Top 10 Continental Trash Cans Recycle Bins
for February 2024

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Garbage cans used to be simple containers for trash. Today, however, trash cans have evolved to include recycling bins, so you can recycle more items, such as paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum. These bins include separate compartments for recycling and trash, making it easy to separate and recycle your trash.

In the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab, we test trash cans and recycling bins for performance, including how strong they are, how long their lids stay open, and how often they leak. We also test bins for ease of cleaning, including how easy they are to empty, and how easy it is to clean the liner or door.

Our picks for the best trash cans and recycling bins of 2022 are ones that hold up to daily use, are easy to clean, and are easy to empty. Here are the best trash cans and recycling bins of 2022:

Rubbermaid Small Kitchen Bathroom Waste Basket, Under-Sink Trash Can, Plastic Blue Recycle, 9 Gallons

Rubbemaid Rubbermaid Small Bathroom Kitchen Waste Basket


Manufactured in United States

The Rubbermaid Waste Basket is a sturdy, functional trash can that can fit under most sinks. The polyethylene plastic is durable, and it's dishwasher-safe. The 9-gallon capacity is its biggest strength, as it can hold a lot of trash (and, yes, it's also easy to clean). The 3-pronged anchor system secures the trash can to the floor. However, the rubber feet are slim and may be too small for thicker sinks. The trash can is a little shorter than 9 inches, so it may not fit under some low- or zero-clearance sinks. Unfortunately, the 3-pronged anchor system isn't as secure as we'd like, and the trash basket wobbled a little when placed on the floor. We also wish the trash can were a little taller, as it makes it difficult to pick up trash that's above the can.

Lily Queen Recycle Waste Bin Bags for Kitchen Home Trash Sorting Bins Organizer Waterproof Baskets Compartment Container (2pcs)

Lily Queen Recycle Waste Bin Bags for Kitchen Home Sorting Trash Bins Organizer Waterproof Baskets Compartment Container (2pcs)

by Lily Queen

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: Recycling bin can is made of waterproof polypropylene which is easy to care, wipe clean with a damp cloth and easy to clean. Sturdy double stitch handle straps to ensure durable.

Lily Queen Recycle Waste Bin Bags set is a good choice for kitchen, home, office, garages. Their easy care makes them a great choice for garden clean up or waste bins. The bags are spacious, allowing you to neatly organize, perfect for sorting recyclable can, paper, glass & plastic. The bins are lightweight and made of durable, high quality material. They are easy to handle and open and close. The recycle bag clean look, efficiently to handle your waste and recyclables, perfect refuse solution, for sorting recyclables, compost, and other garbage. The recycle bin bags are easy to carry, and help to reduce the spread of germs. The bags are moisture resistant and easy to clean. The bags are reusable and durable, and designed for many years of use. The bins are sturdy and easy to clean, and are sturdy enough to handle large loads. The bin bags are high quality, and a perfect gift idea.

ECOWAN LIVING Recycle Bin, Trash Bin and Laundry Basket Combo, Recycling Bins for Kitchen Home, Recyclable Waste Trash Sorting Organizer, Reusable Waterproof Compartment Container, Pack of 3 Bags


by Ecowan Tech

[EASY TO USE] - The recycle bin bags can connect firmly and separate easily due to the special practical adhesive Velcro. And the extended handle makes it more convenient for you to carry the recycle bin. You can easily set up your own recycling center with pack of 3 bins which are perfect for sorting recyclable Paper, Can, Bottle, Glass, Plastic (PET) and clothes. And with it, your kitchen, home, storage room, office will be cleaner than ever

The ECOWAN Living recycle bin, trash can and laundry basket combo is one of our favorites because not only is it useful in multiple ways, but it's stylish, too. Its waterproof material makes it easy to clean, and its 30-gallon capacity makes it a good solution for a small family. The laundry basket is a nice touch, and the decorative decorations make it more visually appealing. The laundry basket is big enough to accommodate several loads of laundry, and it's large enough to hold a basket or basket of dirty clothes. The laundry basket is also waterproof, so you won't have to worry about laundry getting wet. The recycling bags are easy to clean, but you can only do so by putting them in your washing machine. The recycling bags are a little small, so only large trash or recyclables can fit inside. The recycling bags are light, so lifting them in and out of the bin is easy. The recycling bags are waterproof, so you'll be able to clean them without worrying about liquids leaking through. The laundry basket is waterproof, too, so laundry won't come out dirty. The laundry basket is also light, so lifting it in and out of the laundry basket is easy.


The Trashco Flings Bins are fun and functional, but they certainly aren't for everyone. The bins are lightweight, so it's easy enough to carry them from place to place, and because they pop open, they're easy to fill. But the bins' unique design makes them quite awkward for larger items, and opening them straight up doesn't give you much room to work. They also don't close tightly, so things can slip out. The bins' design also makes them difficult to fill. The open top makes it almost impossible to fill a large soda bottle, and the slots are too narrow to fill even a tall can. The Flings Bins are best suited for small items, such as cans, bottles, and paper. The bins are handy for recycling, too. Because the lids pop open and stand upright, it's very easy to stack the bins and empty them. The bins are also easy to clean. They collapse down to the size of half a pizza box, so they're easy to store, and they stack easily. You can also wash the bins in the dishwasher, or wash them by hand. The bins' open tops are easy for young kids to open, and the openings are small enough that adult hands can easily reach in, so you don't have to worry about little fingers getting pinched. The Trashco Flings are a fun and functional recycling bin, and they might be a good choice for kids, but they aren't suited for anyone with larger items to recycle.

Umbra 086711-040 Grand Swing Top Garbage Large Capacity 10 Gallon Kitchen Trash Can with Lid, Indoor/Outdoor Use, Black

Umbra 086711-040 Grand Swing Top Garbage Large 10 Capacity Gallon Kitchen Trash Can with Lid

by Umbra

MODERN SWING-TOP DESIGN: Grand Trash Can features a swing-top lid that fits securely in place while hiding your trash or recycling; leaving your kitchen, or other space clean and tidy

One of the biggest challenges with picking a good garbage can is finding one that's the right size for your home. To make it easier, we picked a garbage can that would hold most 13-gallon garbage bags, including draw-string and flap-tie bags. We also chose a garbage can that is large enough to hold most kitchen waste, without taking up too much space. The Grand garbage can meets all those criteria, and it's also built well, and it's good-looking, too. It ships assembled, and setup is pretty straightforward. The garbage can's lid is inside the trash can during shipment, so you can just lift it out of the box, unfold it, and set the lid in place. The lid attaches with screws, and you can remove it if you need to clean the top of the trash can. The Grand garbage can is 26-inches tall with a 13-inch diameter, and it's 17-inches wide at its widest point. It holds 10 gallons, and it has a 2.5-gallon trash capacity. Because of the can's large size, it's best suited for kitchens, garages, and other spaces where you need a large garbage can.

Metal Trash & Recycling Signs | Garbage & Recycling Bin Marker | Set of 2-1 Black Trash Sign & 1 Green Recycle Sign | 3

Office Sign Company Metal & Trash Recycling Signs

by Office Sign Company

EYE CATCHING These sleek, modern signs will captivate the attention of anyone looking for a place to throw away trash or recycle used items. The bold black garbage can design and the distinct green recycling symbol will add a bolstering element to your waste management containers.

The Metal Trash & Recycling Signs are attractive, functional, and durable. The trash sign is tall enough to stand out from trash cans, and the recycling sign is big enough to catch the eye. The signs are double sided, so it's easy to install and remove. The signs are also made of aluminum, so they last much longer than traditional stickers. The signs are soft to touch and look polished and well-made. The signs are made of aluminum, so they look more expensive than they are. The signs are also easy to mount, and they come with a variety of mounting options, including adhesive, magnets, and suction cups. The signs also stick to most surfaces without causing any damage, so you can mount them where you need. The signs are also easy to remove, so you can replace them with a new one if the need arises. The signs come with a variety of mounting options, including adhesive, magnets, and suction cups, so it's easy to mount them where you need. The signs are also easy to remove, so you can replace them with a new one if the need arises. The signs are also easy to clean, so they're durable enough for commercial use.

AmazonCommercial 10 Gallon Commercial Office Wastebasket, Blue, w/ Recycle Logo, 1-pack

AmazonCommercial 10 Gallon Office Commercial Wastebasket

by Amazon

Lightweight stackable design for easy storage or transport with other matching bins

The AmazonCommercial 10 Gallon Office Wastebasket has a sturdy, smooth plastic construction that stands up well to everyday use, and it features a convenient handle so you can pull it out of the trash. The wastebasket is easy to clean, and its blue color gives it a professional look. (The wastebasket is also available in red, gray, and black.) The wastebasket is big enough for most trash, and the large opening makes it easy to dump the trash. The wastebasket also features a convenient recycling logo. At 10 gallons, this wastebasket is large enough to hold multiple bags of trash, and its lid helps keep the trash inside. The wastebasket is reasonably quiet when pulled out, and the lid closes securely. The wastebasket is reasonably lightweight, making it easy to empty. If you're buying a wastebasket for use in an office or other commercial environment, this is a good option.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG262073BLUE Brute Heavy-Duty Round Recycling/Composting Bin, 20-Gallon, Recycle, Pack of 1

Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG262073BLUE Heavy-Duty Brute Round Recycling/Composting Bin

by Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Stackable design enables nesting for easy transport and storage

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products Brute Heavy-Duty Round Recycling/Composting Bin is well-made, heavy, and tough. It has a simple, attractive design, and is built to last. The bin features reinforced handles and an integrated cinch, so it's easy to tie the liner to the handles, reducing strain when emptying the bin. The bin also features an innovative venting system, which the manufacturers say makes lifting out the liner up to 50% easier. The venting channels are molded into the side of the bin, so they don't protrude, and we found the venting to be extremely effective. The bin's round shape makes it very easy to pick up, which is important if you have large animals or children, and the handles make lifting and emptying the bin much easier. The bin isn't as versatile as some of the others we've tested in this price range, but if you're looking for an excellent, heavy-duty, low-maintenance recycling/composting bin, the Rubbermaid Commercial Products Brute Heavy-Duty Round Recycling/Composting Bin is a great choice.

good natured Handy Recycler, 6 Gallon / 25 Liter – Stackable Recycling Bin for Kitchen or Office - Plant Based, BPA-Free Recycling Container with Handle, Blue

good natured Handy Recycler, 6 Gallon / 25 – Liter Stackable Recycling Bin for Kitchen or Office

by good natured Products Inc.

VERSATILE ORGANIZATION: Recycle smarter! Easily separate recycling so you can grab and dump! Handy size makes it easy to store under your desk, sink, in a closet & more!

The Handy Recycler is a durable, space-saving recycling bin that is perfect for your home or office. It's made from 90% plant-based materials, contains no BPAs, phthalates, or other nasty chemicals and is USDA certified with 90% bio-based content. It holds up well under pressure, and it's also pretty easy to clean. The recycling area has a large enough opening that it's easy to slide in papers, cans, bottles or other recyclables, and the handles make transporting it easy. The Handy Recycler can stand upright or be stacked, and it's made of thick plastic, so it will last for years. The bins were especially convenient for small offices, as they're stackable and take up little space. The bins also have an eco-conscious design, with the handles made of bamboo and the recycling area made of 90% plant-based materials. They would look right at home in an eco-friendly office, and it would look good in an office that cares about sustainability. If you're looking to go green, the Handy Recycler is a good place to start.


This trash cart is handsome, and it's made to last. The wheels roll easily, and the bar is sturdy. The cart is heavy, so it's best for indoor use, but it's the perfect thing for a contractor to use to haul trash to the dumpster. The cart is small enough to fit in most garages, and it's big enough to hold 4 kitchen trash bags. The can is tall enough to easily hold kitchen trash bags, so it's perfect for storing trash bags in the garage. You can use the cart as a trashcan holder, or you can use it to store animal feed or sports equipment. The cart is eco-friendly, too. It's made from 100% recycled material, so it cuts down on waste. The lid attaches to the cart with screws, so it doesn't come loose. The cart is made in the USA.


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