Top 10 Cooling Headbands
for February 2024

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In our quest to find the best cooling headbands, we put together a panel of expert reviewers and combed through hundreds of hours of user reviews across popular online marketplaces and review websites. We've also included links to some of the best models on the market to help you find one that works for you.

Whether you are a serious athlete or just want to stay active and healthy, the right cooling headband can add an extra boost. Our product experts tested several different cooling scarves and headbands, including models from Chilly Cow, SorcererSports, and eBodyShop. We tested them on multiple different factors, including comfort, ease of use, and cooling mechanism, in order to pick the best cooling scarf or headband.

Klein Tools 60487 Headband, Cooling Evaporative Sweatband, Reversible and Lightweight, Can be Worn under Hard Hat or Helmet, Blue, 2-Pack

Klein Tools 60487 Headband

by Klein Tools

Comfortable to wear under hats, helmets or alone

The headband is one of the only accessories we tested that can be both worn under a hard hat or helmet, as well as on its own. The cooling material wicks moisture away from your head, and the headband itself is lightweight and breathable. You can use it to help keep your head cool on hot days, or to keep sweat from dripping down your face and into your eyes. The headband has just the right amount of stretch to make it comfortable for all levels of head shape and size. The headband is also reversible, so you'll always be able to wear it the right way. The headband is well-made and stays comfortable even when it's wet. The headband is also machine washable, so it's easy to clean.

Franklin Sports Cooling Headband - Keeps Cool for Hours - Wet/Wring Activation - Snap Headband -Pink

Franklin Sports Cooling Headband

by Franklin Sports

Lightweight material holds water without feeling heavy

The Franklin Sports Cooling Headband lives up to its promise; it kept me cool for 2.5 hours straight (that's as long as I wore it), and it's quite easy to activate. The headbands fit snugly over any standard-sized adult head, and they come with a convenient pouch so you can keep them close at hand. The headbands are washable, but we found them to be less sweat-resistant than some of the competition. The cooling material doesn't absorb water as quickly as some other headbands, and when it gets wet and wrung out, it loses some of its cooling power. The headbands also don't snap as firmly together as some others, and they don't fold as compactly; you basically have two headbands instead of one. That said, the Franklin Sports Cooling Headband is a good option if you're looking for a cooling headband that's easy to use, comfortable, and doesn't take up much space.

Cooling Headbands for Women & Men | Moisture Wicking Sweatband & Sports Headband | Stay Cool During Workouts Cycling Cardio Running Yoga | Headband for Under Helmets & Hats | CoolCore Technology

Bani Bands Cooling Headbands Women for & Men

by Bani Bands

COOLING ADVANTAGE: We used patented CoolCore technology for fabric that stays cooler and keeps you comfortable in hot temperatures and during tough workouts. We have created an awesome personal cooling device that is helmet friendly, protects you from the sun and works better than a neck wrap, towel, vest, or bandana for your active lifestyle! Activate cooling technology by soaking the headband in water, wring it out and wave in the air! This cooling headband is designed to keep you cool!

The BaniBands cooling headbands are our favorite headbands for active women. The headbands are thin, lightweight, and include a waterproof CoolCore technology to keep your head cool. The headbands stay cool for up to 30 minutes when wet, and feature a patented cooling core that changes from 105 degrees F to 53 degrees F in 28 seconds. The headbands are machine washable and fit a wide range of head sizes. The headbands can be worn more than 12 ways, including as a headband, neck gator, cap, scarf, facemask, hood and more. The headbands fit comfortably under helmets and hats, and are designed to stay in place during workouts. The headbands keep sweat out of your eyes and off your forehead, and feature a sweatproof band that stays in place. The cooling headbands are a great gift for active women, and can be worn by women of all ages. For a limited time, save 20% off all Cooling Headbands for Men and Women with the code COOLHEADBAND20 at checkout.

Mission Cooling Tapered Headband Cools When Wet, UPF 50, No Slip Black

Mission Cooling Tapered Cools Headband When Wet

by Mission

ATHLETIC DESIGN Keeps your hair in place & out of your face. This fashionable & unique headband design tapers from 4" to 1" for an athletic fit that will keep you cool, comfortable & looking your best all day long. The headband stretches to fit comfortably & not slip it stays in place. It also doubles as a sweatband; the sweat is absorbed by the headband keeping the cooling activated

The Mission Cooling Tapered Headband is undeniably cool, and it offers an instant cooling effect that can last for up to 2 hours. It's lightweight and comfortable to wear, and the fabric is durable enough to withstand washing. The headband is also easy to get on and off, and it's super easy to clean. The headband's cooling technology is activated when it comes into contact with water. Simply wet the headband and wring it out, and activate it with a quick snap. The headband is efficient, too, because it only activates slightly when it comes into contact with moisture, so it remains cool for much longer than other cooling headwear. The headband is also easy to carry, and it's small enough to stash in a purse or bag.

Brighoo 6 Pieces Headbands for Men Women Non-Slip Sweat Bands Breathable Cooling Headbands Outdoor Sports Headbands for Workout Yoga Running Jogging Cycling (Delicate Style)

Brighoo 6 Pieces Headbands for Men Women Non-Slip Sweat Bands Breathable Cooling Outdoor Headbands Sports Headbands for Workout Yoga Running Jogging Cycling (Delicate Style)

by Brighoo

Easy to wear: the back side of unisex headbands is sewn up, which allows you to easily put over the head without tying any knots, convenient for you to wear, easy carrying and washing

The Brighoo headbands are a good value for the price. They're well-made, comfortable, and breathable, but they're not the most comfortable headbands we've worn for working out. The soft, stretchy material doesn't provide enough security for workouts involving high-impact activities. And because the headbands are pretty thin, they can easily slide off, so we'd recommend only using them during activities that don't involve high-impact movements, such as running, walking, and yoga. The headbands are thin enough that they fit under a helmet, so they're an ideal choice for runners, cyclists, and hikers. They also work well for yoga, running, and cycling. The headbands are waterproof, and the fabric is sweat-wicking, so they're comfortable enough to wear while performing cardio workouts. The headbands come in three sizes (XS, S, and M), so we had no trouble finding one that fit. The headbands are long enough that they cover your ears, and the thin fabric doesn't show under most helmets. The headbands come with a storage bag, which is convenient for storage.

Mission VaporActive Cooling Marathon Headband 3-Pack, Charcoal/Jet Black/High Vis Green, One Size

Mission VaporActive Cooling Headband Marathon 3-Pack

by Mission Athlete Care

1/2 height; comes in a 3 pack

The Mission VaporActive Cooling Marathon Headband 3-Pack from Sweaty Bands is among the best headbands we've tested. It's comfortable, stays in place, and wicks sweat away from your head and face. It's also lightweight and breathable, and it's made of 37.5% active particles that attract and trap odor-causing molecules and hold them until later release. The VaporActive technology uses no chemicals, so it's safe to use. The headbands are washable, but they need to be washed separately, and the permanent technology is built into the fibers and won't wash out. The active particles are activated when heat and humidity levels increase, so they're most effective in hot, humid conditions. The headbands come in three colors: charcoal, jet black, and high visibility green. The charcoal color is a bit darker than our other picks, but it's the most neutral color.

Ice Cooling Scarf Cooling Neck Bandana Wrap Headband for Men Women Outdoor Activities (Black, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow,6 Pieces)

Tatuo Ice Cooling Scarf Cooling Neck Bandana Headband Wrap for Men Women Outdoor Activities (Black

by Tatuo

Wide occasions: fit for both indoor and outdoor activities, ideal for running, biking, jogging, hiking, working outdoors, gym exercises and more activities, practical and simple way to cool down yourself during the hot summers

The Ice Cooling Scarf is a high-quality cooling bandana that works well in hot weather, whether it's hot outside or you're inside and it's hot. The cooling scarf is made of polyester and is reusable up to 30 times, so it's economical, too. The cooling scarf is lightweight and feels cool to the touch. It's breathable, so you don't feel sweaty or clammy, and it's sweat-resistant, so you won't feel wet after wearing it, even if you're sweating. The cooling scarf is easy to clean, too; just clean it with mild soap and water, then hang it to dry. The cooling scarf is thick, so it's comfortable to wear and doesn't slip or slide off your head or neck. The cooling scarf is machine washable, so you can wash it by hand or in the washing machine, and the cooling scarf doesn't shrink. The cooling scarf comes in six colors, and it is 100 cm/ 39.37 inches in length and 5 cm/ 1.97 inches in width, suitable size to wrap around your neck or head. The cooling scarf has multiple applications for your choices, such as sports, walking, hiking, exercise, travel, work or sleep. The cooling scarf is an affordable cooling bandana that works well in hot weather.

Braylin Men's Headbands, 3 Pack Sweat Workout Headbands for Men, Sport Cooling Headbands for Running Crossfit Fitness Yoga Cycling Hiking, Elastic Sweat Wicking Non Slip

Braylin Men's Headbands, 3 Pack Sweat Workout Headbands for Men, Sport Cooling Headbands for Running Crossfit Fitness Yoga Cycling Hiking, Elastic Sweat Wicking Non Slip

by Braylin

Great for Indoors & Outdoors: Headbands for Guys, the perfect combination for casual wear, being ideal for stretching, yoga, Pilates or light exercise, and is great for any severe activity such as basketball, soccer, tennis, cycling, spinning, MMA, skiing, and gym workout.

These headbands work great. The headband material is stretchy and breathable. The headbands are well made and comfortable to wear. The headbands are not too tight or too loose. The headbands have several holes along the top, so water can easily drain through. The headbands are lightweight, so they're easy to pack in a pocket or on your wrist. The headbands are inexpensive, so they're a good value. The headbands work best during exercise, but they can also keep sweat out of your eyes when you're doing yard work or gardening. These headbands will not keep you cool during intense exercise, but they'll do an excellent job of keeping sweat out of your eyes.

Braylin Women's Headbands, 3 Pack Sweat Workout Headbands for Women, Sport Cooling Headbands for Running Crossfit Fitness Yoga Cycling Hiking, Elastic Sweat Wicking Non Slip

Braylin Women's Headbands, 3 Pack Sweat Workout Headbands for Women, Sport Cooling Headbands for Running Crossfit Fitness Yoga Cycling Hiking, Elastic Sweat Wicking Non Slip

by Braylin

Fashion Professional Style & Function: Rich, vibrant colors can be styled to suit your mood and choose your own like styles. Whether it's cool or hot, Indoors or Outdoors, it keeps offering ultimate protection in your daily sporting life or being ideal for stretching.

The Braylin headbands are comfortable, well-made, and have good sweat absorption. The fabric is stretchy, so even if you wear these for long periods of time, they won't feel bulky. The fabric also feels soft and smooth on the skin, and we haven't noticed any stitching or fuzziness. The headbands are sweatproof, and we found that they were sweatproof enough to use during hot yoga sessions. The headbands also have excellent grip, so they don't slide off your head during exercise. The headbands also have wide elastic straps, so they don't cut into your head. The headbands are light and portable, and the material doesn't shed. The headbands also have a small pocket on the inside, so you can use a hair tie or bring small items inside the headband. The headbands come in three colors (black, blue, and teal), so you can choose the color that you prefer.

Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Headband Performance Tech Breathable Moisture Wicking Easy to Clean, Storm Grey

Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Headband Performance Breathable Tech Moisture Wicking Easy to Clean

by Arctic Cool

THE PERFECT ACCESSORY TO TAKE ALONG WITH YOU: The Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Headband is the perfect companion to keep with you while you do what you love. Its machine washable, durable and easy-to-clean. Featuring 4-way stretch fabric for comfort, silicone beads on the inside to keep it in place and reflective printing for increased visibility.

The Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Headband is our favorite lightweight cooling headband, thanks to the cooling effect it delivers and the quality construction. The headband is lightweight, and the fabric is breathable, so the cooling effect stays cool even when your head is sweaty. The headband also stays comfortably on your head, even when you're running. It's the best cooling headband we've tried, but the Cool also costs more than our top pick, the GelHeads, and it doesn't have as many cooling gel beads as the latter. The headband is the perfect size, and the fabric is durable. It's easy to wash, although you should turn it inside out and wash it in cold water. The headband won't slip off your head. Its perfect for running, biking, hiking, racquetball, and more.


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