Top 10 Cutco Knives
for February 2024

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Cutco, one of the largest knife brands in the United States, has been manufacturing kitchen knives since 1919. The brand is known for its quality, durability, and value. Cutco's knives are lightweight and well-balanced, making them easy to maneuver and perfect for cutting a variety of foods.

Cutco knives are made from high-quality materials and are designed to last for years. Cutco's knives feature durable, sharp blades and come in a variety of styles, including paring, carving, serrated, and chef's knives. The knives are easy to clean, and Cutco offers sharpening services.

Our testing Lab has tested hundreds of Cutco knives for performance, including ease of use, sharpness, balance, and weight. We've also evaluated the knives for durability, including sharpness after use, ease of cleaning, and rust resistance.

Here are the best Cutco knives you can buy in 2022:

Cutco 1728 7-5/8

Cutco 1728 7-5/8" Petite Chef Knife

by CUTCO Corporation

Ergonomic handle Universal fit for large or small, left or right hands. Thumb and forefinger lock into place for safety and control. Fatigue-resistant design.

The Cutco Petite Chef knife is an elegant, sturdy, well-crafted knife. It is comfortable to hold, and the blade is thin and sharp, making it easy to cut through food. Our testers were impressed by how thin the knife was, and by how comfortable it felt in the hand. The knife is dishwasher safe, but testers preferred hand washing, as the precision and durability of the knife would be diminished if the blade were washed in the dishwasher. Some reviewers felt that this knife was sharp enough, but that it was too sharp, and they preferred the Cutco Petite Utility Knife, which is thicker and better suited for slicing meat.

Cutco Table Knives Set of Four with Tray, Four of Cutcos Best-Selling Knife in a Dishwasher-safe Tray, 8.4 Inch Long, 3.4 Inch Double-D Serrated Edge Blades with 5 Inch Classic Brown Handles

Cutco Table Knives Set of Four with Tray

by Cutco

Use the Table Knife once and you won't need to ask why it's our best-selling knife. Praised by our customers for being enduringly sharp and exceedingly versatile, this knife is comfortable to hold and perfectly balanced.

Cutco knives are built to last, and this set is no exception. The four knives in the set--the table knife, carving knife, Santoku knife, and chef's knife--are all made of 440A stainless steel, which is high-quality steel that stays sharp for a long time.

CUTCO Petite Carver Knife #1729 - Classic Black

CUTCO Petite Carver Knife #1729

by Cutco

Overall Length 12-1/2". Blade length 7".

The CUTCO Petite Carver Knife 1729 is our favorite small carving knife, and it's well worth a look if you're looking for a more compact knife that can still get the job done. The Petite Carver Knife has a smaller blade than our other picks, but it's plenty big enough to handle most small- to medium-size meats and veggies. It's sharp enough and thin enough to handle most cuts of meat, including thin steaks and chicken, and it has enough heft to handle larger fruits and vegetables, such as cantaloupe and eggplant. It's also not as heavy as some of the other knives in our picks, so it's more comfortable to use. The knife's handle is made from an ergonomic molded polypropylene, which feels soft and comfortable in your hand. The handle also has a patented Thermo-Resin handle, which provides a degree of durability and grip, and it's shaped to comfortably fit your hand. The blade's traditional design has been enhanced with CUTCO's patented DD Edge, which provides a smoother cutting edge. The knife is dishwasher safe, and CUTCO offers a lifetime guarantee.

Cutco 1738 Gourmet Prep Knife | Classic (Brown) Handle | Forever Guarantee

Cutco 1738 Gourmet Prep Knife

Sharp point and Double-D-edge easily pierce and slice through foods like summer squash and melons. Ideal for cutting and coring cabbage and pineapple

The Cutco 1738 Classic Prep Knife is a beefy knife that's perfect for cutting cured meats and vegetables. The blade is 6-1/4 inches long, which is ideal for slicing cured meats like salami and pepperoni. The knife's thick blade and sharp edge make it easy to cut cured meats, and it also makes quick work of cutting vegetables, such as turnips and sweet potatoes. The knife is also well-balanced, which makes it comfortable to hold and use. The comfort-grip handle is textured and contoured, which makes holding the knife a half-second longer than usual feel more natural. The knife's handle is colored brown, which is a traditional, elegant color. The knife's double-d edge is rounded at the tip, which makes it easy to hold, and the edge is sharp enough to handle meat. The knife is Crafted from one piece of steel, which eliminates the risk of chipping or breakage. Cutco backs this knife with a Forever Guarantee, so if anything happens to the 1738, you ship it back to Cutco for a replacement.


The Cutco Model 1721 Trimmer is an outstanding value. It's no longer made, but we found one online that is in excellent shape, and it's perfect for occasional or occasional use around the house. The trimmer has a full tang, triple-rivet construction, so it will last for years to come. The blades are stainless steel, which cuts through many different types of food, including fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish, so it's a great all-around trimmer. The blade is 4 7/8 inches long, which is longer than most trimmers, and it has a 15-degree angle. It has a 15-foot power cord, so it's long enough to use comfortably. The trimmer comes packaged in a plastic bag, and it also has an instruction manual, so you can learn how to use it right out of the box. It's lightweight, at only 5 1/8 ounces, so it can easily be carried in a purse or laptop case. The trimmer also includes a cleaning brush.


The CUTCO Santoku-style carving knife (model 3729) can handle any cutting task, including meat, fish, poultry, sausage, and fruits and vegetables. The Santoku-style blade has a curved tip, which is excellent for cutting uniform slices of meat. The Santoku-style handle is ergonomic, and the wooden handle is cut at a 90-degree angle, which makes it more comfortable to hold. The blade has been forged from durable 420-grade stainless steel, and it has a double-serrated edge, which makes the knife easier to cut through tough meat and vegetable flesh.

CUTCO #1865 set of 4 White (Pearl) Model 1759 Table Knives, each in a factory sealed plastic bag, inside attractive blue CUTCO box..............3.8

CUTCO #1865 set of 4 (Pearl) White Model 1759 Table Knives

by Cutco Cutlery

Manufactured entirely in USA by American craftworkers

Cutco knives are an investment, but when you're buying a set of knives, you generally don't want them to be cheap. The CUTCO 1865 set is a great value, and we like the fact that it comes with a handsome blue CUTCO box. The knives are sharp, comfortable and well balanced, and they cut through everything from steak to apples to roast turkey. The handles are very comfortable to hold, and they don't slip out of our hands when we use them to cut. The satin finish on the blades looks sharp and feels smooth; the matte finish on the handles is unobtrusive, and they're not slippery. The blade edges are finely serrated, which is useful for cutting through tougher foods like steak. The knives are also dishwasher safe, and Cutco offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


The CUTCO Santoku knife is one of our favorites, and it's easy to see why: It's well built, looks good, and it's easy to use. The blade is forged from 440A, a high-grade steel known for its edge retention and stain resistance. The blade is well-balanced, and the handle is classic brown, sometimes called black. The blade is straight, and it feels sharp. The handle is small and comfortable, and the blade is sharp enough to cut through even the toughest bones. It's sharp enough to cut meat, and it's 7 1/2 inches, so it's ideal for carving a roast. This knife will last for years, and it's a great price.

CUTCO Set of 4 Steak/Table Knives #1759 - Classic Black

CUTCO Set of 4 Steak/Table Knives #1759

Blade length 3-3/8". Overall length 8-3/8".

Cutco's 1759 knife is one of the best-performing knives we've tested. It sliced through beef, pork, and chicken with ease, and it did so without hesitation. The knife handled both thick steaks and thin fillets without effort, and it held its edge well during our testing. When cutting through thick steaks, the knife's blade was very stable, and the handle stayed firmly in place. The knife's handle is made of plastic, but it's very comfortable and is shaped so that it's comfortable to hold. The knife comes with a protective cover, which helps keep the knife sharp. The knife is dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing it to preserve the blade's edge.


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