10 Best Cort Acoustic Guitars
for October 2023

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Welcome, dear music enthusiasts, aficionados, or novice players ready to strum their first chord. However you identify yourself in the realm of music, you'll find value in our meticulous "10 Best Cort Acoustic Guitars" list that we've curated just for you. At MOOZ, we use advanced smart algorithms and belting out notes for an audience or simple pleasure at home. Our ranking and review process employs state-of-the-art systems to unearth the cream of the crop and help you make the wisest, most satisfying purchase.

Products like the Cort Standard Series AD810, a classic acoustic selection with a stylized black satin finish, the versatile Cort 6 String Acoustic-Electric that offers the adaptability coveted by many players and the compact, feature-packed Cort 7/8 Dreadnought which offers impressive resonance despite its size, have garnered attention. These guitars have found a place in our selection to cater to various player preferences. Stunning aesthetics and premier sound quality are attributes you can expect from these guitars.

Yet, as tantalizing as those previews may be, you mustn't miss the chance to check out the whole list. The gem lies at the end of the list – the Cort EARTH70BR Dreadnought. This beauty sports a solid spruce top and comes in a charming brown finish. It's not just a stylish instrument; it's a strong contender for delivering one of the richest, most balanced sounds among acoustic guitars. Dive into the full list and enhance your music with the perfect Cort Acoustic Guitar to harmonize with your talent.


At the pinnacle of our list erupted the Cort Standard Series AD810, as sleek and exquisite as it can get. The compelling rationale behind its prioritization arises from its Dreadnought Body and the Dovetail Neck Joint Construction. Its design embraces a distinctive nature that whisks you into sonic adventures the moment your fingers strum its strings. There's something hypnotic about its black satin exterior, wrapping you in its captivating charm.

Venture further into its allure, and you shall unearth the backbone of its superior resonance. Engendering its acoustics are the Spruce Top with Mahogany Back & Sides. The fusion of these materials put forth a harmonious blend of sounds, beckoning towards immense aural satisfaction. Offering your fingers the gentle caress of the strings, it goes beyond being just a guitar; it becomes a part of your musical journey. It's not just about the melody; it's about feeling the intimate echoes of your soul.


Look whose here at the number two spot, the Cort 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar (NDX BARITONE NS) with its inescapable charm. The particularity that hooked us onto this product was its solid Sitka Spruce top which screams quality, and its coupling with the Fishman Sonicore pickup and Presys blend preamp which gives you a melodious experience, all the while ensuring longevity. The guitar also flatters to deceive with its solid Mahogany back & sides. High-quality materials promise a sound that is far from melancholy, it's rather mellifluous.

As you gracefully run your fingers down the Mahogany neck with an ovangkol fingerboard, you'll find it smoothly conforming to your touch, expressing your musical ideas with clarity. We stumbled a bit when it came to the right-handed preference, as it might be a touch dicey for our left-handed virtuosos. But let's not forget, every cloud has a silver lining and this one's definitely got more silver than grey, making it a worthy contender for the second spot.


In the third place of our list, we bring to your attention the Cort 6 String Acoustic Guitar (EARTH 50 OP). Known for its fidelity to sound and design, this guitar quickly caught our attention. One of the main features that facilitated its position is its superior design, owing to the crafted mahogany body and neck complemented with an ovangkol fingerboard. But, what really sets it apart is the Solid Spruce top, known among musicians for producing a vibrant range of tones. Trust us, your fingers will relish dancing on those strings!

And wait, there's more to this charmer. The 7/8 Dreadnought scales down the classic design, but certainly not the sound quality. The resulting compact size is a boon to those who travel frequently. And let's not forget its 24.75" scale length, enabling a stronger sound projection that enhances the overall playing experience. Your listeners are bound to be captivated! Unleash your melody on the Cort 6 String Acoustic Guitar, it clearly embodies the perfect harmony of aesthetics and sound, just as you desire.


Discovering the Cort 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar, one can't help but sit back and marvel at its individuality. As an echo in the music world, its tone quality resonates in the ear drums of any bass enthusiast. Its crown jewel, the exquisite Mahogany back & sides Cort CE304T 3 Band EQ Preamp with Built-In Tuner, well, MOOZ found it fascinating. This component awakens the hidden maestro within you. Amplifying and smoothing your chords, it makes your music more audacious and influential. It's practically your backstage technician.

Turn your attention to the Mahogany neck with ovangkol Fingerboard and the Solid Spruce top. The combination of these materials not only catapults the longevity of the piece, but also enhances its acoustic performance. That's some good news for your music career. And to whom will this device of music magic be most beneficial? Budding musicians thirsty for a high-end instrument at a reasonably affordable price and professionals validators with a discerning taste for good sound. This unit purely makes the heart speculate, let your fingers explore its potential!


MOOZ recently discovered an intriguing guitar that's certainly worth a mention - the Cort Earth Series Earth70 Acoustic Guitar. It stood out as it brought a breath of fresh air with the humble valor of its craftsmanship. Built into a dreadnought style frame, the guitar sports a Solid Spruce Top that offers a strong, vibrant tone paired with Mahogany Back & Sides which complements the tonal depth with a rich resonance.

The second piece of charm lies in the neck. The Cort Earth70 features a steady Mahogany Neck that ensures ultimate steady grip and smooth playability. Meticulously built with a Dovetail Neck Joint Construction, the guitar guarantees structural stability.

Not forgetting to mention, this Cort Earth Series guitar would be the most useful to aspiring guitarists who appreciate a blend of traditional construction with modern build-quality or even pros who simply want a reliable but unique addition to their collection. With its illustrious features and breathtaking tone, it'll certainly chime your heartstrings like no other. Enjoy the melody!


MOOZ stumbled across this finely crafted Luna Guitars 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar and its unique features caught our attention. It utilizes Paul Ferro for its fretboard and bridge material, an unusual yet intriguing choice. Luna has always diverged from the norm, a trend that you, dear reader, have likely appreciated from time to time. The acoustic resonation from the unique Paul Ferro stuff, coupled with the high-class D'Addario EXP16 coated strings, creates a sonic experience that cannot be overlooked.

In the second stage of our journey, look at the body and neck that utilize solid Mahogany. Not only does it make the guitar aesthetically pleasing, but it also enhances the sound quality. The solid Spruce top material completes the package, achieving a balance of tones and incredible acoustic power. The HEN PA SPR model by Luna Guitars is the optimal choice for those seeking a unique blend of style, rich acoustics, and robust build. They are perfect for seasoned musicians ready to step up their groove, or beginners yearning for something out of the ordinary.

Martin Guitar X Series 0-X1E Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Gig Bag, Mahogany Pattern High-Pressure Laminate, 0-14 Fret, Performing Artist Neck Shape

Martin X Series 0-X1E Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Bag, Mahogany Pattern, 0-14 Fret, Cort

by C. F. Martin & Co.

PREMIUM HANDMADE GUITARS: Handmade from the highest-quality wood and HPL, Martins X Series guitars are built to stand up to late-night jams, long studio sessions, and plenty of strumming or picking. These acoustic-electric guitars deliver unique designs, professional sounds, and enjoyable playing.

We have to tip our hat to the outstanding sound quality and tonal consistency of the Martin Guitar X Series 0-X1E Acoustic-Electric. This model is an exquisite blend of craftsmanship and technology. Our algorithms loved how the high-pressure laminate (HPL) construction renders balanced sound. Plus, the Fishman MX electronics and Authentic Acoustic Lifespan 2.0 strings introduce unique value to this musical package.

As your friendly MOOZ product guide, we also want to spotlight the enhanced playability feature for any level of guitar players. Easy to strum and beautiful to look at, the Martin X Series 0-X1E is an authentic blend of performance and aesthetics. It's as captivating to the eyes as it is soothing to the ears. We think you'll love to feel the comfort of the high-performance neck and see the gleam from the chrome enclosed gear tuners.

Cort Acoustic-Electric Small Body Jade Series Acoustic Guitar, (Open Pore Sky Blue)

Cort Small Body Jade Series Acoustic Guitar - Open Pore Sky Blue, Perfect for Cort Acoustic Guitar Lovers

by Cort

Designed with the female players and children in mind, the smaller body is comfortable for extended playing sessions and the deep cutaway makes accessing the high frets a breeze.

MOOZ's advanced algorithms have been hard at work scanning the market, and we have uncovered an intriguing little gem: The Cort Acoustic-Electric small body guitar from the Jade series. Available in an alluring open pore sky blue, one of the first features that captured our attention was its vintage machineheads, with an impressive 18:1 tuning ratio. Is tuning one of those processes that you find tedious? You'll appreciate the ease this feature brings.

Equipped with a three-band EQ, your noteworthy creative flair can shine through as you revel in its tonal flexibility. While its built-in LED tuner might be seen as a simple addition, it allows for immense convenience for those spontaneous jamming sessions. Optimally suited for musicians seeking the perfect blend of aesthetics, convenience and rich tonal capabilities, this Cort Jade series guitar promises an elevated acoustic experience. We think the Cort Acoustic-Electric is worthy of a second glance, wouldn't you agree?


The Cort 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a real treasure trove. It's the one and only hybrid guitar that stole the heart of our smart algorithms. The supreme combination of a Spruce top Mahogany back & sides Mahogany Neck with Merbau Fingerboard made it a serious contender in our lists. The texture, quality, and resonance this blend of woods brings to your music is simply astounding. You'll find that every strum cuts deep into your soul and envelops you in its warmth.

Exclusively gifted for musicians with a keen ear for refined sound , the Cort 6 string shines its brightest with its Fishman Neo D Pickup and VTB Electronics. Created for those who do not wish to compromise on sound quality in any scenario, it promises consistency whether you're playing purely acoustic or decide to plug in. Your sound, your rules, the Cort 6 String is here to amplify it, literally and figuratively.


The acoustic guitar enthusiasts are in for a real treat with Cort EARTH70BR. It's the amalgamation of exceptional Craftsmanship and Performance that is splendidly showcased in this instrument. Our keen-eyed experts were particularly smitten with its Solid Spruce top and the solid Mahogany back and sides. It's a unique blend that infuses the earthy tone that is just exquisite, making it an instant favorite of our music-loving algorithms.

Now, let's delve a bit more into the charm of the Cort EARTH70BR. Its Dreadnought body and rosewood fretboard are masterfully designed, ensuring a compelling audio experience that'll leave you entranced. But what truly caught our eye was the die cast nickel tuning knobs with an alluring black finish. It not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the instrument but also promises optimal tuning stability. So, get ready to strum your way to an unmatched symphony with the Cort EARTH70BR!


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