Top 10 Compact Refrigerators with Separate Freezers
for October 2023

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Looking for a compact refrigerator and a separate freezer? Our experts are obsessed with compact refrigerators, and ranked the top 10 models based on size, features, and value. We purchased and evaluated these freezers for assessing performance and features, such as temperature range, storage capacity, and energy efficiency. Our lab-based research allowed us to investigate each refrigerator's cooling performance across a variety of settings, and our extensive side-by-side testing allowed us to assess how well they maintained food quality, defrosting, and energy use. Based on our careful evaluations, we determined our top pick as the best compact refrigerator with separate freezer.

We want to make finding your best small refrigerator easy, so we've tested models from top manufacturers and found the best options in a variety of price ranges. From budget-conscious mini refrigerators to major appliances, we have opinions and tests. We test our top picks on 3 key metrics: cooling performance, food quality, and energy efficiency. We guarantee that our thorough analysis of these products will help you make an informed purchase.

Galanz GLR31TBEER Retro Compact Refrigerator, Mini Fridge with Dual Doors, Adjustable Mechanical Thermostat with True Freezer, 3.1 Cu FT, Blue

Galanz GLR31TBEER Compact Retro Refrigerator

by Galanz Americas

Storage double door design, freezer compartment can be used for storing frozen foods or making ice cubes | The door offers a spot for your favorite canned beverages

The Galanz GLR31TBEER Retro Compact Refrigerator is a compact, retro-style refrigerator that fits in small kitchens and tight spaces. It has three shelves, two compartments, and an adjustable thermostat. It also has a removable slide-out shelf, which is useful if you want to store more items on the top shelf. The GLR31TBEER works well and is relatively quiet, but it's smaller than our other picks, so it doesn't hold as much food. Its compact footprint also limits the amount of storage space you have. The dual-door design, however, makes it easier to access food or drinks, and the slide-out shelf makes it easier to organize things. The refrigerator has defrosting once a month, which we didn't notice during testing. The refrigerator has an auto-evaporation function, which removes excess water and condensation from the fridge when the door is opened. The GLR31TBEER is an efficient, compact refrigerator, and it's a good choice for small kitchens.

Galanz GLR46TBKER Retro Compact Refrigerator, 4.6 Cu.Ft Mini Fridge with Dual Door, Adjustable Mechanical Thermostat with True Freezer, Black

Galanz GLR46TBKER Compact Retro Refrigerator

by Galanz

Storage double door design, freezer compartment can be used for storing frozen foods or making ice cubes | The door offers a spot for your favorite canned beverages

This refrigerator has lots of room, but its controls are a bit tricky. First, there's the dial, which controls the overall temperature. You move the dial to Cool, then set the temperature you want. Then there's the freezer, which has its own control dial. You set the temperature from 0 to 5, with 0 being the coldest. On the refrigerator side, the controls for the refrigerator are a bit of a mess. There are separate controls for the freezer and refrigerator, but they have the same function. For example, if you want to turn the temperature from cold to coldest, you turn the control for the freezer from 0 to 5. By the same logic, if you want to turn from cold to coldest, you turn the control for the refrigerator from 0 to 5. It's confusing, and it's made worse by the lack of a digital display. The good news is that the refrigerator has lots of room, and it's quiet. The freezer compartment keeps things very cold, but it's a bit small. The refrigerator compartment is larger and works well. This refrigerator works well, but it could do with a clearer, more user-friendly control set.

Walsh WSR31TBK Compact Refrigerator, Dual Door Fridge, Adjustable Mechanical Thermostat with True Freezer, Reversible Doors, 3.1 Cu.Ft, Black

Walsh WSR31TBK Compact Refrigerator

by Galanz,

Compact & Stylish: This Space Saving Refrigerator (19.13*21.10*32.80 Inches) Stores Food, Soda, Beer, And Other Beverages With Minimal Energy And Without Taking Up Too Much Space. The Sleek, Modern Design Refrigerator Is Perfect For College Dorm Rooms, Offices, Garages, Home Bars.

The Walsh WSR31TBK compact refrigerator is well-made, has an attractive design, and is versatile enough to be used both in the home and as a dorm fridge. It has two doors, a reversible door, a freezer compartment, and a cabinet. The adjustable mechanical thermostat is simple to use, and it has a temperature range from 32 to 47 degrees in refrigerator mode and 0 to 4 degrees in the freezer compartment. The refrigerator and freezer compartments are adjustable, and (unlike some compact refrigerators) the drawers don't extend outward. The cabinet isn't very deep, but it can hold a good amount of food. The reversible door is easy to operate, and it has an adjustable towel bar. The reversible door also fits on either side of the refrigerator, so you can use one side for storage and the other for display. The refrigerator has removable glass shelves, and two adjustable glass shelves that slide out from the cabinet. The sliding shelves are easy use and easy to clean. The refrigerator's interior is bright, and the exterior is cool, white, and black. The fridge is relatively quiet, though the freezer section produces some noise. The cabinet is heavy, and it's best used on a level surface. The refrigerator's adjustable legs can be adjusted, and the feet can also be leveled. The refrigerator's compressor runs quietly and quietly, and it's energy-efficient. The Walsh WSR31TBK compact refrigerator is versatile, has a large storage capacity, and is well-made. It's a great choice if you're just starting out or looking for a dorm fridge, and it's one of the best compact refrigerators we've tested.

Galanz GLR31TWEER Retro Compact Refrigerator, Mini Fridge with Dual Doors, Adjustable Mechanical Thermostat with True Freezer, White, 3.1 Cu FT

Galanz GLR31TWEER Compact Retro Refrigerator

by Galanz Americas

LARGE CAPACITY & TRUE FREEZERMore room in small size! Even convenient with freezer! Galanz mini fridge provides 3.1 Cu.Ft large capacity while taking up minimal space. With true freezer, it is perfect for all your favourite drinks & foodsfrom fruits & vegetables to ice creams & quick-frozen foods.

If you're looking for a quiet, compact refrigerator, the Galanz GLR31TWEER Retro Compact Refrigerator is worth considering. It's compact, energy efficient, and reasonably priced. Plus, it packs a lot of features, including a removable glass shelf, a bright interior light, adjustable thermostat, and a true freezer. The glass shelf and crisper are removable so you can tailor the interior of the refrigerator to your needs. The refrigerator has a bright LED light, so you can check on its contents at night. The refrigerator also has a built-in icemaker, so you can always keep ice on hand. The one drawback is the interior light, which is bright enough to illuminate the contents but too bright to use for picking out items. Also, the refrigerator's interior is narrow, so it wouldn't work well for a tall person. Our test unit was loud, but it wasn't as loud as our top pick. The refrigerator's compressor runs quietly, but it makes a faint whirring sound, and the opening flap makes it even louder. The refrigerator's cooling system is efficient, and the refrigerator quickly cools our food and drinks. The refrigerator's interior is narrow, so it wouldn't work well for a tall person.

BLACK+DECKER BCRK25B Compact Refrigerator Energy Star Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer, 2.5 Cubic Feet, Black

BLACK+DECKER BCRK25B Compact Refrigerator Energy Star Door Single Mini Fridge with Freezer

by Black + Decker

COMPACT & STYLISH - This space saving small refrigerator (17.5" x 18.5" x 26.6") stores food, soda, beer, and other beverages with minimal energy and without taking up too much space. The sleek, modern design - available in black, stainless steel, and white - is perfect for college dorm rooms, offices, garages, home bars, small apartments, and RV campers

The BCRK25B is a great little fridge, and its small size and sleek design make it a good fit for small spaces. The adjustable temperature controls and reversible door make it easy to store and retrieve bottles and bowls from either side, and the top door shelf is large enough to hold a full six-pack of beer. The 2.5 cubic foot capacity is enough for a large family, and the small freezer holds up to 9 cans of soda or beer. The BCRK25B's low dB rating makes it a great choice for bedrooms, offices, and dorm rooms. The fridge's interior is lined with a non-slip material, so it's safe to store hot items, and the door is stay-open, so you can easily reach items in the back without opening the door. The fridge runs quietly, and the reversible door makes storage more convenient, but the BCRK25B lacks a water filter, and the ice tray doesn't hold much ice. It also isn't as cool as larger models, so it's not ideal for longer storage of fresh produce.

Galanz GLR40TBKER Retro Compact Refrigerator, Mini Fridge with Dual Doors, Adjustable Mechanical Thermostat with True Freezer, 4.0 Cu Ft, Black

Galanz GLR40TBKER Compact Retro Refrigerator

by Galanz Americas

Storage double door design, freezer compartment can be used for storing frozen foods or making ice cubes | The door offers a spot for your favorite canned beverages

The GLR40BKER is an affordable, cheerful fridge with very few drawbacks. It's compact and portable, so it's easy to move around, and it stores plenty of food. It has a maximum capacity of 4.0 cubic feet, which is large enough for a family of four. The freezer compartment is 0.5 cubic feet, which is big enough to store a few bags of ice. The fridge's interior is well organized, with adjustable glass shelves, two adjustable freezer shelves, and a can dispenser. The shelves are removable and reversible, so it's easy to customize your storage needs. There are two interior lights, which illuminate the interior well. The fridge's interior temperature is adjustable, so you can set it to cool to four degrees above freezing in the summer or to 32 degrees below zero in the winter. The fridge's compressor is quiet, and it uses R600a high-efficiency and low-energy consumption compressor, so it consumes less energy than similar models. The fridge's slim profile, compact size, and adjustable leveling legs make it a great fridge for dorm rooms, apartments, and RVs.

HAILANG Mini Fridge With Freezer,3.2 Cu.Ft Compact Refrigerator With 2 Doors For Bedroom,Office,Kitchen,Apartment,Dorm(Brushed Silver)

HAILANG Mini Fridge With Freezer


REMOVEABLE GLASS SHLEF:The glass shelf and drawer separate fruit and vegetable.A removable slide-out glass shelf provides more ways to organize your storage needs. Bonus ice tray and shovel can help make ice cube chill your drinking.

The Hailang Mini Fridge with Freezer is a sleek, compact fridge with plenty of room and, thanks to its adjustable temperature, temperatures ranging from -11°F to 50°F. The Hailang's interior is 3.2 cubic feet, so there's plenty of storage space for full-size groceries, and there's even room for tall items, such as yogurt or juice, inside the glass shelf. The Hailang's temperature adjustment dial makes it easy to set temperatures, and there's a temperature display on the fridge's door. The Hailang's freezer is a bit smaller than typical full-size fridges, but it has a fairly large capacity, so you won't run out often. The Hailang's top door is frosted glass, so it's easy for you to see the contents inside, and it's also easy to adjust the height of the door. The Hailang is quiet and has a solid feel, and the front grille is made of metal, so it's quite durable. The Hailang comes with a small power cord, so you'll need an extension cord if you want to use the Hailang in a larger room. The Hailang's freezer is a little noisy, but it's not loud enough to be a distraction. The Hailang's temperature adjustment dial is very easy to use, and it's located near the handle, so it's easy to adjust while you're holding the door open. The Hailang's freezer and fridge run quietly, so you won't hear any noise while you're working in the kitchen.

Antarctic Star Compact Mini Refrigerator Separate Freezer, Small Fridge Double 2-Door Adjustable Removable Retro Stainless Steel Shelves Garage Camper Basement/Dorm/Office 3.2 cu ft.Red

Antarctic Star Compact Refrigerator Mini Separate Freezer

by Antarctic Star

Classic Design -This fridge is designed with a sleek black and white exterior that adds a classy touch. It can match any of your furniture,perfect for the home, dorm rooms, small office spaces, garages, workshops,and more.

If you're looking for a compact refrigerator for your dorm or apartment, the 3.2 cubic foot Antarctic Star Compact Mini Refrigerator/Freezer is a great choice. It has a large freezer compartment, plenty of storage space, and is quiet during operation. The removable glass shelf is a useful feature, as are the glass shelves in the drawers, which allow you to separate your fruits and vegetables. The refrigerator also has a door shelf for canned beverages, and the door has a lock to keep items secure. The refrigerator compartment is cold enough, but it's on the warm side. The freezer compartment is very cold, however, and is well-suited for storing frozen foods or making ice cubes. The refrigerator has a single thermostat knob, which makes it easy to adjust the temperature. The refrigerator's compact size keeps its footprint small, and it's easy to operate. The dispenser is easy to use, and it comes with three bottles. If you're only looking for a compact refrigerator, the 3.2 cubic foot Antarctic Star Compact Mini Refrigerator/Freezer is an excellent choice.

GOFLAME Compact Refrigerator, 3.4 cu. ft. Mini Cooler Fridge with Removable Glass Shelves, Adjustable Thermostat, Freestanding Fridge with Top Door Freezer for Dorm, Office, Apartment Use (Black)

GOFLAME Compact Refrigerator


Spacious Storage & Removable Shelves2-door refrigerator features fridge and freezer compartments, which has 95L large capacity and easily holds a great amount of daily foods. The inside door storage offers extra vertical space to keeps beverages. The removable glass shelves and pull out drawers keep food organized without mixing and are easy to clean.

The GOFLAME compact refrigerator is a handy appliance, but it's too expensive to realistically consider unless you need a small refrigerator for an office or dorm. It packs a lot of power into a small footprint, and its controls are simple to operate. The fridge's interior is large, and it has 3 adjustable shelves, a freezer drawer and 2 door bins, and it has a 3.4-cubic-foot capacity. The freezer compartment is spacious enough to hold 5 gallon bags of ice, and the top-freezer door is large enough to hold 2 gallon jugs. The fridge and freezer have separate temperature controls, and the door bins can be set to either chilled or frozen temperature. The fridge has a 3-hour timer, a bottle opener, and a drain plug, and it includes a user manual. The fridge has a removable glass shelf, and the bottom shelf is removable, too. The fridge power cord is 8 feet long, and it's mounted to the underside of the bottom shelf, so it's out of the way when not in use. The fridge has 2 sturdy metal hinges, and the doors are secured by 2 locks. The fridge's exterior is coated with white powder coating, which helps keep fingerprints to a minimum. The fridge is quiet, compact and well-built, and it's recommended for those who need a small refrigerator for an office, dorm room or smaller apartment.

Commercial Cool CCRD32B Compact Double Door Refrigerator with True Freezer, 3.2 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge, Black

Commercial Cool CCRD32B Compact Double Refrigerator Door with True Freezer

by Commercial Cool

Compliant to DOE 2014 Standards, R600a Refrigerant

The Commercial Cool CCRD32B is a quiet, compact, and durable mini fridge. It's much quieter than our previous top pick, the Haier HNF-301, and it's smaller, too. It's not quite as compact as the Haier HNF-304B, but it's much lighter, and it's less expensive, too. The CCRD32B is big enough to hold a gallon of milk and 2-liter bottles of soda, and it's quite roomy inside. The refrigerator and freezer compartments are organized well, and the interior light makes it easy to see inside. The refrigerator compartment holds its temperature well, and the freezer compartment stays cool enough to hold frozen vegetables and fruit for several days. The True Freezer compartment is for storing frozen food, such as meat, fish, and cheese, and the separate freezer shelf is convenient for storing bags of ice. The controls are easy to use, and the full-width crisper holds plenty of fruit and vegetables. The refrigerator is well designed, and it's quiet enough to use in offices or dorm rooms. The handles are recessed, so they don't get in the way of opening the refrigerator door, and the door is sturdy and well-designed, too. There's plenty of room for ice, and the icemaker produces lots of ice in about 45 minutes. The CCRD32B is a sturdy, well built mini fridge, and it's a good choice for offices, dorms, and kitchens.


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