10 Best Clear Face Shields
for February 2024

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Our expert shopping team evaluated nearly 40 face shields, including five new contenders, in this update to our previous review. We have tested dozens of different face shields over the last few years - everything from simple beanie hats to full-face helmets. In our search for the best face shield, we looked at features, such as fog-resistant lenses and flip-up chin flaps, and at price points. Our goal was to narrow down the pool of face shields to include ones that offer good protection, are comfortable to wear, and are reasonably priced. In our testing, we noted unique features while also testing each face shield on comfort, fit, and fog-resistance. We ultimately selected 10 of the best face shields on the market for our expert recommendation.

Expert reviews, thorough analysis, and real-life testing - we've got you covered with in-depth recommendations. Our test lab includes everything from a treadmill to a kitchen scale, so you can compare the finalists side-by-side. We have tested dozens of different products over the years and have taken the know-how we've gained to help find and create the top products to help you find exactly what you need.

UG Care Face Shield - Full Face Cover Transparent Clear Glasses - Breathable Comfortable Mouth Eye Nose Personal Protection Visor - Anti Fog Reusable See Through Plastic Goggles for Women and Men

UniGroup Care UG Care Face Shield

DESIGNED FOR COMFORT - lightweight premium protective face shields are made with ultra-clear thick PET plastic. Wear our face shields just like you would when wearing glasses over your ears and on your nose bridge. Do not affecting your breathing like traditional shields.

The UG Care face shield is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to wear. It also has the benefit of being clear, so your eyes aren't scrunched up when you wear one. The lens edges are soft, which helps eliminate any irritation. The face shield is disposable, but it's inexpensive enough that it's affordable to replace if you end up wearing out one. The lens is removable, so it's easy to clean. The UG Care face shield is inexpensive, and it keeps dust, debris, and splashes off your face so your eyes and face don't get irritated.

Face Safety Shields 10 Pack Protective Glasses Clear Fog Proof Protection

SERENITA Face Safety Shields 10 Pack Glasses Protective Clear Fog Proof Protection


Lightweight & comfortable: Ideal for long time wearing. offers 180 degree protection from saliva or any other unwanted droplets.

The Face Safety Shields are the best reusable safety glasses that we tested, and that's largely because of their comfortable fit. Unlike some face shields that felt tight and uncomfortable, these glasses are soft, flexible, and stays in place. They come in a variety of colors (blue, green, red, clear, and yellow), and you can choose which ones fit your face the best. In addition, they're reusable, so they're much less costly than pick-up-a-new pair every few months. They also come with a cleaning cloth and a pouch to store them. However, although they are made of durable materials, the glasses are flimsy and break easily. The glasses also don't cover your eyes completely, so there is some light that can enter your eye, which can feel disconcerting. In addition, the glasses aren't anti-fog or anti-static, and they tend to fog up pretty quickly. We tried the glasses in a variety of different temperatures, and in all but the coldest conditions the glasses fogged up quickly. However, as long as you clean the glasses regularly, they perform well.

Face Shield, Anti-Fog 4 Pack Face Shields with Glasses Frame, Clear Reusable Plastic Full Cover Face Visor Shield, Transparent Protective Safety Goggle Shield for Adults Women Men

Pupmoms Face Shield

ERGONOMIC 3D DesignThe removable nose bridge design allows the face shield to be worn with glasses. The super lightweight transparent shield is easy to put on and take off, just like you wearing glasses over your ears and on your nose bridge, to create more breathing space and will not cause discomfort even if wear it all day. One size fits women and men.

The Face Shield anti-fog face shields are great for outdoors, especially if you wear glasses. They offer full coverage, which is essential for preventing dust, dirt, and mist from getting in the eyes. The face shields' frames are thin, so they don't add much weight or bulk to your head. The Face Shields are soft and comfortable, so you won't feel any irritation or discomfort. The Face Shields are also exceptionally durable. We dropped one face shield from a height of 6 feet, and it didn't break. The face shields' lenses are anti-scratch and anti-fog, which make them ideal for outdoor use. The lenses are also clear, so you'll be able to see clearly when you're outside. The Face Shields are also very affordable, so you won't have to spend a fortune on a set of quality face shields.

UVEX by Honeywell Bionic Face Shield with Clear Polycarbonate Visor (S8500)

Honeywell Ademco UVEX by Honeywell Bionic Shield Face with Clear Polycarbonate Visor (S8500)

by Uvex by Honeywell

Clear Polycarbonate Visor With Excellent Optics Provide Increased Visibility; Comfortable Rear Cell Foam And Lightweight, Balanced, Ergonomic Design For Extended Use

The UVEX by Honeywell Bionic Face Shield is well-built and comfortable, though it could benefit from a slightly larger fit. It's lightweight and much thinner than other face shields, so it's easy to forget you're wearing it. We found that it was more comfortable in warm weather, and at campsites where it wouldn't be out of place to wear sunglasses. The chin pad is large and thick, and it provides good protection, but we wish it was a bit smaller and thinner so it didn't feel so bulky. The headstrap is thin and adjustable, and it's easy to tighten and loosen it with one hand. The headgear holds in place well, but we found that the top flap could sometimes pop off, and we had to readjust it. The head strap also seems to pull slightly on the visor, which makes it difficult to adjust the visor. The clear lens is easy to clean, and the frame is durable.

【2PACK】New Face Shields Transparent Goggle Sunglasses Full Cover | Anti Fog Clear Plastic Face for Adults | See Through Mouth and Nose Facial Clear Face |Clear Face_ |Cover Glasses | Crystal Clarity | Transparent | Breathable | Comfortable | Reusable | Vi

MOZSOY 【2PACK】New Face Shields Transparent Sunglasses Goggle Full Cover


COMFORTABLE FIT-Have soft temple arms that fit around your ears like glasses. Ideal for adults

These face shields aren't ideal selfies, but they work well enough if you're taking a selfie anyway. The masks are comfy, and they look enough like regular sunglasses that you won't look silly wearing them. They're also pretty durable and useful; I use them for biking, and my dog sometimes chews on them, but they still work. They're also relatively cheap, and the price is good compared to some other face shields, although if you're buying in bulk, the price does increase a bit. And, of course, these masks aren't perfect; they aren't transparent, so you can't see much through them, and they don't come with any eyeglass lenses. That said, they aren't bad, and they make for decent selfies.

Clear Face Shield,Maxrieny Face Shield Reusable Plastic Face Shield and Breathable Transparent Face Shield for Women 5.4x5.7in

MAXRIENY Clear Face Shield

BreathableUpgrade with breathable components, help breathe better. Effectively prevent fogging. No Fogging!

This face shield is comfortable to wear and fits nicely over your nose and mouth. The size is large enough to protect your entire face, including the eyes, and it feels sturdy enough to prevent leaks. The shield is made from lightweight and flexible plastic, and it's thin enough (just over 1 inch) to be comfortable when worn over glasses. It also has a thin mesh shield behind it that is designed to prevent dust and dirt from getting in. The shield folds up for easy storage and is easy to clean. Unfortunately, this shield isn't suitable for use while riding a bicycle, as it's too wide to fit under a helmet. For most other outdoor activities, it's a good pick.

TCP Global Salon World Safety Face Shields with All Clear Glasses Frames (Pack of 4) - Ultra Clear Protective Full Face Shields to Protect Eyes, Nose, Mouth - Anti-Fog PET Plastic, Goggles

TCP Global Salon World Safety Face Shields All with Clear Glasses Frames (Pack of 4)

by TCP Global

4 Pack of Face Shields with All Clear Glasses Frames: Sanitary, durable, lightweight, and comfortable premium protective face shields that are made with ultra-clear thick plastic. Each face shield contains an internally mounted comfort fit acrylic glasses frame. Wear the face shields just like you would when wearing glasses over your ears and on your nose bridge, but you'll also have a face shield for protection. Wear your eyeglasses underneath. One size fits all.

The Salon World Safety Face Shields are a good choice if you're looking for a simple, affordable face shield with decent protection from most workplace hazards. They're good for indoor use as well, since they're free of chemical coatings or dyes. The shields provide 180 degrees of coverage and are quick to put on and take off. They also come with a convenient carry pouch, which makes storage easy. The shields are supplied in a pack of four, so they're economical, and TCP Global also provides a one-year warranty. The shields have a slight curve, which will make them more comfortable to use on some people than others, and we found that touching the shield with bare hands or grabbing the shield by the edges can interfere with visibility. The shields also don't protect the sides of the face, so some workers might need to wear a hat or jacket to protect those areas. Overall, though, these are decent face shields, and TCP Global's customer service is responsive and helpful.

NoCry Flip Up Face Shield with Adjustable Headband; Comes with 2 Clear, Reusable Plastic Visors; Fits Over PPE, Glasses, Goggles and Your Face Mask

NoCry Flip Up Face Shield with Headband; Adjustable Comes with 2 Clear

by NoCry

COMES WITH TWO CLEAR PLASTIC VISORS. This clear face shield is great for professionals like dental hygienists and cosmeticians, or those working in hospitals, healthcare facilities, government facilities, factories and restaurants who need extra personal safety equipment. Good for outdoor work too.

The NoCry Flip Up Face Shield is one of the least expensive face shields you can buy, and it's one of the best. At just $19, this lightweight, simple-to-use shield costs just a few dollars more than our former top pick, the MSA 2015. The NoCry is less than half the weight of the MSA 2015, and it's quieter, too. Our previous top pick had a small hook on the side that was supposed to hold the mask in place, but it often fell off, leaving the top of the face shield bent and distorted. The NoCry has a much sturdier headband, with a wider, more comfortable padding, and the mask slides on and off easily. The NoCry is also more durable, and it offers better protection against light rain and splash. The NoCry's plastic visors are similar in quality to the MSA 2015's visors, but theyre not as big, and they dont protect as much of your face. The NoCrys also don't come with hard protective cases, and the masks are a little small, so they're hard to fit over glasses. But all in all, these are decent face shields for less than $20, and we recommend them.

WQDeydsal No Fogging Transparent Face Shield, Super Protective Durable Clear Face_Mask, Reusable Visible Mouth Nose Face Shield with Breathable Filter Vent for Adult (Blue+red+Grey+Dark Purple)

WQDeydsal No Fogging Face Transparent Shield

by WQDeydsal

Elastic Strap Closure- The design wrapped around the face guard breathing smoother and unobstructed. According to facial lines to take ergonomic design beautiful and fashionable. Soft breathable padding along the headband for extended comfortable wear. Adjustable elastic strap and flexible clear plastic covering allows for the perfect fit.

The WQDeydsal No Fogging Transparent Face Shield is our favorite face shield for watching sports. It has a wide, clear field of view with 100 percent visibility, and it's lightweight enough to fit comfortably under a helmet. The adjustable elastic bands make it suitable for most head sizes, and the mask's double breathing filter vent makes it breathable. The mask's plastic mouth shield covers the nose and mouth, and it has a chin strap to keep it in place. The mask doesn't fog up, and it's easy to clean. The WQDeydsal No Fogging Mask's frame is durable, and it's reusable (washes with water). The mask has a variety of colors, and it can be machine washed. WQDeydsal is also the only company that makes the mask in 4 different sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. The X-Large size is particularly good for big heads (we recommend the X-Large size for adults). The WQDeydsal No Fogging Mask's price is low compared with other face shield brands, and it's been around for years, so it's a trusted brand.

2 Pack Face Shield, Konikit Clear Full Face Cover Protective Safety Shields, Reusable Anti Fog Plastic Goggles for Glasses Wearers, Gifts for Mens Womens, Transparent

Konikit 2 Pack Face Shield

by Konikit

Wide Range of UseComes with 2 packs new fashion transparent glasses shields. Perfect for many occasions, such as supermarket, cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, dental, medical offices, schools and other public places. It is a must-have safety plastic face shield for receptionists, waiters, security staff, port workers, drivers, etc.

The Konikit Clear Full Face Cover Protective Safety Shields are a good pair of safety goggles for glasses wearers, especially for adults. The polycarbonate face shields for women are different from the disposable full face glasses, it can be reused and disinfected at 120 high temperature. The height of the super protective face shield is 5.3"/135mm, and the diameter is 6.3"/160mm. There are glasses frames and nose clips that can hold the clear face visor so that the shields can fit your face more comfortably. The polycarbonate lens is ultra-clear and lightweight. The glasses frames and nose clips of the protective face shields are made of Grade PC materials which are with impact resistance and high durability. The Konikit Clear Full Face Cover Protective Safety Shields is a good choice for Christmas gift for friends and family.


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