10 Best Cort Acoustic Guitars
for March 2023

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Cort Guitars is one of the most respected names in guitar manufacturing, and these Cort Acoustic Guitars are no exception. Cort has been making acoustic guitars since 1881, and these 10 acoustic guitar models have the prestigious Cort name stamped on them.

Cort acoustic guitars are hand-built in Cort's factory in Portugal, and each one is carefully crafted using high-quality woods, hardware, and parts. These acoustic guitars can be played for both acoustic and electric purposes, and each one is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen who put the same care into each acoustic guitar that Cort makes.

We tested these acoustic guitars for playability, tone, and build quality. We tested for playability by strumming, picking, fingerpicking, and strumming chord shapes. We also tested the tone by strummed chords and picking individual notes. Finally, we test build quality by evaluating the overall craftsmanship, including how the guitar feels, how it sounds, and how well its components fit together.

Our top pick is the Cort CF-30T, which is crafted from solid spruce. This guitar has a tone that's rich and warm, with a crisp, clear high end. It also has easy action, making it easy to play, and its lightweight body makes it comfortable to play for long periods of time.


The Cort AD810 Acoustic Guitar is an affordable dreadnought that sounds good, feels solid, and is as easy to operate as a good acoustic should be. The AD810 comes ready to play, with a satin finish and a comfortable, easy-to-play neck. The guitar's satin finish gives it a clean look, and it feels great to hold and play. The neck sports a rosewood fingerboard, and the instrument's body is made with spruce, giving it a nice, airy tone. The guitar comes with everything you need to get started, including a gig bag, a cleaning kit, and a guitar tools. The AD810 is an inexpensive guitar that can easily compete with more expensive models.


The Cort 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Right Handed (NDX Baritone NS) is an attractive, well built, and musically versatile acoustic-electric guitar. It offers rich, warm tones, and it's comfortable to play, whether it's sitting down or standing up. The guitar also has good projection, and it's loud and easy to play. The pickup offers good sound, and the presys blend preamp provides a wide range of sound options. The guitar also comes in an attractive, wooden box, and it comes with a spare set of strings. The guitar comes with a padded gig bag, strap, and a guitar stand. The guitar comes with a 1-year warranty.

Cort 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Right Handed, 7/8 Dreadnought (EARTH 50 OP)

Cort 6 String Acoustic Guitar

by Cort

Short Scale easy play 7/8 sized dreadnought Body

The Cort 6 String Acoustic Guitar is a nice, solid acoustic that performs well and sounds excellent. It's an excellent choice for its price, and many players will appreciate the instrument's solid build. Its ovangkol fingerboard and bridge provide excellent sustain, and the instrument's mahogany back & sides give it a warm, rich sound. The guitar's rosewood fingerboard and bridge provide a nice, smooth finish, and the Mahogany neck feels thick, sturdy, and well-balanced. It's easy to play, and the guitar's tuners are sturdy and reliable. The only drawback to the instrument is its tuner pegs. They feel cheap, and they tend to loosen up over time. The guitar is also fairly heavy, and it's a little difficult to lift it off the floor or carry it around. We like the Cort 6 String Acoustic Guitar, but we think it's a little overpriced. It charges $300 more than the Yamaha FG700S, and that guitar is a much better value.


The Cort MR500E is an inexpensive yet well-built guitar that has the performance and tone to play comfortably in beginner and intermediate-level music schools. The mahogany top and back provide a solid, resonant sound that cuts through well, and the mahogany neck has plenty of give, making it comfortable to play. The action is smooth and forgiving, and the guitar's ovangkol fingerboard is ebony-coated and feels smooth to the touch. The guitar's built-in preamp is powerful enough for a beginner musician but not so overwhelming that more experienced players will have trouble controlling their sound. The guitar comes Outfitted with a 3-band EQ, a 3-way pickup switch, and a 1/4" output jack, and is tuned an open G, making it a great guitar for both acoustic and electric guitar players.


The Cort Earth Series Earth70 Acoustic Guitar is one of the best-sounding acoustic guitars we've tested. Its sound is rich, warm, and resonant, with nice bass and treble response and plenty of detail, especially in the mids. Its big, full-bodied sound makes it well-suited for strumming and fingerpicking, and its open pore finish gives it a neutral, non- colored sound. The Earth70's sound is consistent and loud, and its volume is on par with other guitars in this price range. The guitar's construction is solid and durable, and it's well suited for beginners as well as more experienced players. The Earth70's neck is comfortable to play, and the instrument's action is low, which helps facilitate quick, precise string bends. The Earth70 comes with a gig bag, a tuner, picks, and a guitar strap, and it's backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Luna Guitars 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Right (HEN PA SPR)

Luna Guitars 6 Acoustic-Electric String Guitar

by Luna Guitars

Pre-amp type: Luna SL3 w/Tuner

The Luna Guitars 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar combines solid construction with an easy setup and playability for an entry-level acoustic-electric guitar. The instrument's spruce top and mahogany body are solid and free of voids or seams, which makes it easy to top and glue. The guitar is light enough that you can hold it easily, and it feels good in your hands. The Luna made-in-USA guitar also features an adjustable bridge, which is a big plus for beginner players, as well as high-quality Grover tuners. A hard-shell case is included with the guitar, and it retails for under $500, which makes it a great guitar for beginner players. The Luna Guitars 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a solid choice for beginning guitar players who want an affordable guitar with solid construction and easy playability.

Martin Guitar X Series 0-X1E Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Gig Bag, Mahogany Pattern High-Pressure Laminate, 0-14 Fret, Performing Artist Neck Shape

Martin Guitar X Series 0-X1E Guitar Acoustic-Electric with Gig Bag

by C. F. Martin & Co.

PREMIUM HANDMADE GUITARS: Handmade from the highest-quality wood and HPL, Martins X Series guitars are built to stand up to late-night jams, long studio sessions, and plenty of strumming or picking. These acoustic-electric guitars deliver unique designs, professional sounds, and enjoyable playing.

The Martin X Series 0-X1E acoustic guitar is an excellent choice for any beginning or intermediate guitarist. The guitar has a mahogany pattern, high-pressure laminate (HPL) construction that delivers a balanced sound and consistent tones, while the concert body style adds volume. The guitar has premium Fishman MX electronics and Martins Authentic Acoustic Lifespan 2.0 strings. This Martin professional instrument is complete with chrome enclosed gear tuners and a high-performance tapered neck, making these guitars look as captivating as they sound.

Cort Acoustic-Electric Small Body Jade Series Acoustic Guitar, (Open Pore Sky Blue)

Cort Acoustic-Electric Small Body Series Jade Acoustic Guitar

by Cort

Designed with the female players and children in mind, the smaller body is comfortable for extended playing sessions and the deep cutaway makes accessing the high frets a breeze.

The Cort Acoustic-Electric Small Body Jade Series Acoustic Guitar is an affordable everyday guitar for beginners, and a great choice for singer-songwriters and beginners who want a simple guitar with good tone and good playability. The Jade series features solid mahogany back and sides, and a laminated mahogany top, which gives the guitar a rich, warm, and resonant sound. The mahogany body is lightweight, which makes the guitar easy to play, and the 18:1 tuning ratio makes the tuning process a breeze. The Jade Series also includes a 3-band EQ, which lets you boost or cut bass and treble frequencies, for tonal flexibility. The built-in tuner is convenient for checking your note accuracy. The Jade Series features built-in electronics, which eliminates the need for external guitar amps and effects units. The Jade Series features a Fishman Presys+ pickup, which delivers clear and sharp sound, and a built-in tuner for checking your note accuracy. The Jade Series features 1/4" output jack, for connecting external amps and effects units. The Jade Series comes with a built-in case, and a 1-year warranty.


The Cort Retro VSM is a well-made, affordable acoustic-electric guitar that's suitable for any player. It has a solid spruce top that responds well to fingerpicked or strumming, and it plays and sounds great. The mahogany back and sides give it a richer tone than the Sitka spruce used in our budget pick, the Fender AJ-220S, and the mahogany neck is a more comfortable fit for players with smaller hands. The Retro VSM also has Fishman's Neo D electronics, which are among the best preamps you'll find at this price. The pickup provides plenty of volume, so the instrument is easy to amplify for live performances. The pickup isn't as versatile as the Fender AJ-220S's Fishman Isys+ system, but it's adequate for most playing situations. The Retro VSM has a beautiful, retro-inspired design, and the guitar's gloss finish looks classy and stands up to regular use. The guitar has a slimmer neck than its competitors, so it's more comfortable for smaller players.


The Earth 70BR is a solid spruce top dreadnought guitar from Cort. This guitar has a Rosewood bridge and fingerboard, a Mahogany neck, a Die Cast Nickel Tuners, with a Brown Satin Finish. The Earth 70BR has a Soundboard of Spruce, a Back and Sides of Mahogany, and an Ebony Neck. The Earth 70BR has a 14 Fret Rosewood Fretboard, with a 25.5" Scale Length. The Earth 70BR comes with a Polypropylene Case. The Earth 70BR has Aquila Nylgut Strings that are .011-.046 with Aquila Strings.


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