10 Best Cordless Heat Guns
for February 2024

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You, dear shopper, have embarked on a quest to discover the potent power of cordless convenience: specifically, the 10 Best Cordless Heat Guns! Much like a pack of secret agents, each entry boasts a unique set of skills to perfectly tackle any DIY endeavor with sheer finesse. Mooz, the trusty associate using brilliant algorithms, and some whimsical wizardry, has rummaged the web's gushing sea of cordless heat guns to curate this nifty list and simplify your shopping experience!

Highlighted in this tool extravaganza, you'll discover incredible treasures such as the DEWALT 20V MAX, a fire-breathing marvel capable of reaching a blistering 990 degrees, a versatile heat gun for DeWALT 20v Battery that's armed with a plethora of handy nozzles and a scraper to strip paint like nobody's business, and the Portable Milwaukee 18v Battery-powered heat gun that offers an impressive temperature range to cater to all your crafting needs. With such feature-packed champions in the fray, snapping them up would be a masterstroke indeed!

But hang on, the cream of the crop remains hidden, waiting to steal the show! Save your loudest cheers for the Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ cordless heat gun buried deep in this list. Grabbing this rarity might just bestow you with the bragging rights of owning a Lithium-Ion powered tool that doesn't need a leash. So why wait? Dive in to uncover these stunning knights of the heating realm right away!


The DeWalt 20V Max Heat Gun hits the top of our list with a wide array of stand-out features. This powerful device employs a level of robust fortitude, presenting the potential to heat up to a mind-blowing 990 degrees Fahrenheit/ 532 degrees Celsius, which is no mean feat. Imagine cranking up your craft game with the consistent heat this gun delivers. Manual operation is supported with ease, thanks to the lock-off trigger – an element that gives you unparalleled control over your projects.

Running further down the features, you can enjoy 42 minutes of runtime per charge. Now that's almost double the industry standard, keeping you in the flow and ensuring that your creative process isn't held back by constant recharging. Also, with the extra feather in its cap as the Lock-on button for continuous usage without fatigue. In this story of your crafting journey, the DeWalt heat gun is set to play an essential character. Efficiency meets durability in this power-packed tool.

Cordless Heat Gun for DeWALT 20v/18v Battery, 350W Rated 990℉ Fast Heating Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit, Heat Gun Tool with 4pcs Nozzles&Scraper for DIY Crafts, Shrink Tubing, Wrap, Stripping Paint

DeWALT Cordless Heat Gun Kit: 350W, Fast Heating, 4 Nozzles, for DIY Crafts & Paint Stripping

by MtiolHig

Safe & Durable: In consideration of safety during use, this heat gun is designed with high-quality materials such as a full-metal nozzle for efficient heat transfer and a built-in low voltage protection plate to prevent overheating and conserve battery power. The temperature lock button adds convenience and flexibility during use.

Our runner-up, the Cordless Heat Gun for DeWALT 20v/18v Battery, does not fail to impress with its power and versatility. This industrial-level hot tool delivers heat to an astounding 990 degrees, making it an alluring choice for proficient DIYers and craftsmen. Its quick 1.5 seconds heating time coupled with a 300L/Min super air volume is what sets it apart from the others. Imagine, not a moment is wasted as you complete your work in a jiffy.

Another captivating facet of this cordless heat gun is the compatibility it has with DeWALT 20V/18V lithium-ion batteries. Now, that's something you don’t see every day! The inclusion of 4 different nozzles and 1 triangular squeegee extends its use to a plethora of applications like shrink wrapping, paint removal and even candle making. This is a tool that adapts to your needs, making you the master of all crafts.

Cordless Heat Gun for Milwaukee 18v Battery, Mtiolhig Portable 112℉ to 1022℉ Battery Powered Heat Shrink Gun with 5pcs Nozzles for Crafts,Shrink Tubing,Vinyl Wrap,Paint Removal(Battery Not Include)

Milwaukee 18v Cordless Heat Gun for Crafts, Shrink Tubing, Vinyl Wrap, and Paint Removal

by MtiolHig

DISTINCTIVE DESIGN - This cordless wireless heat gun is designed for convenient use, featuring honeycomb-shaped thermal focusing technology for faster heating. Additionally, it is equipped with an LED backlight digital display screen, making temperature regulation clearly visible and easy to adjust. In addition, it has a temperature memory function, easy to use directly next time. With this user-friendly design, you can make it an efficient and effective tool for your needs.

We placed this wireless heat gun third in our hierarchy for a few notable reasons. Primarily, you would be captivated by its broad compatibility with several Milwaukee batteries. It cuts the hassle of messy cords, alluring to you if your tasks often span various locations. Besides, the crafty design features a temperature lock and a built-in low voltage protection plate, securing your battery from potential damage. Imagine performing your tasks with an added layer of confidence and peace of mind.

In addition to this, the Mtiolhig model, heats up in just three seconds, thanks to its superior ceramic core. What's more, it presents you a unique flexibility with its adjustable temperature settings and six levels of air volume adjustment. Just picture how effortlessly you can customize it to suit the nuances of your varied work scenarios.

IRONFIST Heat Gun Cordless Lithium 20V Hot Air Gun 2-Temp Setting Max 1022°F(550°C) Heat Gun for Crafts, Shrink Tubing, Resin & Decorating Compatible with DEWALT Battery (Tool Only, NO Battery)

IRONFIST Cordless Heat Gun: Crafts, Shrink Tubing, Resin & Decorating - Compatible with DEWALT Battery


Ergonomic & Durable DesignThe heat gun housing is made of ABS plastic, and its stainless steel air outlet, oxidation heating wire, fan and all-copper motor are resistant to high temperature and corrosion, greatly extending its service life. ergonomics design can prevent repetitive strain injury and improve the comfort of use.

In our search for top-notch tools, Ironfist's cordless heat gun caught our attention. This beast scorches up to an impressive 1022F in seconds! Imagine finishing your DIY tasks rapidly and effortlessly. It secured its spot on our list due to the handy cordless design and neat LED lighting. It's every craftsman's dream, but the features are so user-friendly, even an amateur would enjoy it. This heat gun is particularly useful for those who love DIY projects or professionals working in tight, dim environments. Embrace the freedom of movement with the Ironfist heat gun.

Mini Heat Gun Cordless, Uaoaii Handheld Fast Heat Hot Air Gun w/ 4.0Ah Battery, 2-Temp, Reflector Nozzle, 600℉ Heat Shrink Gun for Crafting,Vinyl Wrapping,Candle Making,Tube and Wrap Shrinking & DIY

Cordless Heat Gun for Crafting & DIY: Handheld Fast Hot Air Gun with 2-Temp Settings & Reflector Nozzle

by Uaoaii

Compact & CordlessCompared with traditional corded heat gun, the compact and cordless design of this battery operated heater allow you to put it into your tool belt or repair kit easily and use it everywhere. With the battery heater,you don't have to plug them into the wall outlet anymore!

Just got my hands on the new Uaoaii Handheld Mini Heat Gun and boy, am I impressed! One standout feature is its buttery-smooth airflow, which ensures no unsightly bubbles on my project - a huge game changer. Moreover, the lightweight and ergonomic pencil-like design makes handling this nifty little gadget a breeze. You barely even notice you're at work.

If that wasn't enough, the rapid heat feature that heats the gun to a whopping 600℉ in a mere 1.5s ensures instant results. No waiting around for this bad boy to heat up. The inclusion of a 4.0Ah battery translates to 30+ mins of uninterrupted crafting. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, candle makers, and crafters. Trust me, your crafting kit needs this gem.

Performance Tool W2082 Compact Rechargeable Cordless Heat Gun, 600 Degree Max Output, Vinyl Wrap, Shrink Tubing, Wire Connectors, Crafts, Phone Repair

Compact Rechargeable Cordless Heat Gun - Perfect for Vinyl Wrap, Shrink Tubing, Crafts, Phone Repair

by Performance Tool

ULTRA-COMPACT DESIGN: The most compact rechargeable cordless heat gun on the market is only 4.8 ounces, making it lightweight enough to carry in your tool belt or repair kit.

You're gonna love the Performance Tool Compact Cordless Heat Gun! Its fast heating feature caught our eye immediately. This beauty revs up to a scorching 600 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 seconds. Why, it's such a hot commodity. We've seen it work wonders on vinyl wraps and wire connectors, swiftly making them blend perfectly and without any untoward damage.

Not to forget, it's rechargeable and cordless. So, you're spared of the pesky cords. It's made for those who value work flexibility and who would appreciate the convenience of recharging swiftly. And oh, did we mention the clever safety mechanisms? It's perfect for those who end up being a lil' klutzy sometimes. So, whether you're a professional or a DIY person, this product can certainly be a reliable ally.

Cordless Heat Gun for Crafts,600℉Fast Heating,Rechargeable Mini Hot Air Gun for Shrink Wrapping,Epoxy Resin,Vinyl Wrap,Electronics,Candle Making,Embossing,Phone Repair,DIY

Cordless Heat Gun for Crafts: Fast Heating, Ideal for Shrink Wrapping, Resin, Vinyl Wrap, Phone Repair


Compact&Lightweight: The most compact rechargeable cordless heat gun on the market is only 4.8 ounces and lightweight enough to carry in your tool belt or repair kit.

One feature that compelled MOOZ to include this Cordless Heat Gun in our list is its extraordinary overload protection. This particular feature prevents damage to the unit itself, making it the one of the most durable items on the market. Imagine working on your next DIY project and realizing you needn't worry about longevity of your tools because your little gadget has been geared up for safety.

Another fascinating element about this compact genius is no doubt its high endurance. It has a built-in 3.6v, 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery that ensures over 30 minutes of continuous usage! This definitely puts you at ease during your intricate heat-related crafts and DIY projects, gifting you the precious element of time. Isn't that impressive? Tailored for the creative, tireless and passionate DIY enthusiast, this heat gun won't let your handy work go in vain.

WORKSITE Heat Gun Cordless, 20V Max Lithium-ion Battery Hot Air Gun Kit with 4.0A Battery, Fast Charger & Tool Bag, 4 Nozzle Attachments for Crafts, Shrink PVC and Stripping Paint

Cordless Heat Gun Kit: 20V Max Lithium-ion Battery, 4 Nozzle Attachments for Crafts & Paint


[4 Types of Nozzles] Come with 4 nozzle attachments, this is ideal for shrink wrapping, vinyl wrap, paint stripping, tube bending, crafts, cell phone repair, car wrapping, stickers, sterilization and more.

Our intelligent algorithm zoomed in on the WORKSITE Cordless Heat Gun for its impressive 1000 degrees Fahrenheit max output temperature. It's a game-changer in the realm of heat guns, beaming operational heat in less than 10 seconds. Engaging hands-free work is no problem thanks to its lock-on switch. Plus, the built-in LED lights will keep your workspace illuminated in dark environments.

This tool is a handyman's delight. Perfect for tasks like shrinking PVC, stripping paint, or working on crafts. Its sturdy build assures a long-lasting service life, making it an ideal addition to your toolbox.

This product will be most useful to craftsmen, DIY enthusiasts, and homeowners seeking to add convenience to their work environment. Certainly, the WORKSITE Heat Gun is a tool that keeps on giving.

SEEKONE Mini Heat Gun, 350W 662℉ (350℃) Fast Heat Handheld Hot Air Gun Tool with Reflector Nozzle and 4.9Ft Long Cable Overload Protection for Craft Embossing, Shrink Wrapping and Stripping Paint

Portable Cordless Heat Gun for Crafts, Wrapping, Paint Stripping - SEEKONE Mini Heat Gun

by Dongguan Futuo Electronic Tools Co., Ltd.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Pencil-like design and light weight make the hot air gun fit comfortably in your hand. And the mini heat gun is especially ideal for getting into hard-to-reach places and concentrating high heat on the tight area. Retractable bracket lets this heat shrink gun stand on the table stably and use it hands-free.

Peeps, we're totally smitten with the SEEKONE Mini Heat Gun. Its stout 350W power output takes center stage, blasting out a 662℉ maxi toast in mere seconds - it's pretty rad for craft embossing, shrink wrapping, and stripping paint. No more waiting eternities for your projects!

But hey, guess what? While it's great for DIY gurus, curious beginners will adore it, too! And you know what? That 4.9Ft long cable will let you work without being tethered too close to a plug. Let's not forget, its overload protection gives peace of mind. Safe and Powerful? You betcha!

Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Heat Gun (Tool Only) P3150

Cordless Heat Gun: Ryobi 18V ONE+ Lithium-Ion, Versatile Tool for Heat Applications

by Ryobi

DEFLECTOR NOZZLE helps workflow when it comes it tube shrinking or thawing pipes

First off, the Ryobi 18-Volt Heat Gun is a sweet piece of kit. We adore that it heats up in a snappy 10 seconds, ideal for folks with a need for haste. This speedy heat time is a rare find and seriously sets it apart from the competition. It's like a fiery dragon, belching out a whopping 875 degrees Fahrenheit!

Given its unique Concentrator Nozzle, this tool would definitely imbue brilliance in the hands of precision crafters and DIY enthusiasts. Imagine your craftsmanship illuminated by its onboard LED light. This tool isn't just effective - it really 'lights up' your work.


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