10 Best Bivy Tents
for February 2024

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Technology and a love for nature have brought us the delightful convenience of bivy tents. In 2020, the camp gear industry witnessed a sales leap of a whopping 30%, largely due to a surge in purchases of compact and portable equipment like bivy tents. Bivy tents, as snug and lightweight as they are, have effectively reshaped the camping experience, permitting more freedom and intimacy with the great outdoors. Shifts in consumer preferences indicate a growing desire for this sort of mobility - a desire bivy tents satisfy with remarkable efficacy.

Are you in search of a solo adventure or a reclusive encounter with nature? Maybe you are a backpacker looking for a lightweight and compact option for your travels? The 10 Best Bivy Tents list has been compiled especially to cater to your needs! Injectable with a potent dose of thrill, each tent listed promises to transform your outdoor experience. Plus, believing in saving the best for last, we've put the most thrilling tent at the end of our list: yes, you have to scroll down to see the Dragoon Unlimited Ridgeback One Person Tent. A perfect blend of functionality and adaptability, it's as perfect for your weekend getaway as it is for your bugout bivy sack. Don't wait, see for yourself!

GEERTOP 1 Person Bivy Tent Ultralight Backpacking Tent for 1 Man Double Layer Waterproof Camouflage Camp Tent for Outdoor Camping Hiking Travel - Easy to Set Up

GEERTOP Ultralight Backpacking Bivy Tent for 1 Person - Waterproof Camouflage for Outdoor Camping

Easy to use8.6
Sleep mode9.8
Sleep quality8.6
Water resistance8.8

Portable & Breathable2 Ventilation Windows & Doors - allowing for greater airflow throughout the tent; Say goodbye to sultry , ensure a wonder sleep ; With 2 extral vestibule, where can hold the luggage, camping gears; Door can be opened from inside and outside, convenient and comfortable

Perhaps you've been on the hunt for a reliable yet lightweight tent that won't weigh down your adventurous spirit. This is why we've listed GEERTOP 1 Person Bivy Tent first. A standout highlight is its ultralight design - it weighs less than 4 lbs, making it a perfect companion for your backpacking, hiking, or military training escapades. The tent, embedded with reflective materials, ensures you're visible and safe during those thrilling night adventures.

The tent's feature-rich construction is what caught our eye. Built with double layers and 210 T ripstop PU2500 mm polyester fabric, it dispatches an impressive protection against water, guaranteeing you stay dry even during a rainstorm. Its roominess despite being a single person tent will remarkably elevate your camping experience. And here's the best part - setting up the GEERTOP 1 Person Bivy Tent is a breeze, redefining your understanding of effortless outdoor living.

Winterial Single Person Personal Bivy Tent - Lightweight One Person Tent With Rainfly, 2lbs 9oz, Stakes, Poles and Guylines Included, Backpacking and Hiking Bivy Tent, Green

Winterial Lightweight One Person Bivy Tent - Perfect for Backpacking and Hiking!

by Winterial
Customers Rating8.9
Easy to install8.5
Easy to use9.6
Popularity & Sales8.8
Water resistance9.7

FEATURES - The Winterial One Person Tent features a convenient internal pocket, waterproof rainfly and stitching, a durable waterproof floor, and all-metal poles and stakes. Not only is this tent lightweight and packs small, it is build to last and withstand the elements.

Sliding in at number two on our list is the Winterial Single Person Bivy Tent. Eye-catching for its thorough functionality designed with the lone travelers in mind. You are sure to fall for the lean 2lbs 9oz package size which is easy on your back as you traverse the great outdoors. Its quick setup, courtesy of 2 aluminum poles and staked corners, had us swooning. Imagine having your shelter ready in a record 5 minutes! The second big thrilling feature is its usability across spring, fall, and summer, making it your faithful companion during these seasons.

But that's not all. As you continue your sojourn into the wilderness, the versatility of this tent will amaze you. Its integrated rainfly adjusts to your needs, providing necessary ventilation and insulation during unpredictable weather. And in the sweltering summer days, just peel off the rainfly to enjoy a cool cross-breeze. The large, double-layered doors of this Winterial tent enhance access, and it even comes complete with 14 ground stakes and 3 guylines, ensuring that your portable abode is secure, whatever the terrain. No wonder this gem is our second favorite!

GEERTOP Ultralight 1 Person Bivy Tent for Camp Waterproof Single Man Tent for Camping Hiking Backpacking Hunting Outdoor Survival Gear - Easy Set Up

GEERTOP Ultralight Bivy Tent - Waterproof Shelter for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking

Customers Rating9.6
Easy to use9.9
Popularity & Sales9.2
Water resistance9.5

3 Season Single TentA lightweight backpacking tent perfect for camping, hiking, climbing, self-driving tour, fishing and other outdoor activities in 3 seasons - summer, fall and spring

Our third selection for you, the GEERTOP Ultralight 1 Person Bivy Tent, boasts features that make it a trustworthy companion on your outdoor expeditions. First off, it ticks the box for easy use with its three-pole frame system. Armed with shock-corded aluminium poles, you will need just a couple of minutes to set up your camp. Despite it being ultra-light, don't underestimate its durability. It's armed with a PU5000 MM waterproof grade, and the tent floor has a PU8000 MM rating, which ensures a robust defense against heavy rainstorms.

We thought you would particularly appreciate the tent's breathability, thanks to the mesh at its top and two windows. Weighing at approximately 2.5 lbs and compactly packing into 19 x 5 x 5 inches, this ultralight backpacking tent is a breeze to stow in your backpack. Inside, you'll find a generous single room space measuring 7 ft 7 in x 2 ft 6 in with a height of 24 inches - providing you the freedom to not just sleep but also eat, read, or relax comfortably. Undoubtedly the GEERTOP 1 Person Bivy Tent offers a perfect blend of convenience, durability, and comfort.

Outdoor Research Helium Bivy – Ultralight Hiking Bivy Tent

Ultralight Hiking Bivy Tent: Outdoor Research Helium Bivy for Comfortable Outdoor Adventures

by Outdoor Research
Easy to use9.8
Light weight9.6
Low light9.1

HELIUM FABRIC: A highlight of this adult sleeping bag is its ultralight helium fabric, making it an ideal shelter for adventurers who are looking for agility, speed, and superior performance. It comes with a reflective logo and trims.

The MOOZ algorithm found something truly remarkable this time around. The outdoor adventurer inside you will stir at the mention of the Helium Bivy from Outdoor Research. This hiking bivy tent won us over with its utra-light helium fabric, allowing a quick and agile camping experience. It's a remarkable fusion of durability and comfort for those audacious enough to brave the outdoors.

We're all about versatility here, and the Helium Bivy impressed us on that front as well. It features a fully seam-taped construction to withstand the wear and tear of your daring escapades. Compact, waterproof, and breathable, this tent adds practicality to your wilderness outings. So, whether you're looking to hike up a storm or camp beneath a star-spangled sky, this bivy tent would be an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts.

LytHarvest Ultralight Bivvy Bag Tent, Compact Single Person Backpacking Bivy Tent Military - 100% Waterproof Sleeping Bag Cover Bivvy Sack for Outdoor Survival, Bushcraft

LytHarvest Ultralight Bivy Tent - Waterproof Single Person Backpacking Shelter for Outdoor Survival

by LytHarvest
Easy to use7.9
Light weight7.5
Low light7.2
Water resistance9.9

QUICKLY TO SET UP - one-pole frame system with shock-corded aluminum poles allows for fast easy setup and dismantle. Just need 2 min to install, save your time. With the mesh door, to allow the air to circulate

There's something alluringly minimal about the LytHarvest Ultralight Bivvy Bag Tent. It's a lightweight, compact wonder that attracted our eyes. The intriguing blend of military-grade reliability, paired with its unprecedented ultralight design, humanizes the wilderness experience for the user. It's waterproof and surprisingly spacious, thus guaranteeing a cozy haven in diverse weather conditions. You are certain to appreciate the balanced comfort and toughness that this admirably roomy shelter offers.

The Ultralight Bivvy Bag will be particularly beneficial for those seeking the thrill of the outdoors. Whether your adventurous spirit leads you to camping, hiking, climbing or even a self-driven tour, you'll find this bivvy bag a faithful companion. Its portability wraps up these features beautifully into a travel-friendly package that ensures you are ready to meet adventure at every turn. Tailor-made for 3-season explorations and outdoor enthusiasts, its functionality and simplicity are a call to the wild in you.

Preself Lightweight One Person Tent, Bivy bivvy Solo Tent, Motorcycle Cycling Backpacking Hiking (Khaki)

Preself Lightweight Bivy Tent for Solo Camping, Backpacking, and Hiking (Khaki)

by Preself
Customers Rating8.2
Easy to install8.4
Easy to use8.8
Light weight8.6
Water resistance8.9

FAST SETUP & REPACKSimply install with three aluminum poles. Easy to setup and repack. Skilfully setup within 5 minutes.

We absolutely fell head over heels for this Preself Lightweight One Person Tent, mainly because of its outstanding stability. The STURDYX-Frame isn’t just secure, but proves to be sturdier than common frames in the market. You'll feel incredibly snug and safe in this little haven, no matter what weather conditions you encounter on your adventures. The tent is crafted with Waterproof PU3000 anti-tear polyester Shelter with each seam strategically waterproof taped. This gives you an edge when you're out there braving the elements.

The no-see-um mesh is a true standout feature, keeping you well-protected from annoying insects. The genius of its design lies in the flexibility it offers - rolled up for cool breezy nights, or dropped down for a mosquito-free zone. The Preself Lightweight One Person Tent is the ultimate companion for those ardent solo travellers who spend their days motorcycling, cycling, backpacking, hiking or fishing. It combines great usability with effective protection, making your rugged experiences smooth and hassle-free. This gear is a real game-changer, we recommend it!

AquaQuest Hideaway Bivy Stealth Compact Single-Pole Hooped Tent Waterproof Breathable with Mosquito Bug Net Mesh for Hunting, Hiking, Camping - Olive Drab

AquaQuest Hideaway Bivy - Compact Single-Pole Tent for Hunting, Hiking, Camping - Waterproof & Breathable

by Aqua Quest
Customers Rating9.6
Easy to use7.8
Popularity & Sales8.8
Water resistance8.3

COMFORTABLE - With more space than most bivys, youll have enough room to move around, read a book, have a snack, or change your clothes. Extra wide shoulder and foot areas, and long enough to comfortably accommodate anybody up to 66. Also includes an air-vent in the head section, and Batwing stiffeners to elevate the footbed, increasing airflow and comfort.

In the bustling world of outdoor gear, the AquaQuest Hideaway Bivy Stealth Compact Tent made a lasting impression on MOOZ algorithm. This 3-season, ultra-lightweight tent, guaranteed for a lifetime, caught our eye for several reasons, but the showstopper was its unmatched vapor transmission rating. That's right; it thrived at 10,000 gr/m2/day, reducing interior condensation while maintaining an impressive 10,000 mm waterproof rating. Now that's something!

Maybe you're a solo adventurer. Perhaps you enjoy hunting, hiking, or camping in diverse weather conditions. In the bivy stealth tent, you can finally bid adieu to exterior wetness and interior stickiness. With its heat-taped seams and laminated PU and DWR coatings, your tranquility won't be jeopardized. Imagine setting up your AquaQuest tent under a celestial sky within just 2 minutes! Even with the panel zippered up, the clear TPU window allows a mesmerizing view of the moon. It's high time you invest in this waterproof haven!

Slumberjack SJK Contour 1 Person Bivy - Lightweight Backcountry Camping Bivy

Slumberjack SJK Contour 1 Person Bivy - Lightweight Backcountry Camping Shelter

by Slumberjack
Customers Rating9.3
Easy to use6.1
Popularity & Sales7.8

Multiple zipper sliders provide additional venting options and easy access

This SJK Contour Bivy is quite the find for solo adventurers. You'll appreciate how light it is, making it perfect for those backcountry campouts that require real mobility. Our product testers loved the fact that it keeps things simple but still provides all of the necessities. Heck, it even comes with a handy stuff sack for easy packing. The smart algorithms caught onto this functional simplicity, helping it win a spot on our list.

We think this gem will be a game changer for the one-person camping expedition enthusiast. It's pretty rare to find a product that balances practicality and simplicity in such a refreshing way. So, fasten your backpack, head into the wild blue yonder, and be kind to your back with the lightweight SJK Contour Bivy. This bivy is your new backcountry bestie.

Snugpak Stratosphere 1 Person Bivvi Tent, Waterproof, Olive

Snugpak Stratosphere Bivy Tent: Waterproof 1 Person Shelter in Olive for Outdoor Adventures

by Gun Accessory Supply
Customers Rating6.5
Easy to use9.8
Popularity & Sales7.9
Water resistance6.4

Features a rollaway No-See-Um mosquito net in the spacious head canopy; back mesh section offers additional ventilation to prevent condensation buildup

In the vast world of outdoor equipment, the Snugpak Stratosphere 1 Person Bivvi Tent certainly stands out. This tent shines with its superior quality and durable fabric. Do you know what's neat? The ultra-compact design. You see, the tent packs a mere 2.5 pounds of weight and when packed, only takes 12 inches long by 5 inches wide space. It's the ultimate backpacker’s dream – trust us, you won't even notice it in your backpack!

So, if you are an adventurous soul who often wanders off alone and has a knack for all things space-saving, this is for you. The Snugpak Stratosphere is just perfect, really. It's completely waterproof and can withstand the harshest weather conditions. In fact, the top fabric has a 5000mm waterproof polyurethane coating. The result? Your temporary homestead stays snug and dry. Plus, it also includes a basic repair kit just in case. Happy camping!

Dragoon Unlimited Ridgeback One Person Tent, Easy to Setup Ruggedized Waterproof Tent for Camping, Bugout Bivy Sack, Camping Tents & Survival Shelter

Ridgeback One Person Tent: Ruggedized Waterproof Bivy Tent for Camping & Survival

by Dragoon Unlimited
Easy to use8.8
Value for money6.3
Water resistance6.8

[Easy To Setup Military Tent ] Backpacking tent 1 person that is designed for simplicity and ease of use. With its military-inspired design, this tent is both rugged and reliable, making it perfect for camping in any weather condition. Setting up this tent is a breeze, thanks to its simple and intuitive design. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to carry and store, making it the perfect choice for backpackers, hikers, and campers on the go.

Our top pick for solo adventurers is the Dragoon Unlimited Ridgeback One Person Tent. We particularly love its ultra-sleek and light design, tipping the scales at just 5.5 pounds! Crafted with ripstop, UV-resistant materials, this tent stands tough against any weather condition. Its standout feature? The generous 42" headroom intended for real adults on real adventures.

In terms of portability and durability, we believe this tent will serve one-person hikers or campers who're seeking an easy to set up and tear down shelter the best. Dragoon's commitment to quality is noteworthy – they've even incorporated aircraft-grade aluminum Y-stakes. Plus, their waterproof feature ensures you stay cozy and dry during those drizzly nights in the wild. Now isn't that a home away from home?


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