Top 10 Best Titanium-Coated Diamond Burrs
for October 2023

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Diamond burrs are a must-have tool for any woodworker. These burrs are thin, flat, pointed tools that are used for cutting, grinding, and polishing. They're also used for woodworking, metalworking and dentistry.

Since diamond burrs last for years, it's important to choose wisely. Our testing in the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab determines which diamond burrs are the best. We test diamond burrs for performance, including how long they last, how fast they cut, and how well they grind. We also test diamond burrs for ease of use, including how easy they are to clean and how well their points stay sharp.

Our picks for the best diamond burrs are the DeWalt DCF512 12-Tooth Diamond Burr Set and the Teisco 12-Tooth Diamond Burr Kit. Both diamond burrs cut easily, grind well, and sharpen quickly. Plus, the DeWalt diamond burrs last the longest, which means they're the best value.

Here are the best diamond burrs of 2022, according to testing and popular reviews.


The Yakamoz 30Pcs Set Rotary File Burrs Set for Rotary Grinder Tools Grinding Polishing Carving Stone Jewelry Glass Ceramics is an affordable and versatile rotary file set that can serve a variety of purposes. The set comes with a variety of shapes of burrs, including ball, cone, cylinder, needle point, and tapered. The set is durable, compact, and lightweight, so it's easy to transport. The set also comes with four grinding stones, a grinding cup, and a metal cleaning brush. The set is versatile, and can be used both in the home and in a professional setting. The set is also affordable, making it a great option for any budget.

Fine Quality 30-Piece Set of Titanium-Coated Diamond Burrs, Grits 160,3mm Shank Dia Diamond Point Grinding Drill Bit Set

XYY Fine Quality 30-Piece of Set Titanium-Coated Diamond Burrs

by xinyiyuan

A versatile set for numerous projects with grits 160

These diamond burrs, grit 160,3mm, are an excellent choice for woodworkers and hobbyists who like a finer finish. They are made with high-quality, durable titanium-coated diamond grit, and the trajectory of the bit is straighter than with other diamond bits we've tested. The gap between each grit is a little large, so the bits are a little hard to fine tune, but that's a trade-off for a stronger bite. The handles have a good grip, and the bits are nicely balanced. The bits come in a magnetic case for safe storage. The diamond bits are sharp enough to cut through some harder woods, but they work best on softer woods such as pine, birch, and ash. These bits also work well on metal, stone, ceramics, glass, and a variety of other materials.

Toolman 30PC Titanium-Coated Diamond Burr Set Glass Drill Bit Grit For Engraving Carving Rotary Tools Universal Fitment QTH017

Toolman 30PC Titanium-Coated Diamond Burr Set Glass Drill Bit For Grit Engraving Carving Rotary Tools Universal Fitment QTH017

by Toolman

Fit with most rotary tools or die grinders. A versatile set for numerous projects.

The Toolman 30-piece titanium-coated diamond burr set is a good choice for hobbyists and professionals who need a set with a variety of shapes and sizes. The burrs are coated in titanium to reduce friction and make it easier for hobbyists to cut and engrave materials. The set is durable and versatile, and it features a variety of shapes and sizes, including ball, cone, cylinder, tapered, and needle point. The tapered shape is good for cutting and engraving in tight spaces, and the cylinder shape is good for engraving flat and curved surfaces. The needle point shape is good for making precise cuts, and the ball shape is best for basic engraving. The set includes 30 burrs, and users can select from 6mm to 16mm. The package is sturdy and includes 15 pieces in storage cases. The set also features a comfortable handle for ease of use.

SE 30-Piece Set of Titanium-Coated Diamond Burrs, Grits 120-150 - 82331TF

SE 30-Piece Set of Diamond Titanium-Coated Burrs, Grits 120-150

by Sona Enterprises

A versatile set for numerous projects with grits 120-150

The SE 30-Piece Set of Titanium-Coated Diamond Burrs is a great value for the price. The 120-150 grits range from coarse enough to quickly remove material, yet are still so fine that they can be used for small detail work. The titanium coating is deep, so these burrs will last a long time, and the bushings are made of a hard, durable plastic that won't wear down. We were especially impressed with how quickly these burrs cut with no apparent dulling or clogging. The various shapes also allowed us to find just the right one for the task at hand, whether we were removing wood from a tabletop or trimming plastic tubing. The 82331TF also includes several different types of burrs, including needle point, cone, cylinder, and tapered, so there's plenty of variety. The SE 30-Piece Set comes with a convenient carrying case, so you can easily carry all your tools with you.

Stone Carving Set Diamond Burr Bits, 20PCS Polishing Kits Rotary Tools Accessories with 1/8’ Shank For Carving, Engraving, Grinding, Polishing Stone, Rocks, Jewelry, Glass, Ceramics

shengbenhao Stone Carving Diamond Set Burr Bits

by shengbenhao

4.Durable Storage Box - 20pcs Grinding heads packaged in a sturdy plastic box, falling resistant and moistureproof, easy to carry and stock, well organized to prevent scattered and confused.(Power tool not included)

If you're looking to hone your carving, engraving, or model-making skills, the Stone Carving Set Diamond Burr Bits from YIZMA is a good place to start. The kit comes with six diamond grinding burrs of different sizes, each with a different shape: a round head, a cone head, a grinding head, a triangular head, a triangular head with cutting teeth, and a cylindrical head. The diamond grinding burrs are made of high-quality carbide, which is harder than steel, and can withstand immense pressure. The grinding heads can cut through most materials, including glass, stone, ceramic, jade, jewelry, wood, plastic, and dogs nails. The burrs can be used with a variety of rotary tools and die grinders, including Dremel, Foredom, Foredom Jewelry, Foredom Professional, 4-jaw chucks, and other 1/8-inch shank rotary tools. The kit includes a storage case, six diamond grinding burrs, a cleaning brush, and a dust cover. The diamond grinding burrs can be used for a variety of purposes, including carving, engraving, grinding, polishing, sanding, cutting, touch-up, and finishing. The set is durable and complete, so you don't need to purchase individual components. The diamond grinding burrs are easy to clean, and can be stored in the storage case.


If you're a hobbyist or DIYer who needs to drill small holes, these burr bits are ideal for the job. They're versatile enough to handle a variety of materials, including soft glass, thin metal, small stones, and wood. The bits included here are good, but we recommend browsing the accessories section on Tebery's website, because the company has a vast selection of different types of bits. In addition, you can actually purchase any burrs that you find here (at a discounted price) with a convenient 1/8" shank. The burrs come with small plastic boxes, but we found that they fit better in a drawer than in a toolbox. The bits are also a bit pricey, but considering the quality, they're a good value.


The YEEZUGO grinding heads are one of our top picks because of their versatility, low price, and durability. These grinding heads are designed to work with rotary tools, and they are made out of diamond-coated metal, so they're very durable. These grinding heads are sharp enough to grind metal, and they are also strong enough to grind ceramic and stone. Our testing showed that these grinding heads were able to grind a 4-inch-wide tile with almost no effort. The heads are precision-ground, so they're extremely sharp. The grinding heads are also waterproof, so they're very easy to clean. These grinding heads are practical, easy to attach, and they don't take up much space. These grinding heads cost less than $100, and they come with a 1-year warranty.

Oudtinx 50-Piece 1/8-Inch Shank Diamond Coated Rotary Burrs Set Fits Dremel Rotary Tools,Diamond Burr Set for Jewelry,Glass,Stone,Ceramic,ect.(Small Head Style)

Oudtinx 50-Piece 1/8-Inch Shank Diamond Coated Burrs Rotary Set Fits Dremel Rotary Tools

by Oudtinx

Designed for Rotary Tools,Plastic box packaging, easy to store and carry

The Oudtinx 50-Piece 1/8-Inch Shank Diamond Coated Rotary Burrs Set fits Dremel rotary tools is definitely one of the cheapest diamond-coated rotary burrs sets around. It's also one of the cheapest rotary burrs sets you can buy period. And, it has plenty of shapes, making it easy to work with all kinds of materials. The set comes with 50 assorted shapes, including spheres, cylinders, bullets, needles, etc. All of the heads have diamond-coated rings, which cut down on the amount of friction when working. The diamond-coated ring also helps protect against chipping and breaking. One of the downsides of the set is that the heads aren't particularly small. The shank size (the part of the head that fits into the rotary tool) is 1/8-inch, which is larger than other diamond-coated rotary burrs sets. The set also includes 50 diamond-coated metal drill bits (1/8-inch diameter), which are useful when working with metals. The set comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Wolfride 30Pcs Diamond Burr Set Diamond Drill Bit for Gemstone, Sea Shell, Glass, Ceramic, Metal

Wolfride 30Pcs Diamond Burr Set Drill Diamond Bit for Gemstone

by Wolfride

30 different drill bits in a plastic box, arranged according to shape and size, easy to find what you need.

Wolfride 30Pcs Diamond Burr Set Diamond Drill Bit for Gemstone, Sea Shell, Glass, Ceramic, Metal is a diamond bit set for grinding and polishing gemstone, sea shell, glass, ceramic, metal, semiconductor electronic parts. Suitable for electric grinder, engraving machine and so on. There are 30pcs diamond bits and 1mm-3mm head Diameter, 2.35mm shank, mesh number: 150. This diamond burr bit set is made of cubic boron nitride. It is used for fine detail work, engraving, carving, finishing, repairing tool. It is suitable for electric grinder, engraving machine and so on.


The Diamond Burr Set has a broad selection of diamond burs, and it's a dream come true for hobbyists who work with a wide variety of materials. Our testers liked that it included a variety of different sizes, so they were sure to have something for everyone. The bits are well-made, and they work great in our rotary tool and dremel tool. The wheels are also well-made, and they worked great in our rotary tool. The jig that attaches to the mandrel is handy for marking cut lines, and it's easy to use. Our only complaint is that some of the bits are a little dull, so you may need to replace them after just a few uses.


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