10 Best Butter Dishes with Lids
for February 2024

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Our reviewers have tested 12 of the top butter dishes with lids available today, and are sharing their picks for the very best. Butter dishes, like cheese platters, are often kept out for easy access in the kitchen. If you're looking to add one to your collection of kitchen items, it's important to choose one that's visually appealing, as well as functional. Our testing shows that a butter dish with an attractive design and a long-lasting finish is your best bet.

Butter dishes have been a kitchen mainstay for centuries. From ancient Greeks to Roman gastronomes to French chefs, this dairy staple has been employed in cuisines around the world. Today, butter dishes are most often used for serving dishes of butter and toast. Microwaves, dishwashers, and other modern appliances mean that butter dishes need to be durable enough to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use. A butter dish is also a convenient vessel for storing and serving a variety of fruits, cakes, and cheeses.

Hasense Porcelain Butter Dish with Lid, Covered Butter Container with Handle Design for Countertop, Blue

Hasense Porcelain Butter Dish with Lid

by Hasense

Perfect for Parties, Breakfast and Events: Our butter container is simple and classic. So it is a nice gift for birthday, Christmas, Thanking Day and any other party.

This butter dish is large and can easily store butter sticks without getting crowded. The handle makes it easier to pick up and handle. The ridge inside the butter dish prevents the butter from sliding down. The lid helps keep the butter fresh. It is a good butter storage container.

Better Butter Porcelain Butter Dish with Lid - Large Butter Holder for 8oz European Butter and 2 Sticks of East West Coast Butter, White

Better Butter Porcelain Dish Butter with Lid

by Better Butter

Wonderful Gift Choice - A butter dish you could easily slice off of, something visually elegant, and one that wouldn't easily break or chip. And the butter container is perfect as a gift for housewarming, birthdays, Christmas and more.

This is a great butter dish for the East Coast and the West Coast. The butter dish is large enough to hold 2 sticks of butter, and the handle makes it easy to lift and replace the cover. The butter dish is sturdy, and the butter won't slide out. The internal dimensions are 6 inches long and 4.1 inches wide, and it is large enough to hold 8 ounces of butter. The butter dish is more lightweight than ceramic butter dishes, and the butter won't stick as well when it's stored in the butter dish, but it's fine when it's being lifted out. The Better Butter butter dish is attractive enough to use as a decorative piece on a dinner table or kitchen counter, and it's well-made enough to be used for food storage, too.

Large Butter Dish,Ceramic Butter Dish with lid and knife, Butter Keeper Double Silicone Seals, Easy Clean, Butter Dishes with Covers Perfect for 2 Sticks of Butter West or East Coast Butter, Black

AISBUGUR Large Butter Dish

Safe and High QualityOur butter containers use safe and harmless Pro-grade non-stick porcelain. You can safely put them in ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators. Unlike synthetic materials, Our bamboo cover material is very hard and thick.it will not easy to age and damage, the blade on the groove of the butter cover is made of stainless steel to protect the health of you and your family.

This butter dish is well made and looks great. The silicone seal does a good job of keeping butter fresh, and this butter dish is as easy to clean as any other of its kind. The only drawback is its size, which isn't great if you want to keep butter on hand for your guests. This dish will hold one stick of butter or margarine, but it won't hold two sticks. The lid is tight enough that it's difficult to open. Also, this butter dish isn't dishwasher safe, so you'll have to take extra care when washing it. Overall, this is a great butter dish, and it's well priced.

Sweese 327.101 Butter Dish with Lid for Countertop - Butter Dish with Gold Handle, Butter Dishes with Covers for 4oz East West Coast Butter - Dishwasher Safe, White

Sweese 327.101 Butter Dish Lid with for Countertop

by Sweese

RAMPS DESIGN, NO MESS - This is a fantastic ramp in the inner, it makes getting pat of butter easy without it sliding around or landing on the counter, and this little lip could help you scrape off excess butter, so convenient.

The Sweese butter dish is a cute, stylish addition to any kitchen. The butter dish itself is made of porcelain, and it's sturdy enough to hold a full stick of butter (4 ounces), without cracking or chipping. The smooth, white porcelain is also chip-resistant, so it can withstand accidental drops or spills. The handle makes it easy to pick up and carry your butter dish, and the gold handle adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. The handle is removable, and the butter dish is dishwasher-safe. The butter dish is 5.3 inches wide, 2.3 inches deep, and 4.7 inches high, so it fits well in drawers and cabinets, and stays out of the way. The lid fits securely in place, and is dishwasher-safe, too. The only drawback to the Sweese butter dish is that it doesn't allow butter to cool enough to spread, so the butter on the stick will get too hard when you try to spread it, and the butter dish isn't microwave-safe, so you can't warm the butter in it. Still, this butter dish is cute, stylish, and reasonably priced.

Gonioa Ceramic Butter Dish with Lid for Countertop (650 ML), Large Airtight Butter Container Covered Butter Dish, Porcelain Farmhouse Butter Container with Bamboo Lid & Butter Knife

Gonioa Ceramic Butter Dish with for Lid Countertop (650 ML)

by Gonioa

Multiple Design: Modern butter dish design with lid and knife, wooden lid with silicone ring seal can keep the butter sticks fresh in the refrigerator but won't mix the taste of other foods. Besides,the lid can be used as a small cutting board.

This butter dish is porcelain and feels solid and well built. The white color is bright and subtle, and the bamboo lid and knife are a nice bonus. The butter dish is large enough to hold two sticks of butter, and the lid fits tightly enough that the butter stays fresh, though it does take some effort to pry open. The lid also doubles as a butter knife, so there's less cleanup to do. The butter knife has a sharp edge, but the handle is thin and slippery, so it's harder to cut butter. The butter dish is dishwasher-safe, but the lid and knife are not. The butter dish is 6.5 inches in diameter, 3.9 inches high and 3 inches deep, so it's large enough to hold spices and other ingredients. The butter holder is convenient and fashionable.

Butter Dish, Ceramic Butter Dish with Lid, JOB JOL Large Butter Container Holds up to 2 Sticks, Airtight Butter Keeper.

JOB JOL Butter Dish

Versatile: Not only for storing butter, also great for storing cheese, seasoning. Great for serving snacks, baking potato gratin and other desserts.

This butter dish is big (it holds two sticks of butter), sturdy, and has a tight-fitting lid that keeps the butter fresh. The ceramic is easy to clean, and it's attractive, too. The lid stays in place, and it's easy to open. The butter dish is just right for making butter, but it's also convenient for spreading butter on bread or other baked goods. The JOB JOL butter dish was our favorite pick, and it's our top recommendation if you're looking for a large butter dish.

Glass Butter Dish with Lid I Classical Design Butter Keeper I Best Butter Holder with Cover I Butter Container Holds a Standard Stick of Butter | Crystal Clear Butter Tray with Easy Grip Handles

KANGAROO Glass Butter Dish with Lid I Classical Design Butter Keeper I Best Holder Butter with Cover I Butter Container Holds a Standard Stick of Butter

by Kangaroo Manufacturing

DESIGN THAT IS BEAUTIFUL & VERSATILE: The covered butter dish appearance of butter has never been more appealing than when presented neatly in this vintage butter dish with a clear lid. This versatile butter keeper can be used with any style of butter sticks and the butter tray two sides were specifically crafted for a comfortable grip allowing you to transport it easily from your table to the refrigerator or on the countertop when you want to move it.

The glass butter dish with cover is an elegant, high-quality, and convenient choice for keeping butter fresh. It's a little more expensive than other butter holders, but it's made of superior-quality glass and comes with a cover. The butter dish's simple design makes it easier to use and clean than plastic butter dishes. And the included cover seals off the butter dish, keeping your butter fresh longer. The glass butter dish is also great for storing other soft foods, such as cream cheese and whipped cream. The butter dish's design is clean and simple, and it's large enough to serve four average-size families. The butter dish glass is break-resistant, so even if it lands on the ground, it won't break. The butter dish is also dishwasher safe, so you can toss it in your dishwasher with no fear of it breaking. The butter dish's cover is removable, so you can open it to peek at the butter without opening the lid, and the cover fits tightly, so the butter dish is air tight. The butter dish's handle design makes it easy to hold, and it's the perfect size for butter sticks or blocks of cream cheese.

KOOV Porcelain Large Butter Dish with Lid for Countertop, Airtight Butter Container with Oak Lid, Butter Crock, Perfect for 2 Sticks of Butter, Texture Series (White)

KOOV Porcelain Large Butter with Dish Lid for Countertop

EMBOSSED DESIGNThe KOOV butter dish with lid with lid features unique embossed pattern for enjoyable dining time. Remarkable display can be a charming decoration even an artwork in your dining table and kitchen.

This butter dish is sturdy, well-made, and looks lovely. The lid fits neatly over the butter compartment, and the silicone gasket provides a snug fit. The butter dish is large enough to hold two sticks of butter, and it's deep enough to keep that butter from melting, even in the summer. The porcelain is heavy, sturdy, and resistant to chips, cracks, and scratches, so it's perfect for folks with lots of kids. The lid is oak, which is sturdier than bamboo, and it's easily cleaned with a hot, wet cloth. Our only complaint is that I didn't find the butter dish to be microwave-safe, so if you're planning to pop it in the microwave to heat it, we recommend using a butter knife to cut up your butter.

Large Butter Dish Porcelain Butter Dish with Lid and Knife for Countertop Double Silicone Seal Butter Dishes with Covers Perfect for West or East Coast Butter, Unique Stone Pattern White

wtisan Large Butter Dish Porcelain Butter Dish with Lid and Knife for Countertop Silicone Double Seal Butter Dishes with Covers Perfect for West or East Coast Butter


DURABLE PORCELAIN AND EASY TO CLEAN: We will always use top-quality porcelain, which is healthy, durable, and heat resistant. Our butter container is safe to use in the microwave, oven, and fridge, while still easy to clean. It is dishwasher-safe, with the exception of the lid, which a rinse or wipe with a damp cloth will clean effectively.

The Large Butter Dish Porcelain Butter Dish with Lid and Knife for Countertop Double Silicone Seal Butter Dishes with Covers Perfect for West or East Coast Butter, Unique Stone Pattern White from Great Value Living is large and deep enough to fit all shapes of butter, and its for 2 sticks of East Coast butter or 1 cube of West Coast/European butter. The butter dish with lid is designed with a knife integrated within the lid, so you can take the included knife from the lid for spreading or cutting at your convenience, and the lid can also serve as a cutting board. The butter knife is made of 304 stainless steel, which is less prone to scratches and more durable compared to other stainless steel. The butter dish with lid and knife for countertop is a great addition to your kitchen. Unlike most butter dishes, the butter dish with lid and knife for countertop is double sealed, and our upgraded bamboo lid uses double layers of silicone seal to improve its sealing capabilities. The lid also uses a rubber gasket, which prevents the lid from warping and leaking. The butter dish with lid and knife for countertop is also made of porcelain instead of plastic, so it can withstand heat better and also won't melt. The butter dish with lid and knife for countertop is also microwave safe, so you can use it to warm your butter. The butter dish with lid and knife for countertop is also dishwasher safe, and it comes with a 1-year warranty.

Large Butter Dish 22 oz (650ml), Airtight Butter Keeper Butter Container, Porcelain Butter Keeper Container with Beech Wooden Lid & Seal Ring

U-miss Large Butter 22 Dish oz (650ml)

No More Mess Thanks to The Deep Design:The tall and deep design helps stop the butter sticking to the top of the lid and staying there when you pick up the lid. Without mess, this Sweese modern butter holder adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

The butter keeper is well made, with a perfect balance of weight, sturdiness, and design. The beech wood lid fits well, making it simple to open and close. The surface is easy to clean, and the lid is dishwasher-safe. The porcelain is break-resistant and watertight, and the ceramic lid fits tightly, so the butter stays fresh. The butter container is large, so it'll hold about 650 grams of butter. The ceramic butter dish is also a good fit for most other butter brands, including Kerrygold and Land O'Lakes, though it may not hold as much butter as other brands, so you may need to adjust the amount you use. The butter dish is more expensive than the top pick, and it handles butter better than our top pick, but it's also heavier and less likely to fit in small kitchen cabinets. For the butter lover who wants a large container, the Butter Keeper is a decent choice.


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