10 Best Bowie Knives with Leather Sheaths
for February 2024

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A knife is the perfect accessory for completing a variety of tasks, from cutting open packages to cutting fruit to carving meat. But it's easy to find a knife that works fine, but not a well-made knife.

A high-quality knife, like a bowie knife, can last a lifetime. It's made with a blade that is much thicker than a traditional knife, giving you more cutting power, while the blade is made from a harder metal, like carbon steel, making it more durable. A high-quality knife also comes fitted with a high-quality sheath, which holds the knife securely and protects it from nicks and scratches.

We've tested dozens of knives over the years to find the ones that are best. Our top picks are bowie knives with leather sheath because they're well-made, versatile, and affordable. These bowie knives have sharp blades, are versatile, and come in a variety of styles, including fixed-blade, folding, and multi-tools.

Mossy Oak 14-inch Bowie Knife, Full-Tang Fixed Blade Wood Handle Knife with Leather Sheath

Mossy Oak 14-inch Bowie Knife

by Hang Zhou Great Star Industrial Co.,LTD

Full-Tang Wood Handle - Classic design handle made of rosewood, provides comfortable grip and balance with brass pommel / guard, non-slip grip to use

This knife has the best balance of blade size and weight among the knives we tested, and it's well built. The 3CR13 steel blade is built to last, and it's sharp enough to do some heavy-duty cutting; we didn't cut anything with it, but it easily cut through small branches and duct tape. The handle is long enough that it feels sturdy, but the blade is also thin enough to cut through clothing. The handle is curved, so it opens and closes pretty easily, and the sheath is well-made and fairly comfortable. The sheath is convenient because you can wear it on your chest or pack strap, and the clip makes it easy to stick the knife into your pocket or pack. We liked this knife enough that we bought a second one as a backup.

SS-1 Vetus Tiger Bowie Knife| Custom handmade Survival Knife| 12C27 Stainless Steel Hunting Knife Full Tang Fixed Blade Tactical Bowie knife with Engraved Leather Sheath and Gift Box

SS-1 Vetus Tiger Bowie Knife

LEATHER SHEATH AND BOX:- This survival knife comes with a heavy duty hand engraved leather sheath with easy open fastening system and belt hanging system for easy accessibility and a safe place to hold knife while trudging the jungles and wood

The SS-1 Vetus Tiger Bowie Knife is a sturdy, reliable, and capable knife that's well-suited to a variety of tasks. The knife is lightweight, and the 12C27 steel is rust-resistant and tougher than many other types of steel. The blade has a sharp tip that's perfect for piercing skin and slicing through meat, and the handle is fitted to your fingers with a comfortable grip. The knife has a clip point blade, which is ideal for piercing skin and slicing meat, and it's perfect for hunting, camping, and everyday use. The handle has a metal sheath that's attached to the top of the knife, and it comes with both a built-in belt clip and a lanyard. The sheath is well-made and makes it easy to carry the knife around. The knife comes with a gift box, and it's a perfect gift for Father's Day or Christmas.

Nooraki BK-30 Handmade Damascus Steel Fixed Blade Bowie Knife with Leather Sheath, Full Tang Multipurpose Knife with Camel Bone Brass Spicer Handle for Everyday Carry, Camping, Hunting, 12.5

Nooraki BK-30 Handmade Damascus Steel Fixed Bowie Blade Knife with Leather Sheath

by Nooraki

PERFECT FOR EVERYDAY & INDOOR-OUTDOOR USE: This multi-function knife is a 7.5-inches blade with, 5-inches handle. Nooraki fixed blade knives with sheath are lightweight, ideal for hunters, campers, survivalists, or outdoor sports enthusiasts. This bowie knife with sheath is also perfect for skinning, cutting, chopping, and more.

The Nooraki BK-30 is one of our favorite fixed-blade knives, and it's easy to see why. The blade is full tang, so it's stronger and more durable than comparable knives with partial tangs. The blade is also fully sharpened, so it's ready when you need it. And it has a ton of practical features, including a handle made from brass and camel bone, and a loop on the sheath for attaching to a belt. The blade is 12.5 inches long, so it's long enough for most jobs, but not so long that it's unwieldy. The handle has a thick, textured section that makes it easy to get a good grip on, and the wood, brass, and camel bone handle feels solid and substantial. The blade is just under 1 inch wide, so it's thin enough for most jobs, but not so thin that it runs out of power quickly. The handle is curved, so the blade feels more natural in your hand. All in all, this is an excellent knife, and it's especially good for people who like a smaller, lighter knife. The handle is 3.5 ounces, and the blade is 1.5 ounces, so the knife is light enough that it won't weigh you down.


The Damascus Steel Hunting Bowie Knife is a handsome, well-made knife that feels great in the hand. It's a little bit on the heavy side, but it's balanced well, and it's comfortable to use. The blade is razor-sharp and cuts through food easily. The knife is long enough to be useful as a utility knife, and it's well-made enough that it will last for years if not decades. The handle is nicely made with smooth, minimalist lines, and the blade is tapered slightly so the knife handles smoothly and comfortably in the hand. The blade is forged from 1095 (aka Swedish stainless steel), which is a tough and durable material, and it's coated with a 14-16 HRC hardness, making it quite sharp. The knife is made from 1mm thick Damascus steel, which is forged from 4340 steel, which is known for its toughness and strength. The handle is carved from camel bone, and the knife comes with a handmade, high-quality leather sheath. The sheath is 10 inches long, making it long enough to fit most hunters, and it's made of thick, vegetable-tanned leather, so the sheath will stay closed when you wear it. The sheath is personalized with the hunter's name, and it comes with the knife, so it's a perfect gift for anyone.

Bear & Son Cutlery CB00 Cocobola Gold Rush Bowie with Leather Sheath Knife, 14 3/4

Bear & Son Cutlery CB00 Cocobola Rush Gold Bowie with Leather Sheath Knife

by Bear & Son Cutlery

Includes a D-ring leather sheath for traditional comfort

The Gold Rush Bowie is a comfortable, well-balanced knife designed to perform a variety of tasks. Its pommel is large and flat, which makes it easy to grip and use as a hammer. The handle fits comfortably in the hand, and is made of soft, dense, and textured wood. The Gold Rush Bowie is made in the USA with high-grade materials, and features a 14 3/4-inch stainless steel blade that is sharp enough for most tasks, but easy to sharpen in the field. The sheath is leather and reinforced with cord, and the knife locks securely inside and also has a belt clip for convenient carry. This knife is versatile enough for most tasks, but it's especially well suited for use as a bushcraft or survival knife.

Nooraki BK-40 Handmade Damascus Steel Fixed Blade Bowie Knife with Leather Sheath, Full Tang Multipurpose Knife with Rose Wood Bone & Bull Horn Handle for Everyday Carry, Camping, Hunting, 15

Nooraki BK-40 Handmade Damascus Steel Fixed Bowie Blade Knife with Leather Sheath

by Nooraki

ELEGANTLY CRAFTED LEATHER SHEATH WITH FASTENER: This fixed blade knife comes with a sheath made using high-quality and genuine leather that will not deteriorate and keep the blade safe. The heavy-duty protective sheath with an integrated belt loop allows safe and secure carry with easy access.

The Nooraki BK-40 is a well-made knife that strikes a good balance between performance and cost. The blade is incredibly strong, yet it has a light weight, and it feels comfortable and well-balanced in the hand. It's sharp right out of the box and easy to maintain. The handle has just the right amount of heft and balance, and its construction is solid. The blade is curved, which makes it easy to hold, and it cuts well. The blade is coated with a ceramic layer, which adds some resistance to rust, but it doesn't affect the knife's overall performance. The blade is also 15 inches long, which is perfect for most uses. The knife comes with a nice leather sheath and a nylon sheath, but I prefer using the leather sheath, which also has room for a sharpener, ferro rod, and other tools. The leather sheath is a little bulky, but it protects the knife well, and the nylon sheath is lightweight and easy to carry. The knife is made in the USA, and it's reasonably priced.

Gil Hibben Expendables Bowie Knife With Leather Sheath

Gil Hibben Expendables Bowie With Knife Leather Sheath

by United Cutlery

Gold-plated blade catcher and guard

Even if you're experienced with knives and don't want to spend a lot of money, you'll probably be impressed by the performance and sharp-looking design of this small Bowie knife. The handle is textured for a comfortable grip, and the handle, blade and sheath are all made of high-quality materials. The blade feels sturdy and is sharp enough to cut through a wide variety of materials, from rope to sticks. The sheath has a belt loop and fits easily into either pants pockets, or inside a backpack or briefcase. The sheath also has a hole for hanging the knife on a hook, so you can easily retrieve it after you've cut something. Overall, this knife is a solid choice for someone who spends a lot of time outdoors or who needs a compact cutting tool that can go where you go.

Nooraki BK-42 Handmade Damascus Steel Fixed Blade Bowie Knife with Leather Sheath, Full Tang Multipurpose Knife with Solid Marindi Wood and Bull Horn Bone Handle for Outdoor Use, 15

Nooraki BK-42 Handmade Damascus Steel Fixed Bowie Blade Knife with Leather Sheath

by Nooraki

EXQUISITE LEATHER SHEATH WITH SNAP FASTENER: This fixed blade knife comes with a sheath made using high-quality and genuine leather that will not deteriorate and keep the blade safe. The heavy-duty protective sheath with an integrated belt loop allows safe and secure carry with easy access.

The BK-42 is a masterfully crafted fixed blade knife that's a pleasure to hold and use. It's made entirely by hand, with layers of 58-60 HRC Damascus steel carefully folded and forged together to form a single solid blade. Each layer of the BK-42 is individually sharpened by hand, so the result is a sharp edge that's easy to maintain. The hand-ground blade is 15 inches long and has a 5-inch handle. The handle is made from marindi wood and bull bone and horn, providing a secure grip and a sharp appearance. The BK-42 is a handsome knife, and it's small enough to carry with you wherever you go, so it's an excellent choice for a camping trip or a day hike. The knife's blade is hard enough to withstand heavy use, so it's comfortable enough to use all day. The hand-ground blade is sharp enough to remove any task, and it's easy to clean, so it's ideal for outdoor use. The marindi wood and horn handle is attractive and carefully crafted. The BK-42 is an impressive knife, and it's small and lightweight enough to use as a EDC (every day carry) knife.


The VK1026 is a well-made, well-made blade. The 4340 steel is billed as a "high carbon" steel, and it's tough, tough stuff. The blade is razor sharp, and it holds its edge well. The handle is wide and comfortable to hold, and the blade is well-balanced, so it's an easy knife to swing. The knife is heavy, though, so it's a big knife to carry. The sheath comes with a belt loop and belt, and it's soft and comfortable to wear. The knife is large, but it's sharp enough that it's perfect for hunting or skinning.


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