Top 10 Best Bluetooth Label Printers
for December 2023

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Are you tired of your handwriting being too messy for your labels? Or perhaps you want to add a professional touch to your small business packages? Welcome, you've arrived at the perfect place just in time. Enter the realm of 'Top 10 Best Bluetooth Label Printers', an amalgamation of top-notch, rigorously reviewed machines that slide an extra pinch of class to your labeling process. Now no need to wrack your brains over choices, MOOZ eases your shopping hustle with smart algorithms!

Perhaps you're intrigued by Nelko Label Maker Machine for its integrated cutter and multiple templates that tickle your love for organization. Or maybe the Phomemo D30 Label Maker, a handheld sticker wizard entices you for its savvy portability and inkless functionality. You might also fancy the JADENS Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label Printer for its wide compatibility and multifold utility from Ebay to Etsy. Why hesitate? Embellish your office or home with these exceptional machines.

But wait, there's more to unveil! Scroll down to discover the most fascinating of all - the NIIMBOT B1 Label Maker - comfortably lodged at the end. This Auto Identification label printer is not just easy to use, but with its 2-inch portable design, it proves to be a vital companion for your office, home or business transactions. The ensemble is incomplete without it, for your best is yet to see. So, unmask your curiosity and gratify your label making needs thereby making your way to the complete list.

NELKO Label Maker Machine with Tape, P21 Portable Bluetooth Label Printer, Wireless Built-in Cutter Sticker Maker Mini Label Makers with Multiple Templates for Organizing Storage Office Home, White

NELKO Portable Bluetooth Label Printer: Wirelessly Print and Organize with Ease

by Nelko
Easy to install8.6
Easy to use8.6
Light weight8.5
Material quality9.8
Tech Support9.5

Multiple Creative Function&TemplatesThis app of the label maker provides various free features and templates, easy to create various design label stickers from App with Text, QR code, Barcode, Materials, Images, Time and Borders, etc. The length of labels is fixed, including 12X40mm, 15X30mm, 15x40mm, and more. (Note: Continuous label tapes are not supported).

MOOZ is jazzed about the top-notch, NELKO Label Maker Machine. This label maker's prime abilities are its compact size and wireless functionality, allowing you to print on-the-go anytime and anywhere. Enhanced with Bluetooth connectivity, it smoothly syncs with IOS and Android devices and is loaded with a multitude of templates and fonts for customizable prints.

In its second serving of features, you get to use a built-in cutter and a high-definition printing quality using BPA-Free Direct Thermal Technology. With a robust rechargeable battery, this label maker can work continuously. It's your answer to organizing your home, office or school supplies in a snap.

Phomemo D30 Label Maker Machine with Tape, Portable Bluetooth Printer, Small Smart Phone Handheld Sticker Mini Labeler Multiple Templates Font Icon Easy to Use Inkless Rechargeable F Office Home

Phomemo D30 Bluetooth Label Maker: Portable printer for easy, inkless labeling at home or the office

by Phomemo
Easy to use9.2
Light weight8.2
Print Quality9.5
Tech Support9.1

Wireless & Portable - Mini-size wireless Bluetooth-connected Phomemo label printer for Convenient & Fast printing, easy to create labels from smart mobile devices. Built-in durable and recharge battery for long working time, slide into your pocket, easy to carry anywhere.

The Phomemo D30 Label Maker Machine sits comfortably as our second top pick for its impressive blend of multiple meeting and creative functionalities. This Bluetooth Label Maker stands out with its plethora of pre-designed templates, 60+ frames, 1000+ symbols, and a range of fonts. Imagine the fun and convenience you'd enjoy with the additional unique features of being able to insert excel tables, OCR, scan, voice RECG and many more!

The money-saving feature of these inkless printers also caught our eye. The Phomemo D30 utilizes direct thermal technology so you can ditch the ink, toner, or ribbons -- quite a cost saver. The 2023 upgrade version delivers superior print clarity with its German thermal print head, and DPI increased by 25%. This device would prove invaluable for organization tasks in your home or at your small business, making it a worthwhile addition on our list.

JADENS Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label Printer – Wireless 4x6 Shipping Label Printer, Compatible with Android&iPhone and Windows, Widely Used for Ebay, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, USPS

JADENS Bluetooth Label Printer: Wireless 4x6 Shipping Printer for E-commerce Platforms

by JADENS 007
Customers Rating9.8
Easy to use9.9
Print Quality9.7
Tech Support8.4

[WIDE USAGE] JADENS thermal label printer is widely used to print labels from various marketplaces and shipping platforms, such as Endicia, Dazzle, ShipStation, Shipping Easy, Shippo, ShipWorks, Ordoro, eBay, Amazon, Easy, and Shopify. Use JADENS thermal label maker machine to print shipping labels, warehouse labels, market labels, helping increase your productivity. Ideal for your online small business for shipping packages.

Our third spot goes to the sophisticated JADENS Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label Printer. We were impressed with its Japanese high tech thermal print head delivering a striking 203 DPI high printing quality. Coupled with the fact that it works for both fanfold labels and roll labels, you are guaranteed versatility.

We also rave about its strong compatibility feature. May it be with Android, iPhone, or Windows, this label printer has got you covered. In addition, the wireless printing functionality topped the charts, making your printing tasks a breeze while using the company's reliable app. Handling your shipping needs doesn't get easier or more efficient than with this printer, making it truly worthy of its spot.

Label Maker Machine with Tape, D110 Portable Bluetooth Label Printer for Storage, Shipping, Barcode, Mailing, Office, Home, Organizing, Sticker Maker Mini Label Maker with Multiple Templates, White

Portable Bluetooth Label Printer for Storage, Shipping, Barcode, Mailing - D110 Label Maker

Easy to use9.1
Print Quality9.9
Sound quality8.1
Tech Support8.6

Multiple Creative Templates-This app of this stickers maker provides a variety of free templates, containing texts, tables, symbols, logos, barcodes, QR codes, images, time, insert Excel, etc. Easy to create various cute label stickers from your phone. Labels are fixed in length, not support continuous label tape.

When it comes to organizing your office, home, or storage, our smart algorithms were particularly impressed with the Label Maker Machine with Tape, D110 Portable Bluetooth Label Printer. This compact device is much more than a basic label printer, being conveniently pocket-sized and capable of printing high quality labels and stickers anywhere and anytime. It really makes a difference when you need to classify items, mark storage containers or just create fun stickers.

This device is likely to be most useful for home organizers, small business owners, or anyone who loves to keep items properly labelled. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the accompanying NIIMBOT' app, which offers more than 60 fonts, over a dozen languages, and hundreds of borders. Key features that grabbed our attention were the inkless printing, the USB rechargeable battery and the inclusion of a roll of free white label maker tape. This little label maker certainly packs a punch!

Label Printer, Bluetooth Shipping Label Printer, PEDOOLO 4x6 Thermal Printer for Shipping Packages, Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Amazon, Ebay, UPS, USPS, FedEx, Shopify

Bluetooth Label Printer for Shipping Packages, compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chromebook

Customers Rating9.9
Easy to use7.2
Print Quality8.1
Tech Support8.6

Small & Smart & EfficientThe thermal label printer features automatic calibration & positioning, intelligent paper return, and intelligent self-test, avoiding paper waste or jams. It achieves efficiency with just one click. With compact size, the bluetooth thermal label printer can be easily used at home, office, and warehouse.

The PEDOOLO 4x6 Thermal Label Printer stands out amongst the best with its customizable, cross-platform compatibility. This versatile device is a fantastic ally for any online business, pairing effortlessly with most e-commerce platforms. Its high-speed capability nails efficiency, spitting out clear, readable labels at a remarkable 150mm/s. Plus, it's impressively equipped to handle both Bluetooth and USB connections. Uniquely designed to support any thermal brand labels ranging between 1.57" to 4.1" width, the flexibility to cater to your labeling needs is truly admirable. This product would be most useful for small business owners operating on various e-commerce platforms.

Nelko Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label Printer, Wireless 4x6 Shipping Label Printer for Shipping Packages, Support Android, iPhone and Windows, Widely Used for Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Etsy, USPS

Wireless Bluetooth Label Printer for Shipping Packages, Compatible with Android, iPhone, and Windows. Ideal for ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Ebay, and Shopify

by Nelko
Customers Rating9.9
Easy to install9.7
Print Quality8.6
Tech Support9.2

Professional BrandPrinter driver, instruction videos and problem shooting videos are provided in U-Disk for better setting. NELKO support team provides free, lifetime, and technical support. If you have any questions about this bluetooth shipping label printer, please feel free to leave us a message.

MOOZ has found another impressive item, the Nelko Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label Printer, standing out for its cutting-edge thermal direct technology. The printer achieves a rapid speed of 150 mm/s, printing up to 72 sheets of 4x6 labels per minute. This high efficiency is a significant business asset, particularly for online businesses dealing with numerous shipping packages.

Compared to the previous PEDOOLO 4x6 Thermal Printer, the Nelko printer offers stronger compatibility. It works seamlessly with a wide range of platforms, including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, UPS, Etsy, and more. You'll love the flexibility it provides, notably via its wireless Bluetooth feature, compatible with Android, iPhone, and Windows platforms.

This label printer will be particularly useful for small online business owners who need a seamless, efficient shipping labels printing solution.

Whether you're a seasoned eCommerce professional or a small hobbyist shop owner, the Nelko Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label Printer offers the speed and versatility that will elevate your productivity and give your business an edge over the competition.

iDPRT Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer, 4x6 Shipping Label Printer, Support Windows/Mac/iOS/Android/Chrome OS, Thermal Printer for Small Business and Shipping Package, Used for Ebay, Amazon, UPS, USPS

iDPRT Bluetooth Label Printer: Wireless Shipping & Business Thermal Printer for Ebay, Amazon, and more

by Xiamen Hanin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Customers Rating8.6
Easy to use7.9
Print Quality8.9
Sound quality8.3
Tech Support9.3

[Compatible Shipping Platforms] Say goodbye to long lines at the post office with this Bluetooth label printer! Compatible with popular shipping platforms like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Esty, UPS, USPS, and more, you can now print labels right from the comfort of your home or office. Streamline your shipping process with this thermal label printer. No more wasting time and energy on extra steps for label printing! This Bluetooth label printer for shipping packages and small business offers a cost-effective solution for you.

As a tech-savvy enthusiast or a small business owner, iDPRT Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer could be a game changer for your day-to-day operations. We're thrilled with its high printing speed of 6 IPS and a resolution of 203 DPI, ensuring high-quality labels that won't easily fade or scratch.

Comparatively, the iDPRT Printer provides an extra feature of wireless printing from your smartphone which is absent in the Nelko Printer. Despite the advantage, it's worth mentioning that Mac devices can only connect to the iDPRT printer via a USB cable.

With its compatibility with multiple systems and outstanding printing capabilities, the iDPRT printer seems most appropriate for a user desiring to have a productive workflow while reducing the cost of constantly replacing ink. However, if your workflow heavily includes using Apple devices for printing, consider the connectivity limitation.

Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer 4X6 - Wireless Shipping Label Printer for Small Business & Packages - Pink Thermal Label Printer Shipping Label Makers, Compatible with iPhone, USPS, Etsy, Amazon

Bluetooth Label Printer for Small Businesses - Wireless Shipping Printer for Packages & Shipping Labels

by ASprink
Customers Rating8.8
Easy to use8.3
Picture quality8.7
Print Quality9.7
Tech Support7.6

[Professional After-Sales Service] ASprink support team provides free, lifetime, and technical support: remote assistance, email, WhatsApp, and phone.You can also leave your questions on Q&A or message us on Amazon, and we will answer it within 24 hours.This wireless label printer for iphone contains detailed video and text instructions on official website, allows the small printer to set up easily.Below this page "Product guides and documents" are also available for reference.)

The standout feature we've noticed in the Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer 4X6 - Wireless Shipping Label Printer is the cost-saving efficiency it offers to small business owners. Its advanced thermal direct technology cuts out the need for expensive ink or toner and even supports an impressive 203DPI print clarity, ensuring your barcodes are consistently scannable. Compared to the iDPRT Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer, the advantage here lies in the incredibly fast printing speeds, saving you not just money, but valuable time as well.

This printer seamlessly integrates with a multitude of platforms be it USPS, Etsy or Amazon, unlocking immense flexibility for your business operations. Imagine having to post new products for your store, print a logo or even personal thank you labels effortlessly, which is why we believe this product will be most useful to small business owners managing e-commerce stores.

The Bluetooth Thermal Label Printer also supports not just computers, but mobile devices too. The cherry on top is its capability to create pre-designed labels, a feature often found lacking in other models giving this printer an edge over its competitors. Keep in mind though, you'll need to use these templates via the "Labelife" computer editing software. However, we believe the benefits of this product far outweigh this minor setback.

Razuvo Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label Printer 4x6-Bluetooth Printers for Small Business&Packages, Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android&iPhone, Barcode Printer for Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, FedEx

Razuvo Bluetooth Thermal Shipping Label 4x6-Bluetooth Printer Printers for Small Business&Packages

Easy to use7.9
Picture quality8.9
Print Quality8.2
Tech Support9.4

Environment Friendly & High QualityRazuvo windows desktop shipping labels printer adopts advanced thermal direct technology to print without any toner or ink.The customized print head can stably print 300,000 standard labels. Very environmentally friendly. The high resolution of 203dpi ensures that the contents of each label are clearly visible, which makes the label easy to scan and read. 4x6 label printer is ideal for various places including office, home, store, warehouse, etc.

The Razuvo Thermal Printer is a game-changer in the printing world. Its compatibility with various operating systems both Windows and Mac makes it indeed versatile. The initial setup is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly manual and video tutorials. It offers high-speed printing, with the ability to print an impressive 72 labels per minute, a feature that is truly commendable.

Compared to the previous Bluetooth Thermal Printer, the Razuvo stands out due to its intelligent paper return function. It automatically catches and feeds the label, an advantage that heightens efficiency. However, the Razuvo Thermal Printer lacks the aesthetic appeal of the pink version of the previous model. This product will be most beneficial and convenient for online sellers on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, Poshmark, and FedEx due to its seamless integration.

NIIMBOT B1 Label Maker with Auto Identification,2 Inch Bluetooth Portable Label Printer Easy to Use for Office, Home, Business (with 1.96x1.18 inch Label)

NIIMBOT B1 Label with Maker Auto Identification

Easy to use7.2
Print Quality7.9
Sound quality7.9
Tech Support9.3

B1 PORTABLE LABEL MAKERIt is made of high quality ABS, with fashion look which can be widely used in supermarket, stores,clothing, jewellery, small business owners, office & home organization. It's ideal for Valentines day, Halloween, Thanksgiving day, Christmas and holiday present to your family and friends.

One of the most impressive features of the NIIMBOT B1 Label Maker is its ease of use. Unlike other label printers, it has a fantastic auto-identification feature that let's you connect swiftly to your Android, iOS, and PC. Its app comes loaded with over 30+ fonts, 1500+ symbols, and 100+ borders, enabling you to create highly customized labels.

Compared to the Razuvo Bluetooth Printer, the NIIMBOT B1 stands out for its portability. Weighing just 0.7 lb and with a handheld design, it's perfect for on-the-go use. The B1 also features a high-capacity 1500mAh battery that lasts 5 hours after one charge. This makes it much more energy-efficient than the Razuvo printer.

This printer will be most useful for small business owners, office staff, and individuals who frequently need to create professional-grade labels. Its direct thermal technology, which is BPA-free, is another selling point because there is no need for ink. The free replacement service offered by NIIMBOT, which lasts up to 12 months, also gives you added peace of mind.


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