Top 10 Bluetooth Meat Thermometers
for September 2023

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Cooking meat right isn't just important to a tasty dish, but to your health as well. That's why it's important to use a meat thermometer to make sure your meat is cooked through. Our testing lab has tested all kinds of meat thermometers over the years, including digital thermometers, instant-read thermometers, and Bluetooth thermometers.

Our testing lab evaluates thermometers for accuracy, ease of use, and price. We evaluate accuracy by cooking steaks and chicken breasts to test for doneness, then timing how long it takes for the thermometer to reach an accurate temperature. We also test for ease of use, including how easy the thermometer is to use, how long it takes to read the temperature, and how easy it is to clean. We also look at price, including the price per thermometer, cost of batteries, and the cost of replacement probes. Here are the best bluetooth meat thermometers of 2022, according to testing and popular reviews:

Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer, Smart Grill Thermometer, 196ft Remote Monitor, Large Backlight Screen, Alarm Notification for Smoker BBQ Oven Kitchen Candy

Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

by Govee

Easy Placement: This Bluetooth meat thermometer has strong magnet, folded stand and hanging hook, fitting for any barbecue scenes with a grill or smoker, There is also an easy-to-read backlight to continuously monitor your temperatures at night.

The Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer is an impressive piece of kit. It's easy to use, has a bright, large, back-lit display, and a long battery life. It notifies you when your food has reached a preset temperature, and you can set up to four different temperatures. The Bluetooth range is good, and the remote monitor feature works well. There's an in-app meat temperature guide, and when paired with a Govee app, it allows users to set reminders for their food, check the temperature remotely, and receive notifications when the food is at the desired temperature. The Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer is pricey, and at $180, it's more expensive than our previous pick, the Weber Bluetooth Thermometer, but it has a wider range of temperatures and meats.

Wireless Meat Thermometer with 4 Probes Digital Grill Thermometer, Bluetooth Grill BBQ Meat Thermometer Kitchen Meat (White)

Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer with Probes 4 Digital Grill Thermometer

by Soraken

Magnetic On Back Function And LED screen design: Smart wireless meat thermometer with a strong magnet on the back allows you to attach conveniently it to non-heated surfaces of a grill, oven ect. You can Conveniently read temperature value on any side of large LED screen.The wire is crafted with metal braiding & upgraded Teflon core capable of withstanding up to 716F. Probe wraps help to solve the storage, make your kitchen or grill tidier. No mess up.

If you're serious about grilling, you understand the importance of precise temperature control. But getting that right can be quite difficult, and you can only really achieve accurate measurements if you're using probes. This wireless meat thermometer comes with 4 probes, and you can use it to monitor four different foods or read the grill/oven surrounding temperature at the same time. The probes are colorful, with colors corresponding to different cooking levels. The probes are rated to 572 degrees Fahrenheit, and they provide accurate measurements within 1 degree. The probes themselves are a bit small, but they aren't uncomfortable to use. The back of the thermometer has a LED light, which you can toggle on and off. You can also change the light settings from dim to bright, which is useful if the light gets in the way while grilling. The thermometer itself (and the probes themselves) are water-resistant, which means you can use them to grill in the rain and not worry about ruining them. The thermometer itself has a waterproof rating of IP68, which means it's waterproof up to 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes. The buttons are backlit, which is useful if you're grilling at night. The thermometer pairs easily with your phone, and it uses Bluetooth to communicate with your phone. The thermometer also pairs easily with your iPad, and it uses Bluetooth to communicate with your iPad. The thermometer uses your phone's and iPad's GPS location services to monitor your GPS location, so you can monitor your grill from anywhere. The thermometer also has a timer, so you can set it and forget it. The thermometer has a free app for iOS and Android, and the app has lots of other features, including a database of more than 110,000 recipes.

BFOUR Meat Thermometer Wireless Bluetooth, Digital Meat Thermometer with Dual Probe, Wireless Remote BBQ Thermometer for Smoker Kitchen Cooking Grill Thermometer Timer for Grilling BBQ Oven Candy

BFOUR Meat Wireless Thermometer Bluetooth

by Bfour

MONITOR YOUR COOKING FROM 200 FEET AWAY- The wireless meat thermometer adopts the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 that provides the strongest, reliable connection, allowing you to monitor meat up to 200ft away, and 100ft range with Some obstacles like a wall when the grill is in the yard and people are indoor, which fully meet your requirements for distance, monitor the food anywhere anytime by a phone, no need to worry about overcooking any more. Convenient&Smart, cook like a pro with it.

Our pick for the best meat thermometer is one of the best meat thermometers we've tried. It's easy to use, accurate, and pairs easily with smart phones. The thermometer's large LCD screen is clear, and its responsive interface makes it easy to change settings, set alarms, and see real-time temperature readings. The thermometer's long, heat resistant wire keeps its tip from directly touching food and is long enough to reach into deep pans. The thermometer is also compatible with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smart watches, which makes it easy to keep track of the meat's progress using your phone. In addition, the thermometer's app provides a wide variety of cooking settings, including USDA preset temperatures and presets for rare, medium, well done, and medium rare. The thermometer's probe is also long enough for deep pans and is corrosion-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. The thermometer is nonslip, so it won't slide and slide across the surface of pans as it cools. It also connects with Bluetooth devices quickly, and the app provides clear instructions. The thermometer is also extremely accurate, with readings between 1.8 and 1.5 degrees accuracy. The iOS and Android versions of the app are easy to use, and the app automatically syncs your settings on both devices. The thermometer also notifies you when it's connected to a Bluetooth device, and the device notifies you when the thermometer has connected.

Bluetooth Instant Read Meat Thermometer IHT-2PB,Inkbird 3 in 1 328ft Range Rechargeable Digital Cooking Food Thermometer with Two External Probes,Temperature Alarms,Timer for Grilling,Smoking

Inkbird Bluetooth Instant Meat Read Thermometer IHT-2PB

by Inkbird Tech

Free User-Friendly Phone APP BBQGO PRO and Usage11 types of meat and 5 types of doneness are preset on the app to provide cooking selection.By the phone app, you could effortlessly program the meat thermometer and track all historical temperatures. This BBQGO PRO app is compatible with smartphones running iOS11/Android 5.0 or above. This Kitchen meat thermometer is the best choice for grilling, smoking,cooking, turkey, milk, coffee and gift.

The IHT-2PB is a great-looking meat thermometer that easily cements Inkbird's place among the industry's top brands. It has a large, easy-to-read display, and the casing is sturdy and good-looking, with a stainless steel finish that should help it stand up to the rigors of daily use. The IHT-2PB's controls are straightforward, and there 's a nicely designed temperature calibration button that automatically calibrates the thermometer's internal temperature reference. The IHT-2PB's longest probe is 328 feet, which should be enough for most home kitchens. The thermometer's built-in magnet makes it easy to hang on the refrigerator door, and it's versatile enough to use both indoor and outdoor. The IHT-2PB's biggest shortcoming is its relatively short battery life: it last only 13 hours on a single charge, which is disappointing for a thermometer that costs nearly as much as a high-end digital thermometer and needs frequent replacement. That said, the battery is rechargeable, so it's not much of a problem. The IHT-2PB also has a somewhat limited temperature range, and the beeping sound can be a bit annoying at first, but it fades into the background noise fairly easily. Overall, though, the IHT-2PB is a good-looking, well-made meat thermometer, and we recommend it.

Arspic Bluetooth Meat Thermometer - Digital Wireless Thermometer with 330ft Remote Monitor, 4 Temperature Probes and Alarm Notification for Grilling BBQ Smoker Kitchen Cooking Oven

Arspic Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

by Arspic

Multiple Dishes at Once: Designed with 4 colors coated probes made in food grade stainless steel, widely measure range from 32 to 572 and the accuracy is 1.8F, quick reading in 1 second, safe for cooking multiple dishes at once and save much time on preparing your party dinner.

The Arspic Bluetooth Meat Thermometer is a pricey option, but its massive range of up to 330 feet, its automated monitoring, and its large, easy to read display make it our top pick for long-range wireless meat thermometers. Its app is well designed and easy to use, and its Bluetooth 5.0 technology allows instant remote monitoring of meat temperatures from up to 330 feet away. The thermometer's wireless range is more than enough for most kitchens, and it lets you set multiple temperature alarms for different types of food. The thermometer's probe cover is magnetized, so you can quickly attach and detach the probes, and its pair of probes is long enough to monitor an extended grill or smoker, and its long cord lets you place it away from your smart device. The thermometer's large, easy-to-read display displays up to 99 readings in increments of 0.1 degrees, and its built-in alarm lets you know when your food is done. The app also lets you set reminders to alert you when your meats are ready, and you can set audible and visual alarms for when you want to be notified.

MEATER Plus | Smart Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth | 165ft Wireless Range | for The Oven, Grill, Kitchen, BBQ, Smoker, Rotisserie


by Apption Labs

165ft Long Range Model: 100% WIRE-FREE that's perfect for outdoor cooking. The first truly wireless smart meat thermometer. Monitor your cook using the FREE app available for iOS (10.3 and later) / Android (5.0 and later) smart phones and tablets. Smart phone not included in the package.

The MEATER Plus is a nice, functional meat thermometer. It has a great range, is easy to use, and is portable enough that you can use it in an oven, grill, smoker, and rotisserie. The MEATER Plus has dual probes, so you can monitor the internal temperature of meat and the ambient or external temperature. The MEATER Plus has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can use it to monitor the temperature of your meat from a phone or a tablet. The MEATER Plus also comes with an extension cable, so you can monitor your meat from a computer. The MEATER Plus has colorful, easy-to-read display, and the price is right. If you're looking for an easy-to-read meat thermometer, the MEATER Plus is a great choice.

Meat Thermometer, YIDM 400ft Bluetooth Meat Thermometer, 4 Probes Wireless Meat Thermometer for BBQ Grill Smoker Kitchen Oven ( 32-716°F )

YIDM Meat Thermometer


FDA CERTIFICATE 304 PROBESYIDM meat thermometer uses the SUS304 stainless steel probe, safe, waterproof and non-toxic. 4 probes allow you to track different temperatures at the same time, more than 43 inches long and heat resistant probe wire provides a safe distance to ensure not to burn your hands. With the help of 2 stainless clip, you can also easily track ambient temp for smoker, oven or grill.

The YIDM wireless bluetooth meat thermometer is a device that's designed to make cooking easier and more convenient. The thermometer has both a dial and a screen, so it's easy to read the measurement, and the screen is bright and easy to read. The thermometer also comes with a large oven probe, a meat probe, and a thermometer probe, so it's versatile enough to do almost any cooking. The probes are highly sensitive, and the meat probe has a temperature range of 0 to 572°F. The bluetooth thermometer has a range of 400 feet, so it's great for those who like to host barbecue parties or barbecue outside. The Bluetooth connection works well, and the app is well designed and easy to use. The thermometer also has 4 preset temperatures, so you can easily set the temperature for things, such as toast, pizza, and cookies, and the app will notify you when the food hits the desired temperature. The meat probe has a resolution of 0.1°F, and the thermometer's display is very clear, so it's very easy to read the measurement. The YIDM thermometer also has a timer, a feature not commonly found in meat thermometers, so it's easy to set a timer for things, such as baking cookies, and the app will notify you when the food is done. The probes are nice and long, so they're easy to put in deep dishes, and the thermometer's handle stays cool, so you can hold it comfortably. There's also a lock button, which locks the probe in place so it doesn't move, and a button to turn on the thermometer, so it's always on when you need it. The YIDM wireless bluetooth meat thermometer has 4 preset temperature settings, so it's easy to set the temperature for things, such as toast, pizza, and cookies, and the app will notify you when the food hits the desired temperature. The YIDM thermometer also has a timer, a feature not found in many meat thermometers, so it's easy to set a timer for things, such as baking cookies, and the app will notify you when the food is done. The YIDM thermometer's probe is 4 inches long, so it's easy to put in deep dishes, oven dishes, and it's long enough to reach all the way to the bottom.

Govee WiFi Meat Thermometer, Bluetooth Smart Grilling Digital Wireless Thermometer with 4 Probes, Remotely Monitor Temperatures, Alert Notifications for Grill, BBQ, Oven, Smoking(not Support 5G WiFi)

Govee WiFi Meat Thermometer

by Govee

28 USDA-Recommended Preset Temperatures: Ensure the cooking quality of your food with temperature recommendations for up to 14 types of foods.The Govee Home App will provide suggestions based on user needs for grilling.

The Govee WiFi Meat Thermometer is an easy-to-use, well-priced meat thermometer that stores up to 40 hours of data. It has 4 probes, allowing you to monitor 4 different temperatures. The sensors themselves are solid, and we found that they consistently measured the temperature we told them to. The meat probes are long, and the base of the unit has a swiveling stand that makes it easy to set the thermometer in place. The meat probe attachment is easy to remove, and we found that it's much easier to remove the probe from the meat than from the meat thermometer. There's also a large, easy-to-read display, and the app is easy to set up and use. The app has a range of features, including the ability to set multiple temperature presets, which you can set with a manual entry or with the app. The app also lets you view the data, as well as send notifications when any of your preset temperatures change. The meat thermometer also has Bluetooth, so you can pair the thermometer with a phone or tablet, and the sensor can also be paired to a separate device, such as a computer or slow cooker. The Bluetooth connection is reliable, but the meat thermometer doesn't connect to the internet. The meat probes are dishwasher-safe, but the thermometer isn't. It's easy to use, has a wide temperature range, and is inexpensive.

Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Wireless 100M/328FT Remote Digital Meat Thermometer,Roaprobe Smart Meat Thermometer for Cooking Food Meat Thermometer with 4 Probes for Oven, Grill, Kitchen, BBQ, Smoker

Roaprobe Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Wireless Remote 100M/328FT Digital Meat Thermometer

by Roaprobe

Timer & Alarm - Simple and PracticalThe meat thermometer wireless has large orange backlit LCD display provides amazing clarity, 600mAh lithium battery, can be used for up to 200 hours. Thermometer adopts humanized design, you can attach it to the refrigerator or place it on the desktop.

RoaProbe meat thermometer is a sleek, sturdy, and well designed remote thermometer. It's the only remote thermometer that we tested that came in two separate pieces: a Bluetooth remote unit and a meat probe. The remote unit has a button you can press to start and stop the timer, as well as increase or decrease the temperature. The meat probe has a 100-330 feet range, which is long enough for most homes, and the probe itself is super thin, so it's barely noticeable when you're cooking. The meat probe is meat-safe and BPA-free, and the remote unit has an IP65 rating, so it's safe from water and dust. The meat probe is detachable, so you can easily clean it after cooking. The meat probe has 4 probes, so you can monitor multiple meat at the same time. The remote unit has a simple, easy-to-use interface, and you can control it from your phone (iOS and Android). The remote unit has 3 built-in thermometers: one probe, one internal meat thermometer, and one external temperature probe. The remote unit has a 100-hour battery life, and the meat probe has 50 hours.

BOYON Meat Thermometers for Cooking and Grilling, Rechargeable Bluetooth Grilling Wireless Meat Thermometer with 6 Probes, Cooking Thermometer for Smoker Gill BBQ Kitchen Oven Support iOS & Android

BOYON Meat Thermometers Cooking for and Grilling

6 Color-coded Stainless Steel Probes with 6 ChannelsStainless steel probes can stand higher temperatures up to 572F. More durable and accurate compared with silicone probes. Accurate readings let you know exactly how hot it is and when its done. 6 channels give you enough flexibility to monitor multiple roasts or pit temps simultaneously.

Boyson's meat thermometers are the best we tested, and this cheaper model (about half the price of our top pick) is similar to the more expensive one in almost every way. It has the same two probes, a 300-foot range, and a Bluetooth connection. The probes are longer, too, which is useful if you have large cuts of meat. The meat thermometer has a simple, easy-to-use app, and it tracks the progress of your meat as it cooks. The app also has a timer and presets for nine types of meat, and you can set the temperature within the app for more precise control. The thermometer can also display Your internal temperature. The thermometer is easy to read, it has a simple interface, and it's a breeze to use. The meat thermometer comes with a free one-year warranty, and Boyson's customer service is top-notch.


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