Top 10 Best Camping Coffee Makers
for March 2024

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Camping is one of the most exciting adventures you can have. You can enjoy the great outdoors, experience new cultures, and even make some new friends along the way. However, one of the downsides of camping is a lack of hot drinks - unless you happen to have a camping coffee maker with you.

In this article, you'll find my top 10 best camping coffee makers - and with so many different options available, you're sure to find one that suits your camping needs. I tested each coffee maker to ensure it was easy to use, durable enough to withstand camping conditions, and wouldn't take up too much space in your campsite.

If you're on the hunt for the best camping coffee makers, then you've come to the right place. Keep reading to find the best camping coffee maker for you.

Portable Espresso Maker Fast Heating Compatible NS Capsule & Ground Coffee Espresso Machine 20 Bar Travel Coffee Maker with Carrying Case for Car Truck Camping Hiking Outdoors Golfing- Coffee Gift Set

CERA+ Portable Espresso Maker Fast Heating Compatible NS Capsule & Ground Coffee Espresso Machine 20 Bar Coffee Travel Maker with Carrying Case for Car Truck Camping Hiking Outdoors Golfing- Coffee Gift Set

PROTECTIVE CARRYING CASE: Durable & water resistant EVA case, which accommodates max 10pcs NS capsules. Travel mini espresso maker is easy to carry around, ideal for making a quick coffee on the go or in the office. Multi-functional travel coffee kit.

The OXO On TEA Kettle is a beautifully-designed kettle that boils water faster than most, and it's compatible with 12-volt power outlets, so you can take it camping or boating. However, its stainless steel construction means it's not as durable as our other picks, and it's a bit more expensive. The On TEA Kettle is also a bit top heavy, so if you're trying to fill it, it's a bit difficult to get the kettle off the base while keeping the spout up. The On TEA Kettle is a good option if you want to boil water faster than most, but it's a little pricey, and it doesn't brew coffee.

Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker- Insulated, Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Makers For Home, Camping w/ Travel Canister- Presses 4 Cup Serving- Large, Gray (34 fl oz)

Coffee Gator French Coffee Press Maker- Insulated

Professional grade in every way - This insulated french press brewer is tough, durable and rust proof. Unlike glass, it wont break when you drop it (but your floor might need some attention). Your search for coffee that makes you smile ends here

The Coffee Gator French Press is a thoughtful gift for campers and outdoorsy types, and it's a good one. It's the only french press we tested that's insulated, which keeps your coffee warmer for longer. The insulated design is also great for traveling, as you won't have to worry about it breaking in your bag. The Coffee Gator is also the only french press we tested with a travel canister, so you won't have to worry about transferring coffee from the press to the canister, and you can take the press and canister anywhere. The press itself is made of sturdy materials, and the filter is easy to clean. What it doesn't do is allow you to adjust the pressure, which is unfortunate, but we think most people would be happy with a single brew setting. The coffee press is pricey, but given the design, quality, and capacity, we think it's money well spent.

COLETTI Boulder Camping French Press (An American Press) - Large Insulated French Press Coffee Maker – 10 CUP

COLETTI Boulder Camping French (An Press American Press)

KEEPS COFFEE HOT FOR 4+ HOURS - This vacuum insulated Camping French Press keeps coffee steaming hot for 4+ hours and warm for many more. Our patent-pending design provides superior insulation. Dont settle for cold coffee. Bring the Boulder

The Boulder's 10-cup capacity is right in line with what most French presses offer, and it's also bigger than most coffee makers, so that means there's plenty of room for a crowd. Its double-walled construction is insulated to prevent heat from escaping, and it's also made of hard, durable plastic that can withstand a light fall. The scoop-shaped handle is comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver, and the press itself has a tight seal that can prevent coffee from seeping out. The vacuum-insulated stainless steel carafe keeps coffee hot for up to 12 hours, and it's easy topour. The press is easy to clean, and cleanup involves only taking the carafe apart and tossing the pieces in the dishwasher. The Boulder's small size makes it easy to pack, and its lightweight design makes it easy to carry. The press's 3.3-pound weight makes it one of the heaviest coffee makers in our roundup, but it's one of the lightest presses we reviewed, so it's still easy to carry. The press's 12-hour timer is also handy, as is its power indicator light, which turns green when it's ready for coffee. The Boulder's insulating properties make it great for camping, too. No coffee maker is as portable as the Boulder, so it makes an excellent alternative to backpacking or camping with a bulky coffee maker.

Wacaco Minipresso NS, Portable Espresso Machine, Compatible Nespresso Original Capsules and Compatibles, Hand Coffee Maker, Travel Gadgets, Manually Operated, Perfect for Camping

Wacaco Minipresso NS

by Wacaco Co Ltd

[GREAT PARTNER FOR TRAVEL] Minipresso NS is your best choice to quickly and efficiently enjoy delicious espresso wherever you are. Your espresso looks great and taste fantastic every time.

The Wacaco Minipresso NS is compact and stylish, but it's more suited to a home or office setting than travel. The Minipresso NS is manual, so you'll have to be the one to tamp the coffee grounds, measure the water, and pump the pump. The minipresso is lighter and smaller than other manual espresso machines, and it's quieter, too, so it's less likely to wake people up at night. The Minipresso NS is not compatible with Nespresso Original capsules, but it's compatible with most Nespresso compatible capsules. The manual espresso machine uses a 1.3-amp motor, so it's a little more powerful than the Nespresso VertuoLine, which is powered by 1.1 amps. The Minipresso NS has a 60-second automatic shut-off, but it's handy that it also shuts off completely when you lift the handle. The Minipresso NS only has two buttons: one for hot water and one for espresso. It also takes 25 seconds for the Minipresso NS to brew an espresso, which is longer than Nespresso Original pods, but shorter than other manual espresso machines. The Minipresso NS is easy to clean, but it's a little bulky and heavy, so it's more of a home coffee-maker than a portable one.

COLETTI Butte Camping Coffee Pot - Campfire Coffee Pot - Stainless Steel Coffee Maker for Outdoors or Stovetop (14 CUP)

COLETTI Butte Camping Coffee Pot

LARGE: Percolating for the entire camp is easy with this large 14 CUP coffee pot. Pack-in the Butte 14 Cup camping coffee percolator to your next outdoor adventure!

The Coletti Butte is a beautiful camping coffee maker, but it's also built to last. The stainless steel construction is sturdy enough to withstand campfires, grilling, or outdoor use, and the handle is constructed of heavy-gauge wire, allowing it to sit over the fire without burning. And with a large 14-cup capacity, this coffee maker is well-suited for larger camping parties. The lid and body are made from the same 18/8 stainless steel, which gives the coffee maker a pleasing, uncluttered aesthetic. The 14-cup capacity is generous enough to serve multiple people, and it's easy to fill and clean, with a removable lid and spout. The coffee maker comes with a ground coffee filter, but you can add other filters for more fine- and coarse-ground coffee. The coffee maker comes with a 3-year warranty.

Melitta Coffee Maker, 10 Cup Pour- Over Brewer with Stainless Thermal Carafe, Steel Carafe - Package Might Vary (60 OZ)

Melitta Coffee Maker, 10 Cup Pour- Over with Brewer Stainless Thermal Carafe, Steel Carafe

by Melitta

A great second pot perfect for that second flavor coffee or those guests who prefer decaf.

If you have a big family, or if you like to enjoy a cup of coffee or two in the evening, then you'll love the Melitta 10-Cup Pour-Over Coffee Brewer. The coffeemaker's thermal carafe keeps your coffee hot for up to 6 hours, and its 10-cup capacity means you don't end up drinking the same pot five times in a row. The coffeemaker is very easy to use: Just fill it up, pour in the coffee, and press the button. The coffeemaker comes with 10 Melitta 4 cone filters, which are designed specifically for this coffeemaker. The filters make brewing coffee a breeze, and they are also easy to clean. The coffeemaker is sturdy, durable, and good-looking. The coffeemaker makes great coffee, too. The coffeemakers we tested all brewed coffee that was well-flavored, but our favorite was the Melitta, because it brewed coffee that was flavorful, full-bodied, and had a nice, strong aroma. The coffeemaker is also the sturdiest, with a steel carafe that locks in place, so you won't have to worry about your coffee spilling. The coffeemaker's 60-ounce capacity means you can make coffee for 6 or more people, and it's easy to clean, which makes this coffeemaker a great choice for big families or offices.

WACACO Pipamoka Portable Coffee Maker, Single Serve Coffee brewer, All-in-one Vacuum Pressured,Insulated Travel Mug, Hand Powered and Filter Pressure Brewer, Stainless Steel Thermo Cup, 10 fl oz

WACACO Pipamoka Portable Coffee Maker


[THE TWO MINUTES BREW] Its patented construction, paired with itsinnovative twisting mechanism, generates vacuum pressure inside the mug. This negative pressure generated a suction force that draws hot water downwards through the coffee grounds. Engineered to brew a consistently clean, full-flavored cup of joe in about two minutes, the Pipamokas vacuum pressure brewing method sets it apart from other devices.

The WACACO Pipamoka is a transportable coffee brewer that fills the bill for our top pick. It's a device small enough to throw in your backpack, yet large enough to make 10 ounces of coffee at a time. The handy handle makes it easy to carry around, and the cup is insulated to keep your coffee warm. It also works as advertised, brewing a rich, dark coffee in about 3 minutes. The Pipamoka is easy to clean, and the filter is reusable. The WACACO Pipamoka is the hands-down winner of our portable coffee maker test, and it's the best coffee maker for travelers.

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker with Tote Bag - Quickly Makes Delicious Coffee Without Bitterness - 1 to 3 Cups Per Press

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso with Maker Tote Bag

by Aerobie, Inc.

Perfect for home kitchen use, the AeroPress is lightweight, compact, portable and durable. The tote bag makes it easy to pack with some coffee and a cup for use while traveling, camping, backpacking, boating and more!

The AeroPress is terrific for making espresso-style coffee at home, and it makes a noticeably better cup than a French press. It's also the fastest way to make coffee, and you don't need any fancy equipment (just a clean, empty cup). The AeroPress' filters, which are made from 350 paper filters, are paper-thin and reusable. The convenient nylon bag makes it easy to carry your press and filters (and your cup of coffee) to work or school, and it's a sturdy enough material to keep it from breaking if it rolls off the table. The AeroPress brews coffee at the same temperature as boiling water, so it's easily compatible with your favorite brewing method. We tested it with everything from American drip coffee to Vietnamese coffee to cold brew, and the results were excellent. The AeroPress' strong points include ease of cleanup and the ability to make espresso-style coffee, but it's less convenient than a French press, and it requires you to use coffee grounds. A sprinkle of coffee or espresso grounds in the filter helps the coffee in the press stay fresh. The AeroPress is more expensive than other coffee presses, but if you're looking for a high-quality, stylish, and convenient way to make your own coffee, the AeroPress is hard to beat.

Puricon Pour Over Coffee Maker with V60 Paper Filter 40 Sheets, 15oz Coffee Dripper Set Borosilicate Glass Coffee Carafe Brewer Pot, Portable Coffee Server for Home Café Restaurant Party Camping

Puricon Pour Over Coffee Maker V60 with Paper Filter 40 Sheets

by Puricon

Classic diamond pattern designed bottom, accurate measurement marking lines help you brew like a pro; Start the day with a cup of fragrant coffee

This pour over coffee maker is well-designed and simple to use. The ceramic filter is sturdy and the water drips out evenly and smoothly. The filter also accommodates V60 paper filters, which give better flavor than metal screens. The drip catcher is stylish, and it keeps coffee hot for a long time. The only drawback is the carafe, which is slightly too small, so you can't make more than 3 cups of coffee at a time. However, the carafe can be stored in the refrigerator and reheated or cold brewed, resulting in the same quality coffee as fresh coffee. Overall, this coffee maker is a great addition to anyone's kitchen.

BAYKA French Press Coffee Maker, Large Classic Copper 304 Stainless Steel Coffee Press, Cold Brew Heat Resistant Thickened Borosilicate Coffee Pot for Camping Travel Gifts, 34 Ounce

BAYKA French Press Coffee Maker


Why do We Recommend it? - Our French-Press comes with an affordable price, a classy design and it is very user-friendly. It is, hence, not just a great gadget for on the go but a nice addition to your kitchen at home. Ultimately, it can serve you as a wonderful gift for your beloved ones, family members or even as a treat to yourself.

We knew we wanted a french press coffee maker that could produce good coffee, but we weren't sure how much better it was than the coffee makers we already owned. So we tested three different coffee makers: the Bayka French Press, the Bodum Bistro French Press, and the Mr. Coffee French Press. We boiled some milk, brewed the coffee for two minutes, and then poured it through a coarse coffee filter into a cup. We compared the three coffees by taste, texture, and aroma. We found that all three coffee makers produced good coffee, but the Bayka French Press was by far our favorite. Its coffee was smoother, richer, and deeper than the other two. It was also much easier to clean. The Bodum Bistro is reminiscent of a glass tea pot, and while the coffee it produces is good, the carafe isn't as easy to clean as the Bayka's. Mr. Coffee's coffee was decent, but it came out much too quickly, and it was hard to clean. The Bayka is much larger than the Mr. Coffee or Bodum, and it's bigger and heavier, but it's a lot easier to clean than either. The Bayka French Press also produces more coffee, and since it brews more slowly, it's perfect for making coffee for a group of people. If you're looking for a good french press coffee maker, the Bayka French Press is a great choice.


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