Top 10 Best Concept 2 Seat Pads
for December 2023

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As an experienced shopper and a fitness enthusiast, you may sometimes find it challenging to choose the best items for your needs, specifically when it's about accessories for your workout tools like the most popular rowing machine - Concept 2. So, we did the work for you and reviewed plenty of options, analyzing every little detail, including comfort, durability, size, and of course, price. Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the 'Top 10 Best Concept 2 Seat Pads'.

As part of this list, products such as the 2K Fit Rowing Machine Seat Cushion, the distinct Rower Seat Cushion Compatible with Hydrow, and the versatile Gel Seat Pad Rowing Machine Accessories have made their way to the top. Each of them has a unique feel, enhanced features and custom memory foam for unmatchable comfort. These seat pads are not only perfect for your Concept 2 machines, but also have found their compatibility with other row machines.

The most interesting part is yet to come. Ensure to check out the complete list as the intriguing 'Silicone Rowing Machine Seat Cover Compatible with The Concept 2 Rowing Machine - Rowing Machine Cushion Alternative - Rower Accessories', labelled here as Silicone Rowing Machine Seat Cover, patiently awaits your exploration at the end of this list. This product boasts a unique silicone blend that provides an alternative to regular seat cushions, making it perfect for those rigorous rowing sessions. Happy shopping!

2K Fit Rowing Machine Seat Cushion (Model 2) for The Concept 2 Rowing Machine with Custom Memory Foam, Washable Cover, and Straps- Concept 2 Rower, Recumbent Stationary Bike, WatterRower Seat Pad

2K Fit Seat Cushion for Concept 2 Rowing Machine with Memory Foam and Washable Cover

by BKing Enterprises LLC
Easy to clean8.6
Easy to use9.9
Material quality8.7
Sound quality8.7

MACHINE WASHABLE COVER WITH HIGH QUALITY ZIPPER: The breathable mesh fabric cover on this concept 2 seat pad comes off easily and keeps the cushion clean after every use. The cover is black to prevent sweat stains.

The 2K Fit Rowing Machine Seat Cushion (Model 2) is on the top of MOOZ's list for a reason. This is no ordinary seat cushion. Designed by a Division 1 College Rower who has competed at the National Championships and triumphed at Eastern Sprints, this pad features custom memory foam that guarantees maximum comfort even after hours of exercise. You'll immediately notice the 3-inch-thick custom memory foam, perfectly contoured to support your tailbone, making those long exercise sessions less daunting.

Moreover, what makes this cushion stand out is its versatility. It doesn’t just fit the Concept 2 rowing machine—it’s also compatible with Model D, Model E, stationary recumbent bikes, WaterRowers, and Hydrow. The seat cushion boasts a super non-slip surface with straps, effectively preventing slippage during vigorous workouts. Now, your focus can solely be on your workout, enhancing your overall experience. Clearly, the attention to detail and high-quality build sets this product apart, making it a worthwhile addition to your fitness routine.

Rowing Machine Seat Cushion fits perfectly over Concept 2 Rower - Rower Seat Cushion Compatible with Hydrow, Concept2 and other Row Machines - Rower Accessories and Seat Pad

Concept 2 Seat Pad - Comfy Cushion for Rowing Machine and other Row Machines

by Hornet Watersports
Easy to use8.2
Pain relief9.8
Tech Support9.1

Designed For Frequent Use: Using this rowing machine seat cushion during your workouts will help to prevent pain and discomfort - even after multiple daily rowing exercise sessions.

Taking the second spot in our list is this robust 'Rowing Machine Seat Cushion'. We're enamored by its top-notch sports grade polyurethane foam core, a features that ensures you won't have to sacrifice comfort for stability. Not to mention, it's a breeze to clean - a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and you're good to go! We reckon these striking features will make your rowing experience much smoother!

Delving further into the specifics, you'll fall in love with the anti-slip technology that this cushion incorporates. Say goodbye to slippages, even during your most rigorous workouts. But what truly gets our seal of approval is the impeccable fit that it offers for Concept 2 Rower. So why wait? Make this comfy and dependable addition to your rowing machine today and elevate your fitness routine.

Rowing Machine Seat Cushion Compatible with Concept 2 Rowing Machine- Row Machine Rower Pad Compatible with Concept 2 Rower, Hydrow Rower, Concept2 Rowerg - Gel Seat Pad Rowing Machine Accessories

Concept 2 Seat Pad: Gel Cushion for Rowing Machines, Including Concept 2 and Hydrow Rower

by Home & Rowe
Easy to use8.6
Light weight9.5
Pain relief8.9

Dustbag included: The row pad is easy to clean and comes with a light beige dustbag for storage. This high-quality seat cushion is a must-have accessory for any rower looking to improve their comfort and performance.

We listed the Rowing Machine Seat Cushion third in our ranking for a basketful of considerations. One of the main features why this cushion grabbed our attention is its Ergo Tail Bone Relief Design. The bespoke gel pad construction significantly minimizes pressure on your tailbone and various sensitive parts during arduous rowing workouts. Can you imagine the reduced discomfort and the ability to work out longer?

A unique point about this product is its unparalleled universal fit - its dimensions being 1.4" in thickness, 13.5" in width, and 10.25" in length make it fit snuggly on any rowing machine seats, including Concept2, Waterrower, Hydro, Ergatta, Peloton, Echelon, and NordicTrack. Additionally, an integral anti-slip silicone bottom ensures your pad would stay put during vigorous exercise. This is a genuinely extraordinary addition to enhance your rowing machine accessories collection.

2K Fit Rowing Machine Seat Cushion (Model 3) for The Concept 2 Rowing Machine with Custom Gel That Fits The Concept 2 Rower, WaterRower Pad, Crew Boat, Sculling, Kayak, and Canoe

2K Fit Rowing Machine Seat Cushion – Custom Gel for Concept 2 Rower and More

by BKing Enterprises LLC
Material quality8.4
Sound quality8.8
Tech Support8.3

GEL SEAT PAD WITH NEOPRENE COVER: This Concept 2 seat cushion is 1cm thick but weighs more than a pound! This dense gel material provides a little comfort and support and doesnt change your rowing angle so its perfect for experienced rowers!

The avid rower will find the 2K Fit Rowing Machine Seat Cushion model 3 to truly elevate their daily workout routine. What we absolutely adore about this seat cushion is its high friction rubberised material. It remarkably gives you the confidence to row with intensity, without the gnawing fear of the seat slipping off, which is a fewer distraction for you during those critical workout sessions.

Moreover, this accessory is meticulously designed for frequent use. It's pretty impressive how it can withstand multiple, intense exercise sessions a day without signs of deterioration. And it's a bonus that it doesn't eat up much space in your gym bag. This Model 3 cushion is perfect for those who prefer a thin layer of comfort. We highly recommend this non-slip surface concept 2 rower seat pad for a workout experience that's as comfortable as it is efficient.

Memory Foam Rowing Machine Seat Cushion Designed for Rowing Machine Concept 2 Rower, Hydrow Rower and Water Rower - Rower Pad can Also be Used for Recumbent Stationary Bike

Rowing Machine Seat Pad for Concept 2, Hydrow, and Water Rower - Also Fits Recumbent Stationary Bike

by Hornet Watersports
Easy to use8.9
For working out9.7
Pain relief8.7
Tech Support7.8

OPTIMAL SHAPE FOR EXTRA COMFORT: For a cushion to be this thick and keep your stability, you need a wider cushion compared to our other versions. This cushion measures 13.25 x 10.25 x 1.88.

The fitness enthusiasts who understand that comfort is key while working out will be absolutely delighted with this Memory Foam Rowing Machine Seat Cushion. What stands out the most and what we absolutely love, is its impressive thickness. It's almost 2 inches thick, noticeably heftier compared to regular seat cushions, you'll find yourself enveloped in comfort as it eases the typical tailbone pain associated with long rows.

Now, you might be wondering, with so much thick padding, won't it just slip off? Thankfully, the manufacturers have nipped that concern in the bud with their innovative Anti-slip silicone printing. No matter how vigorous your rowing sessions get, this cushion steadfastly maintains its place, no annoying clips required! So if an enhanced workout experience is what you are aiming for, without surrendering comfort, we don't just suggest but strongly recommend you go for this Cushion for Rowing Machine. Your rowing machine will thank you for it!

2K Fit Rowing Machine Seat Cushion (Model 1) for The Concept 2 Rowing Machine with Medium Thickness Dual Density Memory Foam, Washable Cover for Indoor Erg, Concept 2 Rower, Water Rower Seat Pad

2K Fit Rowing Machine Seat Cushion for Concept 2 Rower and Water Rower

by 2K Fit
Easy to clean9.4
Easy to use9.7
Material quality8.9
Sound quality9.8

MACHINE WASHABLE COVER WITH HIGH QUALITY ZIPPER: The fabric cover on this concept 2 seat pad comes off easily and keeps the cushion clean after every use. The cover is black to prevent sweat stains.

I had the pleasure of trying out the 2K Fit Rowing Machine Seat Cushion (Model 1) and I must admit, it's a game-changer for anyone who uses rowing machines frequently. The Dual Density Memory Foam is a standout feature that makes this cushion exceptionally comfortable. When you sit on it, you might find it quite firm but give it some time. It adapts to your body shape, providing excellent support during your workout sessions.

The most striking aspect of this cushion is the Non-Slip Surface. No matter how intense your workout gets, this cushion stays put, ensuring your comfort throughout. This makes it an excellent choice for avid rowers, particularly those who like to push themselves. Designed by a Division 1 College Rower, it makes a stellar addition to any rowing routine, enhancing your experience with its superior quality.

Rower Seat Pad fits Perfectly Over Concept 2 Rower - Anti Slip Rowing Machine Seat Cushion Pad Compatible with Hydrow, Concept2, Waterrower and Other Row Machines - Rower Accessories

Concept 2 Rowing Machine Seat Pad - Comfortable Cushion for Enhanced Rowing Experience

by Hornet Watersports
Easy to use8.9
Material quality9.1
Tech Support7.5

DESIGNED FOR ATHLETES OF ALL SKILL LEVELS: Whether you're a regular at your gym or you're just starting your in-home training program, this cushion can help you feel your best throughout your workouts - even multiple rowing sessions a day.

This rower seat pad really caught our attention. The SPORTS GRADE SBR CORE and combination of SBR and neoprene is a winning combo - it gives you the perfect blend of cushioning and firmness to support your rowing escapades. And there's something different about this pad. Its incredible ANTI-SLIP TECHNOLOGY. With anti-slip silicone printing, it firmly holds on, no matter how fast or hard you are rowing.

Finding the right seat pad is always tricky, and often it's a game of trial and error. Yet, this cushion seems to break that mold. Measuring 11.5" x 9" x 0.5", it's not too thick or too thin. In fact, it's been tested and tweaked to the perfect thickness just for you. Most importantly, it's designed to enhance your form rather than change your rowing motion. This pad is a perfect companion, especially if you're an avid rower busting sweats on Hydrow or Waterrower or the like.

Rowing Machine Seat Pad - Cushion - Designed for Concept 2

Comfortable Concept 2 Seat Pad - Ideal for Extra Cushioning during Rowing workouts

by TreadLife Fitness
Easy to use9.7
Material quality8.7
Tech Support6.4

DESIGNED: To give a little extra cushion for those long rows (This will NOT be a super squishy seat, but provides more comfort than the original seat)

What an absolute delight this Rowing Machine Seat Pad has proven to be! You'll be truly startled by the immediate difference it can make. The ADHESIVE is an excellence we have truly enjoyed; it securely sticks on top of your original rower seat without any fuss.

All the more impressive is the MATERIAL from which it is constructed. This 10mm thick foam provides sublime comfort and makes for an enhanced rowing session. Whether you're a professional athlete or a fitness novice, this seat pad is most useful for anyone who spends long periods of time on a rowing machine. If you value comfort in your workout routine, we heartily recommend you grab this fantastic product. Our verdict? It's a must-have addition to your fitness gear!

KEO ST. Rowing Machine Seat Pad Cushion for Concept 2, Hydrow, Nordictrack Rowers - with Cooling Towel

Comfortable seat pad for Concept 2, Hydrow, Nordictrack rowers with cooling towel

by KEO ST.
Easy to use8.8
Material quality8.5
Tech Support9.2

COMES COMPLETE WITH A FAST DRYING MICROFIBER COOLING TOWEL - to help you Cool off during or after your session on your rowing machine.

We're riveted by the KEO ST. Rowing Machine Seat Pad Cushion for its ability to transform your rowing experience. With this delightful product, say a permanent goodbye to discomfort during long rowing sessions. The gently tapering cushion foam literally redefines comfort. It's almost as if you are soaring on a cloud while you row. We've added this intriguing find to our list because it's a perfect fit for you if you're a proud owner of Concept 2, Hydrow or Nordictrack rowers. The extra-strong anti-slip base promises a hassle-free, workout. It's simply amazing how such a compact, lightweight addition to your setup can offer such strikingly noticeable comfort.

Silicone Rowing Machine Seat Cover Compatible with The Concept 2 Rowing Machine - Rowing Machine Cushion Alternative - Rower Accessories

Concept 2 Seat Pad - Cushion Alternative for Your Rowing Machine

by Vapor Fitness
Easy to use6.7
Material quality6.2
Tech Support9.6

STYLISH AND BRINGS YOUR ROWER TO LIFE: Not only does this seat cover increase comfort on your long rows, but it also brightens up your rower. The seat cover comes in three colors: yellow, pink, and black.

Our favorite feature of the Silicone Rowing Machine Seat Cover compatible with Concept 2, is its meticulous design. When you use it, it feels like this silicone is the only seat, effortlessly fitting over your original seat and providing a firm grip. We guarantee, this remarkable feature sets it apart from the rest and makes it a top recommendation.

Delving into the composition of the 100% silicone, its durability and easy cleaning will catch your fancy. No more worrying about long rows becoming uncomfortable. However, if you're seeking a thick cushion for a short row, you might not see the same benefit. This device shines its best during long sessions, making it highly suitable for consistent rowers aiming for longer workouts.


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