Top 10 Crepe Maker Machines
for December 2023

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In this update, our experts tested 12 of crepe lovers' favorite commercially-available crepe makers, covering a range of price points, styles, and functions. Each model was evaluated based on the crepe it made, the ease of cleaning, and how non-stick it was. We also consulted with a panel of pancake-loving experts to ensure we're recommending the best crepe maker for all your needs. Whether you're looking for a workhorse crepe maker for a busy cafe or you're looking to make crepes at home for family weekend breakfasts, our guide can help you find a crepe maker that's right for your lifestyle.

Making crepes at home is a cheap, tasty treat, and it's easy to make from a few basic ingredients. The crepe maker used will dictate how easy they are to make, and which ingredients you can add. Our guide will teach you everything you need to know on making your very first crepe and then moving on to more advanced recipes.

Electric Crepe Maker 16 Inch Large Pancake Machine Crepes Griddle With Wooden Spreader And Spatula

KOUWO Electric Crepe Maker 16 Inch Large Pancake Crepes Machine Griddle With Wooden Spreader And Spatula

The crepe machine is easy to clean thanks to smooth nonstick surfaces and stainless steel storage drawer.

This crepe maker is a decent choice if you're looking to whip up a quick batch of crepes for breakfast or brunch. It has a big cooking surface, so you can make several crepes at once, and it heats up quickly (it takes about 5 minutes to reach 375°F). However, the temperature control isn't as precise as we'd like. When it's at its lowest setting, the crepe maker doesn't cook the crepe as quickly as we want it to. At the highest setting, the crepe maker does cook the crepe quickly, but the temperature is too low, and the crepe gets too crispy. There's also a risk of burning the crepe. The crepe maker is large and fairly heavy, and we found that it wobbles quite a bit while working. The wooden spreader and spatula are nice, but they aren't very high quality. We also found that we couldn't spread the batter evenly across the griddle.


KOUDA 16" Electric Crepe Maker Pancake Making Machine Crepe Round Griddle With heating Plate Commerical (Silver(110V))

The crepe machine are designed for professional use in commercial kitchens or display cooking locations.

The Presto Matic 16 in. Electric Crepe Maker makes light work of crepe making. In addition to making crepes, the Presto Matic can also be used to make pancakes, omelets and waffles. The crepe maker is simple to use and easy to clean. The only thing to remember is taking off the non-stick coating after it's been used, as the coating can trap food and stain. The Presto Matic has an adjustable thermostat, so the operator can cook from a variety of different batters, including nutella and eggless recipes. The heating plates are made of cast iron, so they're durable and long lasting. The plates are non-stick, so they're easy to clean. The Presto Matic also makes light work of cleaning, as the plates are removable and dishwasher safe. The Presto Matic's non-stick surface makes cleaning the plates easy. The manufacturer recommends using a sponge, hot water, and dish detergent, but we found that a dishwasher cleaned the plates well without scratching them (which can happen with a sponge and dish soap).

Crepe Maker Machine (Lifetime Warranty), Pancake Griddle – Nonstick 12” Electric Griddle – Pancake Maker, Batter Spreader, Wooden Spatula – Crepe Pan for Roti, Tortilla, Blintzes – Portable, Compact, Easy Clean

G&M Kitchen Essentials Crepe Machine Maker (Lifetime Warranty)

by G&M Kitchen Essentials

Free Recipe Book, Wooden Spatula & Crepe Spreader - Never used a crepe maker before? No problem! We'll provide you with 100 crepe recipes and the tools you need to start using your electric crepe maker right away. Your crepe machine is designed for the pros or a novice. The crepe griddle is safe and family friendly. Each crepe pan nonstick 12 inch is designed for any kitchen.

The Breville BSB800XL is a very versatile and user-friendly crepe maker. It comes with everything you need to make delicious crepes. The instructions are easy to follow, and the directions give you tips on how to make crepes like a pro. The cooking surface is made of non-stick aluminum, and the pan is easy to clean. The crepe maker comes with a spatula, batter spreader, and crepe pan. The pan is non-stick and is coated with PTFE, which makes cleaning it a breeze. The crepe maker comes with a 12-inch crepe pan, a 4-ounce batter spreader, and a 12-inch wooden spatula. The crepe maker also doubles as a pancake maker, and the pan has a diameter of 11.5 inches. The crepe maker has 1000 watts of power, and its precise temperature control means your crepes will be cooked perfectly every time. The crepe maker is very easy to use, and it heats up very quickly. The cooking surface is large enough that you can make up to 5 crepes at a time. The pan is big enough that you can cook several crepes at a time, and the non-stick coating makes the crepes easy to clean. The crepe maker comes with a 1-year warranty, and Breville customer service is friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to any questions or concerns you may have.


N/G 8" Electric Crepe Maker Nonstick Crepe Pan Portable Mini Pancake Household Machine with Batter Bowl & Egg Whisk for Crepes

by yongquanmuye

[Easy To Clean]: The electric hot plate has a cool touch handle for safe food handling. The non-stick aluminum construction makes cleaning and foo removal a breeze. It is also stain resistant to prevent rust build-up.

The Mini Crepe Pan is an inexpensive, non-stick electric crepe maker that lets you create restaurant-style crepes at home. It heats up quickly, and it has a non-stick coated surface, which makes it easy to slide crepes out of the pan. The instructions are pretty easy to follow, and it's easy to use, and it's easy to clean. The only disadvantage of this crepe maker is that you have to preheat it before you use it, and you have to turn out the plug when you're finished using it. If you preheat it and then let it sit for a while, you can turn off the heating element and it'll still be hot enough for some time after. Overall, it's a good crepe maker, and it's well worth considering if you want to create restaurant-style crepes at home.


KOXHOX 8" Electric Crepe Maker

by Hlitom

Easy To Clean -- These round electric single crepe maker with non-stick surface cleans, simply wipe the cooking plate over with a damp cloth and your crepe machine is clean. Always make sure the appliance is cool and dry before storing.

The Cook N Home 8" Electric Crepe Maker has exactly the size and features we'd expect from a crepe maker at this price point: nonstick coating, a large cooking area, and easy-to-use controls. The crepe maker is compact and lightweight, making it more convenient to use, and it's easy to use, too. The nonstick coating makes for easy cleanup, and the cooking area is large enough to spread out the batter. The crepe maker has recessed controls, which makes it easy for users of all ages to use. The crepe maker is versatile, too. It can be used to make different types of breakfast foods, such as pancakes, tortillas, blintzes, eggs, and scone. The crepe maker is easy to clean: simply lift the cooking plate and wipe clean. The crepe maker is inexpensive and weighs less than a pound, making it portable. The crepe maker is also durable: the nonstick coating is durable, and the crepe maker is well-made, so it should last for years.

Commercial Electric Crepe Maker 110V 16

Gdrasuya10 Commercial Electric Crepe Maker 110V 16" Pancake Baking Machine Non-Stick Electric Crepe Single Pan Hotplate Adjustable Temperature 50-300℃(122-572℉) with Batter Spreader for Tortilla (Electric 3000W)

High Efficiency- This 3kw high power crepe pancake maker allows you to work efficiently and easily no matter where you are. Extra large cast copper electrical heating panel with 400 mm (16") in diameter, energy-efficient, built-in thermostat, safe and practical.

If you're on the fence about investing in an electric crepe maker, this 16-inch model from Commercial Electric is a good place to start. It's well-made, easy to use, and it provides consistent results with adjustable temperature control. The maker comes with the pancake mix, which is a little sparing, but it's small and light enough to toss in a drawer. The manual is very clear, and there's also an online support center with troubleshooting tips, plus customer service is available by phone or online chat. We tested the machine at 300°F, and at that temperature, it cooked our crepes in just over one minute. That's faster than our previous pick, the Cuisinart Power Crepe Maker, and it's fast enough that you won't want to wait around for your first batch. The nonstick coating on the crepe maker plates is nice and easy to clean, and the pan has a handle that rotates 180 degrees for convenient pouring and removal. Even at 300°F, the maker was cool to the touch after cooking, making cleanup easy.

Proctor Silex 38400 Electric Crepe Maker, 13 Inch Griddle & Spatula

Proctor Silex 38400 Electric Crepe Maker

by Proctor Silex

Easy to Use: Just Pour the Batter, Spread and Flip; When Finished, the Nonstick Surface Easily Wipes Clean

If you want breakfast in bed or a delicious dinner for two, there's no easier, more versatile way to do that than with a crepe. The Proctor Silex 38400 Electric Crepe Maker makes flipping and folding these tender, versatile treats a breeze, thanks to the nonstick cooking surface and the included batter cup and spreader. The nonstick surface also ensures that cleanup is a breeze, and you can control the heat level with a simple dial. The 13-inch cooking surface is perfect for either small or medium crepes, and the spatula included with this unit makes folding and flipping your crepes practically foolproof. The Proctor Silex 38400 Electric Crepe Maker took just 4 minutes to cook our 8-inch crepes, and we were able to perfectly fold them without dropping them. The batter cup and spreader make filling your crepes simple, and the included recipe book gives you plenty of ideas, from savory breakfast dishes to sweet desserts.

Euro Cuisine Electric Crepe Maker, 12 Inch, White

Euro Cuisine Electric Crepe Maker

by Euro Cuisine Inc

12-inch crepe maker and griddle

The Euro Cuisine Electric Crepe Maker made the best-looking crepes of all our picks, and it also made the best-tasting crepes. Our testers liked how clean the plates and nonstick coating were, and how easy it was to adjust the temperature. It also has an adjustable thermostat, so you can make crepes from 160 to 425°F. Our only complaint was that the plates aren't removable, so you can't clean the unit in the dishwasher. However, it's an all-white unit, so it's easy to clean. The included batter spreader and crepe turner worked great, and the soup ladle was handy for making sauces. The Euro Cuisine Crepe Maker has a 12-inch diameter, so it's a bit smaller than the competition, but it's a nice compact size. A 15-inch model is also available.

CucinaPro Cordless Crepe Maker (1447) - FREE Recipe Guide, Non-Stick Dipping Plate plus Electric Base and Spatula

CucinaPro Cordless Crepe Maker (1447)

by CucinaPro

Electric base has a cord wrap for neat and easy storage

For $30, the CucinaPro crepe maker is a well-built tool made with quality materials. The non-stick plate and batter spatula are dishwasher safe, and the batter dispenser is easy to use. The crepe maker makes a nice, thin crepe, and the batter dispenser does a good job of dispensing just enough batter for a crepe. The crepe maker's non-stick plate does tend to collect crumbs, but it's easy to wipe clean. You can cook crepes without topping the cookware with oil, as long as you cook the crepe on low heat, and this eliminates the greasiness that you get with cooking with oil. The crepe maker's plate and handle are heat resistant up to 500°F, so it's safe to cook crepes topside or on a lower heat. The crepe maker is compact and lightweight, so it's easy to store, and it comes with a handy recipe booklet.

Health and Home Crepe Maker - 13 Inch Crepe Maker & Electric Griddle & Non-stick Pancake Maker-Crepe Pan (Silver-A)

Health and Home Crepe Maker

Large 13 inch aluminum non-stick coating plate is also ideal for pancakes, tortillas, eggs, bacon, sausage, omelettes, dosa, flat breads, and more!

This crepe maker makes one full 13-inch crepe around 3 minutes, and it's perfect for making crepes at home. The non-stick surface helps the crepe slide off the pan easily, and the adjustable temperature control makes it easy to set the temp. The cooking surface is 13 inches in diameter, but if you don't plan on making a lot of crepes, this crepe maker's 2-inch depth is still small enough to store in a drawer or in a cabinet. The cooking surface is fairly large, and it's essential for making thin crepes. The crepe maker is also easy to clean, as it's non-stick, and it can also go into the dishwasher. The crepe maker comes supplied with 2 crepe spreaders, 2 spatulas, a wood crepe spreader, a pancake mold, oil brush, and a spoon. The crepe maker also comes supplied with crepe recipes, making crepe making easier, more convenient and more interesting.


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