20 Best Construction and Architecture WordPress Themes for 2021

20 Best Construction and Architecture WordPress Themes for 2021

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Just like any other industry, construction and architecture businesses need to have a powerful and remarkable online presentation. What is the first place to which you will refer when looking for an agency to trust the construction or renovation of your future home? More likely than not your answer will be the worldwide web. And you will be absolutely right. More and more often people go online when they need to buy something or find an agency that will get a certain type of works done for the client. That's why having a powerful and remarkable presentation of your online business is so important in the highly competitive modern world.

Whenever one needs to build a website, he/she has several options to choose from. First, you can order a custom-made design, which guarantees that your site will be one-of-a-kind. Choosing this option, be ready to wait for a certain period of time (until your site is ready to go) and pay a generous sum of money. Another solution is to build a website from scratch on your own. This requires certain coding and designing skills from you. And the third option is to pick a ready-made theme, which will save both your time, money, and efforts.

If you choose the latter, then the following compilation of construction and architecture WordPress themes will come in handy to you. All crafted as per the latest web design requirements, the themes are well-documented and include free 24/7 support from their developer. Free educational materials for WordPress startupers and eBooks are also available. If you give preference to video guides, then the following playlist should come in handy.

Arch WordPress Theme

mooz browser Arch WordPress Theme

This fully responsive WordPress template is hand-crafted to match architecture-related web projects. The layout features a clean style. Bold images featured in the theme's header slider, photo galleries, recent blog highlights, and backgrounds help to deliver the atmosphere of your business more effectively. The theme features easy-to-reach contact details and an integrated Google map, letting the users come across the physical location of your business with ease.

The Arc Responsive WordPress Theme

mooz browser The Arc Responsive WordPress Theme

Clean flat style of the template will bring a professional presentation to construction and industrial websites. Designed with the functionality in mind, the template is intended to provide the web audience with a seamless browsing experience. In addition to a drop-down header menu, the layout features a grid-based positioning of content blocks. Photo galleries are supplied with a hover effect, making the theme far more functional and user-friendly.

Obrus WordPress Theme

mooz browser Obrus WordPress Theme

Obrus will work well not only for construction but a number of business purposes. The design looks sleek and professional. A concise layout style is spiced up with pro functionality standing behind the template. Cherry Framework 4 ensures seamless installation and customization of the theme. Premium plugins, Cherry modules, drag-and-drop content editor, a handful of shortcodes, and a number of other theme options allow webmasters to get started with their online projects quickly and effortlessly.

Architect's Bureau WordPress Theme

mooz browser Architect's Bureau WordPress Theme

This photo-rich template will become a rock-solid starting point of real architecture and real estate portfolio sites. The theme's layout looks clean and simple. The main focus of attention is brought on visuals. Thus, while landing on the main page of your site, the users will be captivated with sliders, card-based galleries and a grid-based list of your services. The theme includes a fully-fledged blog. The latest blog publications can be highlighted on the theme's front page.

Contractor Workforce WordPress Theme

mooz browser Contractor Workforce WordPress Theme

The layout of this responsive WordPress theme is built with attention to details. A highly informative structure of the theme's pages makes it easy for the site visitors to highlight sections with news, events, testimonials, and blog posts. The template runs on Cherry Framework 4, which brings a host of customization options to the pack. Thus, webmasters can enjoy speedy and seamless web development.

Ohome WordPress Theme

mooz browser Ohome WordPress Theme

The theme is hand-crafted to bring a reputable online presentation to an architecture company site. Thanks to the well-balanced presentation of visual and written content, and a clear hierarchy of information on the theme's pages, it is highly readable and intuitive to navigate. Simple presentation of the content is spiced up with impressive animation effects, captivating the users' attention far more effectively.

Architex Co. WordPress Theme

mooz browser Architex Co. WordPress Theme

The theme is mobile-friendly. Enhanced with advanced Bootstrap functionality, it will adjust all visual and written content of your site to any screen size flawlessly. The theme's layout is made up of bold images featured in both backgrounds and content blocks. The theme is integrated with social media options. Large, touch-friendly icons can be easily located in the theme's footer.

Material Design Portfolio WordPress Theme

mooz browser Material Design Portfolio WordPress Theme

The theme is built in trendy material style. Best suited for building online portfolios, it also supports blog functionality. The latest blog highlights can be organized into grids on the theme's front page. The availability of filterable gallery allows the site visitors to scan the content they are mostly interested in. User testimonials are put front and center, capturing the users' attention with the stories provided by fellow shoppers.

Architecture Studio WordPress Theme

mooz browser Architecture Studio WordPress Theme

Clean, flat style of the template brings the visuals in the spotlight. The latter occupy most of the space on the front page. A card-based content positioning makes the template both functional and eye-catching. In order to ensure that all content of your website will be properly loaded on any desktop and handheld device, the theme runs on a mobile-friendly framework. Lazy load effect will enhance the loading speeds of the most content-heavy web projects.

Architectural Finish WordPress Theme

mooz browser Architectural Finish WordPress Theme

The theme runs on Cherry Framework 3. Easy-to-install, enhanced with advanced Bootstrap functionality, pre-loaded with a host of shortcodes and widget, the latter is well-known as a rock-solid solution to bring the desired look and feel to your web project in the shortest period of time. A clear design of the template is intended to bring a refined and concise presentation to an architecture website. With some minor customization, the theme can be also adjusted to match any other business project.

Best Arch WordPress Theme

mooz browser Best Arch WordPress Theme

Best Arch is a ready-made theme that is ready to bring architecture, construction, real estate, and other businesses live straight away. Fully editable, it is enhanced with a pack of pro modification options, letting webmasters save tons of time and effort on personalizing the theme's layout. Clean and minimalist style of the template makes the content more eye-catching. A mobile-friendly layout frees you from the necessity to create several versions of your site for handheld devices.

Architecture Bureau WordPress Theme

mooz browser Architecture Bureau WordPress Theme

The flat layout of this template features everything needed to present an architecture project in style on the web. The design doesn't feature anything that could distract the users' attention from browsing the site's content. For a more effective presentation of the featured works, the theme's layout is pre-loaded with a header slider and a grid-based set of the latest projects. Photo thumbnails are enhanced with a Quick View feature, letting the visitors take a closer look at the preferred works without the need to leave a preview page.

Architecture Business WordPress Theme

mooz browser Architecture Business WordPress Theme

Add style and dynamism to architecture and construction businesses by means of this professionally built template. Intended for information-rich projects, it loads data as a user scrolls down the page. The layout of the theme's front page is made up of sets of page-width photo backgrounds. Each image is accompanied by a brief text explanation, which allows you deliver your message to the target audience far more effectively.

Construction Business WordPress Theme

mooz browser Construction Business WordPress Theme

Use this theme for a trustworthy and reliable presentation of your company to the highly demanding web community. Built in flat style, the theme is highly usable from front- and back-end. Running on Cherry Framework 3, the template features all benefits of the latter. Auto-updater ensures that your site's platform will be always relevant with the newest web standards.

Construction WordPress Theme

mooz browser Construction WordPress Theme

The template runs on Cherry Framework 3. Thanks to advanced Bootstrap functionality, all content can adjust flawlessly to a variety of screen sizes and resolutions. If you wish to reach international clients, WPML support will come in handy.

Skyscraper Construction WordPress Theme

mooz browser Skyscraper Construction WordPress Theme

The theme is hand-crafted to make construction companies make a loud presentation in the industry. The layout is built in a way that helps online businesses advertise their projects in a sleek and professional style. The chosen red and gray color scheme is intended to bring an authoritative look to a business web page, thus gaining more trust of the potential clients.

Archo WordPress Theme

mooz browser Archo WordPress Theme

This sleek and attractive WordPress theme runs of a fully responsive framework, which is intended to display your site's content perfectly well on all last-generation handheld devices. Enhanced with the power of Cherry Framework, the theme's pack boasts an array of Cherry features intended to bring a perfect style and harmony to your website.

Arcel WordPress Theme

mooz browser Arcel WordPress Theme

The theme features a minimalist and stylish design. Parallax scrolling images impart dynamism to the design. Content blocks accompanied by flat icons provide for a more intuitive navigation of the theme's content. A sticky drop-down menu is also added for the purpose. Blurred background images put emphasis on the content provided on top of them. Vivid coral design elements guide the users' eye to the areas that are worthy of the users' special attention.

Barret Construction WordPress Theme

mooz browser Barret Construction WordPress Theme

A concise layout of this template makes it an ideal solution for building construction, industrial, design, engineering, and even maintenance services websites. Modern-looking and polished to perfection layout of this ready-made theme makes it a universal solution that will match both sole entrepreneurs and large business web projects. Intended to look razor-sharp on high-resolution screens, the theme is also customized to provide the users of all gadgets with a seamless browsing experience.

Domestic Architectural Company WordPress Theme

mooz browser Domestic Architectural Company WordPress Theme

This aesthetically accomplished WordPress is the last but not the least design on this chart of the top 20 ready-made solutions for architecture and construction companies. Built in fair hues, the theme brings the site's services and projects in the spotlight. Visuals are organized into page-width sliders and masonry galleries enhanced with a hover effect. A sticky drop-down menu and niche-specific icons enhance the theme's navigation.

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