Top 10 Best Cupcake Holders
for December 2023

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Cupcakes are a classic dessert, whether they're made by a professional baker or a family at home. But while they're delicious, cupcakes can also be messy, with frosting dripping down the sides of the cake and cake crumbs everywhere. That's why cupcake holders are a must-have for any baker.

Cupcake holders are handy for serving cupcakes at parties, family gatherings or bake sales. They keep cupcakes upright, so they're easier to serve, and prevent them from getting too warm or cold. Our cupcake holders are durable, easy to clean, and come in a variety of styles, including ceramic, metal, plastic, and glass.

Our cupcake holders are scored on quality, durability, and ease of use. We evaluate each cupcake holder for durability, including how strong the construction is, whether it can hold the weight of a cupcake, and how easy it is to clean. We also evaluate each cupcake holder for ease of use, including how easy it is for the cupcake holder to hold cupcakes, how stable it is, and how easy it is for cupcakes to fall into the cupcake holder. Here are the best cupcake holders to buy in 2022, according to testing and popular reviews.

Cupcake Carrier,Cupcake Containers Reusable, Cupcake Holder With Lid and Handle for 18 Cupcakes,Blue

QINOL Cupcake Carrier

EASY TO TRANSPORT: The cake stand is made of environmentally friendly hard plastic material, which is durable and can effectively protect your cake from being squeezed. The special design allows you to lift it with one hand

This cupcake carrier is a sturdy, attractive-looking carrier that holds up to 18 cupcakes. It folds flat for easy storage and is sturdy enough to hold several cupcakes in place. The lid has a special design that keeps the cake from slipping out, and the handle makes it easy to carry to a picnic or party. The dimensions of this carrier are 10"*10"*7", and it weighs 1.3 pounds. The box is white, and the lid and handle are blue. The lid fits securely onto the box, but the box is so large that it is a little difficult to move the lid and handle in and out of the box. The carrier is made of thick, durable plastic, and it's easy to clean. It comes with a cake spatula. The carrier is suitable for serving mini cakes, but larger cakes may slip out of the box.

Cupcake Containers Plastic Disposable | 3 High Dome Cupcake Boxes 12 Compartment Cupcake Holders Disposable Cupcake Carrier | Dozen Cupcake Trays | Durable Cup Cake Muffin Packaging Transporter

Supellectilem Cupcake Containers Disposable Plastic

by Supellectilem

CLASSIC CLEAR DESIGN - Great for bakeries, supermarkets, cupcake shops, and cafes, this container beautifully displays your most delectable desserts. Its unique high dome design also provides ample space to store frosted treats without smearing or smudging your creations so they'll look and taste as wonderful as when you first prepared them.

The Cupcake Containers from Swinging Jackpots are a useful way to transport and sell cupcakes. They're versatile enough to use for standard-sized cupcakes, mini cupcakes, Boston cream pies, muffins, and cake pops. The containers have a hinged lid with a snap-lock feature, so you can easily remove cupcakes without breaking the seal. The containers themselves are made of durable plastic, so they're easy to clean. The high-dome lid also gives you room to pile frosting high, so your cupcakes look as appealing as they feel. The containers also stack well, so you can store multiple containers in the same space. The hinged lid also provides a reliable seal, so you won't have to worry about leaks. The Cupcake Containers from Swinging Jackpots are incredibly affordable, so they're a great option for bakeries and other businesses that want to make a good impression while delivering delicious pastries.

(12Pack x 12 Sets) STACK'nGO Cupcake Carriers - High Tall Dome Clear Containers Thick Plastic Disposable Storage Boxes. 1 Dozen Compartments Slots Holder Cupcakes Box Tray Container. Cup Cake Holders

Cakes of Eden (12Pack x Sets) 12 STACK'nGO Cupcake Carriers

by Cakes of Eden

LOVED BY MOMS & BAKERIES - You kids deserve the best. BPA Free and Food Safety Approved these trays are lightweight and disposable (please recycle) yet sturdy enough to be reused time and time again with a light washing.

The Cupcake Carriers from Stack n Go are economically priced, and, while they're not quite as strong as our top pick, they're also significantly less expensive. The Cupcake Carriers are thick enough to hold a dozen cupcakes, and they stack easily. The dome-shaped containers are transparent, so it's easy to mold the cupcakes into the shape you want. And because the domed containers are thin, they're easy to transport. The Cupcake Carriers are also dishwasher-safe, which is an added bonus. However, the containers are not as tall or wide as our top pick, so they may not be able to accommodate all cupcake shapes. Other pluses: The Cupcake Carriers are stackable, so they're easier to store and transport. They're also dishwasher-safe, and they're BPA-free. The Cupcake Carriers have a dual opening, so it's easier to get cupcakes into the containers. And they're made of non-recycled plastic, so they're less environmentally friendly than our top pick. Finally, the Cupcake Carriers aren't as durable as our top pick, so they're better suited for one-time use, such as a party or a school bake sale, than for everyday cupcake storage.

LotFancy Dozen Cupcake Containers, Pack of 12 Plastic Cupcake Boxes Bulk, 12 Compartment Holder with Detachable Lid, Disposable Muffin Carrier, Standard Size

LotFancy Dozen Cupcake Containers

Keep Your Treats Intact: The 4 single tab locks will firmly keep the container closed, but also opens easily; 3.75 High domed lid design provides plenty of room for tall frosting and toppings, and toppers; Keep your specialty cupcakes protected, but still visible

LotFancy Dozen Cupcake Containers are an attractive and affordable alternative to paper cupcake holders. The plastic containers are sturdy and stackable, and the top compartment is deep enough to hold a dozen cupcakes without overflowing. The containers stack well and sit attractively on a display or cupcake stand, and the lids are also stackable. The containers are affordable enough to not matter if you damage one, and since they're made of plastic, they're easy to clean. The containers have wide openings, and if you have cupcakes with lots of toppings, such as sprinkles or buttercream, the lower compartment is deep enough to accommodate those. The containers are also great for storing baked goods without icing, such as muffins, and for transporting baked goods. The 12 cavity plastic containers are 12.5 inches wide by 10 inches tall by 3.75 inches deep, and each container holds 12 ct standard cupcakes.

BAKHUK 200pcs Tulip Cupcake Baking Cups, Muffin Baking Liners Holders, Rustic Cupcake Wrapper, Brown, White and Nature Color

BAKHUK 200pcs Tulip Cupcake Baking Cups


Suitable for a variety of occasions, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation parties..., high quality baking cups make your cupcakes look professional.

If you're just making cupcakes or muffins for yourself, these baking cups are definitely worth the money. They're made of high-quality, food-grade silicone, and they're dishwasher safe. The cups open up so you can reach inside and remove your muffins, which is nice, and they come in three different colors, so you can mix-and-match. However, these cups aren't great for cake-making, because they tend to stick to the sides of the pan, and, though you can remove them, they are difficult to wash. They're also expensive, so if you're looking for inexpensive cupcake liners, our top choice is .

Imillet Cupcake Stand/Holder Plastic Dessert Stand White Cake Stand 3 Tiered Serving Stand Display Stand Reusable Pastry Platter for Wedding Birthday Baby Shower Tea Party Decorations (2 Pack Large)

Imillet Cupcake Stand/Holder Plastic Dessert Stand White Cake Stand 3 Tiered Serving Stand Display Reusable Stand Pastry Platter for Wedding Birthday Baby Shower Tea Party Decorations (2 Pack Large)


MATERIAL: Made of food grade environmental protection plastic,reusable and easy to clean,lightweight and easy to move around.Compare with other plastic stand, cupcake stand is more thicker and sturdy.

If you're planning to have a party or celebration, the Imillet Cupcake Stand/Holder Plastic Dessert Stand White Cake Stand 3 Tiered Serving Stand Display Stand Reusable Pastry Platter for Wedding Birthday Baby Shower Tea Party Decorations (2 Pack Large) is a must-have item for yourself and your guests. This three-tiered serving stand is convenient for you to display food for parties,such as cupcakes, cookies, candies, pastry, snacks, donuts, cheese,crackers and others treats. The frosted cupcake stand is made of sturdy plastic,and it is sturdy enough to hold your treats. The cupcake stand has three layers,and it can hold 18 standard size cupcakes. The cupcake stand is white in color,and it matches with everything. It is very convenient for you to store and carry. The cupcake stand is great for decoration. The cupcake stand is easy to assemble even the kids can do it. It is very convenient for you to store and carry. It is the perfect dessert stand.

50 Pack Individual Cupcake Containers Single Disposable Clear Plastic Dome Cupcake Holders Cake Boxes Muffin Case Cups Pods

Zezzxu 50 Pack Individual Cupcake Containers Single Disposable Clear Dome Plastic Cupcake Holders Cake Boxes Muffin Case Cups Pods

by Zezzxu

VERSATILE APPLICATION: Perfect for cupcakes, muffin, cookies, candies, fruit, yogurt parfait, jello shot, trifle, salad, etc. Your desserts will appear more delicate and delicious in these crystal clear containers.

These cute, clear, disposable cupcake containers are decorated in a festive red, white, and blue color scheme. They are very sturdy, and the lids are tall enough to put decorations on the dessert. The lids also make it easy to reseal the container after opening. The downside of these containers is that they don't stack well, so they're best for serving single cupcakes or muffins at a party. The cups are tall and thin, so they're also not the best fit for cupcakes that are baked bigger than usual, but smaller cupcakes or muffins should fit just fine. The cups are also a bit wider at the top than the bottom, so they're best for cupcakes with thicker frosting, rather than thin cakes or cupcakes. The cups also don't provide a safe seal for frosting, so frosting always falls out. These containers are best used for serving single desserts at a parties or for cake sales; if you use them for serving multiple desserts, the containers will get messy.

Clear Plastic Mini Cupcake Container,50 PC Mooncake Boxes Muffin Pod Dome Muffin Single Cupcake Holders Individual Cupcake Containers Plastic Disposable (Black, 50pc)

MR.FOAM Clear Plastic Cupcake Mini Container

This Cupcake holders individual consists of a dome shaped transparent top and bottom that fits perfectly and is not easy to separate

When we were shopping for mini cupcake containers, we struggled to find something that would not only hold a single cupcake but would also keep the cake from sliding around. The mini cupcake container from Clear Plastic solved this problem. These little containers stand 4.8" tall and have a diameter of 6.2 cm. The bottom of the container is curved, which keeps the cake from sliding around. The cupcake container is made of plastic, but it can withstand higher temperatures than some of the other containers we tested. The container is big enough to hold a whole mini cake, and the dome top is transparent, so you can easily see when the cake is full. The dome top fits snugly over the cupcake container, so there are no gaps where crumbs or frosting can escape.

Mermaid Cake Stand 3 Tier Mermaid Party Supplies Mermaid Tail Cupcake Stand Holder for Girls Under The Sea Little Mermaid Theme Party Baby Shower Birthday Party Favors

Patelai Mermaid Cake Stand 3 Tier Mermaid Party Supplies Mermaid Tail Cupcake Stand Holder Girls for Under The Sea Little Mermaid Theme Party Baby Shower Birthday Party Favors

by Patelai

Easy to Assemble: comes with 3-tier mermaid birthday party cupcake stand of 1 set, you just need to slide small base with the top slit into the larger base with bottom slit and open, then build your stand, take the largest circle and slide down to the bottom notch, repeat with midsize circle and end with the smallest circle

This Mermaid Cake Stand has three layers, the middle layer is 9.8 inches in diameter, the bottom layer is 11.8 inches in diameter, and the top layer is 7 inches in diameter, the total height is about 16.89 inch, the space between layers is tall enough, which can holds many cupcakes and the amount of cupcakes depends on the size of cupcakes. This cake stand is so pretty and nice-looking, and it's suitable for many different scenes. It's reusable, so if you plan this kind of events often, you can use it again and again. The mermaid tail design on this cupcake holder is very eye-catching, and it will make your party more fun and entertaining. The cardboard mermaid cake stand is made of thick cardboard, which is sturdy and serviceable, not bend or break easily, can hold the cupcakes really well. The cardboard also can reuse if you plan these kinds of events regularly. This cake stand is very cute and lovely, and it's suitable for many occasions. This cake stand is very practical, and it's a nice choice to display your cupcakes for a mermaid birthday themed party, baby showers, under the sea party, girls birthday party, also the nice choice for scene decorations such as Valentine's Day, weddings, restaurants, bakery and window displays.

MERRI Individual Cupcake Boxes Bulk, Single Cupcake Container Plastic, 40 Pack Clear Cupcake Boxes Individual, Gold Single Cupcake Holder With Lid

MERRI Individual Cupcake Boxes Bulk


EASY TO STORE AND ASSEMBLE - To free up valuable space, these cupcake containers will arrive with its clear dome and gold base stacked seperately in one compact packaging. The dome and gold base is easily assembled in seconds, with our simple lock design that does not require any additional adhesive to firmly steady the structure of the container. Safely store your cakes without complicated assembly and worry of damage.

The Merri Individual Cupcake Boxes Bulk, Single Cupcake Container Plastic, 40 Pack Clear Cupcake Boxes Individual, Gold Single Cupcake Holder With Lid are the perfect way to present your cupcakes, pastries, and baked goods. The clear plastic tall dome has a smooth and shiny surface. Each dome has a locking mechanism at the top and a base that secures to the dome. Each container has a durable gold coloured base and can hold one standard sized cupcake. The domes are freezer safe and can be re-sealed to keep the cupcakes fresh. The dome lids have a shiny gold surface and are adorned with a glossy gold pattern. These cupcake containers can also be used to display other desserts, appetizers, and appetizers. The tall dome design elevates the cupcake so guests can easily see the cupcakes, and the dome protects the cupcakes from the elements. The containers are stackable so you can easily store the cupcakes in cold storage. The clear dome design makes it easy to decorate the cupcakes and showcase them. The containers are also reusable and recyclable. These containers are inexpensive and are perfect for weddings, birthdays, and other celebratory events. They are also great for delis, bakeries, and dessert shops. The cupcake containers can also be used as cake toppers and table decorations.


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