10 Most Popular Corporate WordPress Themes

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The Corporate revolution will collapse if we refuse to implement a powerful online marketing tool. Industries are proliferating and competitions among them are stiff. Consumers expect better business practices, so it is vitally important for you to give them a better user experience.

One of the aspects of your business needing the most attention is arguably your website. Having an online presence is absolutely essential to keep ruling incorporate competitive environment. With your site, give 24*7 services and be available to fulfill the need and desires of your customers, clients, buyers, sellers, etc.

Below listed corporate WordPress themes can be used to project your business features. The respective skin can be used by IT industry, banking and finance, Business processing units and much more belonging to the similar lot.

The template has some of the best features a theme can support which will take your business to leaps and bounds. People from all walks of life can use this theme.

Be free to make a perfect choice for yourself from the given below the list of best WordPress business themes.

Geocraft V2 Directory WordPress Theme

mooz browser Geocraft V2 Directory WordPress Theme

GeoCraft V2 is an ideal recurring or one-time payment solution to create your own WordPress directory listing website and let you target the business directory development through a highly responsive and customizable theme.

The directory can list anything- places, restaurants, business, fashion studios etc. The theme comes equipped with the ability to add the business listing for free or as a paid version depending upon the requirement. It also assists you to create an informative website that contains information about visitors, features, pricing of products and services which users are intended to know.

Significant Features:

  • Lead Capture Form: perfect in a way that it allows capturing of the leads through the admin panel itself.
  • Easy Monetization: equipped with all facilities of monetization by running Google AdSense or by displaying the banner advertisement through the websites.
  • Email notification to the users for acceptance and expiry of the listing: The automated system increasing the ease of interaction with the users.
  • Localization of search result: strong search facility which allows easy searching of the results.
  • Barter the top positions for higher revenue: The results of the searches can be customized by bartering the top positions for higher revenue with this theme.
  • Package field made required – compulsory for a user to select at least one package i.e. free/premium/recurring to submit a listing.

The theme is perfect in its responsiveness, multi-language/currency support, color scheme, features etc. to suit the need of any kind of business directory.

QuickOnlineShop Amazon WordPress Theme

mooz browser QuickOnlineShop Amazon WordPress Theme

QuickOnlineShop is an automated Amazon Affiliate Builder WordPress Theme. Create your stores in minutes and start selling more than thousands of products from your site and earn millions from just promoting.

You can import in bulk multiple products with editable description and price. Easy to maintain and control all the transaction like products stats/reports/reviews and more.

The theme is embedded with both affiliate shop and WooCommerce plugin giving an easy user interface to shop online with multiple options like to cart/login/checkout etc.

Marvellous Features :

  • Advance Amazon Search: helps in importing the bulk items of different categories to the website. This is perfect for the stores which are just starting as it helps in cross-selling as well.
  • Advanced Stats: the theme is equipped with advanced statistics options which make the decision and keeping track of things easier.
  • Home Page with featured offers and products: allows showcasing featured offers and products on the homepage itself making the sale easier.

This fully responsive theme with custom CSS and social media sharing options can be a perfect way to start earning the money through Amazon affiliation.

SaleJunction Marketplace WordPress Theme

mooz browser SaleJunction Marketplace WordPress Theme

In the world of eCommerce, the right kind of marketplace theme is essential for the success of the business. That is where SaleJunction comes in.

The marketplace theme is compatible with two cart plugins of WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads allowing the sale of both tangible and digital products through a single theme.

Prominent Features :

  • Ease of updating the products: The products can be easily added to the marketplace with the picture and the description as desired.
  • Categorization of products: allowing the customers to search the products as per the categories.
  • Social Sharing: widgets which allow businesses to reach customers via social media as well.
  • Suitable for all platforms: perfect for mobiles, tablets and PCs, and hence can be easily accessed by the customers from anywhere.
  • Multiple Color Schemes: In order to maintain the look of the website, different color schemes are available which can be selected to suit the products.

With the amazing showcase features for the product and integration of the PayPal, the template is perfect for any new or existing ecommerce business.

Classicraft Classified Ad Listing WordPress Theme

mooz browser Classicraft Classified Ad Listing WordPress Theme

Classicraft WordPress theme lets you earn recurring passive income. This is Simple Ad listing template which is now a day very common for selling Ads say for the property, vehicle, job, education, pets, electronics & all type of businesses.

It also provides the option of integrating other business ideas like buying and selling of cars, houses, etc. in the website itself along with the advertisements. You can post Ads either Free or on Premium basis, invite others to publish their Ads, run Ad banners and earn profit from them.

Outstanding Features :

  • Integration of Ad Submission Payment: allows payment for the submitted advertisements as per the listed price, thereby allowing the users to earn immediately.
  • Categorization of advertisements: advertisements can be listed and classified in the required format without any kind of hassles.
  • Customization of menu: possibility of customization of menu makes this theme suitable to the needs of all kinds of advertisement listing.
  • Embedding of Address map: embedding of the address map with the advertisements as well to allow the customers to locate the facility easily.

The theme with its multilingual support, admin panel for each advertisement holder, and affordable cost is excellent choice for any advertisement listing.

Video Member Membership WordPress Theme

mooz browser Video Member Membership WordPress Theme

Video Member is the flawless, perfect for the video membership WordPress Theme. Selling of the videos is a lucrative option in the current business environment. This theme allows you to capitalize on this option.

It gives you an ease to sell videos online, video embedding option where you can import videos to your website, integrated Ad module let you build brand recognition, target effective audience and earn daily collections. Through your website, you can share numerous varieties of videos and categorise them accordingly.

Influential Features :

  • Sell membership subscription Yearly, quarterly or Monthly.
  • Direct Upload as well as Embedding: direct upload of the videos as well as the embedding of the YouTube, DailyMotion links.
  • Supports Advertisement: The advertisements are supported in this theme to allow the monetization of the website.

This responsive theme can adjust to any device or PC and allows users to register without any hassle making it a perfect choice for the video membership website.

SmartBooking Online Booking WordPress Theme

mooz browser SmartBooking Online Booking WordPress Theme

Any business that needs setting up of appointments or bookings – like the therapists, doctors, beauty salon, advocates etc.—can be benefited with the Smartbooking WordPress Theme.

The theme is equipped with InkAppointment plugin which allows you to take the appointment, email reminders, organise customers data, optimize booking flexibility through exceptional schedules and making the payment as well.

Impressive Features :

  • Compatibility with WooCommerce: to allow the ease of transaction and sale process.
  • Email Reminders: Once scheduled the theme sends the email reminders to avoid the situation of the no-show.
  • Customization of exception days: allows the users to set the exception or non-working days to allow the ease of appointment settings.
  • Customization of front page: website can be customized to provide unlimited number of images or presentation that showcases the business.
  • Responsive Layout and CSS customization: theme’s CSS can be customized to suit the taste of the business.

The SmartBooking allows the management of appointment in such a way that it is presentable as well as easy to do.

Logistics Way Transportation Booking WordPress Theme

mooz browser Logistics Way Transportation Booking WordPress Theme

Logistics Way WordPress Theme is perfect for advance shipment booking system, instant placement notification via email and management system.

This comprehensive theme is made for easing the process of taking the shipment, logistics and transportation orders. The theme is equipped with the booking system which allows customers to fill in the details and get the estimate of the shipping cost, select the numbers of labours required and finally book using the same platform.

The leading feature of the theme is admin can set the multiple vehicle types available for shipments from your WordPress dashboard, and clients can book the same according to their needs and requirement.

Magnificent Features :

  • Integration of Google Maps: is also possible which allows the measurement of distance between shipping locations to estimate the cost.
  • Currency setting for cost estimate: Different currencies can be set to provide the right kind of cost estimate.
  • Different Styles: The theme is equipped with full width type style or the box style which can be selected as per the need of the business.

With integration of carrier type, number of labor, currency type, and direct booking, this theme is a powerful solution to the logistics business websites.

Booking Valley WordPress Theme

mooz browser Booking Valley WordPress Theme

Manage your hotel bookings in just a few clicks. The theme is fully responsive with real time availability and room booking functionality suitable for all kind of luxury, boutique hotels, guest houses, rentals, hostels etc.

The theme is equipped with the booking plugin that allows the owner to categorize the room as per the type/price or collect advance payment to get sure about all your reservations moreover customers get the freedom to make secure payments whether online or offline through PayPal.

Stunning Features :

  • Categorization of rooms based on price and type:
  • One minute booking feature: facility for customers to check the availability online and book.
  • Video Sharing and Event listing: market the hotel better listing of the major events held in the hotel.
  • Feedback section: showcase the reviews of the customers.
  • SEO optimized and compatible with all kinds of browser: This makes the theme perfect for customers’ accessibility.

Real Photography WordPress Theme

mooz browser Real Photography WordPress Theme

Real Photography WordPress Theme is a one stop solution for all photographers who wants to build a smart and professional online portfolio.

Present your work in a catchy way with appealing Thumbnail Slider that attracts a huge amount of visitors and traffic travelling to your site. Expose pic editing tips & news on snapshot shows through blog section. You can change the every nook n corner of the site with advanced customization option.

Photo Features :

  • Customization of photographs: customized in terms of their layout or in terms they are visible to the viewers. Multiple images can also be uploaded in a single go saving a lot of time.
  • Blog Feature: the photographer can talk about their photographs or further share more details about the photographs.
  • Instagram and other social profile integration: integration of instagram and many other social profiles which makes the things easier for sharing.
  • Contact form: allows the viewers to interact with the photographer or send a query.

This responsive, cross-platform theme is perfect for any kind of photographer—professional or amateur.

VideoCraft WordPress Theme

mooz browser VideoCraft WordPress Theme

VideoCraft WordPress Theme makes it really easy to set up a fully functional video website. Host n numbers of videos/categories them and access them back to back.

This theme allows the development of the website of user-generated videos like Vimeo and YouTube. The theme allows both video embedding and video uploading making it a good choice for all kinds of users of the site. User registration module helps users easily upload and embed videos to start promoting and earn commissions from them. Style your site with two rich color templates that will give your work a unique recognition in the digital world.

Commendable Features :

  • Categorization and thumbnail viewing of videos: categorized into the predefined categories. Furthermore, viewing is possible in the form of the thumbnail of videos apart from the full page viewing.
  • Monetization ready: theme can be monetized with the help of the advertisements of different kinds.
  • Responsive design suitable for all devices: very responsive which can be used on any kind of PC, laptop or tablet, and is suitable for all browsers as well.

With its support for all major formats and customizable widget bar, it can be a good theme for the development of video website like YouTube.

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