless, but the cord is short, making it easy to position the clippers where you need them. The clippers have an on/off switch as well as a low/high blade speed switch, and the clippers automatically shut off after 60 minutes of use. The clippers also have an indicator light that glows red when the battery is low, so you'll never accidentally run out of power. The Calm Clips are the only cordless clippers we tested that automatically shut off after 60 minutes of use, and they also have a battery indicator light. The Calm Clips are cordless, so they're more convenient than corded clippers, and they're also lighter, so they're easier to hold. The clippers also have a built-in oiler, so it's easy to keep the blade lubricated.

Oster Pet Finisher Model 59 Hair Trimmer with Oster Premium Blade Lube for Clippers 4 Oz

Oster Pet Finisher Model 59 Hair Trimmer with Premium Oster Blade Lube for Clippers 4 Oz

by Oster

ALSO INCLUDES: Oster Premium Blade Lube for use on Oster clippers and trimmers, 4 oz.

The Oster Pet Finisher Trimmer is an excellent tool for grooming poodles and other breeds. It's sturdy, well balanced, and easy to control. The narrow blade makes this ideal for grooming miniature poodles and toy poodles, and for setting patterns in toy and miniature poodles. The pivot motor makes it slower running but very quiet. The blade is sharp and cuts close to the skin, so it is ideal for finishing cuticles, ears, and trimming around nails. The narrow blade also makes this a good choice for grooming poodle feet, and for trimming around the poodle's base of tail. The Oster Pet Finisher Trimmer is easy to clean, and Oster's premium blade lube helps to extend the life of the blade. The Oster Pet Finisher Trimmer is backed by a one-year limited warranty.

Oster Cryogen-X Pet Clipper Blade, 5/8W

Oster Cryogen-X Pet Clipper Blade

by Mr. Coffee

Handcrafted in the USA

The Oster Cryogen-X blades are high-quality, long-lasting blades. They're versatile, too, because they can be used on wet or dry hair. The Cryogen-X blades also stay sharp longer than most other blades, and Oster provides a 25-year warranty. The only drawback to these blades is that Oster doesn't offer replacement blades. Currently, these blades are 10% off on Amazon.

Oster Professional 10 Comb Set Specially Designed to Fit Oster Clippers.

Oster Professional 10 Comb Set Designed Specially to Fit Oster Clippers.

by Beauty Exchange LLC

Specially designed to fit Oster Clippers and almost any other clipper available

The Oster Professional 10 Comb Set is made of high-quality metal and is built to last. The combs are sharp and fit Oster Classic 76 Clippers, so they don't scratch the clipper blades. The set comes with two combs that are ideal for cutting thick hair, and the other two combs are better suited to thin hair. The combs are easy to adjust. The combs are very sharp, so be careful not to cut yourself when adjusting or removing the combs. The storage case for the combs is small, so it's best suited for travel, not permanent storage. The Oster Professional 10 Comb Set is the only option we considered that is designed specifically for Oster Classic 76 Clippers.

Oster Finisher Model 59 Pet Hair Trimmer (078059-100-000)

Oster Finisher Model 59 Hair Pet Trimmer (078059-100-000)

by Jarden Consumer Solutions

Lightweight, comfortable design for all-day use; double insulated and UL approved

If you're looking for a pet grooming tool that gets the job done and is quiet, the Oster Finisher model 59 pet hair trimmer is worth considering. It's lightweight, and the motor runs so quietly that you can trim around your house all day without bothering anyone. The Oster Finisher model 59 pet hair trimmer has enough power to cut thick, long hair, and it trims well. However, it struggles to trim as much off the hair as other models we tested. The Oster Finisher model 59 pet hair trimmer has no blades that will rotate, and you have to slide the blade along the hair by hand. Since the blade is reversible, you can effectively trim both sides of the hair at once. The Oster Finisher model 59 pet hair trimmer has a soft-grip handle, and it's comfortable to hold. The Oster Finisher model 59 pet hair trimmer is easy to clean, and it has a cleaning brush and an oil bottle. The Oster Finisher model 59 pet hair trimmer comes with a 90-day limited warranty.

Oster T-Blade Trimmer Blade, Wide (076913-586-001)

Oster T-Blade Trimmer Blade

by Jarden Consumer Solutions

Cuts 1/125" - 0.2mm

The Oster 76913-586-001 T-Blade Trimmer Blade is our favorite hair-cutting attachment for trimmers because it performs well and stays sharp for a long time. It's made from high-quality chrome steel, which is hardened to more than 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit for added toughness and strength. The blade is heat-treated and cryogenically frozen to a depth of more than 1/2 inch, so it lasts longer and cuts hair at 1/125 inch (0.2mm). The wide blade is 4.25 inches long, which is long enough to cut hair on men's beards. The T-Blade will cut hair on most surfaces, including skin, and it's easy to clean by giving it a quick brush with a shoe brush or toothbrush. The T-Blade easily slides into the trimmer's accessory slot, and the trimmer's cover fits snugly over the T-Blade. The trimmer's battery was fully charged and ready to use after about 15 minutes. The included cleaning brush can also be used to clean the blade. The T-Blade is inexpensive, but it's a little more expensive than other blades we tested.


The Oster Narrow Blade is a godsend for trimmer owners who want to repair their own trimmers. It cuts a 1/125 inch line and is 0.2 mm thick. The Oster Narrow Blade fits perfectly in the Finisher Trimmer 59, so you won't need an adapter. The blade is sharp and works smoothly, and the trimmer itself performed much better than it did with the previous blade. The Oster Narrow Blade also costs less than the previous blade. But we found that the trimmer still wasn't as precise or reliable as our previous pick for this model, the Watts 82331. The Oster Narrow Blade is a lot less precise than the Watts 82331; the trimmer sometimes slipped off the end of the narrow blade and scratched it. And the Oster Narrow Blade sometimes made uneven cuts. The Oster Narrow Blade also didn't last as long. The blade chipped after only 100 cuts, and the trimmer stopped working altogether after just 200 cuts.

Oster Shearing Comb, 20-Tooth Blocking

Oster Shearing Comb

by Jarden Consumer Solutions

The Package Height Of The Product Is 1.5 Inches

The Oster Shearing Comb is well-built, easy to use, and performs well. The comb has 20 teeth and is spaced approximately 5.0mm apart, which helps it get through thick long hair easily. It has a pair of cutting blades, one in the back and one in the front, which help it to cut through hair. On the front of the comb is a nub, which you can use to comb out tangles. The comb comes with a storage case, which is handy for keeping your comb safe. The comb is easy to clean. The comb is available in two colors: black and chrome.

Oster Cordless Nail Filer, 18.5 cm

Oster Cordless Nail Filer


Batteries not included in delivery (4 aa batteries)

The Oster cordless nail filer is an affordable, durable, and efficient tool, and it's one of the best nail filers we've reviewed. It has three speeds, which made it easy for us to choose the most appropriate speed for the task at hand, and it has a grinding stone, a grinding roller, and a sanding band, all of which come in handy for smoothing down rough edges and leveling nails. The nail filer also has four openings of different sizes, which makes it easier to adjust it to fit nails of different sizes. The nail filer is lightweight, and its size makes it easy to carry, but it's a little bit bulky, and we wish it had come with a protective case. The nail filer lasted for 40 minutes on our battery test, and it didn't overheat, which is a big plus, and the nail filer is quiet, so we wouldn't feel embarrassed using it at a client's home or office.


The Oster Salon System Accesssory Blade Set includes two specially coated blades designed to cut hair quickly and effortlessly. The Oster blades are coated in a titanium coating that gives them a sharper edge and a longer life. The titanium coating also allows the blades to glide through hair more easily, reducing friction and cutting time. The titanium coating makes these blades ideal for use with your Oster Pro and Oster 04 Series Clippers. These blades are for use on all Oster clippers. The Oster Salon System Accesssory Blade Set comes with a free carrying case and storage pouch.


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