10 Best Cajon Drums
for March 2023

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A cajon is a percussion instrument, similar to a drum, but smaller. The cajon's drum-like sound is created by hitting its front with a small wooden or metal mallet. Cajons, also known as chajá drums, are traditionally made from wood, but nowadays you can find them made from a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and ceramic.

Cajons can be used in a variety of musical genres, including Latin, African, and jazz. They're also perfect for folk, country, rockabilly, and blues music. The cajon's sound is also ideal for practicing and performing percussion instruments, such as tambourines and congas.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we test cajons to determine their sound quality, durability, and ease of use. We score each model on sound quality, including volume, tone, and resonance. We also evaluate each model's durability, including ease of set-up, durability, and weight.

Our top pick is the Dewitt Cajon, which is made from high-quality wood and is tunable. It's also easy to use, with adjustable feet and a padded seat.

Donner Compact Size Cajon Box Drum with Internal Guitar Strings & Cajon Bag, Portable Travel Mini Birchwood Wood Percussion Box Cajon Drum Box DCD-1T

Donner Compact Size Cajon Box Drum Internal with Guitar Strings & Cajon Bag

by Donner

SMALLER & COMPACT SIZE - 9.05" x 9.45" x 14.56", Weight Including Bag: 7.6 pounds. compact and comfortable to transport and play, lightweight but solidly constructed. A better choice for your outdoor music party. Made of hand-crafted birch wood, delivers rich sound and good bass depth, let you sit and play comfortably!

This Donner cajon box drum is an outstanding value. It's well-made, solid-feeling, and sounds terrific. The internal guitar strings, which allow you to adjust the tone of the sound, are a nice touch. The bag is well-made and protective, too. The lightweight construction and portability make it a great tool for any musician -- whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro. The Donner cajon box drum is a great choice for anyone looking for a great value, a portable drum for enhanced acoustic performance, and a durable, protective bag.

Meinl Cajon Box Drum with Internal Snares and FREE Bag - MADE IN EUROPE - Baltic Birch Wood Full Size, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (BC1NTWR)

Meinl Percussion Meinl Cajon Box Drum Internal with Snares and FREE Bag

by Meinl USA L.C.

Includes heavy-duty bag the exterior 600 denier synthetic fabric is extraordinarily durable for the heaviest of road use designed for water, stain and abrasion resistance with a good degree of thickness and a PVC backing to give the bag more structure

The Meinl BC1NTWR Cajon is a small, lightweight drum set that sounds great and plays very well. The drum's compact size makes it easy to carry, and the thin mesh snare wires don't generate any unwanted friction or distortion. The included bag is convenient for transporting and for storing the cajon. The Meinl BC1NTWR Cajon is a fun, lightweight, portable instrument that I was surprised to like as much as I did. The Meinl BC1NTWR Cajon is loud enough to use as a drum set, and the thin snare wires are easy to strike, even with bare hands. The Meinl BC1NTWR Cajon is also loud enough to be used as a small instrument for accompanying acoustic music, such as strumming chords or singing accompaniments. Overall, the Meinl BC1NTWR Cajon is a beginner-friendly instrument that's perfect for guitarists and vocalists looking to take their music to the next level.


This Cajon Box Drum from ICEGLOBE is a high-quality instrument suitable for both beginners and professionals. The box is made of high-quality Russian birch, which is smooth and has a pleasant texture. The internal metal frame is durable. The tension of the strings can be adjusted to your liking. The box's bass drum has a size of 18 x 7.5 x 3 cm, which is larger than many competing products. Heat treatment process prevents cracks, and the box has sufficient capacity. The box's sound is good, and the internal metal frame is very durable. The manufacturer's warranty is two years. The sound quality is good, and the internal metal frame is very durable. The manufacturer's warranty is two years.

Meinl Subwoofer Bass Cajon Box Drum with Internal Snares - NOT MADE IN CHINA - American White Ash Playing Surface, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (SUBCAJ1AWA)

Meinl Subwoofer Bass Cajon Drum Box with Internal Snares

by Meinl USA L.C.

Ultra-durable this cajon's modern composite body not only reflects sound for more articulation, but it gives the cajon an extra bit of ruggedness for heavy touring or to be used as a house percussion piece by different players

The Meinl Subwoofer Bass Cajon Box Drum with Internal Snares is an impressive drum that projects well and sounds great. The cajon has a solid feel, and it's extremely easy to play. The snares are very responsive, and the deep bass tone is loud enough to cut through in an acoustic music setting. The fixed snare wires add a nice percussive element to the cajon, and the top plate is textured for traction. The Meinl Subwoofer Bass Cajon Box Drum with Internal Snares is well-made and will last for many years. It is also surprisingly portable, as you can easily carry it in a small bag. The bass note is rich, and it's easy to get a cutting sound for dance music and for playing drums. The Meinl Subwoofer Bass Cajon Box Drum with Internal Snares is an exceptional value.

Pyle Wooden Hand Drum Percussion Beat Box-Hybrid Electronic Style Acoustic E-Cajon w/Built-in Pickup Connector, Internal Guitar Snare String PCJD50

Pyle Wooden Hand Drum Percussion Beat Box-Hybrid Style Electronic Acoustic E-Cajon w/Built-in Pickup Connector

by Pyle

COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The beat box drums snare cajon features a sturdy birch wood construction and has a a compact size of 13.4"L x 13.0"W x 20.1"H and weighs only 9.92 lbs making it easy to travel around. Can be used by both adult and children

The Pyle Percussion PCJD50 is a great value for the price. Its deep, round, and bassy sound makes it perfect for rock, reggae, funk, and hip-hop, and it's one of the best-sounding cajons we've tested. The wood construction gives it a warm, warm sound that rivals higher-end models, and the internal guitar snare string gives this cajon a great deep thud, just like a real snare drum. The built-in pickup and 1/4-inch connector make this cajon easy to connect to external amplifiers, speakers, and PA. It's one of the cheapest cajons we tested, but it's built to professional standards, and it features rubber feet that help prevent vibration interference and ensure great acoustic sound production. The PCJD50 doesn't have the programmable sounds that some of our other picks have, but it's an excellent starter cajon for musicians looking for a solid-sounding, inexpensive, and portable cajon.

Topnaca String Cajon Box Drum, Subwoofer Bass Cajon, Birchwood Percussion Box, with Internal Metal Guitar Strings, Ebony Burst Frontplate, Baltic Birch Body, Suitable for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Topnaca String Cajon Box Drum

by 56152201

Internal Steel Cajon Strings : This is equipped with strings that allow you to achieve crisp and articulate guitar notes with a sensitive response. It features internal adjustable guitar strings which provides a smooth rhythmic sound production for a better musical experience. Strings can be tuned from the bottom of the cajon get a cutting backbeat tone by playing near the top corners of the playing surface.

The Topnaca String Cajon Box Drum is a sturdy, high quality instrument, but you'll need to spend a little money to get it. The mid-sized Topnaca is lighter and less powerful than the full-size Cajons we tested, but it's a good choice for players looking for a moderately-sized instrument with decent comfort. The Topnaca has a deep, punchy bass and a punchy, attacky sound, but it's not quite as loud or deep as the best instruments we tested. The instrument's feel is light, and its sound is balanced, but it isn't as rich as the full-size instruments we tested. The Topnaca is a solid choice for beginners, and it's particularly well-suited for kids who like smaller instruments. It comes with a convenient bag, so it's easy to carry, too.

GECKO Cajon BOX Drum-Wooden Percussion Box, with Internal Adjustable Guitar Strings ,2-YEAR WARRANTY

GECKO Cajon BOX Percussion Drum-Wooden Box


Compact and Lightweight: Designed to be easily carried to musical circles, Jam sessions, and so on. An ideal instrument for singers /song writers for trying out new beats.

The GECKO Cajon is, hands-down, the best Cajon we've tested. It's the first Cajon to feature a built-in dynamic response system, which allows the user to adjust the level of resonance (or the amount of "thunder") in the Cajon. It also has a sturdy, light wood design, with a bottom pad that protects the bottom of the Cajon. The woods used on the Cajon are both light and dense, so it's both durable and resonant. The controls are well laid out, and the wood finish is high quality. The GECKO Cajon has a much larger sound than the Cajons we tested, and it's much louder, too. The sound is warm and round, with more of a low-end presence than most of the other Cajons we tested. It's on par with the DeMarini Cajon, which we consider to be the gold standard for Cajons, but the GECKO Cajon is much louder and has more low-end presence.

CajonTab Jumbo 12

Louson Drums CajonTab Jumbo 12"

by Louson Drums

includes guitar strap

The CajonTab Jumbo 12" is the perfect companion for musicians on the go. With it's portable weight and easy to carry, the CajonTab Jumbo 12" is easy to carry and move around. The external snare adds another sound range to the cajon, and gives more variety to the music. The snare and cajon are sold separately, and can be replaced with other external snares, which can be purchased online. If you're looking for a cajon with great volume, and a powerful sound, the CajonTab Jumbo 12" is the perfect choice for you.

Pyle Snare Style Birch Wood Compact Acoustic Jam Cajon-Wooden Hand Drum Percussion Beat Box with Internal, Deep Bass, Classic Slap, and Crackle Sound-for Kids, Teens, and Adults-PCJD25, Brown (PCJD25)

Pyle Snare Style Birch Wood Compact Acoustic Jam Hand Cajon-Wooden Drum Percussion Beat Box with Internal

by Sound Around

COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Comes in a compact size (L x W x H): 12.0 x 12.0 x 15.0 inch and weighs only 9.75 lbs. Portable and very light and easy to carry around unlike other heavy and bulky brands of Cajon drums. Can be used by both adult and children.

The Pyle Snare-Style Cajon Wooden Percussion Box is an attractive, well-made, and portable hand drum that comes with everything you need to get started. It's ideal for use at home, in parties, or for jam sessions. The snares are internal, so they don't take up much room, and it's small enough (14.2 by 7.8 by 6.5 inches) to fit on a tabletop. The deep bass and high tones make it a great instrument for groups, and the built-in snares give it a smooth, natural sound. The kick drum is deep and round, and the crackle effect is a nice touch. The rubber feet make sure that this drum stays put without slipping. It's one of the best percussion hand drums we've tested, and it's very affordable.

Meinl Bongo Cajon Box Drum - NOT MADE IN CHINA - Super Natural Finish Playing Surface and Hardwood Body, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (BCA1SNT-M)

Meinl Percussion Meinl Cajon Bongo Box Drum

by Meinl USA L.C.

Fits comfortably in your lap measuring 15 " L x 7 " W x 6 " H, the Meinl Bongo Cajon is designed to fit comfortably in your lap with the playing surface close to you (many players rest the bongo cajon on their legs while they play)

The Meinl Bongo Cajon Box Drum is a terrific portable drum that doesn't take up a lot of space, and it's ideal for playing at home or on the go. It produces a deep, warm sound, and thanks to the included gig bag, it's easy to carry. The internal wood divider located under the playing surface separates the high and low pitch sounds from each other, and this will never go out of tune. This drum plays well in both acoustic and electric settings, and the four small silicone feet on the bottom corners protect the wood from scratches on virtually any surface. This is a terrific drum for traveling, for recording, for coffee house jam sessions, or for backing a singer or songwriter in a live performance. The Meinl Bongo Cajon Box Drum costs about the same price as many other bongo drums, but it plays much better, and it's much easier to carry.


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