10 Best Cutting Lawn Mowers
for December 2023

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Most homeowners have mowed their lawn with a push mower at some point in their lives, but these days, it's rare for homeowners to mow with a push mower. Instead, most turn to electric or gas-powered mowers, but either one can be a chore to mow your lawn with. Our lawn mower experts in the MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab test mowers for ease of use, performance, and maintenance.

The MOOZ Themes Reviews Lab tests lawn mowers for performance, including how fast they mow, how well they mulch and bag grass, and how well they cut grass. We also test mowers for ease of use, including how easy they are to start and stop, how quiet they are, and how easy they are to maintain. We also test mowers for maintenance, including how easy they are to maintain, how much gas they use, and how easy they are to find replacement parts for.

After testing dozens of lawn mowers, these are the top-rated lawn mowers to buy in 2022:

PowerSmart Self Propelled Lawn Mower, 22-Inch 200cc Self-propelled Gas Lawn Mower, 3-in-1 Gas Mower with Bag, 5 Cutting Heights Adjustable (1.2''-3.5'')

PowerSmart Self Propelled Lawn Mower

by Amerisun Inc

FLEXIBLE AND AGILE: 22-inch steel mowing deck creates a large cutting area with high durability, which can help you cut bigger jobs easily. The 11.5-inch rear wheels in this gas push mower make it easy to move. Large rear mounted 14.6 Gal. container with easy release makes it easier to empty. These labour-saving designs can enhance your work efficiency.

The PowerSmart self-propelled gas lawn mower is a compelling option if you're looking for a mower that's easy to use, and lightweight enough to move around the yard easily. The mower's 200cc engine is powerful enough to handle most tasks, and the 5-position cutting height adjustment makes it easy to adjust the mower to your lawn. PowerSmart lawnmowers were our top pick when we reviewed push mowers last year, and they've continued to improve their product since then, making this mower our top choice. The mower comes with a 5-year limited warranty, and the company's excellent customer service also earns high marks. The mower is also relatively affordable, making it a good option for novice gardeners and people looking for something that's easy to move. The mower we tested was equipped with a single gas blade, but PowerSmart offers an optional dual blade as well.

Cordless Lawn Mower, 15 Inch Lightweight Lawn Mower, 40V Lithium-ion Lawnmower w/Brushless Motor, 5 Cutting Heights Adjustable -Low Noise 2 in 1 Push Mower

Redback Cordless Lawn Mower

by NGP

POWERFUL BATTERY:This super high-capacity 40V Lithium-ion battery (ASIN:B0893VGBVR) delivers up to 2200 sq ft run time with incredible power and performance. Actual runtime varies depending on lawn condition and operation technique.

The 15-inch Midline 40V Lawn Mower has everything you need in a lightweight, cordless lawn mower. Like the Ryobi 40V lawn mower, the Midline 40V mower has a 5-position cutting height adjustment lever, which makes it easy to adjust the height of your cut. The Midline 40V mower also has a 30-liter grass bag, which is big enough to hold a lot of grass clippings, so you won't have to stop to empty it. The mower is light enough to move easily, but it's powerful enough to cut through long grass. The Midline 40V mower has a 3900-rpm motor, which is comparable to most gas-powered lawn mowers. The mower has a 30-minute run time, which is on par with other cordless lawn mowers. The mower has a 12-inch cutting width, which is wider than most cordless lawn mowers. The Midline 40V mower's battery life is 45 minutes, which is longer than most cordless lawn mowers. The Midline 40V mower is backed by a two year warranty, which is longer than most cordless lawn mowers. The Midline 40V mower has lots of nice features, but it's a bit expensive.

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower, String Trimmer and Edger, 12-Inch, Cordless (MTC220)

BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower

by Black & Decker Outdoor

AFS automatic feed system ensures continuous work without bumping and having to stop. Ideal property size 750 square feet

The BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower, String Trimmer and Edger, 12-Inch, Cordless (MTC220) is a good choice for anyone who wants the convenience of a cordless mower, but also wants the versatility and power of a self-propelled model. This model is quiet, easy to start, and cuts grass very well. The cutting height adjustment is handy, and the 12-inch deck is large enough to handle larger lawns. The mower's 3-in-1 design makes it versatile enough to use in a variety of applications. The 12-inch blade provides enough reach to edge smaller lawns, and the mower's pivoting handle makes it easy to maneuver around obstacles. The MTC220 comes with 2 batteries, which is great, but it's unfortunate that the included charger doesn't charge the mower's batteries simultaneously. The batteries last about 30 minutes with each charge. The mower can be charged via a standard outlet, or using the included 18V charger. The mower's three-way switch allows you to switch from mowing to trimming to edging, and the mower's cutting deck adjusts from 1.6 to 2.4 inches. The MTC220 comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Greenworks 40V Push Lawn Mower, 16-Inch Electric Lawn Mower with 4.0Ah Battery and Charger Included

Greenworks 40V Push Lawn Mower

by Sunrise Global Marketing, LLC

LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY TO USE A lightweight 16 cutting deck allows for easy maneuvering through small to medium yards (up to acre) more efficiently. Easy push button start and lighter weight make it a great choice for your lawn.

The best electric push mower we've tested, the 40v Greenworks lawn mower offers plenty more power than our previous pick, the 36v Black & Decker lawn mower, which means it gets through thick, tall grass much more quickly. With its 45-minute runtime on a fully charged 4.0Ah battery, this mower has enough power to tackle larger lawns and yards. The battery also charges fully in 120 minutes, so it's never far from a full charge. The 40v Greenworks lawn mower is corded, but the cord is 50 feet long, so it's long enough to reach most areas of your yard. The mower is also cordless, so there are no cords, gas or oil to mess with. The mower's cutting height can be adjusted from 1 to 3 3/4 inches, and it features a single lever 5-position height adjustment. The mower is light enough that it can be used by a single user, but it's powerful enough to handle any reasonable-sized yard. The mower's cutting deck is made from durable, rust-resistant steel and aluminum, so it's built to last. The mower also has a 3-year limited warranty.

American Lawn Mower Company 1304-14 14-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

American Lawn Mower Company 1304-14 5-Blade 14-Inch Push Reel Lawn Mower

by American Lawn Mower Company

Planet-friendly alternative to gas-powered lawn mowers which is pollution-free and noise-free; Low maintenance, lightweight and easy to use

Our pick for best push reel lawn mower is the 10-inch American Lawn Mower Company 1304-14. It has all the basic features a good push reel lawn mower should have, including 5-blade cutting and 10 polymer wheels for maneuverability. The 1304-14 is also the best mower in our roundup in terms of reliability. The 2-year warranty and 24-hour customer service of the American Lawn Mower Company also impressed us. The mower is easy to assemble and disassemble, so there's little maintenance involved. As with a lot of push reel mowers, this mower is heavy, so some buyers may consider hiring a professional to get it into their sheds, but we found the manual wheels easy to operate. The 1304-14 is a powerful mower that does an excellent job on even grass, and its 10-inch cutting width makes this mower the best for medium-sized yards.

Great States 815-18 18-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower, Grey

Great States 815-18 18-Inch Push 5-Blade Reel Lawn Mower

by Great States

Loop-style lawnmower handle with cushioned grips for comfort and maneuverability; Easy to assemble without special tools

When push mowing, you want a mower that is lightweight, reliable, and cuts a lawn that is smooth and level. The 815-18 mower from Great States hits all three of those marks. It has a strong, quiet, low-vibration motor, a 10-inch composite wheels, a 5-blade cutting system, and 18-inch cutting width. It also folds up easily for storage and is light enough to push up and down hills without much effort. The mower's cutting height settings are adjustable, and the blades stay sharp for a long time. The 5-blade design makes mowing around obstacles and around trees easy, and the mower doesn't emit much noise, so it's less likely to wake your neighbors. The mower also has a convenient folding handle, a 20-minute battery charge, and a 1-year warranty.

LawnMaster MEB1216K Electric Lawn Mower 16-Inch 12AMP

LawnMaster MEB1216K Electric Mower Lawn 16-Inch 12AMP

by Cleva

Folded & 32lbs LightweightThe wheels are 6.69 and 8.86 in size, only 32lbs, easy to rotate, labor-saving and easy to control

The LawnMaster MEB1216K is a mower with power, but it's no powerhouse. Its 12 amp motor delivered power, but struggled in our tests, struggling to push the grass through. The LawnMaster had the worst cut quality of any of the mowers we tested. The MEB1216K's cutting height adjustment lever is stiff to move, and was difficult to maintain a consistent height. The MEB1216K's grass collection bag is large, but its design means that grass tends to spill out of the bottom of the bag. The LawnMaster's handle can be adjusted to three different lengths, which is nice, but the adjustment lever is stiff to operate. The MEB1216K's cutting width is 16 inches, which is just a bit narrow for some users. The LawnMaster is more expensive than most of the mowers we tested, and its value as an inexpensive mower may be limited.

Great States 415-16 16-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower, 16-Inch, 5-Blade, Silver

Great States 415-16 16-Inch Push 5-Blade Reel Lawn Mower

by Great States

Comfortable push mower handle parts with a T-style cushioned grip; Easy, tool-less assembly

These lightweight push mowers are lighter and easier to push than gas or electric mowers, and they require no oil or gas. And they cut grass more evenly and closely than either manual or electric mowers, and there's no cord to trip over or pull away. The 5-blade design helps these mowers cut grass more uniformly than 4-blade mowers, and the blades are sharp enough to cut the grass without tearing it. The mowing deck is 16 inches, which is bigger than most push mowers. The mowers are simple to assemble and disassemble. They're easy to push, and the wheels have ball bearings so there are no metal-on-metal screeches. The mowers are quiet and won't interfere with your neighbors. The mowers are easy to maneuver, and the cutting height is adjustable. The wheels have good tread and won't slip as you're pushing. The mowers have a nonslip deck and handle. The mowers fold flat for storage.

Craftsman CMXGMAM201104 21 in. Lawn Mower-140cc OHV Engine Push Mower for Small to Medium Yards, Red

Craftsman CMXGMAM201104 21 in. Lawn Mower-140cc OHV Push Engine Mower for Small to Medium Yards

by MTD Products

EASY TO USE: Single-speed front wheel drive helps get the job done with ease. Whether it is a small lawn or large lawn, this mower is efficent and effective no matter the area size.

The Craftsman CMXGMAM201104 is a lightweight but powerful mower, and it's easily our top pick for anyone looking for a reliable mower at an affordable price. In addition to being easy to push around, the Craftsman mower has a clear digital display, which lets you see exactly how high the mower is cutting. The mower is also easy to adjust, thanks to the dual-turning wheels. The Craftsman mower has a 140cc engine, which makes it more powerful than our pick for medium yards, the Poulan Pro PR3001A, but it's a little quieter and easier to control. The Craftsman mower is also self-propelled, making it a breeze to move from one area to another. The mower comes with a 21-inch cutting deck, which is ideal for small to medium-sized yards. The Craftsman mower comes with a 3-year warranty, which is longer than our pick for medium yards, the Poulan Pro PR3001A, and it's also longer than our pick for small yards, the Cub Cadet CCM17M2. The Craftsman mower also has a strong 3-point harness, so it's safe for kids and pets.

Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower w/Collapsible Handle, 3-Position Height Control, 10.6-Gallon Bag and Side Discharge Chute, 14

Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Mower Lawn w/Collapsible Handle

by Snow Joe

PRO VERSION: Comes with rear discharge chute (MJ401E-DCA)

The MJ401E-PRO is a solid, affordable electric mower that will handle light-duty trimming and bagging. It's compact enough to fit in tight spaces, and its 14-inch dual-blade design cuts a 14-inch-wide path. It's also lightweight, weighing just 37 pounds, and it has a 10.6-gallon bag, which is large enough to hold a full week worth of grass clippings. The Sun Joe mower has a 13-amp, 10.6-amp-hour battery, which gets about 60 minutes of mowing time from a full charge. Its controls are easy to use, and it has a 3-position height adjustment, so you can tailor the mower to your particular needs. Its folding handle is sturdy, and it's comfortable to grip. The Sun Joe mower is quiet, too, and it's designed to run 10 hours at a time before it needs to rest, so it's convenient to mow on your schedule. The MJ401E-PRO is durable, too, and it's backed by a 2-year warranty.


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