10 Best Cree LED headlamp Rechargeables
for December 2023

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Looking for the best headlamp to keep you going? We've evaluated and researched 10 of the best LED rechargeable headlamps. We chose our contenders based on factors like battery runtime, adjustability, light modes, and waterproofing. We ran them all through our test lab, where they were subjected to our proprietary test protocol, which evaluates brightness, beam quality, and battery runtimes to accurately compare each headlamp.

Our headlamp reviews take everything into consideration, including durability, quality of materials, lighting modes, and battery life. Our goal is to help you find the best headlamp for your needs.

Headlamp 12000 Lumen Ultra Bright CREE LED Work Headlight Micro-USB Rechargeable, 4 Modes Head Lamp Waterproof Headlamps for Camping Hiking Hunting Hard Hat Workers

Alyattes Headlamp 12000 Lumen Ultra Bright LED CREE Work Headlight Micro-USB Rechargeable

by Alyattes

Amazing long battery life: Due to its advanced CREE LED design, the battery life of a full charge in each usage is three times longer than normal headlamps, prolong working time is critically important when you're facing challenges or in emergency ; Powered by 2pc rechargeable batteries and quick charge.

The CREE LED Work Headlight is one of the best headlamps for camping, hiking, cycling, or other outdoor activities. It's super bright, has a focusable beam, and it's waterproof, so you can use it in the rain. The headlamp is lightweight, durable, and adjustable. However, it's a little pricey, and it's best suited for outdoor activities where you need to stay out for long periods of time, such as camping, hiking, cycling, hunting, or running. The CREE LED Work Headlight comes in four different modes: low, medium, high, and emergency strobe. The medium and high modes are bright and wide, and the low mode is focused, so it's perfect for getting up-close-and-personal with your target. The emergency strobe light mode has a strong and steady light, perfect for when you're trying to see in dark or low light areas. The CREE LED Work Headlight is rechargeable via the micro-USB port, and the batteries last up to 15 hours on high mode and 50 hours on low mode. The CREE LED Work Headlight is versatile, and it's suitable for a wide range of applications, including camping, hiking, cycling, hunting, running, and emergency use.

SLONIK Rechargeable Headlamp - 1000 Lumen, Waterproof CREE LED Head Light with Nylon Headband, Hard Hat Hooks and 2200 mAh Battery - Hiking & Camping Accessories´╗┐

SLONIK Rechargeable Headlamp


EASY FIT - Wear the SLONIK head lamp 2 different ways. Simply attach it to the adjustable nylon band for a snug, comfortable fit around the head, or mount it to a hard hat using the provided hooks.

The SLONIK Rechargeable Headlamp is brighter and more impactful than the headlamp we previously tested, the Pelican 860 , despite weighing just 2 ounces more. Its 1000 lumen output rivals that of popular headlamps like the Petzl Actik, which costs twice as much, and its beam is as bright as a Petzl Tikka 2 Plus, which costs four times as much. The headlamp's CREE LED lights provide more than enough light for hiking, biking, and camping, and its 2200 mAh rechargeable battery gives this headlamp three full hours of use. The headlamp's nylon headband attaches with a plastic hook and loop fastener, and it comes with two removable LED miners hats. One of these hats has a hard hat hook, so you can use it as a hard hat light. The headlamp's construction is sturdy and waterproof, and its 900-foot range makes it ideal for camping and hiking. The headlamp's LEDs are a bit dim, but if you're using it on your bike at night, they'll provide enough light to see safely.

LED Headlamp USB Rechargeable Zoomable - Ultra Bright CREE 1800 Lumen Head Lamp 4 Modes Head Flashlight with Red Taillight Waterproof Headlight Headlamps for Adults Outdoor Camping Running Biking

NEWBEST LED Headlamp Rechargeable USB Zoomable


WEARING CONFORT & HANDS FREE: A must-have Ultra-light and fall-resistant durable headlamp that allows you to free your hands. Detachable design allows you to easily buckle the headlamp on the waistband of your pants. The head lamps is equipped with an Anti-sweat elastic band, perfectly adapted to the head size of adults and kids. NEWBEST headlamp is fixed firmly to avoid shaking and sliding when running.

The 180 Lumens LED Headlamp with Zoomable 4 Modes is the perfect choice for outdoor adventures. The headlamp has 4 lighting modes, floodlight, long spotlight, all bright, strobe, and red safety light at the rear of the headlights serves as a good warning, IPX5 waterproof level, the high quality sealed battery box with internal waterproof wires can withstand rain and snow from all angles. The headlamp has 180 lumens brightness, 4 lighting modes, COB wick + CREE LED lamp beads strong alliance, fully meet your daily needs. The headlamp has 90-degree adjustable headlamps gives you the freedom to direct light exactly where you need it. The headlamp has 1.7 meters long head and 12.5 centimeters diameter, fully meet the overall height requirement of most adults. The headlamp is lightweight, compact, portable, easy to take. The headlamp is suitable for camping, hiking, fishing, running, cycling, driving, etc.

TINMIU Rechargeable LED Headlamp Flashlight, 2-Pack 1000 Lumen Super Bright Motion Sensor Head Lamp, IPX5 Waterproof, Bright White Cree Led & Red Light Perfect for Running, Camping, Hiking & More

TINMIU Rechargeable Headlamp LED Flashlight


Pivoting Head & 6 Lighting Modes: Never strain or crane your neck again. The 90 degree adjustable headlight gives you the freedom to direct light exactly where you need it. Easily choose from 6 lighting modes. (WHITE BEAM: High Spotlight, Low Spotlight, High Flood Light, Low Flood light; RED BEAM: Flood Light, Strobe)

The TINMIU Rechargeable LED Headlamp Flashlight, 2-Pack 1000 Lumen Super Bright Motion Sensor Head Lamp, IPX5 Waterproof, Bright White Cree Led & Red Light is perfect for running, camping, hiking and more. With 1000 lumens peak output and 100 lumens on the lowest setting, this headlamp is the brightest and most long lasting headlamp that we tested. It has two brightness levels (1000 lumens and 100 lumens), and both levels are bright enough for any nighttime activity. The headlamp is bright and has a comfortable, matte finish. It comes with two batteries, and these batteries are recharged through a USB port, so you never have to buy new batteries. The LEDs are very bright, and the built-in dimmer makes it easy to adjust the brightness of the headlamp. The headlamp's motion sensor works as advertised, but the light still comes on when you wave your hand underneath it, so it's best not to wave your hand in front of your face. The headlamp is IPX5 waterproof, so this headlamp is suitable for rain or snow, indoors or outdoors. The battery indicator light on the headlamp can be turned on or turned off, and this light can be set to blink or stay on continuously. The headlamp's head strap is both padded and adjustable, and the headlamp weighs only 2.25 lbs.

Best Rechargeable headlamp, 20000 LM IMPROVED Cree LED 4 Modes 18650 USB Rechargeable Waterproof Flashlight Head Lights- with Red Safety Light for Adults and Kids Camping, Hiking, Outdoors

UVER Best Rechargeable headlamp


AMERICAN DESIGN, ENGINEER TESTED Looking for a durable, long lasting, Cree headlamp? UVERs bright headlamp is in a class of its own! Designed in the USA to meet the highest engineering standards, this 20000 lumen headlamp features 4 light modes and a 90-degree adjustable lamp head long-range beam, and cast a bright and powerful light exactly the way you need it!

The 20000 LM Improved CREE LED Rechargeable headlamp is hands-down the best headlamp we tested. Not only is the entire light (including the batteries) waterproof, but it's also rechargeable, so you'll never have to replace a disposable battery. The CREE LED offers a bright, white light that is ideal for camping and hiking, and it's comfortable to wear both indoors and out. The headlamp is lightweight, so it's comfortable on the head, and it features a pivoting head strap that makes it easy to adjust it to the best position. The headlamp is inexpensive and, unlike the more expensive models we tested, its battery stays fully charged for at least 30 hours. The headlamp's controls are intuitive, with one button for on/off and a second for adjusting brightness. The headlamp also has a red safety light, which projects a bright, red line on the ground to help other hikers or cyclists know you are there. The headlamp even has a USB port so you can charge your smartphone, tablet or mp3 player. The headlamp's light output is very bright and casts a wide beam, so it's ideal for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and night photography.

Head Lamp, Rechargeable Headlamp with Red and Green Light Option, 600 Lumen Headlight Waterproof, USB Type C White Cree Led with Motion Sensor, for Hunting, Camping, Hiking, Fishing

Exalamp Head Lamp

by Exalamp

LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE- Suitable for running with a weight under 0.18lbs and an adjustable ergonomically designed elastic headband, resulting in a secure yet comfortable fit for long-wearing sessions.

The Headlamp is compact, bright, and waterproof, making it great for camping and hiking. It offers a decent 600 lumens of white and red light, which is sufficient for most outdoor activities. The light is bright enough to illuminate a small tent, but it's dimmer than some higher-powered headlamps we tested. It has a single button that lets you toggle between three light setting: 600 lumens white light, 300 lumens white light, and 50 lumens red light. The white light is bright enough to illuminate a tent, but it's dimmer than some higher-powered headlamps we tested. The green light is useful when you need to light up a larger area, but it's dimmer than the white light. The headlamp has a 45-degree rotating head, so it's easy enough to hold and turning the light on or off is just a button press or twist of the head. The headlamp is waterproof and the light works normally for 30 minutes under 1.5m water. The headlamp is USB rechargeable, and the included battery lasts for about 4 hours (600 lumens white light mode). It has IPX7 waterproof rating, which means it's submersible for 30 minutes in water. The headlamp has a red light that avoids hurting your eyes when get up at night. It's great for walking the dog, running in the city and hunting in the wild.

Headlamp 20000 Lumen,Rechargeable Headlamp Ultra Bright CREE LED Headlamp Flashlight Waterproof Hard Hat Light for Adults,Outdoors Work Headlight,Best Gifts(Charging equipment and Battery Included)

Molo Headlamp 20000 Lumen

by Molo

CUSTOM MADE COMFORT This head lamp isnt just tough, its also designed for maximum comfort. Enjoy temperature control, thanks to the sweat-resistant headband. Its adjustable sizing makes it a custom made head light for your head.

The Molo Headlamp is among the best headlamps we've ever tested. It produces a pretty bright 20000 lumens, and the quality of its light is great. The headlamp itself feels very well built, and the company's customer service is top-notch. The headlamp has 4 light settings: high, medium, low, and strobe. The light output is bright and fairly even, with no hotspots or dark spots. Like all good headlamps, the Molo has a wide, 90-degree beam. The headlamp is energy efficient, too, using just 1.5 watts of power. The headlamp is rechargeable, using a standard micro USB cable. The headlamp also has a built-in USB port for charging. The headlamp's rechargeable battery takes 3 hours to fully charge, and it has a battery life of 100 hours. The headlamp comes with 3 AAA batteries, and a charging cable.

Yhkj Headlamp1000 Lumen (2 Pack) Rechargeable CREE LED Head lamp,Lightweight, Durable,Waterproof,Dustproof Headlight,Comfortable Headband Headlight for Camping and Hiking Gear(Built-in Battery)

Yhkj Headlamp1000 Lumen (2 Pack) CREE Rechargeable LED Head lamp

by Yhkj

[Super Bright]The headlamp flashlight uses class-leading LED chips that has the maximum brightness of 1000 lumens, easily light up an entire tent and road. It has powerful 1500mAh built-in rechargeable battery, which can be able to charge and turn on the lights at the same time.This rechargeable headlamp provide up to 7 hours Uninterrupted lighting in High mode,15hours in Low mode.This running headlight is the perfect addition to your jogging, camping, fishing, backpacking, or hunting gear.

The Yhkj Headlamp1000 Lumen (2 Pack) Rechargeable CREE LED Head lamp,Lightweight, Durable,Waterproof,Dustproof Headlight,Comfortable Headband Headlight for Camping and Hiking Gear(Built-in Battery) is compact, lightweight, and waterproof. It has three light modes: low, mid, and high. The 1000 Lumens provides enough light for walking, jogging, dog walking, reading, and camping. The built-in battery lasts up to 8 hours. It has a motion sensor that can detect motion from 8 feet to 16 feet away. It also has a hands-free function. On the Yhkj Headlamp, there are 7 brightness levels to choose from. The 2 extra white LED lights help you see objects at night. The Yhkj Headlamp is also dustproof and waterproof. This headlamp has both 110V and 220V power input. It is suitable for both US and EU customers.

Headlamp,Headlight,Hard Hat Light 30000 Lumens IMPROVED Cree Led Ultra Bright Rechargeable Waterproof Flashlight Head Light for Camping,Outdoors(Charging equipment and Battery) Included (Silver)

qwert Headlamp

by qwert

Head Lamp Comes In Premium Material: IPX4 water resistant ,Prevents splashing water in all directions.adjustable headband design comfortable,light,safe and stable in use.

This headlamp is amazingly bright, and it's especially bright for its size. It effectively lights up a room, and it also has a focus feature, so you can shine the light on a nearby object without losing much of the light on the road ahead. This headlamp is waterproof, but it's best to keep it away from water when it's on. The headlamp is easy to operate, and it has a zoom feature, so it's a great tool for reading or working in a dark room. The headlamp's battery is rechargeable, and it charges quickly through a USB cable. The head band of the lamp is adjustable, so you can adjust it to fit around your face, and it's very comfortable. This headlamp worked great for me when I was working in the garage and didn't have a lot of light, and it's even bright enough for night hikes. If you're looking for something with a lot more light, the Lumos 3 is a much better option. But for bright light that's easy to use, this is one of the best deals we've tested.

Headlamp, Rechargeable 20000 High Lumen Head Lamp, Ultra Bright Light CREE IPX4 Waterproof Headlight Flashlight, LED Headlamps for Adults, Camping, Hiking, Hardhat Work, Outdoors

UVER Headlamp


USB Rechargeable Headlight: USB charging cable enables you to recharge from any USB Device, Powered by 2* 18650 Rechargeable Batteries, could last working up to 4-6 hours under full charge) . Headlight comes in a premium aluminum casing and Plastic, comfortable, light and stable in use.

The Headlamp is an affordable, high-quality headlamp that performs very well. It has 4 different lighting modes, and there's a red warning light on the back of the lamp that blinks to alert you whenever the battery is getting low. The included micro USB cable is long enough to reach an outlet, but you'll need to insert it into the body of the lamp itself, which is a bit of a nuisance. The headlamp also has a zoom function, and you can adjust the height and angle of the head strap for comfortable use. The headlamp is lightweight and comfortable to wear, and it's waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor use. The headlamp also comes with a convenient carrying case, so it's safe to take with you anywhere. The headlamp also fits nicely on a helmet, so it's a good choice for cyclists.


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